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So WhiteElfElder brought up a good point when he asked how it's possible for Dumbles to have Potter property without anyone knowing and I will make sure to address that this chapter. I just haven't yet addressed it as training Harry felt more important. That and I thought the Potters had most rights to address this.
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Chapter 19
Elysium and Family

14th of December 1991
Elysium, Underworld
Harry's POV

I know we're heading down into the Underworld, but I feel like I have ascended into heaven or something similar. This because I am currently surrounded by the four people, three wizards and a witch, who have loved me since the day I was taken in by two of them as well as a brother of my actual immortal father.
And the sight of the Underworld, while terrifying and for some even horrible looking, has a charm to it that I don't think everyone will be able to understand. While I now know that the Dursleys have mistreated and abused me, do I still feel as if the Cupboard in which I lived was like a safe haven from the cruel outside world.
And the Underworld, for some reason, feels like a huge cupboard, but then one under the face of the earth instead of some staircase. The only thing that really gives me the creeps is the sight of all the souls that are dawdling around what Uncle Hades calls the Fields of Asphodel. "That's mostly where the regular mortal goes to these days."
He tells us as Lily and James guide us over to a gorgeous and huge wall of, incredibly enough, white marble that sticks out from the rest of the Underworld like a cough drop in a chocolate store. Behind it I can see various tall houses and large and wide roofs that are also made of either white or other bright colored forms of wood and marble.

"You – you –?" Sirius asks and Lily answers: "We exist here, yes." And the man's face tans, proving he had trouble thinking of a way to describe how someone exists after they died. We head for the gates that are actually made of silver instead of white marble and while I spotted two guards when I saw them, do they leave as we approach.
I had noticed them looking over my shoulder and realize that they had left because Uncle Hades was approaching. This makes me wonder if it's out of respect or fear that they left, yet I decide that it's not really such an important matter and not worth thinking about. And as I decide this, do we pass through the silver gates.
Remus looks at them shocked and Uncle Hades says: "You, Harry, Nico and Sirius are basically dead while you're staying here, not by official records but still. Illnesses that you had while alive no longer affect you." This makes me look at the werewolf and he whispers: "Silver can kill me. I didn't sense anything while passing those gates."
I nod at him and then James says: "Get ready, kiddo. You're about to see just how badly old Dumbles and filthy little Riddle messed with the line that is rightfully yours as of our adoption of you all those years ago." This would have made me nervous and self-conscious, but the last few months have done wonders to my self-confidence.

Instead I just happily follow the late lord of the Potter line down several gorgeous houses, some of them looking like they belong in Medieval England, others looking like they came from the time of the French Renaissance and even others resembling either the temples found in Ancient Greece and Rome or the Tombs of Ancient Egypt.
Then suddenly a thought strikes me and I ask: "Wait, if all these people live this closely together, how are they able to understand each other? Lingo has really evolved over the centuries and they do come from different cultures and all? Aren't there ever – conflicts of interest or something?" Hades smirks at me and says:
"Well spotted, little demon. The Lingo is simple. The walls that surround this entire area are enchanted to that everyone speaks the language that is most common these days, even if to them they speak their own native tongue. And the conflicts are simply stopped by spells that make the ones causing them be transported home.
If that happens, that soul can consider themselves incapable of leaving their home for a time depending on how serious the conflict and they will have all of their luxuries taken from their home until the time of their punishment is over.""So basically, if you cause conflict, you're grounded?" I ask, amused and yet also impressed.

Uncle Hades nods and then I notice that we are heading for a long lane of structures that look like manors and mansions, but that also have towers and turrets in the four corners of the structure, giving them a bit of a castle-like exterior. This makes me raise an eyebrow and Uncle Hades says: "When you have history, you deserve to show it."
This is a statement I can't disagree with, yet at the same time I think: "If I ever die before I finish my training and regain my immortality, I am so not letting my own home be build like this, if I end up here as well, that is." And then I notice that, as we approach the long lane, many front doors in the manors are opening.
And souls that are obviously either Potters or their spouses, and that actually vary in age, but still, thankfully, all adults, come out of the houses, turning to look at us as we approach them. And the way that they all smile at either me or my adoptive parents makes me feel warmer than the air that we walked through before coming here.

