The Silence Guardian's Rebirth
A Ranma 1/2 and Sailormoon Crossover
By Tenachi
Ranma 1/2 belongs to Rumiko Takahashi
Sailormoon belongs to somebody I don't know.
Also, there's just a dash of Tenchi Muyo.
And those people bought their story ideas from me, ME! Hahahaha! Hey wait! Stop dragging me! I didn't mean it, Takahashi-san! I was just kidding! No, no! Not them!!! NOT THEM!!!
(The following scene is too horrible to even contemplate because no one should even know what it's like watching the 'Teletubbies' for twenty-four hours. Seeing the opening scene is bad enough to drive Kuno over the edge.)

Chapter three: Setsuna, Meet Setsuna

The Gates of Time, an ancient structure erected on Pluto, built to protect the time stream. There were many guardians that protect this place, though there was always only one at a time. This generation of guardians is named Setsuna Meiou, a.k.a Sailor Pluto of the Silver Millennium. True, she had been there when it started, and had witnessed the best and the worst of rulers in the solar system. But she had repressed almost all of her emotions throughout this entire time. It was rare for her to even smile, much less laugh. Even more impossible was for her to feel remorse, which was the only thing that she was feeling for a while now.

It may be only five years since _he_ had died, but the pain is still there, stronger than ever. Coupled with what she just saw in the Time Gate, all of her barriers broke and she cried harder than she ever did in her thousands of years of life. The Moon Kingdom, one that she had helped brought about was going to be destroyed because of some traitor from Earth. She knew what was going to happen, and she knew the rules. No one else can know of what she saw, and she could not change fate. Time paradoxes are more trouble than they're worth. She could have saved _him_, but the rules prevented her from doing so. Personal matters have no meaning when it concerns with protecting the time stream.

It was so unfair. When she finally found her one true love, he just had to die so unjustly. And possibly the most ideal kingdom that has ever been created and it has to end very soon.

She slowly stopped crying and stood up. She decided to go and inform Amaishu that someone had broke into Metallia's prison. That way, she won't feel betrayed by her. She couldn't tell her any more than that, but she had to tell her something. Amaishu had grown very close to her during the past years, and so she swore to herself that since she is unable to save her in this lifetime, that she would personally take care of her when she is reborn. She sped up the time at her location so that she would bypass the actual battles. She couldn't bear to watch any of it. She closed her eyes tightly, willing herself not to shed any more tears; she would have time for them in the following centuries. But when the time of when Serenity used the Silver Crystal to send all of the other scouts forward in time, her own time stopped for one instant. She felt herself feeling lighter, as if part of her was being relieved of a burden. Then time sped up again, and that moment was soon forgotten.

Setsuna shook her head clear. That wasn't one of her more pleasant memories. I wonder why I had to remember that one now? She smiled, at least I got to fulfill my hopes. She had helped raise Hotaru for the past few years. The whole time has been more joyful than the past several millennia that she had lived. And now that Raishin was back, there could be nothing more that could make her happier. And that little curse of his, well, let's just say that when they get back together, it'll make a lot of interesting experiments. She smiled lecherously to herself as she looked through the phone book for the address for the Tendo Dojo. After all, she _had_ to resort to mundane ways to track him down. Damn that chaos aura of his sometimes.

Ranma blinked. "Kasumi? What do you mean?" What is she talking about? How can she be Setsuna when I just saw her only about an hour ago?

Kasumi saw Ranma's confusion and started to explain herself. "I don't know how, especially with another Setsuna out there, but I really am Setsuna. I have all of my memories of during the Moon Kingdom especially the ones with you." She blushed before she continued. "I have had strange dreams the past few months, I think that's the easiest way for people to remember memories, and only this afternoon did I realize who I really was when I saw you on the news. What do you think Ranma-kun?"

Ranma scratched her head. Indeed, this was very confusing. "Really, Kasumi? But how can be so sure?"

