Finn the human, now age 19 , stared across the battlefield he currently stood on. This wasn't always a battlefield. It once was the candy kingdom's garden holding beautiful plants , even if they were candy ones. And full of people. Bright, happy , colorful people. What was once whole is now broken. Nothing left but dirt and rock, scorched and burned to the core it a wasteland.

He glared at his opponent who floated 3 feet above the ground and 12 feet away from him. Her pale skin Shone in the sunlight, a result of a spell placed on her by one of Ice King's wizards. He growled lowly as he looked down at the dark grey gauntlets he wore on his hands. They fit like gloves and increased his already scientifically increased strength. Through experimentation for the war, Bubblegum made Finn stronger, faster and more agile. He could run longer and faster and lift up to 500 pounds. He could run up to 55 mph with little fatigue. He felt amazing. Well except for right now.

Right now he was filled with mixed emotions as he stared at the over 1000 year old woman he'd declared his love to three years ago. She opposed him and his friends, his family. She stood by a tyrannical, evil , ice cold bastard. All because she owed him.

It sickened him. To be in this position right now. To have to fight her like this. But he did what he had and with what he was provided. The grey gauntlets, they were made from a special material that Candy Kingdom guards had found last year. It was nicknamed Vampire Rock because it had a weakening affect on demons. Burned them like the sun and drew out their energy. Enough exposure could kill them. There were several caves lined with it.

He wanted to smirk about how great a battle this would be, deep down. But he couldn't. He was too sad. And of course too pissed as Marceline landed on the ground. She was wearing a dark red , skin tight red suit with black and white web designs on the cleavage. There was also a black skirt and a pair of sunglasses. She stared at Finn with the glasses over her eyes. A tear dropped down from the woman's eye as she stared at the man before her.

He was strong. He was handsome. He was hers...Or at least he was before this war started. She still remembered the beginning of it all like it was yesterday...Well actually it was a week ago but still.


Finn and Jake rushed through the entrance to the Candy Kingdom, eyes wide and anger pushed. Jake went to help a candy person who was frozen to the ground as Finn punched a piece of Ice that surrounded old Starchy. "Dammit!!" He yelled as he continued to lunch through the ice until it shattered. He didn't expect Starchy to shatter with it.

Finn eyes widen as far as they could as he let out a high pitched scream and tears began to fall from his eyes. "NO!!!," Hr yelled as he grabbed his sword and rushed to the castle. He kicked the door open to see If King flying up to a hole in the ceiling, the princess in hand. Finn wasted no time in launching his sword forward at the ice king and knocking his crown off of his head. As they fell, Finn rushed over and held his arms out to catch The Princess. She, however, floated down using her dress and as she landed she looked over at Finn "Parachute tech" she said simply as Ice King put his crown back on and turned to fire an ice bolt.

It was quickly blocked by an axe guitar from Marceline ,who'd been watching all of this unfold from the window. "Simon!!!" She yelled at him, anger and slight hints of fear in her eyes. But for the most part, it was sadness. Sadness for the fact that her old friend had fallen so low.

Ice king scoffed "I've had enough of these games!! The princess will be mine!! And if she does not come now I will destroy this kingdom!!" He yells in frustration as Finn launches himself forward , punching the old man in his nose with a crunch.

Marceline ran to hold him back "Finn calm down" she yelled as Finn tried to break her grip on him "NO WAY IN THE NIGHTOSPHERE!! He has to DIE for what he's done here today...He simply has to" the anger ate away at his patience. "You can't Finn...I wont let you..He's my friend" he turned to her, heartbroken over her choice.

From there on it all fell apart. The kingdom suffered from more attacks as Ice King declared war and recruited an army. Mostly composed of ice knights, wizards and bounty hunters. He even brought in rules of kingdoms, mainly flame king who he found in a cave somewhere.

Jake was ambushed by the Scorcher on a walk one day and barely made it back. Scorcher didn't return t all, clearly too broken to have returned. Jake out up a hell of a fight. But he was in intensive care in their base beneath the tree house.


Finn let out a breath of air as he gripped his demon blood sword in his left hand and his solid peppermint shield in his right hand. His brown overcoat that held his knives and another , not quite as sharp, sword in the back. He rushed towards his girlfriend running full speed and shouted a battle cry as they swung their respective weapons and they clashed, sparking.

Marceline pushed him back "Finn just stop all of this! We can work this out somehow!"

Finn would have none of it as he spun around and sent a small knife flying at her. He'd broken it off with when when she joined Ice King and declared her an enemy. But he still cared deep down.

The knife cut her face and she healed quickly then flew towards him swinging her axe , which was blocked by his sword. Her thoughts from earlier and her mission played throughout her head.


Ice King stared at Marceline with an evil grin on his face as he went over his plan for her fight. They stood on the horizon over the battlefield. Ice King and Bubblegum had made a deal- to send two of their own to fight. Whoever wins, ends the war then and there. Ice King and no intention of keeping his promise if they did somehow lose.

"Remember to laugh about Jake and his condition. Bring it up. Bring up whatever you need to tear that hero down" he told her as she nodded solemnly and looked over the edge of the cliff they stood on. Over to Finn as he sat on a rock, his white hat sitting on the ground several feet away.


Marceline winced in remembrance and then grinned evilly "SO HOWS THE OLD DOG?! IS THE PUPPY DOWN FOR THE COUNT YET?" Finn's eyes widened slightly before he grit his teeth in anger "SHUT UP!!" He screamed at her as she laughed while he swung his sword at her neck.

She ducked the swing and delivered a punch to his stomach which knocked him back a bit. He quickly got back up "Since Scorcher couldn't get the job done perhaps I'll pay your little hideout a visit after this huh Finny?!" She said. Inside it was tearing her apart, angering him and besmirching Jake like this. But Simon was like a father to her..

That however was her last wisecrack. While she was thinking , Finn swung his most powerful punch with his gauntlets on. 500 pounds of force pushed forward by 55mph sent out a maximum amount of 27,500 pounds of force. The hit buried Marceline in the ground for about 4 feet. Her head and upper body were wrecked and burned.

She was unconscious.