"In order to protect both the Allspark, and secure Unicron's defeat, it was necessary for me to empty the vessel's contents." Optimus explained as he stood before the Autobots with the sun rising behind him.

"Into where?" Bumblebee asked.

Optimus looked down at his chest. "The Matrix of Leadership, as such, my own spark can no longer be separated from the multitude of others within me."

"Are you telling us that you are now...one with the Allspark?" Ratchet asked in shock and disbelief.

"That's what you say when someone kicks the..." Smokescreen tried to joke, but then looked at his leader in disbelief.

"To not return the Allspark to the Well," Optimus continued, "would be to prevent future generations of new life from existing on Cybertron. My quest must be completed."

"Optimus, I didn't return to save a life, only to lose the one I care most about." Ratchet said, his voice sounding broken.

"Ratchet's restored planets; he'll find a way to save you." Bulkhead reassured.

"We can turn to Vector Sigma, just like we did before." Arcee suggested, hoping that would be a solution.

"Because the Matrix must now be relinquished with the Allspark, it cannot be restored, or passed down to another. But while this very well marked the end of the Age of Primes, leadership can be earned, with or without the Matrix. And in my view you have each acted as a Prime." Optimus stated.

"Well I never really had the best role models," Knockout smiled sheepishly.

"As even Megatron has demonstrated on this day," Optimus continued, "every sentient being possesses the capacity for change." Optimus activated the jet wings on his back. "I only ask of this of you fellow Autobots: keep fighting the noblest of fights."

"You can count on us to keep the peace." Bumblebee reassured.

Optimus smiled at his team for the last time. The jet wings on his back created power, and Optimus flew high into the high. The Autobots watched in sadness as Optimus turned around and flew down towards the core of their planet: to Primus himself.

As Optimus saw Primus awaiting him, he opened his chest, revealing the Matrix of Leadership. As he was almost to the core, he began to think to himself. He was happy. He was happy that the fighting was finally over. He can die happy knowing that he brought back and saved the planet that gave him life. He knew his comrades would keep the peace. He had complete faith in them.

He closed his eyes and a small smile formed on his face as he let warm light consume him.

Optimus groaned as he slowly opened his optics. His vision was blurry, but when it cleared up, he was looking up at the clear blue sky with a couple of small clouds.

Optimus widened his eyes in shock. Cybertron didn't have any clouds last time he checked. Matter-of-fact, what was he even doing? Alive?! He was supposed to be dead, or with Primus in the core, with his body gone.

Optimus tried to get up, but his helm felt like it was spinning. He slowly got up, to prevent any way of making the headache worse. He rubbed his helm as he groaned in slight pain, but he suddenly noticed something off.

He looked at his hand and arm and widened his optics. It wasn't his form that he was in when he was back on Cybertron. His arm actually looked like his old form. He looked over at the rest of his body. He didn't look robust at all. He looked slim and he didn't feel any weight on his back. Was he...

Optimus heard a swishing like sound, and looked over to see a river in front of him. He walked over to it and kneeled down to see his reflection. He really was in his old form. But why?

But he suddenly realized something; there were no rivers on Cybertron. He looked around area to see lush green grass surrounding him. There were small flowers and hills near him and the river. There were patches of trees in different areas farther away from him. He could see mountain over at the edges of the area littered with trees.

Why was he on earth? Earth was millions of miles away from Cybertron. Why was he even here? He stood up and walked over the river, deciding to investigate the area for himself, and find out where he was.

Optimus continued walking around for about half an hour, in human time. The only thing he saw was green grass and dark green pointed trees. He hasn't seen any human activity ever since he arrived here. Was this even earth? Usually you at the least see one human driving around in an automobile.

Something wasn't right. Optimus could feel it. Something was horribly off about this place.

Optimus then noticed something off into the distance. It looked like it was...a building.

'Humans must be in that area.' Optimus assumed.

Knowing that humans would be scared of seeing a walking metal titan, Optimus decided to try something else. He transformed into his old alt mode: a red and cobalt semi-truck. He drove towards the buildings. He expected there to be human activity, but found out that the place was abandoned.

