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Izuku Midoriya was an average thirteen year old child, average height, average weight and average green hair, but unfortunately for Izuku, there was one thing about his that wasn't average at all, something less than twenty percent of the population of the entire planet shared.

He had no quirk. He had no super or preternatural abilities whatsoever.

Just a few decades ago, the entire world was like Izuku, no abilities or powers, nothing, a world of normal humans, through and through. Then one by one, unexplainable powers started appearing in humans and sometimes animals across the planet.

The abilities consisted of everything from simple pyro-kinesis to being able to bend time and space to a person's every whim. Of course, all of this meant very little to Izuku seeing as it wouldn't help him somehow gain a quirk, or help him achieve his singular life goal.

To be a hero!

Of course, at this point that sounded more like a faint fantasy than anything else. Izuku sighed to himself as he walked down the canal, taking the same route home from school that he had walked a hundred times before.

Under the bridge where the slime quirk user had attacked him and past the place he had met his hero, All Might!

Izuku paused in his walk and stared at the spot where All Might had jumped away all those months ago, there were still cracks in the ground from the force of the jump. They should send someone to fix that up he thought idly.

For a moment back then he had considered clinging onto All Might before he left, just to get a chance to talk to him, to ask him if he could be a hero, of course that was ridiculous and more than likely he would have gotten hurt, or at the very least have maken All Might mad with his stupid questions. Of course quirkless people couldn't be heroes, they'd die on the first day, hell, he thought, they'd die during the entrance exam.

Entrance exam... The thought flickered through his mind, a horrible reminder of what was to come. At the start of the year he had signed up to U.A the premier hero school in all of Japan, and easily one of if not THE best in all the world and up until today he had entertained to idiotic idea that maybe he could still do it.

He had finished his final middle-school exams just a few hours ago, and he was sure that he had passes with flying colours, he had always been smart. Izuku didn't know what he had been thinking; he should have switched out to a different high-school, a normal one, months ago. But it isn't that easy to give up on a dream.

Only moments after the exam had ended did his actions truly hit him. He let out another sigh, feeling as if the weight of the world was on his shoulders. When he got home he was going to have to switch school, and probably beg for forgiveness, perhaps that was why it was taking him such a long time to get home, why he had been standing in the same spot for almost thirty minutes now. When he got home he would have to give up on his dream and settle in for a normal- a terrible- a boring life.

His dream was dead, it was time to grow up and face the extremely depressing music. With that final thought Izuku started walking again. He wondered what his mother would be making for dinner; he supposed that would be the most he would have to look forward to from now on.


He had gotten home just under an hour ago, his mother had briefly inquired why he had taken so long, a short story about how nice the sun had looked in the evening had placated her.

After that he had retired to his room which was where he was now, he lay down on his bed, phone in hand, U.A phone number highlighted on his computer and him, staring at the ceiling, alone with his thoughts and anxiety, just as he had been for the last hour.

He raised the phone up to his face for what must have been the hundredth time that hour and stared at the number for U.A already typed in, his thumb hovered over the green call button for a moment before he let his arm flop down against the bed again, just as it had every other time.

Making a decision Izuku let out a breath and turned his phone off, placing it on his bedside table. He wouldn't be getting over his anxiety tonight. With that he turned over and closed his eyes. He would deal with it in the morning.


You have slept in a bed, your HP and MP have been fully restored


Izuku started at the blue glowing box in front of his face uncomprehendingly.

"What?" Izuku said to himself out of sheer disbelief at what he was seeing. He had gone insane, he thought, there was no way to develop a quirk at his age, besides the fact that he didn't have the DNA required to have one in the first place.

Hesitatingly he reached his hand forwards, almost reverently, towards the floating blue box, and managed to tap the X in the corner. It disappeared from existence instantly. Izuku blinked; and then stared at his finger… he had- he had felt that, the blue box wasn't just a hallucination, or if it was he was far too gone to recognize it.

So in conclusion, either he was unfathomable insane, or he had, unfathomably developed at quirk, without the DNA, at age 13, 2 months before he was set to enter U.A and the very day he was going to beg for a switch of schools.

It was perfect, too perfect. Then again, he considered, maybe this was a way the universe was making up for all the shitty luck he had experienced in his lifetime.

He shook his head rapidly, no need to get ahead of himself, first he had to experiment, make sure that no, he wasn't insane, and that yes, he could use this quirk, whatever it did; To be a hero.

First thing's first, Izuku thought to himself, what does it do? It didn't take him long to recognize the type of message that he had woken up to that morning, it was clearly like the ones that permeated the MMORPG worlds, worlds that Izuku Midoriya was intimately familiar with.

When he had found out he didn't have a quirk, it felt like the world had ended. While other kids were playing with their friends, and developing their quirks he only had his videos. He spent his time watching and re-watching videos of heroes saving people, his mind racing with unattainable dreams and fantasies.

It took months for him to snap out of it, or rather, for his mother to snap him out of it. One day, while he was wallowing in himself, staring at an image of All Might's first debut his mother had come home with a box in hand, as it turned out, she had bought the latest game home for him to play in an effort to help him, maybe it was just a nice gesture from a mother to her son, or perhaps it was out of guilt that she couldn't help him, that nothing she could do would do anything to ease Izuku's misery.

But amazingly, the game worked. For weeks afterwards he was staring at his computer a grin on his face, instead of hero videos he played games, getting invested in fantasy worlds, feeling like he finally had some sort of place, however arbitrary it was.

Shaking his head from his thoughts Izuku stood up walked to his computer and turned it on. It was time to do some research. He smiled; maybe his life was finally turning around!

And we're done! I know that this is just a short chapter, but I thought it would be a good way to introduce the story and what I'm doing and how this story is going to be structured.

On a side note, I notice that in a lot of these cases, in gamer fics that a few of these things usually happen, one, the character gets their powers really early on in the story, sometimes years before the canon actually starts. This is…. Well, not good, the gamer ability is a cheat ability, it allows anyone who uses it to instantly learn anything and VERY easily improve on it, even abilities that others wouldn't be able to use in conjunction for one reason or another.

It makes them impossible to permanently damage, and completely immune to illusions, it's an ability that if used correctly can give them near infinite power, the easiest of which would be HP and MP regen. All of this means that if any, even remotely proactive character is given this ability they would be unbelievably powerful years down the line. This is especially apparent in the actual gamer manhwa, the entire thing takes place over the course of 4 – 5 months and he becomes more powerful than half the world.

Second thing that usually happens; the world becomes a game, monsters pop up in real life and when they kill them, they disappear and the MC gets EXP and items, sometimes this even stretches to random people, thugs delinquents, the main character kills them without a thought, this is just so wrong, the main character has yet to kill a single person in the actual thing, just monsters, monsters with are found in dungeons and that are magical things, another thing that sometimes comes from this is people acting as if they're NPCs repeating the same dialogue over and over, being quest-givers and smiling genially in their non-lives, not having actual anything, and a litany of other things that don't make sense, the gamer ability does not turn the world into a game, it turns the MC into a game character, there's a difference.

I could name another hundred things that annoy me about these fics, but I've gone on long enough already, favorite, follow and review!