Kasumi started to think this over before choosing something that no one besides Setsuna and Raishin should know. Now usually, the Kasumi Tendo everyone knew would never do anything like this, but when her past persona finally merged with her, some of Setsuna's more...unique traits showed through. "Remember that time when...." She whispered the rest into the younger girl's ear.
Ranma's eyes widened as she heard what she said and blushed furiously.

"All right, all right! I believe you Kasumi." What she had just said mostly proven her claim, however preposterous it may be. And besides, this is Kasumi for Kami-sama's sake! She would have to be the devil to refuse anything from her.

Kasumi smiled her thanks. Then she frowned a little. "But what about the everyone else?"

As if to answer her call, the front porch was crowded with voices.

"Tadaima!" Akane's voice rang out. Nabiki's was a little subtler, and the adults were busy arguing where Ranma was and in one case, how to get that sword and pawn it, though that part was kept silent.

"Well, we have to talk about this later." Ranma stood up.

"Oh! Do you want to change back now Ranma?" She made to move for the kettle.

"Um, I guess I forgot to tell you something." Kasumi looked at him questionably. "Um...I got locked in my cursed form again."

If Kasumi weren't Kasumi, she would have sighed at that. But she still is, so she replied with, "Oh my, how did it happen this time, Ranma-kun?"

"Ano, I don't know. But we got time to talk about it later." She made a move to walk out of the kitchen, but was stopped by a hand on her shoulder. "Huh?"

"Ranma-kun, did you know that you're still in your transformed state?"

"I am?" She looked down on herself, and she saw what was a modified version of her SG armor; light purple silk blouse and she still had her black miniskirt on. How she could not notice this before was very, very strange. "Ehehe...."

"I'm going to see if Kasumi needs any help in the kitchen!" Akane's voice shouted.

Ranma grew panicked, but then calmed herself enough to detransform back to her normal state. Once she saw herself fully clothed in her usual Chinese shirt and pants, she and Kasumi gave a sigh of relief just when Akane came into view. The tomboy scowled in Ranma's direction.

"And where were you?!" So what if he wasn't her fiance anymore. That jerk almost killed her this morning and left without explaining himself.

"Akane! That is no way for you to be speaking to my fiance!" Kasumi spoke up. Akane visibly flinched at her reaction.

"But Kasumi, this jerk just left without saying anything! What if he was cheating on you?!" Akane tried to argue.

Ranma and Kasumi both blinked. Was being with the other Setsuna counted as cheating? Kasumi shook her head. There will be time for that later. "I knew perfectly well where Ranma was." Now, that wasn't exactly a lie. "Is there anything else we can help you with?" She said calmly. Maybe her little sister had been taking this engagement a little too seriously.

Akane looked between the two and glared at Ranma for a bit before answering. "Never mind!" And she stomped back out.

Ranma looked at the retreating body for a bit before turning back to Kasumi. "Need any help with dinner?"

"You failed." A deep voice spoke in the midst of the darkness.

"I apologize, master, but it was only a minor setback. I have acquired some information that may be valuable to us, though."

"Such as?"

"For starters, the Silence Guardian was reborn as a woman."

"And that is!"

The person cringed. "And, she seems to be more skilled in the martial arts."

"Explain." The 'master' seems interested at this point.

"Her swordsmanship was less than what I have seen her capable of while as Raishin. From what I remember from the martial artists that I have captured, she was using some form of unorthodox kempo, a martial arts style, while trying to blend in some sword forms from other styles. And her magical ability is nothing compared to some of the other more powerful planetary defenders I've seen. I suspect that if I activate my level three reserves, she would be easy to overcome."

The other person let off a satisfied grunt. "After you are finished with your personal vendetta, I want you to finish the job I assigned you several thousand years ago, Riishtan."

Riishtan bowed. "I will resume my personal mission tomorrow. By your leave, Guild Master."

