The Silence Guardian's Rebirth
A Ranma 1/2 and Sailormoon Crossover
By Tenachi
Ranma 1/2 belongs to Rumiko Takahashi and a bunch of other people who has their hands on the stock.
Sailormoon belongs to somebody.
This takes place way after the failed wedding attempt in Ranma's world and during the 'Calm', which is after Galaxia and before Crystal Tokyo, in Sailormoon's.
The story takes place during the summer before Ranma going to college. Most of the story would be taking place in Juuban, so the NWC (Nerima Wrecking Crew) wouldn't be in here every second of the way. The story itself would NOT be TOTAL fighting mayhem. BUT there will be at least some decent fighting scenes in the story. Oh, and Ranma is actually much better in martial arts. Hehe, wonder where that came from. He's sorta smart, but bad habits will kick in most of the time.

Age stuff:
Ranma: 19, going to Tokyo University
Rest of Nerima Wrecking Crew: Most 19, they'll be guest stars from time to time. All do NOT go to Tokyo University for some reason, with the exception of the occasional wanderings of Ryoga.
The Inners: 17, seniors in Juuban High
Mamoru: 25, in America (he's not a major player in the story, just for references)
Haruka and Michiru: 18, going in Tokyo University (don't ask why, plz)
Setsuna: 'Looks' 20-25, works as school counselor/nurse of Juuban High
Hotaru: Due to a final growth spurt, she's 15, junior in Juuban High by advanced placement
Some ages are off, but oh well, I'm going to base the story on these ages, OKAY?! I appreciate everyone's help by telling me the real ages, and I'll use them for future references. BUT not this one. Just stick with what I have. So no flames about the ages.

Prologue: The Silence Guardian's Rebirth

The sounds of two swords clashing against each other echoed in the barren world. This world was a moon of Saturn called Omega. After furious onslaughts by both sides, the two warriors jumped back from each other.

One of the warriors is wearing a purple armor suit. His shoulder plates are intricately designed with rune shapes and were slightly glowing. His chest plate was engraved with a golden dragon. He wore a shiny, metallic, loose pants, knee-high combat boots, and magical bracers in the same color as the rest of his armor. There was a scabbard on his back that holds his sword when unused. The sword itself in his hands is a little over a meter long. It is made of a rare metal invented by himself that he calls 'Jusenkan' --thus being called the Jusenkan Blade. This weapon is second to only the strongest rune weapons in the surrounding ten galaxies, only because it is an empty rune weapon itself with no soul to power it. But with Raishin's special spells and abilities, this was easily made up for by having complex magicks imbedded inside the blade. Its hilt is adorned with sapphires that matched his eyes, and more rune symbols. His pigtail lay restfully over his shoulder. But the most noticeable feature was his forehead. There was the symbol of Saturn glowing so brightly that it seems like it was on fire.

"Riishtan." His tone of voice was calm, yet it was also demanding. "You have slain thousands of innocents on this moon just to get to the Silence. Why did you do it?"

The figure being spoken to opposite of him just laughed. The chilling tone of his voice could have shaken even the largest of youmas. His armor was completely different to the other warrior. His black armor shone menacingly in the meager light they had. He had jagged spikes protruding from his shoulder plates. His chest plate, though cut and dented in several places, has various pictures of planetary symbols from other galaxies. His sword was crimson red and its jagged edges were constantly changing auras. This was a 'Soul Eater' Rune Weapon. This rune sword takes the soul of those who had died by its blade and takes their soul into itself, adding to its power.

"Why? Is that all you have to ask, Raishin? I'll tell you why. Isn't the goal of every warrior is to become the strongest? HAHAHAHA!! Because that is what I am to become! You are nothing but an insect on my journey to claim the Silence. I'll give you one last chance to surrender and let you die swiftly."

"You will not get your hands on the Silence. I will fight to the death to death to protect it from the likes of you! Now stand to be defeated!" With that he rushed forward with his sword outstretched to the right, but to anyone looking, they would only saw him disappear.

