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Chapter 7

Quirks were interesting things, interesting, powerful, and very, very dangerous.

When quirks first came about, only about five percent of the entire population of the world could use them. The first generation of quirk users.

Of course, with a small amount of the population suddenly acquiring incredible abilities that they could use to easily hurt others, the rest of the population got scared and immediately threw up protests and some even attacked the quirked individuals. Eventually forcing the majority of them into doing what the 'normal' population feared in the first place. It was only now, over a century later, that there was any real peace.

But that didn't mean that there weren't any great issues that had to be tackled in all that time. Most important of them all was considered by most to be the quirk registration system. When it was first suggested, the backlash from many people, quirk users or not, was clear and obvious.

A system of registering people to a government was, for obvious reasons, not widely accepted. However in time, as more and more people gained quirks -including those in positions of power- Incidents caused by super-powered people rose dramatically, murder, rape, robbery, wide-scale destruction in every country in the world.

And so the registration was finally pushed through, as people treated it more as a list of weaponry than a list of people. The rest of the quirk based-laws soon followed, which lead to the world Izuku lived in. It also, unfortunately, lead to the situation he currently found himself in. which was aimlessly staring at the quirk registration form in front of him, his fingers hovering unsurely over his keyboard.

It was required by law that when you attained your quirk you, or your parents in basically every case, you had to register it within the year otherwise you, or your parents, would face an extremely large fine. Something neither he, nor his mother, had the capability of paying.

Izuku had had his… abilities… for just less than two months now, and with the U.A exam starting later that afternoon –and if that wasn't incredibly nerve wrecking, he didn't know what was- and so, he had to finally register his quirk, not that he hadn't been attempting to do so for the past three hours. Honestly, he had been putting this moment off for as long as he could. His abilities were confusing, varied, and for the most part, had not parts that he could effectively demonstrate, they also didn't fit a standard scientific theme like every other quirk in existence.

That they didn't fit a scientific premise was Izuku's biggest issue. His abilities, because he just couldn't bring himself to call them a quirk anymore. Every quirk in existence was based in science, no matter how crazy or unusual they first seemed. Even if the creation and first existence of the quirks themselves could barely be explained despite the decades of research, which meant that his powers were an issue, because there were completely unique, and while having powerful and unique abilities looked good on the surface and would definitely have excited his younger self beyond measure, it was also something that made people targets.

Over the course of quirk history there was and would always be people who looked and used at them for primarily evil purposes, some villains, some scientists, and some, god knows what. And people with unique quirks were often hunted for… well, Izuku didn't actually know. But people went missing all the time, and it was only a very small amount of time before heroes or the police ever turned up anything. But there was always one common trend. Experimentation; The missing people always, ALWAYS, turned up dead, cut up and dissected.

There was an incident that shook the world just over fifty years before Izuku was born; Two hundred and eighteen missing people found, all dead, all experimented on in some weird underground lab.

Now, this information wasn't exactly thought upon by most of the general populous, no matter how incredible the quirk, because these disappearances were so rare. The two hundred missing people had been reported over the course of a decade after all. It was considered a one-time event.

But Izuku, Izuku had been researching and obsessing over quirks since the time he could read, they were his whole life, and so he was far more knowledgeable about these events than most others –apart from, the police and heroes involved, of course- Izuku was also the type of person to be just a little paranoid about these kinds of things, especially because, as stated before, his quir- abilities, were completely unique. He would be an absolute gold-mine to any messed up scientists that wanted to dissect him… he assumed.

Even with all this knowledge and he intrinsic nervous personality, which had thankfully calmed down a lot since his gamer's mind came into effect, Izuku would have been thinking of these kind of things if it weren't for the fact that a similar incident had happened in his town just last week.

The person had been reported missing two weeks ago and had been found on the day before this one. Brutally cut up and lying alone in a recently abandoned lab. The police had concluded that it was one in the same with the other usual incidents and that the perpetrator had left long before the police managed to find the place.

That person had only had a teleportation quirk, a rare quirk, but still a quirk nonetheless.

This all meant that someone in his town was capable of such horror and that they could be looking for new people to take too. Just being a 'late bloomer' would put enough attention onto Izuku, but having the abilities he did? He would definitely be a target.

So what could he do about it? He could lie. He could lie until he was either strong enough to protect himself or known publically enough that his disappearance would be immediately recognized and investigated.

Becoming a hero at U.A would solve both of these issues in time. But until then, he needed to register something, and he needed to do it as soon as he could.

