Overlord Doujin — A Wolfpack


A loud sound could be heard from afar.

The melody was very deep, with low-frequency to carry farther and cut through noise easily.

In a matter of seconds, everyone in the surrounding recognized its particular aspect, and understood its clear meaning quickly —

It was a warning call informing of an incoming attack.

The soldiers knew what they had to do, but not a single one moved. It was too surprising and unexpected for them to actually suffer an onslaught in this city. They just stood there, confused, thinking about the reasons that would push the watchtower to trigger the alarm.

Humans often withstood monsters attack in the Lasiroth kingdom. These events were frequent and it almost became natural for the citizens to defend themselves against these assaults. But in this city, it was rather improbable for them to get invaded.

The fortified walls and the complex building layout permitted an impenetrable protection, and common sense would tell you to abandon your hope of conquering it if it was defended by even the tiniest amount of soldiers. It truly was a masterpiece in term of defenses.

The message was, however, clear. Someone had the firm intention to launch an attack on this place.

Was it monsters ?

One could be doubtful about it.

Human's old enemies could not have breached the safeguarded place standing between this city and their territory. If so, they would have passed the strongest town in the kingdom who held no more than ten thousand elite guards and whose goal was solely to defend the border.

Disorganized monsters would never think of even approaching the stronghold, even as a dare, due to the fear and the power it inspired.

If an army had somehow managed to get through, the information would have spread all over the country and the nobility would have reacted in the second. The king's information network was nothing to be made fun of.

But for now, the city received no orders, no reports mentioning an attack.

Based on this reasoning, there was only one enemy who could approach the city with a force strong enough to undertake a siege — an army of humans.

However, it would be strange —

In fact, starting a war was an absolute taboo. Embedded in all spirit, there was a reason behind this choice.

For years, the country had struggled to repel off the orcs and goblins, achieving masterstroke after masterstroke until they could finally earn their territory and build a strong frontier.

But, even after they managed to get to a stable situation, scattered monsters attacked the villages, one after the other, resulting in a difficult situation for the Kingdom.

In response, a new complex system was created, designed to use the available force to stop the guerilla warfare. In this fragile system, the Lasiroth Kingdom couldn't afford to lose any of their precious force. As long as they remained united, they could keep a decent lifestyle and survive in the region.

How could someone break the unspoken rule ? Was it one of the royal nobles ? Then who would be stupid enough to follow him and start a war ?

There were many questions raised by the situation and everyone was waiting to get answers — they were watching from the top of the walls, trying to recognize anything.

But... it looked like the situation was far worse than they thought —

It wasn't a human attack —

A huge orcs army had breached through the frontier and progressed toward the city at an incredible speed.

Judging from the mass, they weren't the frail warriors that composed most of the usual groups of village raiders. The incoming army consisted of the elite of their kind.

With large shoulders and a height that exceeded that of a human by a head or two, they were equipped with heavy warforged armors and weapons. Each one of them was conveying the feel of an immovable mountain, as if any of their warriors could effortlessly take on a hundred soldiers.

A city like Tomes wasn't made to withstand such an attack — apart from the natural defense of the city, there were only 200 soldiers for its defense.

In the Lasiroth Kingdom, Tomes was a commercial town used to convey food to the frontier and serving as a base for the adventurers to trade their finds and get a good rest. The purpose of its perfect defense was solely for dissuasion, and no one could have imagined that such an army would get to the city's gate.

Thereby, seeing the horde of orcs coming this way was clear enough —

— The city's fate was sealed.

The approaching thunder of steps was enough to bury the city in chaos, waking up the sleepy heads.

The citizens fled their home as the market became empty in a matter of minutes. People were falling and trampled down by the mass as they packed their belongings as fast as they could. The whole city was reeking of fear.

The local lord could not help but react to the tumult.

He was the only one who could make the guards defend the city and return it to order. Furthermore, he knew too well the consequences if he were to lose Tomes.