The other warrior sped forward as well, and the two fought fiercely for several more minutes. Then they jumped back, but this time in preparation for their spells.

"Dark Nova, Engulf!" Riishtan took his sword and drew intricate patterns in the air swiftly. After the final stroke, a portal opened and if one could look inside, they would see a dark star in the process of being exploded.

"Giga Obliteration!" Raishin's aura flared up and channeled itself into the blade of his sword. This technique utilizes energy from the user and was modified to be combined with magic spells that has been infused inside the Jusenkan Blade. He held the sword behind him and swung it forward so that the tip of the sword pointed directly at his opponent. The technique itself was a constant beam of raw ki, mana, and magic energy, drawing power from his reserves and the planet of Saturn. The two meter wide beam was on a collision course with Riishtan. But other voices could also be heard.

"Dead Scream!"

"Silence Glaive Shock!" (1) These two voices would have given any other warrior hope if they were in Raishin's position, but this only served to worry him.

*Pluto, Saturn....They should not be here! This is too dangerous for both of them!*

By now, the 'Dark Nova' had exploded in it's space and the effects are pouring out of the portal like a tidal wave crushing through a weak dam. Raishin's blast was only strong enough to fight three quarters of the blast, but when Pluto's and Saturn's attack combined into his, they had barely neutralized the controlled supernova. Raishin quickly gathered enough energy to blast and knock the moderately tired Riishtan off his feet for the few seconds he needed.

"Pluto! Saturn!" The two had reached him now and standing by his side in their battle stances.

"We're here to help you, love." Pluto said to him affectionately.

"And we're not going until this threat is destroyed." Saturn added in.

Raishin growled under his breath. "I'm the one that is protecting both of you, so get out of here now or we'll all die!"

"No, he is a threat to the Moon Kingdom and it is the Senshi's duty to...."

"Dammit Pluto! Get out of here I don't want both of you to die here!" Both senshi were surprised at this outburst.

"But oniisan...."

"I will fight to my death to save those I love. This is not a battle to protect the Silence, but to protect you two." He had already gathered enough energy to use this last chance to save them. He put each of his hands to either senshi by his side and said, "Goodbye." He cast a 'forced teleportation' spell on both of the senshi and sent them to the Gates of Time, where he knows that they would be safe from what is coming in the following seconds.

"Raishin!" The two cried out as they tried to reach him, but they were gone before even touching millimeters from his body.

"Raishin!" Pluto and Saturn landed on the floor of the Gates of Time.

"Dammit, I can't teleport back, he locked us."

"How can we unlock it?"

"We can't, Saturn. From what I remember about the spell he cast, the only ways are for Raishin to do it himself or...."

"He dies...." Saturn almost broke out crying. "Scry him, now!" Pluto nodded, not offended by this crude command as she too, wanted to see what was going on. She waved her hand and a part of the space in front of them opened to reveal Raishin powering up back on the moon, Omega of Saturn.

"Is he...." Saturn fearfully asked.

*Riishtan's too strong. There's no other choice. I may not live, but as long as Setsuna and imouto-chan are still alive, I will pay anything.* He gathered enough energy in the past few seconds that it took for Riishtan to stand up and brush himself off to defeat all of the senshi at once, even at full power. This was a forbidden technique that he had accidentally found out while training in his powers. From what he could read from the ancient tomes, this was the true reason why the mantle of the Silence Guardian existed.

Riishtan stood up and looked at Raishin, waiting for him to finish powering up. He was curious to see what last-ditch attempt at saving this solar system is.

"So how much longer do I have to wait before I destroy you and this system?"

Raishin smirked, his arrogant smile only saying that he _will_ win.

"You won't have the chance to do that because now, you won't have the chance to live." Dropping to a whisper, he added. "Setsuna, Shu-chan, I love you both. I hope we will meet each other again in another lifetime."

Though he had said it in only a whisper, both Pluto and Saturn heard it well. Looking into his deep blue eyes only showed them that he is seriously going through with his final technique.