Izuku's fingers hovered over the keys. He couldn't just outright lie, not only because that would be dishonest and his mother had raised him well, but also because he would actually need to be able to exhibit his abilities to anyone in authority that asked. The teachers at U.A might, and they would obviously need to know his abilities to help him learn how to be a hero.

So here he was stuck in this predicament, what abilities to choose? He had to invent a quirk that would allow him to use his best abilities publically but would also not draw too much attention to him. Unfortunately this immediately threw his inventory out the window. Space/time quirks, or rather, space quirks, since no one had ever exhibited a time based ability, were extremely rare and often held by the missing people.

Fortunately the boxes he could see and interact with were invisible to other people –he had accidentally pulled them up once at dinner and started freaking out about what to say until he had noticed that his mother hadn't reacted at all- So he could still use his inventory and look through his status and menus and such as long as he was discrete.

The rest of his abilities were all physical, in fact, most were simply normal skills that anyone could learn. The only exceptions being his gamer's mind, gamer's body and his chi manipulation. He hadn't even started on his mana. There was no time to improve anything discernibly before his exam.

Again, fortunately, his chi was invisible, and also internal, it basically mimicked a strength enhancement quirk. Although, he admitted, he hadn't exactly gotten far with it, as the quick-levelling had bottomed out at level five, which was still annoyingly higher than his 'ninjutsu' skill.

Of course he couldn't just put down 'strength enhancement' because that would leave open questions as to why he couldn't take damage, strength didn't directly mean durability after all.

So, all in all, he would have to go with his first choice, something he had arbitrarily stated to Tera when she had asked; that he had a healing quirk.

It would explain his not taking damage as healing really fast, it was common enough to not draw any undue attention, as long as he was vague enough in the description of the apparent 'speed' of his 'healing' and it would serve as an explanation as to his not noticing it before as it was completely passive. Well, was until he 'discovered it' and found that he could speed up the healing in parts of his body to increase his strength. Izuku couldn't help but chuckle. It was perfect.

Quickly tapping in the few required details and a vague description of what it could do, which basically amounted to healing and over-healing, Izuku had finally finished the form apart from the name.

Most people had quirks that others already had, their parent's or family, for instance, were likely to have the same or extremely similar quirks, it was most often in fact that a parent would directly pass their quirk down to their child rather than them getting a combination of their parent's quirks, like his childhood 'friend', Kacchan; Which meant that those people could simply search the open list of quirks for the one matching their description and click that, automatically giving them the name.

Izuku, however, already knew that no healing quirk that currently existed matched the description he had already given. And again, the teachers at U.A would clearly recognize this immediately, they were the best in the world, after all. Which meant that he definitely couldn't lie, and while this was a bit worrying for someone who wanted to stay completely off the radar, new quirks were being found and named every day; so it was only with the smallest amount of worry that Izuku allowed himself to giggle hysterically at the prospect of naming his own quirk!

And so, with barely restrained glee Izuku typed in the coolest thing he could think of and sent the form off.

Static body

The perfect descriptor for his exhibited abilities, a body that wouldn't atrophy and appeared to take no damage at all, staying the same, no matter what. It was brilliant. Of course, this was nowhere close to how he had explained it on the form, and the name would only really make sense to him and anyone that directly saw him in action, but still, it was the thought that counted.

With that arduous task completed, Izuku decided to take a shower and change into his school uniform, ready for the U.A exam; it wouldn't do to be anything less than fully prepared. And on that note, he quickly made sure that he had in fact, stored his tracksuit in his inventory the previous night and hadn't just imagined it.


U.A was grand, it was magnificent, it was the centre of learning for the greatest heroes in the world, it was… it was…! H shaped… the entire building was shaped like the letter H with four towers and four interconnecting hallways. Izuku couldn't help but stare at it, partly in awe at the incredibly institution he stood in front of, and partly in disbelief of the design choices… which he probably- definitely would have made himself, if given the chance.

Nothing could stop him now! This was his moment, the start of his journey, his avenue to greatness. To being the greatest hero in the world!

Izuku took his first step forwards, passing over a crack in the ground that might have tripped him up a few months earlier, if it weren't for his greatly improved body. He quickly moved onwards and into the directed hall, where he would sit with his fellow future heroes.


"EVERY BODY SAY HEEEEEY!" President Mic, the hero leading the introductory lecture to the exam shouted out.

The room of almost one-thousand participating teens responded with complete silence. And President Mic grinned. "You're all so serious!" he enthusiastically continued, despite the less than stellar reaction to his introduction.

