Chapter One/Theo


"This can't be right" the lady with her black hair pulled into an overly tight ponytail said. She looked at me with shocked eyes, her green/blue eyes widening with every intense moment. "What?" I ask, impatiently tapping my foot. She punched a few keys in "I need to run this again" she said hastily.

Ever since my mother died during the New York attack, I've felt this rage inside me that lingers over me like dark shadow plaguing every thought, a chemical that burned through my bloodstream. I've been living in a foster home for the past 6 months but with the way I'm treated there, I can't live there anymore. Soon as I turned 17, I got a blood test and ran my DNA in the system to see if I had any living relatives.

"Could you submit another sample? Our system is saying some crazy things" she asked me with a nervous grin. I sighed heavily "Get it over with" my footsteps heavy walking towards the nurse's office.

I didn't live far from the clinic; it was almost a 20-minute walk through the city. I enjoyed the city though, the people, the sounds and the "I'm walking here" as someone almost dies in traffic. There was loud pop in the air and everyone looked up to see the metal man himself. Tony Stark, a.k.a. Iron Man, my face morphed into that of pure rage as I looked up to the Avengers Tower.

I kept walking, feeling the rough scream building in my throat. The Avengers, how dare they call themselves heroes, 'the world's mightiest'. They killed my mother, sure, it was one of those aliens that actually killer her but they were here for them, if the Avengers didn't exist... my mother, the only person who understood me, my best friend... she'd still be alive.

I stuck the key in the gold lock of the dark brown wooden door and turned, unlocking the place that was supposed to be home. "Where have you been?" my foster mother, Carrie, was waiting by the old faded white stair case. Her hand on her hip, dark brown hair tied into a bun "Answer me" she demanded. A glass of red wine in her other hand, jeez, it was only 11:00 and she was already hammered "I went out" I spat bitterly. She blocked my path as I tried to walk towards the kitchen "Where?" she said, annoyed with my attitude "Just out. Doctors then went for a walk" I admitted, she took a giant gulp of her alcoholic drink "You weren't here to drop Lucas off at the party, so he didn't go" she said spitefully. "You could've dropped him off!" I almost yelled "It's not my job to drop everything for you boys and run to your every need!" she spat back, her hazel eyes growing dark with anger. "Put your hands together of mother of the year" I started to clap sarcastically "Well aren't you glad I'm not your mother!" she said downing the rest of the glass "You have no idea" I mumbled and walked upstairs.

I knocked on the white door with a wooden plaque that read "Lucas" with the Avengers symbols on it. "What?" the slender voice broke out in sobs, I opened the door "What do you want?" his voice breaking the sobs. Lucas was sitting on his bed, messy blonde hair with ocean blue eyes that are usually nice and kind but now are filled with resentment. I sat on the bed with him "I'm sorry kiddo, I had really important things to do" I said while rubbing his back. Lucas wanted to go to his friends 10th birthday party but couldn't go since I was the moron who thought Carrie wouldn't be drunk at this time. "You did it? Didn't you?" he said, his dark eyes avoiding mine "Yes" I responded trying to sound calm.

I did that a lot, ignore the constant rage inside of me. Mostly did it for Lucas, I needed to be strong for the both of us, he couldn't handle Carrie like I could and I didn't expect him too, he's only 10 "Could you still go?" I asked "The party ends at 2:00" he said with sad eyes. "Puppy, it's only 11:00. You could still go and have a good time" his face perked up. Puppy was the nickname I gave him since he is quite small for his age "Really?" all sadness broken from his voice now as if he was never sad at all "Get changed pup and we'll go" I said. He crashed into me giving me a tight squeeze "You're the best big brother ever!" he squealed in a high pitched laugh.

I loved that Lucas thought of me as a big brother, I lost my mum in the attack but he lost his entire family. When I first met Lucas, he was scared and fragile but after months of us hanging out he opened up. He's my rock and I'm his, we keep each other stable. We got to the party which was already into full swing of things and I parked the old black rusted Ute on the street. Lucas bolted through the gate with me following and greeted his friends who were all happy he was there "You came!" the familiar voice yelled from behind me. I turn to greet my best friend Willow "Hey" I said, planting a soft kiss on her cheek "this party blows" she sighed with disappointment "it's for a 10-year-old... what did you expect? Strippers and shots?" I asked with a teasing grin "well, no. but I thought mum would've at least set up an adult's section" she let her shoulders hang low "which we wouldn't be allowed to go to anyway since we are only 17" I told her, nudging her.

Willow's long red hair flowing with the wind, the sun reflecting off her pale skin and her ginger freckle making patterns on her skin. She perked up as people began to say goodbye "finally!" she let out a sigh of relief "you wanna do something?" she asked with a grin "I got to get Lucas home but tomorrow night yeah?" I was referring to our usual Thursday nights when we stay at hers and just watch movies all night. Truth be told, I did want to hang out, any excuse to leave that house but I needed my strength for tomorrow. Tomorrow, I find out who I really am, I loved my mum, I still do but she was always so secretive about her past. About my father especially, she would always say "Theo, that man is nothing but trouble. Please for my sake. Don't go searching" and I didn't, I'd do anything for her so I left it alone but now, I need to know and if he's in the system, or anyone related to me then I'm going to find out tomorrow.

Mum held onto my hand running, trying to keep low. Blood running down her face, dirt and charcoal covered her face "Mum! I'm scared!" I yelled over the commotion "I know sweetie. We need to keep moving" she held onto my face. Mum had a plan but I was just a scared kid. Holding onto my mother's hand, watching her light brown hair cling to her sweat.

I woke up with the alarm blaring an annoying high pitched buzzing into my face. I punched the top button with my palm with an annoying forced. I showered and let the hot water jet onto my skin, allowing flashbacks of my mum and I running through the city, dodging explosions and bullets.

It was 10:30 and I arrived at the clinic again, the same girl as yesterday greeted me "Hello" her voice shaking "My test?" I asked, annoyed already "Yes. Yes. Of course. Please step into the office" she asked and I stepped in. the door slammed shut behind me and locked "What the hell!?" I yelled "Calm down boy" a rough, demanding voice over threw mine and he wasn't even shouting. I felt the air grow cold as I saw a bald black man sporting an eye patch with scars surrounding it "Theo Hartley... I'm-" I crossed my arms "I know exactly who you are Nick Fury" his expressionless face didn't falter; he clearly wasn't surprised I knew who he was. He gestured towards the seat.

I slowly sat down, not once taking my eyes off him "You need to stop digging" he said in a calm tone "You won't like what you find" Nick Fury was telling me to stop digging into my family... Theo, what have you stepped into? I asked myself but no matter what I deserved to know "No" I said coldly, scanning his face for anything to help me read this guy "Your father... he isn't dad material. You're better off" he said in a low growl "I have a right to know!" I said through clenched teeth.

"I'm here to do 1 of 2 things... I can take you to your father... or... if you walk away from this you and your foster family will be compensated generously" he leaned back into the chair and folded his arms, narrowing his eye awaiting my response.