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Child of All
Chapter 01
The Revealing

Zeus' POV

I should have never named my child Herodus, it is much too similar to Hercules, the child of mine that had to go through all those trials before he found peace by taking down both the Emperor of Rome and the King of Thrace. I just realized this error too late, only after my son had actually been stolen from his crib here on Olympus.
This had been something that I had never been able to believe even possible, yet it had happened and I had send out all of my fellow Gods and Goddesses, giving them only one order; to find and return me my son. Yet two of the Gods had refused this, Apollo and Hecate and their reason behind this refusal had shocked me greatly.
Herodus was not to be just my son, he was to be a Child of all Gods, claimed by them and having been given one of their abilities each on the day he was born. He was also meant to remind the magicals of the English Isles where their gift actually came from and to peg down their actual growing arrogance back to acceptable levels.

To know that my son is actually now on the British Isles, so far away from his American home, is a thought that hurts and haunts me, but not as much as the news that had followed after I had heard of this prophesy; the news that some strange, powerful magical mortal had actually managed to turn my son mortal as well.
Even Hecate and Apollo had been shocked at hearing this, yet a year after his kidnap had Hecate discovered how this was possible. The kidnapper; a man named Albus Dumbledore; had stopped at the border to Camp Halfblood after he had kidnapped my son and had levitated my child through the barrier a couple of times.
How this had made my son mortal I still don't understand, but according to Hecate was my son now a true Demigod instead of an Immortal God as he had been born and was he not to get his Immortality back until all of my brothers, sisters and cousins had claimed him as their own and trained him in their gifted abilities.

I had not been pleased with hearing this, yet this news receiving had been ten years ago and right now I am just waiting for the train of Hogwarts to finally arrive at the castle and for my son to – as the Magicals at this school call it – be Sorted into one of the four Houses through which this strange school apparently operates.
The reason I am here is not just to claim my son as my own again, but also to prove to the Headmaster – the same Albus Dumbledore – that you can't steal from a God and not expect to be punished. I already have a little bit of my own powers ready to punish him and the way the punishment works is definitely fun to my beliefs.
Dumbledore not just stole my son from me and turned him mortal, he also gave the child to a pair of people who, after taking in my son, had been targeted and murdered by some magical maniac named Voldemort, the two of them actually sacrificing themselves to save my son while they were fully aware that he wasn't even theirs.
James and Lily Potter had been granted instant access to Elysium after the Judges had discovered this and I know that Hades is anxious to claim Herodus – or Harry as the magicals call him – as it will allow the little Demigod entrance to his Domain and give him the chance to reunite with these amazing people.

I then hear the grinding of wheels coming closer and can almost sense how the magical smoke of the train is polluting and disappearing into the air as it comes closer and closer to Hogwarts and when I feel the smoke rising up from the same location for some time, do I know that the train has reached its Hogsmeade station at last.
At feeling this do I sit up a little straighter, being hidden by the magic of the enchanted ceiling of Hogwarts and while hiding myself in the wooden framework that the ceiling is actually made off, do I wait patiently as first all the second to seventh years and then, ten minutes after this, the First years enter the Great Hall.
Setting myself up to jump down and claim my child, do I easily take him out of the rest of the group, the glamour old Dumbles put on him making him stand out like a flashlight with his mop of wild Potter hair and his weak looking frame, proving once again that what Hera told me about his Mundane Upraising is true.

Both of us had been beyond furious and had caused for quite some commotion in the Mortal realm due to our anger in the year we discovered that Herodus was being abused by his Mundane caregivers, caregivers that, also, knew he was not related to them, yet took him in only to bully and pester him for years on end.
This they had done for two reasons, one we had quickly stopped from happening after finding out. The first was because both adults hated the magical realm of their world with a passion, including all of its inhabitants regardless of their age. The other was because they were paid to hurt our child, payment we quickly turned to our advantage.
Athena had been the one to make this idea and while I had not wanted to keep allowing for the money to be transferred from my son's adoptive family vaults, had her plan convinced me as the coins, upon the right signal, would become cursed, making it so that the Dursleys could only speak of their crimes and feel my son's pain all the time.
By now all of my Divine family is waiting for this punishment to take place, Demeter, Hera, Hades and Ares the most as all of them feel purely disgusted with how the Mundane Mortals are treating their Divine child, yet I agree with Athena that the best time to activate the curse is after we have taken Herodus away from England.

This is exactly the reason why I am here and while it pains and aggravates me, do I wait patiently for Herodus to be placed, feeling silently proud when he goes into the House of the Brave, after which I wait for him to eat his fill and – with anger in my heart – wait for the old geezer to finish his little Start of the Year Speech.
Then, when the man speaks of some kind of danger in the school, do I smirk as I see my chance and when the man speaks of the Third Floor Corridor and the painful death, do I say: "Death to mortals, perhaps." Making the man halt in his speech and making everyone look up as I hop down from the banister I sat on.
Landing softly due to my control over the air that blows ever so softly around the Great Hall, do I walk from one end of the tables to the other with grace, my face a mask of glaring calmness while the glare in my eyes electrifies and terrifies all those who gaze at me, even going so far as to make the man before me whiten.
This makes me work hard not to smirk in victory as I continue my spiel and say: "But then again, what could ever attempt to kill an immortal being – but the magic to make such a being mortal, am I right Albus Dumbledore?" And by focusing on how cold my clouds feel during winter do I hiss the name with a freezing power of anger.