For some strange reason, the skies above the Tendo home were always clear, despite being in a city atmosphere. That was one of the reasons why a now male Ranma was up here right now. Just looking at the stars can relieve your stress. And there were many things why he was stressed at the moment. For starters, he wasn't really locked for some strange reason.

"Ranma, why don't you change back now?" Nodoka asked her son.

Onna Ranma and Kasumi sweatdropped from where they were sitting next to each other at the table. "Well you see...." Nabiki took this time to reach for the teapot, and accidentally missed, pouring the hot tea over Ranma.

The couple blinked. He had changed back, but how? Maybe it was something in the tea? Everyone just ignored this and continued eating.

He tested the curse a couple times after that, and it was back to normal, well, as normal as a Jusenkyo curse could be.

He also went over everything that happened today. His whole life has changed in a day. First his reawakening, then Riishtan, and finally Kasumi. Everything is just so confusing. He decided that he would deal with Riishtan when he would come back. He didn't know how he came back from the dead, but he'll make sure that he'll correct that permanently. Kasumi was the most confusing. How is she also Setsuna when he knew he saw Setsuna Meiou that same afternoon? He lie back on the roof, and just noticed the smiling face of the latter.

"Hello, Ranma. It's nice to see you back in your male form." She gave him a small grin.

"Setsuna!" Ranma quickly jumped to his feet and faced her. "What are you doing here?"

Setsuna made herself look as if she was offended. "I'm hurt, and as to why I'm here," She leaned closer to him and breathed into his ear. "I just wanted to see how my love is doing at the moment."

Ranma shivered unconsciously before realizing that this was not a time for that, as much as he would like it. But then again, this was as good a time as any to introduce her to Kasumi. "Um, Set-chan? I think you should meet someone first."

Setsuna reluctantly stood up straight. "And who would that be?"

"Um...." He considered calling Kasumi his fiancée, but doesn't know how it would turn out.

"Do you want me to answer that, Ranma-kun?" A new voice asked. Both of the other roof occupants looked over her.

"Kasumi? What are you doing up here?" Ranma asked. Even he should have at least heard some sign of her coming up here.

Kasumi gave them a smile; one which Setsuna's instinct told her that she should trust this one. But there was also something else about her that made her feeling weird. And she didn't see her coming, too. She also felt some familiar magical power in the air. Nonetheless, she remembered her manners and walked up to her and bowed slightly. "Nice to meet you Kasumi-san."

"As you too, Setsuna-san." Kasumi bowed back. Outside, she was calm, but inside, she was feeling a bit giddy that she was finally reunited with the 'original' Setsuna.

"Now, is there something that you were about to say?" Why would Ranma want to introduce me to her right now? Unless....

"Yes, Setsuna-san, Ranma-kun is my fiance...."

Setsuna's heart stopped. She looked over to Ranma, who was busy studying a roof tile. She was so sure that Ranma would come back to her, but at his actions, it was obvious to her that he held this Kasumi in a great deal of adoration. She hung her head and made to go until the other girl finished her sentence.

"...and yours also."

Setsuna brought her head up quickly in surprise. "Excuse me?"

"Set-chan, I don't know how to tell you this, but let me introduce you to Kasumi Tendo, your reincarnation."

Setsuna blinked, well blinked and was on the verge of fainting, but she kept herself aware enough to ask a few questions. "Ranma, please explain."

"Kasumi said that she had been having these dreams lately, all of them from your perspective."

"How are you sure?" Setsuna interrupted.

Ranma and Kasumi blushed. "Well, remember the time after the Princess Serenity's tenth birthday ball, and we snuck out early, and...y'know."

"Oh." She blushed as well. That was one of the best times of her life. Who knew that there was a room there that was especially made for lovemaking? She quickly recovered though. "But that still doesn't explain much, Ranma." She kept her gaze on Kasumi.

"Setsuna, would you even believe us?" The Tendo daughter asked tentatively.

