Disclaimer:No, I dont own them... Wish I did, though!
Author's note: This poem was inspired by a genious fic "Before the kiss" by She's a Star, which I heartily reccomend you to read - it's awesome! And it will help you understand the poem... Basically, it's Narcissa Malfoy's thoughts when Lucius is about to receive the Dementor's Kiss.
Sorry if it's crap, I just HAD to write it, that story was so haunting..And of course, all the credit for the idea with the kiss goes to She's a Star - I guess that's obvious:)

~Forever Gone~

The darkness in you -
Ever present
Intoxicating, consuming
Shimmers beneath the surface
Flashes in your cold eyes
Slides over your sneering lips
Ice - hard and unpenetrable
Clutches your heart in an iron grip
And yet...
There is something...
An almost invisible trace,
A flicker of...
It disappears so quickly under that
Pale, expressionless mask
Is it real or just an illusion
Of a wishing heart?
Too late.
This blinding, painful whiteness
Twirling outside the window
Won't let me find out
And blackness -
A spot of hideous, looming blackness
Which takes away so much more than
Will forever silence the answer
Forever gone -
Your coldness, your darkness...
And a flicker of somehthing more -
What if...?
I'll never know.