Start of prologue

So I was a unique tailor who fixes clothes, sheets, blankets and fix tablecloths in 30 minutes or less or it's free of charge! My Hometown was full of surprises everyday new customers would appear and bring their children and pets with them to keep me company. Oh gosh, I wish I had someone else to work beside me so I won't get lonely in this place I call home! Suddenly without warning, a bunch of unwelcome flies wanted my sandwich that I worked very hard on so I grabbed a mallet and got seven out of the whole bunch! Seven At One Strike, what a record can't wait to tell everybody when I walked out, I heard people screaming and running for their lives so I went to see what was going on! Are you crazy go get shelter, the town is under attack! Everybody run, there's a giant monster on the loose! Yikes, I got to get out of here quick before the monster eats me or worse squishes me AAAAAAAAAH! My Parents were killed by the monster so I ran to my house and packed my bags and I headed out for Castle Rock!

End of Prologue