"Raishin, NO!" Pluto and Saturn were so visibly shaken they could barely stand.

"Oniisan! Don't do it! There must be another...." Saturn sank to her knees with tears in her eyes, Pluto did likewise, sobbing into her hands, which she covered her face with. "another way...."

But it was too late. They could see inside the 'screen' Raishin saying his last words.

"Face your fate!" He threw his sword into the magical atmosphere. "SILENT JUSTICE RETRIBUTION!!!"

The entire universe seemed to freeze in time at once when those words were spoken. The silence was everywhere, in every single corner of the universe, until all of the sudden, it retracted back through space, past planets, and back onto Omega. Then there was blinding light for all of a second and when it was over, all the was left of the prominent moon capital of Saturn were the dusts and rocks that added two more rings to the planet Saturn.

"ONIISAN!!!" Hotaru sprang up in her bed, crying uncontrollably. Memories she never knew she had came rushing into her as she remembered everything of her older brother that she had depended on in the Silver Millennium. Along with the last painful memory of his death, she remembered all of the positive things that had happened in her past life. This only made her cry more as the agony of losing him caught up.

Her guardians, Haruka, Michiru, and Setsuna came running through the doorway as her scream had awoken them. They didn't know what she screamed about though, and worry was written all over their faces. As she blinked through her tears, she could see Setsuna stopping them from coming closer to her and walking towards her herself. She immediately latched on to the taller lady, holding her as if there is no tomorrow.

"Why?" She tried to make out between her sobs. "Why did he leave us like that, Setsuna?"

The green haired woman knew, unfortunately, what she was talking about, unlike the other two who were standing just a meter away from the bed, watching on as the scene unfolded while worrying about what she was talking about. She gently soothed her with some calming words. "Shh, Hotaru, he did what he thought was best at the time."

The younger girl only sobbed in response. "How *sob* was dying for the best?"

"He cared about us, Hotaru. Just go back to sleep, we'll talk about this tomorrow." As she said this, she slowly let her down back into a position so that she could sleep comfortably. Hotaru reluctantly released her hold on Setsuna as she cried herself back to sleep.

Setsuna tucked her in and after making sure that she was asleep, she motioned for the other two to follow her out. The two glanced at their charge one more time before following her out in the hallway.

"Setsuna," The short haired blond hissed. Haruka was always protective to the people she cares about, especially Hotaru. "What was that all about?!"

"Haruka, keep it down." Michiru chided her lover. Then she glared at Setsuna. "Would you care to tell us what is going on? I know that that wasn't any ordinary nightmare."

Setsuna seemed out of it for a while until she refocused her gaze and looked at both of them, straight in the eyes. "It seems that," She paused as one small teardrop managed to escape onto her face, but neither girl noticed it. "Hotaru remembers her big brother." She ended plainly with a faint smile on her face.


All the way across Tokyo, in another district, a certain pigtailed martial artist woke up and looked around. He gets out of his futon quickly and stands up. His name is Ranma Saotome, the heir to the Saotome School of Anything Goes, and master of most standard martial art styles. The handsome martial artist has grown up quite a bit in the past couple months. He stands a little over six feet in height. His muscle tone has gotten even stronger, but never bulky because it was more of a lean, athletic look. He has let his pigtail grow so that it now reaches a little past the middle of his back. His face has gotten sharper, showing signs of maturity that only he knows. His blue eyes show wisdom beyond his age, yet no one, not even Cologne, the Chinese Amazon Elder, recognizes it; with the exception of his fiancée's eldest sister, Kasumi.

He has been sleeping in the dojo for a while. Ever since his mom's house got totaled a while ago by a NWC fight, his mom had moved in with his dad and he had to move into the dojo. At least it was cool during the summer, but sometimes he wished that there was some heating in there in the winter.