"Well, you lot sure are a sight for sore eyes. Sirius, Sirius, Sirius, you really let yourself go this time." One of the men at the first manor says, smiling to prove that he's just joking and that he is well-aware of what my godfather went through. And Sirius proves he knows this as well as he says: "Right back at you, Uncle C."
And the two share a hug that proves that, even though they aren't directly related, they practically consider themselves father and son. This really touches me as the man before me might not have been my grandfather if Sirius had ended up with my actual adopted mother and then a thought suddenly hits me like a Stunner.
"If Sirius and mum got together and Lupin and dad, would I have had siblings to share mum and Sirius with when Dumbledore left me with them? Would Dumbledore even consider them to still be the perfect candidates? Would I have ended up elsewhere? Or would Dumbledore have tried to use their actual kids for his plans?"

"You okay, laddie?" Someone suddenly asks and I notice that, while I was lost in thought, an ancient looking Potter came up to me, while the others are now all busy catching up and reuniting with the man I should consider my grandfather. Yet the thoughts that just went through my head make that hard for me to do.
"I was just thinking.""Aye, that was obvious. What was on your mind, exactly?" The man asks and I motion for my parents as I say: "I'm not one of them, not really. They adopted me, yes, but they didn't birth me. I just wondered – if they had ended up the way they were meant to, would Dumbledore still have left me with them?
With Sirius and mum, I mean? Or would he have left me with dad and Lupin? Or even consider either pair acceptable? Would he even have kidnapped me and left me with a family he wanted out of the way if he hadn't messed with their bonds of destiny?" The man whistles and says: "You are one deep thinking, laddie."

Yet then he slaps me on the back and says: "But you shouldn't worry. You're a Potter. You may not have been born one, but when one accepts you as such, you're a Potter. You belong here just as much as we do, lad. And besides, what good is it to dwell on questions of the past, when changing it can just ruin the future even more.
Live in the present, laddie. Times are changing too much for us to wonder and worry like that anyway. As long as we make the best of what we have, why should we have to worry, aye?" And while I don't entirely agree with him, do I still smile gratefully and nod at him before he slaps me on the back as he happily laughs:
"Now then, let's go introduce yourself. It's rude to just stand here and stare, you know?" I turn red at this and stutter a little, but that just makes the man laugh a little more and he happily guides me over. And just by the look in my grandfather's eyes as he sees me approach, do all my concerns and questions vanish from my mind.

A few days later
Christmas Eve
Harry's POV

Elysium is absolutely amazing and the Potter family is everything the Dursleys were and then a hundred times better. They love and accept me, even though I am only an adopted member, yet they don't smother me or think that Apollo lowers his Sun chariot when I sit down. They are the epitome of a stern, but loving family.
And they are quite popular too, having friends and even a few fans all over the realm. Some of them are even training a few undead souls who want to try for reincarnation at the Isle of the Blessed and others actually train the spirits that guard the entrance to this incredible place. In fact, teaching and guiding is, apparently, a Potter specialty.
This, even though I can't help but keep reminding myself that I am only an adopted member, gives me the sense that I know what I want to be once my destiny as a Demigod and Son of Olympus has been fulfilled and made me decide to pay close attention to the various ways I feel sure the Olympians after Uncle Hades will teach me.

And when it comes to me reminding myself of what I am, does it seem as if I am like an open book to them – and that none of them care. To then hear the many stories from at least three dozen Potters who basically adopted either a child of their own or a close friend of one of their children, Sirius included, is really incredible and heart-warming.
"If anything, kid, our family became as popular as it is up there thanks to a young lass who was adopted into the line after she apparently disgraced her previous family. Got Quidditch to be a sport played at Hogwarts, instead of just only professionally. Though I will admit it sure was a little more lethal back in those days."
One of my ancestors, who actually witnessed the very last witch hunts in Exeter England in 1682 and whose sister was one of the three women who actually died at these as she was incapable of casting elemental charms such as the spell to make fire non-burnable. The witch herself had actually already successfully been reincarnated.

This is another thing that I have been greatly enjoying these past few days; stories of my ancestors and what their lives were like. I have always wanted to know as much as possible and it has definitely been something that helped Sirius, Lupin and me grow closer over the months, yet now I feel like I hit the goldmine of all goldmines.
"If only Granger could be here now, she'd be so jealous of all I have been able to learn these last few days." I think, finding a slight sense of gleeful amusement in the fact that I get the chance that the girl vies for every time she goes to the library or tries to make friends with Ravenclaws. Yet at the same time I really don't care for her.