Izuku couldn't believe it frankly, President Mic, the pro hero and radio star, was leading the lecture. Izuku had to clap a hand over his mouth to stop himself from shouting out when he immediately noticed nobody else had, he did it whenever the hero shouted it over the radio after all. He decided decided to keep the hand there, just in case.

The hero continued. "I'm gonna give you all the low down on this test. YOU ALL READY?!" Again, nobody responded, but the hero continued un-ruffled.

"Now, pay attention my fantastic listeners, 'cause I'm only gonna say this once!" He held up a finger for emphasis. "We're gonna test you all by runnin' you though a ten-minute fightin' exercise in our super rad replica city!" The previously silent crowed shifted and started muttering at this proclamation.

'A fighting exercise? How would that work' Izuku thought. Luckily his answer was immediately answered.

"We got a large number o' 'villains' littered around our fancy battlefield. There'll be three different types!" An infomatic appeared on the giant screen behind him showing a cartoonishly drawn city and shadows of three different figures off to the side, each denoted with a number, one to three. "They'll appear in three different types, the bigger an' badder ones givin' the most, the smaller weaker ones givin' the least, you got it?

"usin' your quirks you gotta take down as many 'villians' as ya' can and get as many points as ya' can" He pulled back from the lecturn "But don' think about attackin' any of your fellow competitors, 'cause that ain't hero-like at all and you'll be disqualified" He stuck his tongue out and shot them all a thumbs down. President Mic then opened his mouth to continue, his –In izuku's opinion- incredible lecture before another voice interrupted him.

"Excuse me, may I ask a question?" the voice came from a few rows behind Izuku from a very strict and intimidating looking teen wearing glasses and a uniform he didn't recognize. The teen pulled up the hand-out they had all been given before the lecture and pointed at it as dramatically as possible. "On the hand-out here, it clearly states that there are four types of villains to fight" Izuku blinked. He hadn't even ready the thing yet and he had arrived early, how had this teen done it? "Such an incredible error" The teen continued "Would be of the highest embarrassment to a top-tier establishment like Yuuei!

"The reason we're here today is to learn to be heroes and I would like to know if this is a mistake or not!"

President mic let out a hearty chuckle "Rest assured examinee 7111! There is no mistake, you'll all be facin' a fourth type o' villain, although" He chuckled again "Maybe it'd be better to call it an unstoppable wall instead!"

With that he gestured again, wildly to the screen behind him and another shadowed figure appeared next to the other ones, this one almost three times as big with the number zero flashing next to it. "This villain is a hazard you gotta watch pout for, an' even if ya' do beat it, it's worth zero points! Anything can happen in the hero biz after all!"

"I see, it's like a boss in a video game." The teen muttered to himself –something Izuku could only hear because he was close to him- before raising his voice once more "I apologize for being rude!"

The pro hero waved off his concerns good naturedly "Anyway, I think that's enough explain' out of me! Remember everyone, a great hero by the name of Napoleon Bonaparte once said 'A true hero never stops overcoming the misfortunes in life!'" President mic grinned "Now, let's get this thing started! PLUS ULTRA!" He shouted the school's motto "I hope you all have fun!"


The replica city stood proudly in front of the group Izuku was assigned too. He had flipped though the hand-out as he was waiting to go as some groups went before his. With a look around him, he couldn't see anyone he recognized, which did well to settle his nerves a little bit as the only other person from his school that had applied to U.A was Kacchan, and competing against him now, even with all his progress, just wasn't something that Izuku thought he could do yet.

The other competitors around him were dressed similar to him, in tracksuits and form-fitting clothing, some of them had brought objects with them that they were either holding or affixing to their bodies somehow. Support items that allowed them to use their quirks more effectively.

The teen that had stood up in the lecture earlier was staring seriously at the giant door in front of them wearing a skin-tight suit that cut off above his calves to reveal unnaturally square shins and what looked to be multiple exhaust pipes sticking out from the back. Given the placement of his quirks and the physical effects it had on his legs, it was most likely an engine-based speed enhancing quirk. Anything more specific would require seeing him in action, but Izuku felt like that was probably an accurate assumption.

He refocussed on the city-scape in front of him, it was truly huge. It was almost half the size of Izuku's entire town, although none of the buildings exceeded five stories. Not that that was somehow unimpressive, but it was something to note at the very least. Would he be able to get to the top of one of those things and use it effectively within ten minutes? Probably not. It would be better to focus on moving along the ground and taking out as many of the artificial villains as he could.

