Summary: They had been seeing each other in secret for a reason. They wanted something that didn't involve their family. They already had to deal with expectations and the impending uncertainty of their graduation. Sadly good things have to come to an end.

Pairing: Kagome/Sasuke

Disclaimer:I thought I would try my hand at another Naruto and Inuyasha crossover. Of course these belong to their respective authors, and I own nothing. I apologize for any mistakes.





Fugaku regarded his wife with some suspicion as she seemed to be floating around the room, mumbling to herself. Every now and then he'd catch a word or two, so far had been grandchild and blue eyes. What? He just continued to eat his breakfast, maybe she'd stop and he'd get some peace. He paused mid sip of his tea when they made eye contact and she smiled at him. Before sitting to his right placing her chin atop her interlaced hands.

"Wanna hear a secret?" She asked, Fugaku remained silent he had a feeling he'd be hearing it even if he didn't want to. "Sasuke has a girlfriend." He was sure she would have squealed if she were not a raised Uchiha.

The patriarch painfully gulped down his drink. "He has a what?"

Mikoto just smiled. "He's trying to keep it a secret, but he's so obvious it's cute."

"Who?" He asked, as far as he was aware Sasuke had an aversion to girls. Mainly because of the fanclub that has formed, he shivered those girls were disturbing. "Someone in the clan?" He could think of a couple girls his age but all them were already in arrangements, which would explain why he would want secret. Fugaku could have the engagement ended with little if any complaint from the parent being the son of the clan head no girl in the clan could marry better than him.

"Nope." She said coyly.

"Then who?" He asked actually intrigued now.

"Higurashi, Kagome."

He stopped to think, who was that? Wait, she was in Sasuke's class. He remembered that much. "I'm drawing blank."

"The girl who's has the wavy black hair." She pouted when her husband shrugged his shoulders. "Has the dark blue eyes." She sighed. "Hangs out with troublemaker Uzumaki." Then it clicked, his eyes widened. Higurashi Kagome was an interesting child, she had been on the board several times to graduate early but her mother declined each time. "What do you think?"

"I think that, I'll have to see for myself." He stated, before taking another sip.


"You haven't been sleeping." Kagome looked over at Sasuke while she stifled another yawn.

"I've been sleeping." She retorted immediately, though the purple bags under her eyes said otherwise. He leaned in close, their noses touching. She leaned back. "I have, just not much because of training." She yelped when he pounced on her.

"You train too much." He said burying his head in her neck, as he rested on top of her.

She wrapped her arms around him with a smile. "Look who's talking."

He pulled up his head. "Yeah but I'm an Uchiha." Kagome opened her mouth to respond but she felt a fast approaching chakra. Her body moved on instinct pushing the other body off of her's quickly getting to her feet before she jumped into the nearest tree flipping through the branches until she was hidden. Sasuke leaned on his elbows blinking in confusion, where did she go? He felt a rush of wind, he stood back rigid when he noticed his father was standing right in front of him. "Father." He greeted.

"Sasuke." Fugaku said but was scanning the area with his Sharingan. It was a remote place near the academy he noticed. Then his eyes went the trees, though it was windy he could tell that they had been recently disturbed. So, Mikoto may not be wrong. His eyes finally settled on his youngest son. He could tell the boy was trying to cover his nervousness. "You're mother shared some news with me." He stated watching as the boy's shoulders tensed. "Would you like to share something with me?"

Sasuke nearly bit a hole in his cheek. He was at an impasse. He could be honest and tell his father that he had a girlfriend. But Kagome wasn't a Uchiha and if Fugaku doesn't approve of her there's a high chance he wouldn't be able to see her anymore. But if he lied to his father he couldn't even think of the outcome.

"Are you with the Higurashi girl?"

Sasuke was kept eye contact steady, he would not relent. "I am."

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