Ranma rubbed his eyes to make sure he was awake. He quickly took in his surroundings and let out a sigh of relief. No psycho killer, well not at the moment anyway, no exploding moon, no two beautiful girls that wanted to fight by his side. He slumped down to the ground and laid back onto part of his futon. He blindly fumbled for his small alarm clock he has. He looked at it, reading 2:30. He put it down and reached for his small pillow and put it under his head. He just laid there, looking at the ceiling of the dojo. He couldn't sleep.

He tried to remember the somehow very graphical dream he just had, but for some reason, he only remembered a very little. He knew for sure that the battlefield where two warriors were fighting was destroyed by himself, though he knew that he was strong, he wasn't _that_ strong enough to blow up a huge moon. He had a strange compulsion to protect the black haired girl who showed up in that weird costume that looked like a heavily modified school fuku. But from the one glance he had of the green haired woman, he had looked straight into her deep crimson eyes. He felt like he fell into those depths for eternity, getting lost in those twin mesmerizing orbs. He shook himself. He doesn't know what the feeling he has for her is.

He sighed again and relaxed himself. He took in a deep breath and thought about what he was going to do tomorrow, or rather today. He was going to find a place to stay somewhere in Juuban. He was glad that Nabiki has decided to cancel his debts as a wedding present for the failed wedding with Akane. Ever since then, he made sure that he was never in debt with her or anyone else again. As a result, he somehow gained tens of thousands of yen every week doing odds and ends jobs for strangers; like helping with heavy stuff, running errands, and sometimes the occasional indiscreet modeling job for both of his forms. This made him practically rich compared to the times he was on the road, and he had saved up enough to move out of the dojo and rent a place near his campus.

Everyone was surprised when they saw that he made it into Tokyo University with his entrance exams, but that was only to cover everything up until he left Nerima. Contrary to what everyone else thinks, he is not a stupid jock. At first, he had a little trouble with math and science, but he soon got over that. He could probably get into the top five smartest people in his age group list in Japan if he wanted to. But he doesn't need that much trouble, if word gets out that he's a genius too, then the girls would probably be after him in hyper speed. But once he's out of Nerima and got everything settled, he could finally break his appearance and be free to do what he wants. Maybe I'll see that Ami Mizuno around there sometimes. I heard she goes to a school in Juuban.

Not having anything else to do, he slid back into his futon and slowly fell back asleep. He tried to get himself back to sleep by thinking about what has happened in the past couple of years or so, more importantly what has happened in the last year.

The wedding attempt was devastating to all involved, especially to the fiancée brigade. Akane had gone back into her old habits, which irked him to no end. But now, she hits even harder and for things he never does. Why the hell did she hit him for blinking at her at the wrong time? And why does he always let her hit him with that damned mallet of hers? It's not like it can actually hurt him anymore. The only thing closest that could come to seriously hurting him now would be Ryoga throwing everything he has into one punch.

Shampoo's not that much different. She still chases him to get him to marry her. No matter how many times he tries to think of a non-suspicious plan to get rid of the Amazons, she and Cologne still won't leave without him. The patented 'Amazon Glomp' has similar effects as Mallet-sama. By now, it's so painfully slow to him that most of the time he just wants to groan about it. He could easily avoid it, but thought better to disguise his true powers. Cologne is still watching over her shoulders to make sure that each of their plans succeed, which was not going so well. Mousse still tries to kill him every second of the day for 'tricking his beloved Shampoo into marrying him'. If only he can finally come to his senses and put on those damned glasses of his to even see him to much less fight him. He always misses most of the time, and he has to spend most of his time during their fights protecting the innocent bystanders.

At least Ryoga and Ucchan changed for the better. Ryoga's not so much as a pig head these days and would even help him out willingly sometimes. After the wedding, Ryoga finally realized that not everything is Ranma's fault, which is probably in Kami-sama's list of the 'Most Impossible Things that Could Happen', and hooked up with Akari. They're such a nice couple. Ryoga got into some _very_ heavy psychological therapy because Akari insisted that he should. He got down to the point where they can have a decent conversation with no punches included. That is probably the best thing that came from the sort of renewed relationship. Too bad he till chickens out when he is supposed to tell Akane about P-chan.