The man shudders at hearing his name be spoken like that and I hiss: "Did you truly believe you could get away from us? That – at any point in time, any point at all – we would not try and avenge our fallen child? That we would not try to take back that which you took from us? Did you truly believe yourself above such chances?"
And while my questions are heard all over the Great Hall, does the man whiten more and more as he must be realizing that the questions are only rhetorical, something the woman beside him does not as she turns from me to the elder man beside her and then back as she asks: "What in Merlin's name are you talking about?"
And before any of the other teachers can speak their minds or try to defend the man before me, do I raise my hand at the next witch, one that is quite plumb and who I know is Head of Hufflepuff and I say: "You know darn well what I mean, don't you Dumbledore? Just like I know exactly where my missing child is right now."

And while the man has never been whiter than he is now, do I ignore him and the other confused looking faculty and do I instead turn to Gryffindor table, my eyes searching and finding my son before I raise my hand and allow for a large sign, a white and gold thunderbolt, to be raised and shown for all to see – above Herodus' head.
The boy is the first to look at the sign, his eyes widening while many of the students – who I know are Muggleborn and have been raised with History lessons about this sign – gasp and after looking at the sign, does my son look back at me and I smile at him with love as I speak loud enough for all to hear as I say: "Welcome home, my Herodus."

And as the boy looks at me, do I let all of my anger float away and do I warm my form with the heat of the sun, my smile bright as the sun on a hot summer day and I stretch my arms wide, silently inviting the boy to come to me and letting him know without words that I have missed him and that I want him as part of my life.
Yet turning my back on the man seems to have been a mistake as he stands up and snarls: "Liars such as yourself are not welcome at Hogwarts and neither will I stand for it that you try and take –." But I had already expected the man to try and hide his faults behind an act of heroism and so I know what will happen next.

And indeed, does the man get interrupted by a gasp that goes around the entire hall as the ground just a little bit behind me cracks open as if struck by an earthquake on a lay line and from the crack two spirits float up, one of them male and with messy black hair and the other a female and with long and bright red hair.
Everyone gasps upon seeing these two and then the female snarls: "Don't you dare accuse others of taking what isn't their right to take, Albus Dumbledore." And the man growls: "Especially with how you took our rights to live our lives our way the minute you believed that my first crush could work in favor of your plans."
And everyone looks shocked at this before the two both look horribly pained and the female whispers: "Sirius – my dearest love. Please, keep strong. I know you can keep strong. Please, keep up your fight. Don't give up, my love, please never give up." And the faces of faculty whiten at hearing this before the man mutters:
"Remus, why? Why didn't you fight for me? Why did you accept my desires over our rightful destiny? Why did you think you couldn't make me happy? Why do you hate yourself so that you didn't even give yourself a chance for true happiness?" And this time a select few of the teachers whiten even more as they hear the words.

The two then look up and glare as the man says: "That's right. We were meant for Sirius Black and Remus Lupin. Lily and I were both meant to have a child on Christmas night of 1980. Instead, you forced us to ignore our destinies for your own beliefs and that alone, that ego, led us to the doors to Hades, you sick, twisted bastard.
If you had just kept to your role as Headmaster instead of treating our lives like pieces on a chess board –." But then Dumbledore shouts: "Then Voldemort would still be rampaging this land!" Only for my son to appear besides me on his flaming motorcycle and with his dark black sunglasses and snort: "Wrong."
Everyone looks at the man shocked and the God of War tilts his sunglasses down his nose, striking the Headmaster with a furious, burning gaze as he says: "You had a chance to end that no good brat early and that was in 1972, or did you perhaps forget the Great Battle of Diagon Alley? That was your chance, old man, and you blew it."
The man looks shocked and then Ares growls and says: "When a war doesn't end when it is meant, its course is out of my reach and its results are no longer my duty to control. Instead, as stated by the One True Lord – the Creator – all that happens to a war that ends up out of my control – are the fault of the one who fails to end it."

"And that means you, Dumb. That means that you are responsible for it all; the deaths that happened between 1972 and 1981, the destruction that England suffered under, the beliefs and faith of the British wizards taking a turn for the worst, the –.""The end of the war! That was my work! I made sure that happened!"
The man suddenly shouts, but then the woman asks: "Didn't you hear what was just said? You were too late. That means that your manipulations into our deaths –.""Which were for the Greater Good." Albus growls, yet then a powerful voice resonates: "I will be the judge of that." Which is exactly what I expected to happen.
I look up and see the star-filled sky shown in the Enchanted Ceiling moving all over, the stars moving to one point in the center of the room before they seem to drop out of the sky like a large drop of water and when the stars reach the ground, do they splash before suddenly turning into a gorgeous dark blueish black dress.
And the woman wearing the dress is as mysterious and gorgeous as the dress itself, her whole form seeming to be dependent on the changing of fate itself and we all gaze upon Lady Hecate, the Goddess of Magic and Crossroads and the Mother of the first wizard to have ever walked upon the land that we are all now standing on.

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Well, all of that will come to be known as this story progresses as I do have a few plans for this story – one of them being that Harry gets to ignore the events of PS, CoS and PoA in return for being trained in the gifts of the Gods give him upon recognizing him as their own and another being Dumbledore leaving Hogwarts.
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