When West got to the western sector, it was littered with small towns and villages. She used her magic to turn them into a great megalopolis that rivalled even the gargantuan Emerald City. In the centre of this megalopolis, she made a giant stone wall containing the entire history of magic in Oz, as well as making of a statue of her killing the pale-skinned creature. She dubbed the creature as "Loshulis Moratus," Water Inha for "Dry Pale Clay Creature." Whilst the rest of the city was gigantic, West herself decided to get married with a man and live in a house just big enough for them and the two children she promised to birth. And a little throne for herself, of course.

A year after she made the city, dubbed Vinkus, she birthed her first child, a magic-free boy called Liir, and then gave birth to a daughter witch, Kamera, a few years later. She and her husband lived together for a while. When her husband died, she changed the central statue to that of her and him in their wedding wear.

Now it was twenty more years since Kamera was birthed. Liir began to work as a farmer in a nearby field whilst Kamera became versed in her talents, being made fertile by her mother. West, meanwhile, was walking through the city she materialised. She ended up seeing a figure in a multicolour dress sitting on a bench eating a ham sandwich. The figure looked at her.

'Hey, Elphaba,' the figure said, 'could you come here, please?'

'Okay then.' West said as she sat down beside the figure, 'Who are you?'

'Here is a little clue about me: your kind worship me.'

'Wait, YOU are Hecate, Goddess of Magic?'

'Yes, I am.'

'Oh, sorry. I rspect and won't question you again!'

'Ah, it seems like you need your camomile again.'

'Yes, you're right. Sorry again.'

'No need. Anyway, I am here to give you a little reward.'

'What do you mean by that?'

'I am very impressed with you. Materialising a city from your mind, turning back time to prevent a massacre from your own kind, and helping to restore the royal family are not easy feats. Not even Glinda could match you with them, and she has given birth more than your mother did!'

West blushed.

'For all of that,' Hecate continued, 'I will firstly revive both your sister and your first love. The best way of repaying you for your losses is to bring them back from the dead. Your husband was more complicated to accomplish so I didn't do it because I would turn Oz into a wasteland otherwise from lack of patience.

'Secondly, I will have your daughter birth 30,000 children, all witches that are fertile from birth. Those traits will stay with them for the rest of their lives. If you are concerned, do not worry: I will also make her immune to pain and have her develop offspring almost instantaneously after conception, so all is will be well.

'Finally, I will give up my title as Goddess of Magic and give it to you. I will transfer the rest of my powers to you.'

'The last time I had that much power, I-'

'Became addicted, I know. But now you use your power rather infrequently. I don't think it will affect you much. I will bestow my powers to you via fusion.'

'Hold on! Can I say goodbye to my family and friends first?'

'Alright, but first...' Hecate snapped her fingers and not only resurrected East and Nymea, but also made Kamera pregnant and immune from pain, 'Now, go to your family and friends, and bid them farewell. I'll still be sitting here eating this delicious sandwich.'

West flew back to her home and said goodbye to Kamera and Liir. Then she flew to Emerald City to say goodbye to Ozma. After that, she flew to Glinda to bid her farewell. Finally, she flew back to Hecate and saw...

'Nymea?' West said in shock.

'Oh,' Nymea said, 'hey.'

West hugged Nymea and cried.

'I know,' Nymea said compassionately, 'I missed you too for over a hundred years.'

They kept hugging each other for a while until one more figure showed up. It was East.

'Hey!' East said and waved, causing West to run towards her and hug.

'Hey...' West said tearfully.

'You know, everyone will miss you when you and Hecate fuse and go to the skies.'

'Thank you...'

West came back towards Hecate.

'I believe that is everybody you needed to talk to.' Hecate said and stood up, laying her hands out to the front. 'Now, shall we fuse?'

'I don't want to...' West said with tears in her eyes, 'I just saw these people again. People I had not seen for years.'

'I know, but you will still be you, just with my powers. Besides, you can come down from the skies to visit once in a while.'

'Okay, then.'

West and Hecate joined hands, and they fused. The result was actually unlike any other fusion: West's physical form stayed exactly the same, even though Hecate looked completely different. It was less like fusing together and more like assimilation. West looked towards Nymea.

'Nymea.' She said.

'Yes?' Nymea replied and West smiled.

'Look after the kids for me.'

West looked up to the sky and began to rise. She waved goodbye to East and Nymea, struggling to hold back the tears. She soon vanished into the clouds. Elphaba, Mistress of the Western Fields, Vessel of Truth and Solace, was now Elphaba, Goddess of Truth, Solace, Magic, and the West. She now sits on top of her throne in her sky temple, occasionally coming down to see her family and keeping Oz from trouble. Oz is now at peace, most likely for all of eternity.