Ucchan has pretty much given up on trying to be his fiance after finally realizing a couple months ago that he can't love her more than a good friend. She accepts this and is trying to make up for everything she had done to him. Ukyo doesn't mention anything about their former engagement anymore, besides the occasional joking to lighten the mood. She is genuinely trying to make up for all she had done. But despite the obvious, Shampoo and especially Akane still regard her as an obstacle.

Then he thought about Kasumi. He unconsciously let a smile come onto his face. Ever since the failed wedding, he came to talk with her whenever he got the chance. She was probably the only one who stayed the same for good reasons. She was such a great cook and cleaner. He began to help her cook or clean whenever he got the chance. It always made him feeling happier whenever he saw that smile on her beautiful face, even if he got back from the worst days in his life. It would've been nice to be engaged with her in the beginning....

All this thinking is starting to hurt. He thought to himself. I really should get some sleep for tomorrow. And sleep he did.

Ranma woke up yawning to the sun rays shining through the windows. He didn't have any more dreams like the first one and slept relatively well. He noticed that it was still early, and got up and dressed. He walked into the kitchen where he found Kasumi busy cooking. He smiled. "Mornin' Kasumi-chan!" He calls her this when nobody else is around.

She smiles brightly. "Good morning Ranma-kun. Why are you up so early?" She paused in her cooking after making sure that everything could remain idle for a little while. She washed her hands and dried them with a towel.

"I wanted to eat something before I leave for Juuban. I should leave early before the search party comes along."

"Sure thing Ranma-kun, I'll fix something up for you. Do you want to use the furo?" Kasumi asked while she finished preparing his breakfast first.

Ranma shook his head. "I'm not going to practice today. I'll need the energy to find a place to live." He moved over to tend to the pots on the stove while Kasumi continued with his breakfast.

"So do you have any place in mind over in Juuban?" She asked curiously. Ranma had mentioned something about going over there and find a place to stay or something because Tokyo University is closer to there than here.

"I was thinking about a temple there. I think it was called Hikawa shrine or something. That way, I'll be able to find some work and a place to stay."

She nodded and took a plate over to Ranma and took his place at the stove, while he ate. He ate it at a normal pace, as in for a normal _human_ being; he had learned proper manners from Kasumi and only uses the Saotome style when there is someone who can steal his food. ^cough^ Genma ^cough^. Fortunately, Ranma knows how to act around Kasumi, and does his best to be in good manners.

"When would you be home today?"

"I dunno, if I can't stay at the shrine, I'll probably have to look around some more. I'll be roof-hopping so it will only be about an hour between here and there. I should be back in sometime in the afternoon." He finished eating and was washing the dishes in the sink.

"Thank you Ranma-kun. You should leave early before anyone tries to follow you."

Ranma had used the 'Amaguriken' to wash and dry the dishes. "Alright Kasumi-chan. I'll see you later, have a nice day!" He walked out the back door.

"You too Ranma-kun!" She glanced at the window to see Ranma already jumping to the rooftops. She looked at the clock and noted that everyone else won't be waking up in a bout an hour. Everyone always seem to sleep in during the summer. Ranma-kun's so nice, she suddenly thought. And he has such an exciting life. I wonder what it would be like if I was engaged to him in the first place. She blushed. Better no think of that now. "Oh my! I left the pots on too long!" She continued cooking breakfast for the rest of the family, occasionally fantasizing about certain things or a certain person.

"So why did Michiru calls us early this morning to have a meeting?" Usagi yawned loudly.

"I dunno, I remember she said something about Hotaru. I wonder what happened?" Minako yawned too. "And I am so sleepy. I watched this really romantic movie late last night. It was about this guy who...."

"Why does this have to happen today? Grandpa said that some guy is going to come here today to find a place to stay." Rei grumbled. This got everyone's attention.