"Truthfully, I'm not sure what to think. I know how Ranma would act if he's anything like Raishin, and he wouldn't pull anything like this on me without a good reason. And just seem...."

"Familiar?" She helped hopefully. "Setsuna, I know how you must be feeling right now, but could you please just accept this for now?"

Looking into the younger woman's eyes, Setsuna couldn't bring herself to even say no. There was just something about this one. She sighed. She could try and delay this for a while. "Ranma, Kasumi, I have to go."

"Setsuna, please don't leave. I know you want to talk about this. Could you just stay with us for a little while?" Kasumi pleaded. Setsuna was hit with a 'one of a kind' puppy dog look from her. Ranma winced a bit on the side at the amount of 'force' displayed within that little action. That was the first time he ever saw Kasumi did that to anyone. At this point, she could get _anyone_ to obey her demands. "I'm confused too, Setsuna. It would help us very much if you could explain anything to us."

The senshi of Pluto took one look at her and sighed once more. "Alright, I'll stay." She sat down on the roof on Ranma's right side as Kasumi beamed another one of her smiles and sat on his other side. "What do you want to talk about?"

Kasumi frowned a bit as she tried to think of something that she would need to be informed of. "I could only remember up to when...Raishin died." All three sat in silence for a moment before Setsuna spoke up.

"Are you two sure that you want to know what has happened after that?" Seeing them nod, she began her tale.

In another home, a bit away from the Tendo house, a lone figure sat in the middle of the room meditating. It was partially hidden behind the shadows, but if one looked closely, they would see that the figure was very short, and had a small staff beside it. For those who don't know, it's Cologne, Matriarch of the Joketsuzoku Amazons (is that right?). She was pondering about something that has been on her mind for about three years.

The one, Ranma Saotome.

If only the boy would accept his fate and come back to China with them. Stupid male. They have spent too much time chasing after him. He was a good enough catch when they had started, and since he defeated Saffron, the demi-god of Phoenix Mountain, he would make an even more excellent addition to the tribe. There must be some way to just get his bloodline in, after all, that was the only thing males are good for. She had thought it would be easy if she bribed him with their Amazon techniques, but the boy just took what he could get his hands on and forget where it came from. She'll show him up someday.

They had almost lost their hope when the Tendos and Saotome held a wedding. They were lucky that it has gotten interrupted, well, they had helped too. They were getting more desperate now, the more time spent on this 'hunt', the worse the punishment would be for both her great-granddaughter and herself.

She hasn't heard any updates from the mercenary Tendo lately. There must be something going on. She'll have to stop by in the morning.

"Bless you, Ranma." Two voices said simultaneously.

"Thanks." Ranma said automatically. They had been talking, well Setsuna had been doing all the talking, about what has happened after his previous life's untimely death. It was hard on all of them while she was talking, but they _had_ to get this out of the way. Setsuna had made sure that she set up a barrier around them so that no one could see them, nor hear them, which was what kept this a secret between the three of them. Setsuna kept herself emotionless while reciting the entire thing, but it was clear to them that she was hurting. She was done a while ago, and they were huddle close to each other. Ranma had his arms wrapped around each girl's waist while they looked out into the night sky silently. Well, before he sneezed, but you know, that doesn't really count. At least it got them back to talking. "Setsuna, what can you tell us about this generation's senshi?" At least that got a reaction from her.

"Well, to say the least, they're all a joy to guide, despite their many quirks." She smiled slightly. It was true, the girls have been fun.

"Care to elaborate, oneechan?" Ranma and Setsuna gave Kasumi a weird look, which she countered with a 'what did I do' one.

"Sure, imouto-chan." She smirked at the little pout Kasumi gave her. The girl was just so sweet. She decided to accept her as being her reincarnation, though she had no idea how. There was just something about her that reminded her of what she was like many millennia ago. "Well, I guess I should start out with their reawakening." She proceeded to tell them of how each of the Inner senshi reawakened, how they defeated Beryl, which was something both Ranma and Kasumi totally agreed with, the conflicts with the aliens Ail and Ann, the Dark Moon Family, but before she could continue, they had some questions.