Then suddenly I notice one of my eldest ancestors, who was born at around the same time as Hogwarts was founded, walking in with a thoughtful yet also concerned expression on his face and the man who is sitting next to me, who has been sharing a small story with me every time I do so, notices it too as he looks up and asks:
"What's eating at you, Crevice?" The man sighs and says: "It's just something I noticed. Something that, because I know it's supposed to be a secret between the family, I'm not sure if I should worry about it or not." The man beside me and I raise an eyebrow, but then suddenly dad, who sits next to the man, starts to curse.
Everyone turns to the man, wide eyed with shock and astonishment as his curses are definitely unlike any I usually hear the elder students mutter under their breaths when they think the teachers won't hear them. "Crevice, I – I owe you and your mother a huge apology. I – I broke tradition. I revealed the secret, gave it away even."
Dad says, now looking like someone who's been sentenced to the gallows and Crevice looks shocked before mum lies a hand on his as she says: "Remember why you did it, James, and who you gave it to. Remember what that bastard has been doing to us, to our son. You can't be blamed. He must have tricked you into it."

"Now that's something I can believe. Tell me more." Crevice says, while I hate the idea that Dumbledore might know a family secret. James sighs and says: "We were in hiding. We had to stay down under, hidden away, inside, to keep ourselves and Harry safe. I knew I'd get cabin fever, but worried on how to solve that.
Then he was there, that one night, and I told him my concerns. He told me he was sure I wouldn't risk my future or the safety of my son like that, but then I told him of the Cloak. He seemed heavily interested and asked if he could borrow it, promised he'd return it within the week, that he just wanted to test its magical skill.
It was – the day before we put up the spell, before we had Pettigrew become our Secret Keeper. I should have remembered it." Here dad turns to me and asks: "Harry, has Dumbledore given you anything? Has he left you a cloak of any kind while you were at Hogwarts?" But I shake my head, making the man sigh.

"That bastard is dangerous. Just by his own skill and his crazy beliefs that what he does is right is he a threat. But the knowledge that he has that cloak – our family's Invisibility Cloak – at his disposal –." And while he doesn't finish, does Crevice's face say it all. Yet then suddenly Uncle Hades comes in, looks around and says:
"This sure isn't the holiday spirit I was expecting to find here." And I sigh as I say: "Dumbledore has our family cloak, which apparently gives him the ability to become invisible or something." The man looks shocked, yet then he turns from Crevice to dad and says: "Right, I forgot. You descend from that late child of mine."
"IGNOTUS WAS YOUR SON!" Crevice asks shocked and Uncle Hades nods as he says: "Ignotus mine, Cadmus was Zeus' and Antioch was, surprisingly enough, Ares'." At which Crevice groans and says: "That sure explains why they asked of you what they did. A stone to reverse death and a wand that could not be beaten. Di immortales."

Hades smirks and says: "However, when your father and grandfather met me, on the day I came to take my child into my realm, he agreed on something. For me to be allowed to put a bit of my own magic into the cloak. And right now, I am very happy I did so." And with that does the god reach out behind him with both hands.
He then spreads his arms wide and I notice him holding some kind of fabric that looks to be made of some kind of material that flows behind him like water. Yet when the god wraps it around himself, do my eyes widen as he vanishes from sight completely. The god reappears to the cheering of everyone around me and says:
"Of course, I still have my helm and to me that just works better as it also lets of an aura that really represents what the better part of my realm feels like, but the fact that your grandfather let me put a spell on the cloak to make sure I could summon it whenever I wanted was very much appreciated, then and especially now."

He then looks up, his smirk turning almost demonic and he growls: "I would just love to see what that old fool feels like when he realizes what I did." And while this makes a lot of those around me laugh, does Uncle Hades then turn to me and turn stern as he says: "Sorry Herodus, you can't take this back with you. It's too dangerous."
I nod at him, understanding why he says this as Dumbledore still rules over Hogwarts and still has the House-Elves to serve him. The chance that he will use one to take the cloak back if I were to return to Hogwarts with it is one neither of us is willing to take. The man smiles at me and then says: "Merry Christmas." And hands me the cloak.

Well done, Hades.
So part of me wanted to add the whole scene with Dumbledore searching frantically for the cloak to all this, but I felt the ending was fine the way it was. So yeah, Dumbledore had the cloak, but because it was originally Hades', it really was only a matter of time before it got returned to its rightful owner, if temporarily.
Next chapter is definitely going to cover Neville and the twins and to be honest, I am a little doubtful on what I want to do with Molly. I think I am going to make her be unbearable and 100% a staunch Dumbledore supporter at first, but then get convinced of her faults in this by either one of the twins.
Why not both? That's cliché and I want to really delve into them both. After all, even though they are twins and do everything together, I always believed that sooner or later they would find things one liked that the other didn't. Girlfriends and stuff like that. And I want to make sure they get the chance to prove this a little early on.
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