It was a long time after the third encounter with the Beast Forever, Roquat the Red. Dorothy, along with Roan, Jack, Ozma, West, and Glinda, sent Roquat back to the Prison of the Abject, with Leith petrifying him to make sure he doesn't wreak havoc ever again. Everyone's lives in Oz had changed forever. Dorothy and Roan buried the hatchet and married after a messy breakup with Glinda, Jack helped to rebuild Langwidere with better parts and Jane's help, and Ozma returned to her (It was Ozma's female form being used at the time.) duty as ruler of Oz alongside West.

One day, inside the grand castle in Emerald City, West asked Ozma.

'So, your majesty,' West said, 'now that the Beast Forever is permanently sealed up, may I request a leave to find my mother?'

'Firstly, you said the thing about the Beast Forever as if it is a certainty.' Ozma replied, 'Secondly, why should I let you go? You are my most trusted advisor. You are almost single-handedly responsible for my rise in confidence and my eventual queendom.'

'Firstly, I never lie. Well, once I lied, but even then I ended up fufilling the promise I made to Ojo.'

'...with Dorothy's help.'

'Okay, smartarse, can I at least finish speaking?'

'Okay, then. Go ahead.'

'Anyway, as I was saying, the second response I will give is that now that the Beast Forever is gone for good, my life is fine.'


'But it is monotonous. I can't just sit the rest of my life just being practically inactive! Besides, my northern sister said that she is alive and I intend to find her.'

Ozma pondered for a little while.

'Alright, fine.' Ozma said sternly, 'I will let you find your mother. However, I do not expect your quest to be successful.'

'I'll find her.' West replied, 'Eventually.'

'Alright, then. Good luck.'

West packed up her things and then went back to her brothel and made an announcement to all the madams in the building.

'Attention to all who are listening!' West proclaimed, 'I have some news. With the permission of the Queen herself, I am leaving Emerald City for a while to find my mother. My sister told me that Mother South is alive, and I intend to search for her so that I can be with my parent for the first time in twenty-one years. I will appoint Esmarelda as the interim head madam of the brothel. Farewell, everyone.'

She left the brothel tearfully. This was her home during Frank Morgan's reign, so she grew attached to it. She left the city with the things she wanted to bring along: clothes, food, tea leaves, water, and, to keep herself calm, opium. She decided not to teleport because she did not want to risk dropping her items.

She decided to go the Glinda's castle first. Glinda knew where Mother South was, and even though Glinda rejected her request the first time, it has been a while since they last talked about their mother, and West was depressed at that point. Now that things had settled, maybe Glinda wouldn't turn down the offer now, right?

She travelled to Glinda's castle and knocked on her door. There was no response.

'Hey, sister!' West shouted, 'I need a favour. I helped you both times we faced Roquat, and I just need something from you!'

Glinda came to her balcony.

'What do you want?!' Glinda yelled.

'I just need to know the location of my mother!' West replied.

'How about you go to hell?!'

'You mentioned that my mother was alive a year ago!'

'I'm too busy being miserable at my divorce!'

'Are you kidding?! THAT WAS A YEAR AGO!'


Glinda went back in from the balcony crying. It was exactly like the previous year, but reversed. It was Glinda that was the emotional wreck in the scenario this time instead of West. West became slightly frustrated and left the castle.

If my sister won't tell me where my mother is, West thought, I will have to find the clues myself. Ev will do. There are people there who are smart. They might help me.

She journeyed away towards the great kingdom of Ev. She had to rest, of course, so she stopped by the nearby lake. She unpacked and rested slightly close to the lake, and after she fuelled herself up, she fell asleep as soon as she lied down. It was peaceful.