"Setsuna, what is Crystal Tokyo?" Ranma inquired.

"Yes, I heard you mentioning it several times." Kasumi put in.

"Crystal Tokyo was supposed to be the future Silver Millennium that Usagi as Neo Princess Serenity would rule by purifying the entire planet and rid all evil intentions." She answered.

"I notice the 'was' oneechan. Why is that?"

"Kasumi-chan, remember what I told you how Ranma's presence can affect everything?" Kasumi put two and two together and....

"Oh my."

Ranma nodded. "It's a good thing too." Setsuna could only look at her beloved strangely before he continued. "I'm sorry you have had to spend several thousands of years planning it, Set-chan, but it isn't the right way. If you think about it, the purification that Usagi would do would cripple the human race."

"What?! How?!" To say that the senshi of Pluto was disturbed would be an understatement.

Kasumi had caught on with what Ranma would say. "If this 'Black Moon Family' could conquer the future so easily, then how did the past senshi defeat them?"

"Without conflict, the world would grow weak as there is no challenge for them. These 'evil' intentions are what are keeping the world alive. People grow stronger when they are challenged, but when you take that away, they would become weaker because there is nothing threatening them. If Chibi-Usa hadn't recruited the past senshi in time, it would be likely that there would be nothing left of Crystal Tokyo."

"I...didn't realize that....I've been such a fool." There were tears forming in her eyes as she realized just how close she has come to destroy all those she cared about, albeit indirectly. It was almost like the Moon Kingdom end over again. But this time, there were people who care around her. Kasumi came over and hugged her 'sister' as she started to cry softly.

"There, there, Setsuna. You didn't know. Don't worry about it." Kasumi gently rocked the other girl in her embrace. She looked over to Ranma, who was watching over them passively. "Ranma, do you think we should call it a night, I think Setsuna had a rough night." She saw him nod. "Oneechan?" She lifted her chin up so that she could see her teary-eyed face. "Would you like to stay here for tonight? You could stay in my room." Setsuna sniffled and brought her sleeve up to wipe her eyes. She, the emotionless senshi, had just broken down crying, imagine that, she thought wryly.

"Sure, Kasumi-chan. I would like that." She said gratefully.

"Great!" Ranma said, trying to lift the mood, "Come on, I think I can carry both of your lazy butts back down." He helped them both up as they both giggled.

"We'll get you back for that one, Ranma-kun." Kasumi retorted. Setsuna nodded her sentiments. Ranma gave them his trademark smirk and carried both of them off the roof, and led them both back into the house, where everyone else was already asleep as they would be soon. Well, a little while later, a female Ranma trudged back to the dojo to sleep after being ambushed by a well-timed bucket and a little teasing.

"Is it just me or are we coming here a lot lately?" Minako asked the other senshi. It was the next morning and everyone, minus Setsuna, she didn't come home last night, decided to meet at Rei's shrine again.

"What are we here for this time?" Usagi whined.

"Usagi! Stop taking my manga!" Rei shouted as Usagi was holding onto one of her manga without noticing it. As the two went into their usual routine, the others started talking amongst themselves.

"Did Setsuna say anything yesterday?" Ami asked the Outers.

Haruka shook her head from where she was snuggling comfortably with Michiru. "Setsuna didn't come home last night. Isn't that a surprise?" She shrugged.

"Hotaru?" She turned to the only other possible source of information.

The youngest senshi gave them a smirk. "Nope, not saying anything."

"What did you guys think about that curse Ranma said that she had?" Makoto asked.