"Is he cute?"

"What's his name?"

"Does he have a girlfriend?

"...." This coming from Ami, who was engrossed in her computer.

"I've never met him, so how should I know? I just wanted today all by myself." Rei took in what she just said. "I mean! I just wanted to have the day to show him around Juuban. He's going to Tokyo University and...."

"Is that all you guys ever think about?" They turned to the doorway to see Haruka, Michiru and Hotaru, who looks like she's been crying.

"What happened to Hotaru?" Usagi asked worriedly. To everyone's surprise, Setsuna actually walked in the door, instead of the usual teleporting behind Usagi. Now everyone knew something was definitely off. They found places to sit, while Setsuna stood.

"Hotaru remembered something important from the past." She emphasized on 'past', so everyone knew she was talking about the Silver Millennium.

"What is it?"

"Hikawa Shrine, Hikawa Shrine....Man I feel like Ryoga." Ranma was walking down some street in Juuban. "Hey!' He walked over to some guy. "Do you know where the Hikawa Shrine is?"

The man nodded and pointed down the street where there was a sign reading: Hikawa Shrine, where we have the best good luck charms! Ranma sweatdropped, thanked the man and went on his way. He walked up the steps, getting lost in his thoughts.

This place looks good, and it's not that far from the University. It's only ten miles away. I heard from Hino-san that he has a granddaughter 'bout my age. He laughed. At least I know for sure that she's not engaged to me. On that phone call, from a very secluded place, mind you, a couple days, he spent over half of it making sure that Hino-san never heard the name 'Saotome' or the word 'engagement' before. He reached the top and saw no one around. He walked into the shrine and extended his aura out, trying to find where everyone was. He found a group of people in a room not far from where he was standing so he headed there.

"Hotaru had a brother? How come she doesn't remember him until now? And we never heard of him?" Ami asked wildly, which was very uncharacteristic of her.

"...." Setsuna had told them what has happened last night, but did not tell them exactly what dream she had. She used to have those nightmares for several millennia of her lover dying to save them. "I don't know why this is happening now. But something big should happen soon."

"But what about the 'Calm'?! There shouldn't be anything happening for a long time!" Minako whined.

"Raishin was never one who could stay still for a minute. There was so much chaos surrounding him that even the Time Gates could not even see him. I suspect that at the very moment, all of the timelines are splitting into the thousands." Everyone gasped while Setsuna just calmly sipped her tea.

"What...about Crystal Tokyo?" Usagi asked worriedly.

"It is not a definite anymore." She replied calmly. True, she had been worried at first, but her desire to see her love once more practically shattered any emotional barrier she had. Crystal Tokyo would always be in her interest, she _did_ spend thousands of years of 'tweaking' to reach it after all.

"How could you say that! What will happen now?!" Haruka shouted.

"...." She couldn't answer that. Partly because she really doesn't know and she doesn't know how to express her feelings on the matter.

"Don't talk to Setsuna like that! Do you know how hard it was to see Raishin die right before our eyes!? And now he might be back, and we should be looking for him!" Everyone looked at the youngest senshi worriedly. She never acted like this before. She continued anyway. "He was...very important, possibly more so, to her than to me. But he cared for both of us equally, and we would do anything to have that feeling again!" The two had talked earlier that morning about him, wanting to know how the other thought about the reawakened memory.

"Setsuna-mama?" Hotaru had just woken up and went straight to Setsuna's room.

"I take it you have some questions?" She didn't really need an answer to know what she was going to ask.

"Y-yes. W...why?" She asked, voice broken. Setsuna went over to hold the young girl.
Hotaru had a final growth spurt a couple months past and is fifteen now. She is beautiful, from her slightly longer black hair to her innocent purple eyes. She held the girl protectively, so that she would know that she wasn't alone in the emotional department.

"Your brother...loved us very much. He would do anything for us." Setsuna was close to crying too, but she won't, not now. She had cried all of her tears away a long time ago, but the ache is still there.