He transformed into his bipedal mode and looked through the windows. There was no one inside. He could see spider webs forming through old shelves and broken cabinet. He was slightly shocked to see a wild animal inside, whimpering under the shelf.

Optimus got up and looked at the rest of the buildings. Some of them were still standing. Others were destroyed by some unknown for. He made the assumption that it was some kind of military weapon. But then he also noticed something else about the house: they looked outdated.

The houses he's seen the first time he came to earth looked modernized, new. These houses just looked outdated and old-fashioned.

Optimus grimaced. Something was definitely wrong. Was he in the past? Did humans exist in this area?

He suddenly heard a growling noise that sounded...almost human. Optimus looked over the houses to see...

"A human?" Optimus questioned.

At least it looked like it, but it was his height. The so called human wasn't wearing any clothes. It did have any reproductive organs either. It was just walking around the area with almost nothing to do. Optimus noticed that the 'human' had a disturbing smile on its face. Optimus immediately came to the conclusion: that wasn't human.

Optimus crouched so that the thing wouldn't see him. He transformed his hand into his old gun and aimed it at the thing's head. He suddenly heard a growling like noise and looked down to see a smaller version of the creature, crouching down like an animal. It roared as it jumped to attack him. Optimus transformed the hand that was a gun into a blade, and stabbed the creature in the chest.

The creature tried to move once more, but it fell limp on his blade. Optimus thought it was over, but the creature began to move again. It tried to grabbed Optimus with its small hands, but Optimus transformed his other hand into a gun and shot of the head. The creature slowly slid off the sword and disintegrated like the other one.

"What is this?" Optimus asked himself. He looked at the blood that was on his blade and noticed that it felt hot. The blood then slowly evaporated, and his blade was once again clean.

This can't be earth! This couldn't be. This was...

Optimus suddenly heard thunder as he saw golden lighting coming down from the sky from a far away distance. He immediately decided on what to do. Optimus transformed into his alt mode and drove off towards the source.

Eren Yeager suddenly heard a thunderous sound from behind him. He turned around as was now face to face with the Colossal Titan.

Everyone else that was there was in shock. They had probably never seen a real titan up close, but Eren knew what it was. But why was the titan back?

Eren gasped as a hot steam knocked everyone off of the top of Wall Rose. The Colossal Titan kicked a hole through the gate.

"The hell?" Eren gasped as he was spinning in midair. He regained his focus and activated his 3D Maneuver Gear and hooked himself to the wall. Everyone else followed the same suite, however Samuel got knocked unconscious by some falling rocks.

"Samuel!" Connie cried.

Sasha unhooked herself and chased after Samuel.

"Sasha!" Mina called out.

Sasha didn't listen as she continued running. She used one hook from her gear to pierce Samuel by the leg while she used her other hook to hook onto the wall.

"Samuel, don't move!" Sasha instructed, but Samuel was still unconscious.

"That was close," Eren breathed. His relief was short lived as he looked down to see a large hole in the gate. Connie and Thomas looked in shock and horror as well.

'The gate's...broken...again,' Eren thought, 'The Titans will get in again!'

The same thing was going to happen again. People were going to die as Titans would continue to take over Wall Rose. Humanity was going to suffer once again. He remembered his mother being picked up by a Titan and eaten in half right before his eyes.

"I'll kill them all! Every single one of them!" Eren swore.

"Every...fucking...one," he muttered to himself.

"Ready the artillery! Four groups!" Eren instructed as he pulled out his blades, "Get ready for battle!"

He unhooked himself from where he was and swung around the wall to the top, using the gas to propel him. "The target's right in front of us! It's the Colossal Titan! This is our chance! Don't let it slip away!"

Eren launched himself in the air and landed on the top of the wall, using his gas tanks to slow his fall. He raised his head at glared directly at the Colossal Titan.

"Hello there," Eren greeted dangerously, "It's been five years."