After shouting orders like "Close the Gate" or "Send a message to the king", he tried, in vain, to turn to the citizens to get help with the defenses — but they wouldn't listen to him as they were all running away desperately.

Their terror made them ignore their lord's demand because even the dumbest slave knew the hard truth —

If the orcs kept their advance, they would quickly ravage a good part of the north-east of the realm. Yet, the frail humans who composed Tomes couldn't do anything about it.

They were too weak and terrorized — if one tried anything, he would just get wiped out like an insect. They could just desperately focus on their own interests and find a way to survive the battle.

Then, the fateful moment arrived —

As the orc army reached the gate, two orcs went in the sky and flew to the top of the walls. Their ranks counted magic casters who used the [Fly] spell — a prowess even among the best.

After slaying everything on their way to the gate opening mechanism, the two flying orcs unlocked the doorway to the city having their allies behind the gate rushing in loudly.

Screams of terror, blood scattered everywhere, corpse laying on the roadway, fire swallowing the street. It truly was a horrific view. There was nothing that the humans could do to prevent this unrelenting force from going any further.

The few soldiers defending the city were falling at an alarming speed while the survivors felt in despair, accepting their fate. Some adventurers were taken in the commotion and directly focused down after they revealed to be able to cast a spell or to hold a weapon.

After 15 minutes, the state of the defense announced a total victory for the Orcs.

They had eradicated the guards, and the fire was swallowing a good part of the right side. The remaining citizens were desperately trying to run away to save their life while the orcs suffered very few casualties. Seeing from afar, monsters freely swarmed into the streets, unstoppable, and slaughtering anyone in their way.

Something nevertheless stopped their advance when nothing else could have saved the citizens —

Like a divine wrath, a massive lightning appeared about 3 miles toward the south.

It was too big to be of natural cause, and even though it was morning, the blue light filled every corner of the battle — quite an incredible color for thunder. Furthermore, the sky was almost clear, and no clouds on the horizon could have produced such lightning.

Time stopped moving, orcs and humans were looking at the phenomenon which lasted 3 or 4 seconds. Total confusion was spread on both sides as they had their mouth wide open.

What was this mysterious light?

It wasn't hard for any grown up warriors to realize this was the result of a high tier spell. They knew how to recognize magic, and this singularity resembled one from any point of view — though, it was of a magnitude they had never seen before.

Understanding this simple fact, a painted orc who appeared to be the chieftain took a step forward and shouted in panic.

"Retreat !"

As soon as he pronounced this word, the ground began to tremble dangerously from the impact of the spell — causing damaged buildings to fall and provoking menacing sounds.

In itself, earthquakes would not frighten the brave orc warriors, but in this situation, it was clear that the spell from earlier was the cause for this dangerous fury. It was enough to establish fear in their heart and seal the matter of retreat because of a simple reason :

They could not fight this force if it were to turn against them.

As they were heading back to the exit, the shockwave produced by the lightning caught up to them, carrying an overwhelming wind who propelled the few clouds away and making some of the warriors lose their balance.

With the tempest, a large crackling noise could be heard, resembling that of a ravaging explosion. The sound was so loud that nearly everyone had to cover their ears not to risk becoming deaf and you could hear pained screams from both sides.

The orcs went from victory to defeat in an instant, and they fled the battlefield in a disorganized manner — giving the dumbfounded humans a chance to live longer.

Oddly, a lot of orcs weren't the least discouraged.

In fact, the chieftain who ordered the retreat was already planning to deal with this crushing force.

The reason he decided to run away was that he knew the importance of information. He had to inform the supreme leader and wouldn't risk losing the elite warriors of his people so quickly — even if it meant that he would be considered a coward.

Knowledge on how they should fight this power was all they needed to continue forward.

Was it one of the treasures that the humans were hiding? Or one of the legendary dragons? He had to make sure they don't die unnecessarily because their only way to defeat that power may well be this elite army.

They would eventually come back, and, this time, they would claim back their long-lost territory.