"I'm not sure what to think. It's just not possible! If Setsuna wasn't backing her, err, him, up, I wouldn't have believed Ranma in the first place." Ami said quickly. It was obvious that she spent a lot of time on the subject. "Just wait until Setsuna or Ranma shows up, they have a _lot_ of explaining to do!" The others, including Rei and Usagi, who were currently choking each other, backed away from the sight of the usually calm Ami shaking her fist at the ceiling with a determined look in her eyes. Apparently, having a puzzle like Ranma was a very worthy challenge, and one that she must figure out.

"Am I missing anything?" A soft voice came from behind Usagi.

"ACK!!!" Usagi jumped up quite a bit. "Setsuna, don't...." Everyone was looking at the newcomer, a brown-haired girl wearing a light blue business suit that matched Setsuna's exactly. "Who are you?"

The girl, no woman, smoothed her dressed before sitting down in one of the free chairs and gave them a smile. "My name is Kasumi. It's nice to meet you all." After she didn't say anything else, they started with the questions.

"Who are you?! What are you doing here?!" Everyone but Hotaru asked.

"I said that I am Kasumi, and I'm here because I am allowed to be here." She replied calmly. "Do you have any tea?"

They blinked again. That was exactly how Setsuna would usually act, especially the tea part. Then the newcomer suddenly started giggling. They gave her a questioning look.

Kasumi kept giggling for a bit before sobering up. "I'm sorry, but Setsuna insisted that I do that."

"How do you know Setsuna?" Usagi asked in one of her rare moments of seriousness.

"You should have kept it up for a little while longer, Kasumi-chan." Setsuna appeared a little behind the seat the Kasumi occupied.

"I'm sorry, oneechan, but you know that I'm not very good at that kind of stuff."

The other senshi blinked several times. "Oneechan?" And then they fainted.

Setsuna frowned. "Well, I think they overreacted a bit."

"Oh my."

Riishtan frowned. It would take him a week to open his level three reserves. Since it has been so long since he had such a use for that amount of power, he had underestimated the amount of time needed to reactivate it. Maybe he should just forego it and just use his level two reserves. The Guild Master did want him to finish his mission today. And he won't be lenient if he failed, even in personal missions. Yes, that would be what he would do, the level two reserves only takes half the day longer to open. The Silence Guardian won't stand a chance against him.

Ranma sneezed. He quickly wiped his nose before looking at Cologne again. "Whatcha want, Old Ghoul?" She had come here by herself. It was obvious she was up to something.

"Tell me, son-in-law, what have you been up to lately? I've noticed that you've been quite quiet these past few days. I don't know about you, but that usually means something big is already or going to happen."

You have no idea, Old Ghoul. "Well, I don't know about you, but I'd rather enjoy some peace and quiet from time to time."

The Amazon Elder frowned. There was something off about Ranma's aura. And his mannerisms are subtly different. Then she noticed something else. "Son-in-law, where's that nice Tendo daughter. She's usually awake by now."

"Oh, Kasumi's just out with a friend. I'm filling in for her this morning."

"Is that so?" There was definitely strange going on here. The eldest Tendo girl _never_ leaves her post like that. "Is there something new around here that I should know about?"

Ranma frowned a bit. He didn't really like how Cologne would just up and interrogate him like this. "What's it to you?"

"Well, I would appreciate to know how my great-granddaughter's rivals for your affection are doing so that I may know where she stands." She said bluntly.

Hmm, have I ever seen a surprised Cologne before? "Well, if you're so interested, the tomboy's out of the running." He kept his laugh in when he saw the Old Ghoul's jaw drop.

"Excuse me, but what do you mean?" This was unexpected. Even if their wedding had failed, she was sure that something was between them, maybe buried under several hundred layers of emotional barriers, but there nonetheless. But wait, the Nabiki girl would tell her, for a price that is, if something like that happened. Then what else is going on?

"Akane's not my fiancée anymore. It's as simple as that."

"Something's up, I know it, son-in-law." She turned to leave. "And I will find out." And then she left.

