Aps, SnakeEyes, Mixing, Sarah, David, Coiny, and Toriel are in a room while Jareth is trying to break in.

Jareth is high on FunDip.


No one opens the door.

Toriel: Chill, Jareth.

Sarah and Mixing try to hide the FunDip, when Frisk and Onion Bubs appear.

Onion Bubs gets cut randomly, causing some characters to cry.

Sarah: We hid it.

David: So Jareth won't get it.

Meanwhile, Dale and ? break in.

Dale: SH-sh-sha!

Dale, being kinda dumb, thinks its Pyrrha.

Dale: Pyrrha?

?: You're under arrest.

Tiketz: for chemical uses!

Dale: oops

Onion Bubs: Heal me.

Frisk: How do you heal an onion?

Onion Bubs: Me getting cut! I'm an onion! I release chemicals that make people cry.

SnakeEyes: No one is crying. (except Jareth)

Dale tries to heal onion bubs.

Freddie appears.

Freddie: I am a visitor (an alien from south park)

Freddie attacks Jareth.

Jareth: I'm just an idiot who is forced into the labyrinth to control everyone!

Freddie attacks Jareth again.

Dale grabs a gun and shoots it at Jareth.

Dale: Sh-sha!

Toriel: We finally got rid of Jareth.