Eren charged at the Titan standing before him as he raised his hand. Eren noticed the Titan's movements and realized that the Titan was aiming for him. Eren propelled himself into the air as the Titan was destroying the cannons at the top of the wall.

Eren hooked onto the muscle of the Titan as he swung around to get a better look at what it was aiming for. Eren slightly widened his eyes as he saw their weapons falling to the ground.

'He was after the fixed cannons!' Eren thought, 'So it wasn't just a coincidence that he targeted the gate! He's actually...intelligent!'

The Colossal Titan looked at Eren and tried to grabbed. Eren snapped out of his thought and hooked onto the upper arm. He propelled himself forward as he tried to reach for the nape of the neck.

'Still, this is our chance! This is the only one that can destroy the gates.' Eren thought. It was probably a once in a life time chance. He was the reason his mom was gone and his dad disappearing. He was not going to let him get away.

He ran up the arm towards the Titan's neck. 'If I can stop him,'

Eren jumped off of the arm and hooked himself onto the nape of the neck. He practically flew forward as he spun around and saw his target.

"Too slow!" he yelled. "You're mine!" He swung his blades back, ready to cut the neck, but he was pushed back by clouds of hot steam.

"It burns!" he grunted as he shut his eye. He slowly opened his eyes and realized his was still hooked on. He pressed the button at the handle of his blade and he went forward.

"Go!" he cried out as he swung his blades, but when the steam clear up, the Titan was gone.

Eren widened his eyes in shock. 'Did I miss?'

He realized that he was falling and hooked himself onto the top of the wall and landed on the side. He looked down at the ground to see the footprints and the hole in the wall.

'No, the Colossal Titan disappeared,' Eren realized.

"Eren!" Thomas called out from the top of the wall, "Did you defeat it?"

"No," Eren answered, "It was the same as five years ago...He appeared out of nowhere and vanished just as suddenly!"

Eren propelled himself to the top of the wall and walked up to Tomas and Connie.

"I'm sorry," He apologized, "I let him get away."

"Why are you apologizing?" Thomas asked, "The rest of us couldn't even move-"

"Hey, there's no time for discussion! " Connie cut off, "The wall's been breached. If we don't patch it fast, the Titans will get in like before!"

"What are you doing?" a soldier demanded as he appeared onto the wall next to them, "The contingency plan for the Colossal Titan has already begun. Get to HQ! Anyone who made contact with it, don't forget to report."

"Yes sir!" They saluted.

"Best of luck to the advance team!" Connie added.

Eren looked back at the hole in the wall and to the fields of His original home. This couldn't be happening. He suddenly noticed something off into the distance. Something like a mix of two different colors.

"Eren, let's go!" Thomas called out as he jumped down the wall.

"Got it!" Eren said. He looked back one more time before he followed Thomas and Connie.

Optimus screeched to a stopped and transformed into his bipedal mode as he looked at a wall. It was damaged at the top and there was a hole inside. He could hear screams, human screams, from the inside as he saw these creatures walking towards the hole that was currently guarded by a net.

Optimus then came to the conclusion: these creatures were after humans. They killed humans.

Optimus saw cannons lines up against the wall, aiming for the creatures that were walking to the gate. He immediately took cover as the cannons were fired, blowing off the creatures' heads and vital organs. He thought they had killed them, but he widened his optics as he saw the creatures standing back up. Their heads and body parts were slowly regenerating and they continued towards their goal.

'They regenerate!' Optimus realized, remembering the small creature that was moving on his blade after he stabbed it in the chest. These thing could wipe out everyone. Optimus transformed into his alt mode and drove towards the gate while dodging cannon fire. He wasn't going to let them die!

"Just follow your training! Split into groups!" a commander ordered to the fresh trainees, "Under Garrison's orders, you will resupply combatants, relay orders, and kill Titans! Garrison intercept forces will form the vanguard! Trainees, lead by the supply team, will compromise the middle guard! The Garrison's elite forces will form the rear guard. Also, messengers report that the last team has been neutralized."

