Okeydoky Peeps! This 4rth and finally story in the Mutant Riots series hopefully won't be as 'hectic' as Battle for the Earth we can dedicate long chapters to...'Meander' as I like to call it room for stories, songs, character growth for characters who for the most part have been relegated to the peanut gallery

The Fellowship Herd returned Marzipan Cheshire to First Earth they took her to the Fellowship Herd's Cabin in Felly Forest and tucked her into the Sofa Bed that she and Ichabod and shared before they left for Third Earth again.

Ichabod was just a complete and total wreck at this point, he knelt by the side of the bed bawling his eyes out, his eyes and nose were red and throbbing.

Jonathan understood the pain his son was feeling only too well. He had felt the exact same pain himself when his beloved Evie died.

Jonathan looked over at Nygma and was quite frankly amazed to see Nygma had taken off his green bowler hat and held it close to his chest, his head bowed with sorrow. Through if he thought more deeply about it,Jonathan wouldn't have been surprised, all of Manhatten had felt for a few short moments Marzipan's pain and her love just before she fell, the love wasn't like romantic love, but a love much deeper and truer, the deep unconditional love for all life that some call compassion but in actuallity is called Agape.

The Turtles, Splinter, April, Casey, and even the Infant Girl the Wolf Mutant Gabrielle had given to them, stood behind the Humanimals, they felt the sorrow as well...They winced hearing Ichabod's bawling, they could only imagine the sorrow he felt.

Kong the ever fathful Gorilla-Man Medic did as much as he could without harming Marzipan furthur, he understood that this was a Supernatural Malady, that Marzipan willingly endured because she knew Feral needed to be stopped. The Flames of the Phoinix was a very powerful and dangerous spell, very few Mages who performed the Spell survived it, as he checked Marzipan's vital...Barely any sign of life.

Kong sighed and removed his stephoscope. "Marzipan nearly burnt herself to death." He said shaking his head sadly "But she was burned by enchanted flames...Greater than Enchanted...Holy Flames...Mundane means can't save her."

"Than what will?!" Ichabod squawked like a Bird in the throes of death.

"Love." Kong said simply "Talk to her Ichabod...See if you can do something."

Ichabod realised he was in the same postion Donatello was in when Belladonna was attacked by the Optic Sunflower, unlike Donatello as a Native First Earth Ichabod was was much quicker to take intitive.

"Marzipan..." Ichabod said quietly and hoarsly after so much weeping. "Marzipan...I love you...I love you so much more after remembering who you truly are...Remembering that Summer of our childhoods, we spoke to each other from different planets...Marzipan you can't die after I've remembered who you truly are! Marzipan! I was wicked! I was evil! I shouldn't have kept the Mark a secret! I should have realized if it came from Morgan it was evil...Marzi...Please don't die...I love you so much..."

That was the moment, Marzipan began to breathe, deeply, steady, her face changed from the death snarl to a relaxed, peaceful resting face.

"Her vitals have stabelized." Said Kong

When it seemed all the Humanimal were about to cheer loudly, Kong held up his hand "While her vitals have stabelized, she isn't out of the woods yet...I have no idea when she'll wake up."

"I'll keep watch over her." Ichabod said

"We'll help you." Jim said it had been the first time the Red Squirrel-Boy had spoken for hours

Leo saw out of the corner of his eye Rory quictly walking out of the cabin. His face was troubled

"Rory..." Leo approched the Young Buck

"I need to tell my Friends Peter and Scippio, the truth of Humanimal Existance." Rory said

"Are you sure you should?" Leo asked

"They are my friends." Rory said "If I can't be honest with them I wouldn't be able to stand myself." Rory slowly walked to where his friends Peter the Bison and Scippio the Peacock were sleeping beneath an Apple Tree.

Ichabod so happy, that Marzipan was still among the living fell asleep,she kneeling at the bed.

"Ichy..." Bill said quietly "...If you need anything." Of course when it was clear to the Bull-Boy Ichabod was both sleeping and finally at peace. Bill sighed and left him alone.

Ooh dream weaver

I believe you can get me through the night

Ooh dream weaver

I believe we can reach the morning light