(Explosions, yelling. The guys have just completed a mission. It has been a year since their confrontation with Lynch and their escape from custody)

"Oh my god Hannibal", BA crowed, banging his fists on the trucks door. "Even after all these years, I still can't believe we make it out of these things in one piece. You da man".

Former Colonel Hannibal Smith chuckled while puffing his cigar. This mission had been tougher than most but thankfully, everything had gone as planned. He listened as his team jovially recanted the action, enjoying the high they were on.

The high continued as they got to their temporary accommodation with the beer beginning to flow freely and long into the night. It wasn't until early the next morning when Hannibal finally found himself alone, sipping his scotch and smoking his cigars. Although he enjoyed the excitement of the post mission, a little peace and quiet was good too. He sighed, beginning to feel the exhaustion of the last few days creep up on him. It had been a year since they had become soldiers for hire and every job they took seemed to move them further from civilisation. The ramshackle house they found themselves in was one of the worst. If only they could find a way back onto the more 'civilised' side of life.

He sighed again, pulling a folded sheaf from his pocket to stare at, for the hundredth time in just a few days. Several news articles as well as a couple of photos that he'd had for several years.

"Ah hem"!

Hannibal turned to find Face looking worse than he felt. Despite that, the former Lieutenant had come up behind him without a sound.

"Can I join you, Colonel"?

Hannibal motioned to the spare chair beside him, handing over a cigar which Face promptly lit up. He then held out his hand for the sheaf of papers, giving Hannibal a knowing stare.

"Wow", he said when the Colonel finally relented. "She's really doing well for herself".

Hannibal smiled. "Yeah, that she is".

Silence stretched between them as the sun began to rise.

"So Colonel, what time you leaving"?

The streets were bustling outside the New York museum of Natural History but inside was full of excited activity. Many of the staff was making the final adjustments to displays, dusting and cleaning and straightening. One, a young woman stood in the middle of it all, pointing and directing the hustle and bustle around her.

"Make sure those idols are polished. Let's bring that one across to the east side. Move these back a little so the walkway is completely clear".

Everyone nodded and did as she asked, scurrying back and forth. Questions came at her from every angle and she answered them all calmly and confidently. Her long brown hair was tied up and plaited, some strands managing to fly free. Despite the frantic atmosphere, she could still smile as an assistant brought her yet more paperwork to sign. As she handed the board back, a husky voice came from behind her.

"Running yourself ragged, I see".

Hannibal stood in the museum foyer, watching the bustle and blending in just as well. He waited patiently for the right moment to speak to the young woman whose back faced him. As soon as he spoke, the woman froze, then turned, her face full of surprise and happiness.


Hannibal knew he was grinning like a school boy as he wrapped his arms around his daughter who had jumped into his arms just like she had when she was little.

"Yeah, its me baby girl".

It felt like forever as they held each other, ignorant of everyone and everything around them.

"I can't believe you're here", she said as she finally let go of him. "What are you doing here"?

Hannibal kept smiling, reluctant to let go of her hands.

"I just thought I would come and visit my little girl. Is that a crime"?

"No", she said to him, a cheeky grin on her face. "But when you're a wanted man….".

He smiled, hugging her again. "I would risk everything to see you".

"Hey, what about me"?

They both turned to find the comical Face, grinning. Hannibal laughed as it took his daughter a moment to realise who it was and watched as she greeted him.

"Well, well, Addy", Face continued smiling. "You've grown up beautiful".

Addy Smith smiled. "And you are just as handsome as ever".

She punched his arm. "I would have thought you'd be smart enough to stay away".

Hannibal joined them. "No, he's not that clever".

"Awww, c'mon boss, I'm not that bad".

Hannibal patted him on the back then turned to his daughter.

"We heard about your exhibition and thought we'd join you".

"I love that you're here. How have you all been? Getting into trouble? What about Murdoch and BA? Are they ok"?

Her questions came stumbling out as she held both their hands tightly. Hannibal squeezed gently.

"Everything has been fine. He boys are great and send their love".

Before they could talk further, three museum assistants came running up, talking simultaneously.

"Please Addy, the banners haven't arrived yet. The Pedestal doesn't fit. The carpets the wrong colour".

Face and Hannibal watched as Addy calmed them down, answering each of their questions in turn. She turned back to them when she was finally left in peace, a tired smile on her face.

"Sorry about that. The museum refurb is almost done and we open with a new exhibition in two days. Most people are going into panic mode".

"But not you"?

She gave Face a cheeky grin. "I can think of better uses of my energy. Are you going to be here long"?

Hannibal smiled. "A short time".

"Good. I'll be free from here in a few hours. Feel like taking me home"?

"Yes please….".

Face groaned as Hannibal's elbow in his rib cage cut him off. Hannibal kissed his daughters cheek softly.

"We'll meet you back here in a few hours".