Everyone began to mutter in shock as the commander continued speaking. "The outer wall has been breached, and Titans have entered the city! In other words, the Armored Titan may appear at any time to destroy the inner gate!"

"No way," a soldier said.

"You're kidding," Thomas muttered.

"If we lose Rose too..." a soldier trailed off.

"Silence!" the commander yelled, "As we speak, the vanguard is engaging them. We have but one objective in this fight: defend Wall Rose with our live until the evacuation is complete! Also, you are all surely aware, desertion in the face of the enemy is punishable by death. Mark this well, and fight until your last breath! Dismissed!"

"Yes, sir!" the soldiers saluted.

Optimus continued to walk down the empty city, trying to find any human life that was in the area. He knew the place would probably be evacuated, but some human don't usually get enough time.

He looked through the windows of the houses, only to find them empty. He made the assumption that majority of the humans have escaped.

He suddenly heard a whirring like sound and looked over a couple of buildings to see humans that looked like they were flying through the area. They were flying towards those creatures. Then he suddenly saw those creatures attacking them.

Optimus widened his eyes in shock as he quickly transformed and drove towards them.

Armin screamed as he was slipping down into the Titan's mouth. He wasn't able to move before because he was in total shock, seeing everyone get eaten and Eren on the roof unconscious. But either way, his life was over.

He suddenly stopped falling as he saw Eren grabbing him by the wrist while using his other arm to hold himself so they both wouldn't slipped. Eren then used his strength to pull Armin out of the mouth and throw him onto the roof of the building the Titan was in front of.

Armin immediately sat up called out for Eren as he was forcing the Titan's mouth to stay open.

"You think I'm goning to die here?!" Eren demanded, "Hey, Armin...you once told me about it..."

Eren used one of his hand and tried to reach for Armin who was still standing there in shock.

"So I'm going...to the outside world!" Eren swore.

Armin widened his eyes. He had to get Eren out right now! He got over his shock telling Eren to hurry while trying to reach for him, but it was too late. The Titan shut its mouth, biting off Eren's lower arm as it went flying.

Armin looked in horror. His friend had no way of escaping. He was being eaten right before his eyes, and he couldn't do a damn thing about it! The Titan swallowed Eren whole as he letting out a bloody scream with tears pouring down his face.

Optimus skidded to a stop as he drove towards a loud scream. He saw a bearded creature swallow something, and a boy with blond hair screaming and crying. The creature then moved his hand towards the boy, trying to grab him, Optimus transformed into his bipedal mode and punched the creature to the ground. He then grabbed the boy who was still screaming his head off and transformed into his alt mode with the boy sitting in the front.

He drove forward, leaving the creature that was slowly getting back up. Optimus used his side-view mirrors to see if he could find an area to hide in. He saw an alleyway and drove inside, slowing to a stop as he was pretty deep through.

But he could still hear the boy screaming. He wasn't acknowledging anything at all. He didn't even notice where he was. He just screaming with a horrified look on his face.

"Boy, listen to me." Optimus spoke through the radio, "Calm down."

The boy's screaming slowed to a stop as he looked at the radio that came to life. He gasped and was beginning to flip out, trying to get as far away from the radio as possible. The boy then noticed that he was boxed in and that he couldn't get out.

"What are you?" the boy asked in fear, "Don't hurt me."

"I will not harm you." Optimus reassured.

That only made matters worse. He could feel the boy's heartbeat increasing as he eyes looked like they were going to pop out of his head.

"You speak?!" he yelled, "Let me go! Let me go! I don't want to be eaten!"

Optimus transformed into his bipedal mode and held the boy in his hands. The boy looked around him and back at Optimus, petrified to see him.

"Don't hurt me." the boy pleaded.

Optimus slowly put the boy on the roof and looked down at him. "I will not harm you. You have my word, but why do you think I would consume you?"

The boy widened his eyes as if he was remembering something. He suddenly began screaming once again while clutching his head, shocking Optimus.