"Was he ever reincarnated?" She asked hopefully.

"I honestly don't know, and I couldn't find out either. Your brother was probably one of the few people who has so much chaos surrounding him that the Time Gates can never find him."

Hotaru sobbed a little, then gave a sigh. "I wish that he was. I miss him so much...."

"So do I, so do I...." Setsuna held onto her harder.

"That's so sad. I wish you would be able to see your brother again someday." Makoto reassured the younger senshi.

"Yeah, I hope so too." Hotaru said.

"Guys! There's a major power source and two weaker signals right here in the shrine!" Ami shouted as her computer emitted rapid emergency beeping.

"What?!" Eight voices shouted, including Setsuna's, who was totally caught by surprise. They immediately transformed and ran outside, only to stop to see what was unfolding before them.

Ranma had was just a couple steps away from the room when he felt an energy source coming out of nowhere. He turned and was greeted with the sight of two ten feet tall demonic beings. One of them was a sickly green in color, with bits of skin covered by rocks. It has the face of a squashed up, demented horse. The other was more brown with branches (?) coming out of its skin. This one (thankfully) had holes inside a bark like head that resembled eyes and mouth. He groaned, but walked over anyway. From what he sensed, these demons are low on the power scale. Stupid Happosai. Probably mixed up yet another scroll. By now, he was a couple feet away from the two. He also sensed a faint weird energy surrounding them, but couldn't recognize it. "What is it now?" He said exasperatedly. The two demons looked at each other, wondering why this human would dare come right up to them.

"You human dare question us?!" The green one spoke. It's voice was rather deep.

"Die now!" The brown one shouted in a raspy voice.

Ranma sighed. Just my luck, first place and two demons there to fight. There must be a kami out there messing with my life. -One could hear a faint sneeze from very far away.- He saw that both of the demons are rushing him now. Sloppy, he thought as he backflipped over the first punch. He sidestepped the other one's branch and countered by chopping it off with his hand. He heard it scream. Now why would a demon scream about losing a branch? The green one let loose a barrage of rocks. Ranma either blocked or dodged all of the debris that varied between a baseball size to small boulders. To him, those sizes doesn't matter. He wasn't really paying attention to the fight. He could take demons this weak in his sleep. "Alright, which one of you wanna die first?" As much as he hated killing, as it goes against the way of a martial artist, he had no problem with threatening them with it. Of course, he's not really going to kill them. Maybe banish it for a couple thousand years or beat within an inch of its life, but not kill, even if it was a demon.

Both demons were worried, this human wasn't even taking them seriously and he was threatening to kill them? This was not good. They may be stupid...and they still are; they pushed on their attacks. "Die!"

"What is going on?!" Uranus all but shouted at no one in particular. They had come out here expecting a big monster or three to pound on. But instead, they have this guy, who is single-handedly defeating them.

"Who's that guy? Is he on our side?" Venus asked with hearts in her eyes. This was a usual occurrence whenever she sees a 'hunk'.

"My computer says that he has a very high unknown energy level." Some beeping could be heard. Mercury gasped. "There's an error! My computer can't even correctly gauge his power level!"

"What?!" The others shouted.


Ranma turned his head to see who shouted. Nine sailor-suited girls. Oh...kay...this is getting weird. Unfortunately, the brown demon took this chance to whack him across the yard with a log. As he flew by, he vaguely recognized two of them. When he connected with the stone wall, he was surprised at the demon's strength as the wall he that he hit completely collapsed. He got up and shook himself. There were a few scratches on his self, but his blue shirt was ripped in the back. This was a bad omen for the two demons.