President Mic, who was standing in an observation tower opposite the giant entrance cleared his throat and everyone turned towards him expectantly.

"START!" He shouted.

Like a shot, Izuku immediately tuned towards the entrance and started running "Sprint!" he activated the skill, and immediately sped up another forty percent as denoted by the skills description. It wouldn't do for him to be left behind by his… by his….

Izuku slowed to a stop and turned on his heel to stare at the crowd of teens behind him who hadn't moved an inch, most of which were staring at him in what looked to be abject shock. Faintly, Izuku could hear President Mic in the distance. "Well whadda'ya' waitin' for?! There ain't gonna be a countdown in real life! Follow that kid's lead and get out there!"

As if a switch had been flipped the rest of the group fell over themselves to turn around and race into the arena. Izuku couldn't help but grin as he twisted quickly back into the course and re-activated his sprint. He was already ahead of his competitors, there was no way he wasn't going to ace this exam! And with that boost of confidence he got started.

The first villain came hard and fast, around the first corner he turned into quickly revealing that the artificial villains that they were due to fight were robots. It was dark green in colour and had large segmented armour covering its body, leading up to a bulbous red camera that acted as a head, glowing menacingly in Izuku's general direction. There was a number one painted on the side.

There was no time to waste, Izuku rushed forwards, with all his enhanced speed and thrust his fist forwards into the robot.

-5 HP

"Shit" Izuku exclaimed, jumping backwards to avoid a retaliatory strike from the machine. Perhaps punching metal wasn't the best of his ideas, but it was exactly what he needed; the resulting backlash didn't do any more damage than his punching the tree in his clearing did, and it gave him all the information he needed. The metal was dented, his natural strength and unwavering body were, in combination, strong enough to bend metal!

Izuku ducked under another swing of the robot before leaping forwards.

Chi manipulation. The ability to use the physical force present in every human, the life energy of the universe, running through his body and the eight gates. –at least that's what a cursory search on the internet had told him- To Izuku, if felt like a warmth pooled into eight distinct places inside his body, eight cores of strength to pull on, and pull he did. He channelled the chi closest to his right shoulder into his arm and through the veins, letting it seep through the muscle and veins, giving him an almost x-ray view of the inside of his body, imprinted onto his mind. And activating the skill 'Chi strength enhancement'

It took less than a second to pull and settle the energy into his arm. And struck

-10 MP

The metal of the robot caved inwards from the force, its shattered insides forced out from under the thick armour through any gap available. The light in its eye went out and it crashed to the ground.

Izuku stood in awe of what he had done, still in the punching pose, his fist smoking slightly from the contact. That was much better than his experiment back in the clearing, when he had first created the ability Chi strength enhancement. –not a very creative name, he realised. But he was in quite a bit of shock at the time-

The first time that he had used it, it had felt like his arm had shattered and his HP dropped fifty points, if it weren't for the fact he healed with every sleep he definitely wouldn't have been comfortable enough with his own safety to fight today.

As it turned out, strength enhancement didn't directly result in durability and the backlash that would normally take away a small amount of health had risen exponentially. This of course, resulted in him creating 'Chi reinforcement' and very nervously punching the tree again, which resulted in a much more satisfying 'timber' moment with the tree crashing to the ground, its trunk splintered into smithereens.

It seemed these robots would fall just as easily.

Izuku grinned and started running forwards again, leaping over the smoking remains of the downed machine. One point down, plenty more to go!

The next group he encountered included a three-pointer and two two-pointer robots. It only took a moment to notice the small rockets the three-pointer was already aiming at him. "What the fuck?" How dangerous was this exam exactly? There was no time to think however, and channelling chi into his legs he leapt over one of the two-pointers, using his naturally enhanced body to twist himself around above it and land in a crouched position facing the direction he came in.

A robotic fist sailed over his head, and the second two-pointer robot successfully destroyed the one he had just flipped over, not fast enough to stop its already moving attack.

Moving quickly, Izuku fell to the floor onto his hands and channelled chi into his legs before buck kicking the robot behind him destroying it, just as he had the first, and sending its body flying into the three-pointer; the resulting impact and subsequent damaging of the about to fire missiles creating a very satisfying, if absolutely horrifying miniature explosion, managing to completely destroy both robots and scattering the remains.

"What would happen if those missiles would hit me?" It didn't bare thinking about. Izuku shook his head, there wasn't time for this, the exam was only ten minutes and he didn't know how long he had been fighting, hopefully he was doing better or just as well as everyone else.

Eight points down.