"I was weak!" the boy cried, "I wasn't strong enough to save anyone! My comrades were killed! Thomas, Mina, Eren! I wasn't strong! My squad member were eaten by the Titans! Eren was eaten right in front of me and I couldn't do anything at all! I'M WEAK!"

The boy continued to scream as Optimus looked at him in shock. These creatures, these Titans, eat human. They ate...

Optimus regained his composure and softly tapped the boy with his finger to snapped him out of his trance. The boy looked up into surprise as Optimus came face to face with him.

"Listen to me," Optimus began, "and answer this question: What is your mission?"

The boy looked at him in surprise. Why was he asking him this?

"My mission is to...make sure the people get evacuated from the city." the boy explained, "And find a way to kill all the Titans and protect the gate before the Armored Titan shows up."

"But cannot just sit here and do nothing," Optimus explained, "If you do, more people will die, and this mission will be a failure. I know it hurts to lose your comrades, but this is war. You cannot let your friend's sacrifice to save you go in vain. You must complete your mission and save these people."

The boy just stared at Optimus as he stood at full height.

'This Titan,' he thought, 'What is he? He willingly saved my life. What...?'

The boy looked behind Optimus and widened his eyes to see two Titans coming towards them.

"TITANS!" the boy yelled.

Optimus turned around to see the creatures known as Titans and slightly growled. He activated his mouth guard and transformed both of his hands into blades. He let out a battle cry as he charged at both of them.

Armin widened his eyes in shock as he saw the metal titan charge at the two other Titans. He didn't understand. Who was this Titan? He saved his life, is intelligent, equipped with weapons, and was protecting him once again.

He saw the metal titan stab one of the titans and kick it to the ground while he sliced off the head of the other. The headless titan fell to the ground as steam rose from both of them.

'He know how to fight.' Armin thought, 'He can...'

Armin noticed the titan that was stabbed was slowly getting back up. The headless titan was slowly regenerating his head.

Armin began to panic. This metal titan could help humanity, but it could also turn on them. Was he going to tell him the key to defeating the Titans? Armin decided to risk it.

"Hey!" Armin yelled, gaining the metal titan's attention, "Cut the nape of the neck! The only way to kill a Titan is to cut the nape of the neck!"

The metal titan nodded his head as he grabbed the arms of one of the titans and flipped it onto its back. The metal titan pierced the nape of the neck and the titan stopped moving. The headless titan was almost done regenerating its head, but the metal titan spun behind him and sliced the back of the neck.

The titan fell to the floor and began to disintegrate. The metal titan looked over at Armin and widened his eyes. Much to Armin's surprise, he transformed his blade into a gun and aimed it at him.

Armin gasped in shock as the metal titan fired. He covered his eyes and waited to be killed, but the blast didn't hit him. Armin looked behind him to see a titan falling to the ground without a head.

Armin expected the titan to regenerate, it quickly disintegrated, leaving nothing but bones.

"I did not mean to startle you." the metal titan apologized as he walked up to Armin, his weapons shifting back into his hands, "I probably wouldn't have got you in time if I ran. The Titan almost grabbed you."

Armin got over his shock and regained his composure. "So are you going to help humanity?"

The metal titan nodded his head. "I will not allow any more humans to die."

Armin felt like he was going to smile. This Titan was willingly going to help them out.

"Do you know where any of your other comrades are?" the metal titan asked.

"I don't know." Armin answered, "I need to find them. I need to find Mikasa."

"I will help you get to your comrades." the metal titan swore.

Armin nodded his head in understanding. He hooked onto one of the buildings and propelled himself forward with his 3D gear. He looked behind him to see the metal titan running behind him. Armin thought for a little bit. If this titan possesses intelligence, he probably must have called himself something.

"What is your name?" the metal titan asked.

Armin hooked to another building and slowed down a little bit until he was next to the metal titan's face.

"It's Armin. Armin Arlert." he answered, "Do you have a name? I don't really want to call you metal titan if you possess intelligence."

The metal titan was silent for a brief moment. "My name is Optimus Prime."