"That's it!" His aura flared up around him. Everyone who had their attention on him gasped. "That...was my favorite shirt!" A few sweatdrops. "Kasumi gave that to me for my birthday present!" He always took great care on whatever Kasumi gave him. Now that this happened, he wouldn't hesitate to beat them within a millimeter of their miserable lives. His aura condensed into both of his palms. "You're gonna pay for that! Mouko Takabisha Double!" From each of his hands, the golden sphere of ki, at least two feet in diameter, shot forward to hit each of the demons right in their chests, knocking them out instantly. Ranma's aura dissipated as he forced himself to calm down. He chuckled to himself. "I guess I used a little too much energy." Then he felt several pairs of eyes looking at him, no doubt the girls dressed in fukus. He turned to them, smiling and tugging at the base of his pigtail. "Hi! I'm Ranma Saotome, sorry 'bout this."

They could only continue to watch in shock as this guy powered up and shot two balls of energy at the demons.

"Mer...Mercury?" Makoto asked shakily. "Is that guy human?"

Mercury was hard-pressed for words. Her computer indicated that he is all human, but that was it. All other scans she had on this guy had errors and had crashed most of her computer's functions. "Y-yes. But that's it. He's just human. Pluto?" She looked at the eldest Senshi, wanting to ask what she thought, but saw her gasping and pointing at the guy. When she looked at everyone else, she saw Saturn doing the same thing. "Saturn?" She heard the guy chuckle and had her eyes focused on him again.

"Hi! I'm Ranma Saotome, sorry 'bout this."

They facefaulted, well except Pluto and Saturn, who were still out of it. Mars, not one for patience, stood up and shouted at him.

"Who the hell are you?!"

Now was Ranma's turn to sweatdrop. "Uh...I said that my name is Ranma Saotome. Hey!" Ranma remembered what Hino-san's description of his grand-daughter was. Long black hair, about yay tall, has the temper of a pissed off bull. Yup this matches this one. "Aren't you Rei Hino, Hino-san's grand-daughter? Man, you have to put up some better wards up, I don't know how that portal got open here, but I could help you make some new wards. I think I remember a few for minor demons...."

Silence grabbed all of the senshi as Ranma mumbled on about some spell he learned a couple months ago. "Uh...excuse me, but I am Sailor Mars. I don't know who this Rei Hino is."

"Huh?" Ranma scratched his head. "Are you guys playing some kind of game? I know a couple of people who do that magical girl kind of stuff, so you don't have to hide anything." Once again, silence.

"Rai...Raishin?" A small voice said.

Ranma turned to the youngest of the group. She had medium length black hair and big purple eyes. She also has a very innocent look on her pretty face, which is betrayed by the sheer amount of surprise on her face. He seems to recognize her from somewhere, and the name she said also felt familiar too. "Hey, have I seen you somewhere before?" He pointed at her.

The little girl almost felt like crying. Here was someone who could possibly be her big brother and he couldn't even remember her. Pluto stepped in to talk. "Do you...remember us, Raishin?" The other girls turned to look at her. They could've screamed when they saw faint signs of tears on her face if they weren't in shock already.

Ranma scratched his head again, obviously thinking hard. He didn't know how they would take this next part, but thank the kami that he can still stick his foot in his mouth. "I think I had a dream about you two last night. All I remember was two cute girls that looked like you two fighting on some moon. I don't know where I saw you before though." Then he remember what he had just said. Uh oh, they're gonna think I'm a pervert, no crazy pervert at that, right about now. He waited for the mallet that never came. Instead, it was the one other thing that he can never seem to dodge.

"Oniisan!" ^Glomp^

"Raishin!" ^Double Glomp^

Authors notes:
(1) Yup, I'm gonna be making up some moves for various techniques for some. The reason? Just because.

Yes this is a Ranma/Setsuna/Kasumi matchup. Why? I just felt like having an older girl fetish.

Some of the characters may be OOC, and some may be way Into Character, otherwise, it shouldn't change much.

Remember, Ranma's been training a lot more than before and he's a little more mature after being in constant presence with Kasumi. I'll explain that little quip about his intelligence in later chapters.

As you can see, this Ranma has trouble killing, even with demons and such. I don't know if he ever did in the canon, but I'm just gonna write it out like this. So you just gonna know his 'no killing' rule would get him into some frustrating predicaments.

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