The control room for the exam was packed with pro heroes, the teachers of U.A. Each one was staring intently at either a personal screen in front of them or a set of multiple screens covering the wall in front of them.

On every single one of the screens was a teen wannabe hero taking the U.A exam, three of the tests had already finished and only two were still going on, but the majority of the rooms attention was locked on the test that had just started.

Group D was the fifth and third to last exam group for the day, it was also, Izuku's group.

"Hey did you see that?" One of the teachers called out "This green haired kid just took out three robots in a second"

"it was quite impressive" Another one of them supplied "He only actually hit one of them, and made the others take each other out"

One of the teachers standing in the back of the room, wearing a black bodysuit and an excessive length of scarf around his head, narrowed his eyes through his long hair "It's not often you see one with more than just power this early on" Eraserhead shifted in his stance "Why aren't we watching rest of them?"

Cementoss, one of the other teachers, looking more stone than man with his solid grey skin and blocky features responded "They haven't arrived at the first wave yet. They all fell for Mic's trick, except this kid"

"Really…" Erasurehead said before grinning at a shot of Izuku knife-handing his way through the thin neck of one of their robots in what was clearly a well-executed martial arts technique "Interesting"


Thirty-two points down.

Izuku wiped a sleeve across his brow, not that he actually sweated, but it has habitual at this point, and gave him an excuse to stand and watch his fellow examinees for a moment as he waited for the residual pain in his arms and legs to fade. He didn't have infinite stamina, and overuse still caused pain, although, it faded as quickly as the rest of it.

He was also down two-hundred points of mana and a random strike from a robot had taken off another ten HP.

So, three-hundred and five MP and eighty-six HP, both of which were very slowly regenerating. Neither of which he was worried about. He had already achieved a large amount of points and could see that there were plenty of robots still streaming from in around the buildings.

His competitors were doing impressively too, Izuku had never seen so many people openly using their quirks to fight before and had to resist the urge to pull a notebook out of his inventory and start cataloguing everything he could see.

There was a boy with three sets of arms connected by webbing, standing on the top of a building opposite him, he had morphed the top two hands of his arms into giant ears and they were twitching in every direction. Some sort of sonar perhaps, locating robots to take out?

Another kid was propelling himself across the road with a blindingly bright lazer shooting out of his navel, leaving the remains of a shattered robot in his wake, judging by the lack of any melted parts and the fact that it was physically sending him backwards instead of just being shot out, suggested that it was concussive rather than heat-based. Izuku wondered whether the kid would be able to fire it standing still and not be shot backwards.

Another small kid, almost half of Izuku's height dressed in a purple tracksuit with large purple balls sticking out of his head instead of hair, ran into his line of sight, desperately detaching and throwing the purple balls at the duo of two-pointers chasing him. Each detached ball was immediately replaced by another re-growing in its place.

The thrown balls stuck to whatever they hit, the robots, the floor, the walls, but none of them seemed to be doing anything useful. The kid didn't seem to know what he was doing with them, but the robots were still attacking and the danger was very much still real.

The kid stumbled and fell to the floor, before attempting to struggle backwards from the still advancing machines.

Izuku rocketed forwards, there was no hesitation in his movements, sprint activated and chi almost being forced though his legs, and he still only barely arrived in time.

Izuku twisted around the first robot, drawing its attention from the scrabbling kid, next he channelled more chi into his left arm and leapt over the robot, grabbing onto a part of the exposed wiring through one of the gaps in its armour.

He spun deftly in the air, bringing his body around in mid-air pulling his left arm around and over his body, still grasping onto the robot's insides, the entire thing came with him, spinning in an arc over himself and into the second robot. The two came together in a resounding crash. Had Izuku been standing on the ground, he would have noticed it shaking slightly.

Thirty-six points down.

Landing deftly in a crouch, Izuku turned to the awed and terrified teen sitting heavily on the ground in front of him and the now, wrecked robots. Izuku held out his hand to help the kid to his feet.

"Are you alright?" He said. The purple kid didn't move, just staring at Izuku, mouth open and with tears in his eyes.

"Y-y-you" The teen stuttered. "You saved me" The kid was in shock, so of course there was only one thing Izuku could think of to get him to snap out of it.

Izuku grinned as wide as he could "It's alright, I'm here now!" and gestured his helping hand again

The kid let out a snort of laughter "Who are you supposed to be, All Might?" and grabbed the hand, allowing himself to be pulled to his feet. "That was incredible!"

"Thanks, it felt pretty incredible" Izuku grinned wider. He had just saved someone's life! "Uh" Izuku looked around them, his competitors were chewing their way through the robots, with this many people crowded up it was difficult to figure out who was destroying what. It was also concerning as he hadn't seen this many of them since the start of the exam, there mustn't be a lot of robots left in the rest of the city, the central street they were on probably contained what was left. "I kind of need to get back to the exam, if you're alright…?"

The purple teen seemed to snap out of whatever he was feeling "Oh, Uh, right of course. I'll let you get back to it" He said, and then in a smaller voice "Maybe I'll just hide somewhere until it's over"

"Hey!" The teen's attention was brought back to Izuku "That was just bad luck, I'm sure you can be a fantastic hero. You shouldn't give up just yet" Izuku shot him a thumbs up "There's still time left!"

"Heh, yeah, I guess" The teen still looked unsure, but at least he wasn't crying or in shock anymore. Usually Izuku would stay by just to make sure that would be alright, but there likely wasn't that much time left on the exam. "My name's Izuku Midoriya by the way"

"I'm Minoru Mineta" Mineta introduced.

Izuku grinned his All Might smile again "I'll look forward to seeing you at U.A!" With that, he ran off back into the fray. He didn't see Mineta raise his hand in goodbye before freezing at Izuku's last words, he turned to look at one of the smaller, as of yet undestroyed, one-pointers.

"Maybe I'll give it one more shot" Mineta mumbled.


Forty-seven points down.

After the 'meeting' with Mineta he had managed to find a group of three three-pointers and had gotten them to take each other out with their own missiles before manually taking down another two one-pointers the others had ignored with a well-executed, enhanced roundhouse. Every little bit helped, and besides, with everyone else grouping up against the bigger targets four out of five of them weren't getting any points at all. It really wasn't logical.

By this point there were barely any villains left and almost everyone he had seen at the entrance was piled up in the main city street, where he was now.

He noticed that most of the teens were aimlessly standing around, while others were agitatedly looking in every direction they could, or counting numbers on their fingers agitatedly.

'Is the exam over then?' Izuku questioned to himself. As if in answer to his question the wall of the fake city exploded inwards.

The ground shook violently and Izuku struggled to keep his step and an almost deafening mechanical whirring echoed through the arena. He felt sorry for anyone with an ear based quirk.

Finally regaining his standing Izuku managed to see the thing that had caused the noise. The zero-pointer had arrived. And it was fucking massive. The thing was bigger than a skyscraper and absolutely towered over the competitively smaller buildings surrounding them.

The people closest to the colossal feet pulling the monstrosity forwards, immediately started shouting and screaming and ran away as fast as they could. Nobody tried to fight the thing. It wasn't worth anything, despite the massive size so obviously everyone headed in the exact opposite direction. Only a moron would actually attempt to fight the thing.

And so, with everyone else Izuku made to turn around and run with everyone else. Hell, even if he wanted to fight that thing he couldn't, the smaller robots were fine, but dented metal wouldn't really do much to that thing. And with under two-hundred MP left he wouldn't dare-

A girl screamed "HELP!"

Immediately Izuku stopped moving a searched for the person in need. "Oh shit" He found her quickly, the only person not running from the zero-pointer, and she wasn't running because she was trapped under some rubble directly in front of it, her leg caught in between some of the fallen concrete.

The foot behind her rose skywards.

"Sprint!" Izuku exclaimed before pushing himself towards her, forcing more Chi than he ever had into his legs.

-50 MP

Now wasn't the time to conserve his energy. If he didn't do something this girl would die. Had anyone else even noticed her yet?

Izuku ran as fast as he could towards the monstrosity, weaving quickly between the panicking teenagers around him, at this point he was moving fast enough to be considered a blur, but he was still too far away.

The foot started to lower.

It was only with its massive size that it was moving so slowly, something that was at his advantage, not that it would make much difference if he, didn't. Get. There. In. Time! "COME ON!" Izuku shouted, staring directly into the eyes of the girl he needed to save. The girl that was staring back at the only person running towards instead of away from her, tears streaming from her eyes.

Twenty feet away.

Ten feet.

Five feet.

The foot was too low, it was almost on top of her now, there was no time to run in and get her out. He had to figure out something, and fast!

Two feet.

There was only one thing he could do.

"REINFORCEMENT!" Izuku shouted, activating his skill manually as well as channelling the chi, as if doing both at once would double the effect.

Izuku leapt at the girl, quickly wrapping his body around hers, with his on top.

The foot came down.

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