Ranma blinked. "Well, she took that pretty well. I wonder how Kas-chan and Set-chan are doing now?" He went into the kitchen. Unbeknownst to either of the two, there was one person who saw and heard the entire conversation via spy cam.

Cologne's up to something. Even if Kasumi is engaged to Saotome, how that happened, I could only guess, he isn't able to fight off those damn Amazons forever. I have to do damage control, and fast. And who is this Set-chan? But first, Nabiki went off to do her usual morning routines.

"She's your sister!?!?" Outside, Grandpa Hino closed his hearing senses once again. If this keeps up, he'll go death from his granddaughter's friends. Now back inside.

Setsuna and Kasumi sighed at the same time. Both wore expressions that mirrored the other. Which was pretty understandable because they are technically the same person. "Could you raise your voices a bit? I'm not sure if the rest of Tokyo heard all of you." Kasumi snickered a bit at her oneechan's little joke. The rest of the senshi went from surprise to shock. Setsuna had just told a joke?!

"Girls, please. Stay awake this time?" Kasumi told them just before they passed out again. "If you all want an explanation, please calm down."

"Yes Ma'am." They all immediately became quiet. There was just _something_ about her that made them not willing to disobey her. Sort of like Setsuna, but not by fear, but by something else.

Setsuna blinked. "Well, imouto-chan. Even I don't think I could it that fast."

Kasumi looked over to her 'sister' and grinned. "It's one of my many quirks in this life." Then she looked over the silent younger girls. "Now, where were we?"

Hotaru spoke up first. "How are you Setsuna's sister? I know that she never had any sisters even back then."

Kasumi gave her a smile. "You must be Hotaru-chan." The small girl nodded. "Well, that's true. Setsuna never had any sisters during the Silver Millennium."

"Then how...."

"Please Haruka, it is rude to interrupt a person. Go ahead, Kasumi."

"Thank you, Setsuna. Anyway, technically, I am not her sister." She paused, secretly delighting herself at dragging this as long as possible. She and Setsuna calmly sipped their respective cups of tea. By now, the others were getting impatient.

"Well? Who are you really then?" Ami asked for them.

"Why, Chibi Akuakitsune (little water fox), you don't remember me?" Kasumi grinned at her expression.

Ami blinked. She just remembered that back during the Silver Millennium, it was pretty rare for people to call one another with 'chan' and other familiar honorifics unlike Japan today. What was more was that back then, even less people called her by that little nickname. Only two people ever did. She looked over to the green-haired senshi, who was smiling at her. She thought it over and came to two conclusions. One, Setsuna must have told her. Two.... "No way....Setsuna?" Both 'Setsunas' nodded.

"Darn." Kasumi handed Setsuna a yen note. "How did you know that she would be the one to find out?"

"Excuse us?" Rei spoke up. "But what do you mean that you are Setsuna when she is right there?" The others nodded.

"Oh, I'm just her reincarnation." Kasumi said nonchalantly while she sipped at her cup of tea. Sure enough, a few minutes later....

"WHAT?!?!?!" Outside, Grandpa Hino made a reminder to himself invest in earplugs. Yes, better get the premium ones too.

"We can't go into detail, but that's basically it." Setsuna said.

"Oh, so now do I have two or three oneechan's? I don't know if I should call Ranma as a boy or girl." Hotaru asked, as she was fairly puzzled. Besides, Kasumi seems like a very nice person. She could come to like her as much as she does Setsuna. But Setsuna mentioned that she was going to visit Ranma last night, so she assumed that she was with him, her, whatever. But they didn't mention Ranma yet.

Both of the older girls laughed. Then Kasumi answered her. "At the moment two, Hotaru-chan. But you're welcome to call Ranma when he's a girl, oneechan. That would be fair for what he called us, ne Setsuna?"

"Oh yeah, he still has to pay for that. Anyway, Ranma should be stopping by anytime now."

As the younger girls recovered from their collective shocks, they began to formally introduce themselves. Soon, they began to relax after they engaged into an easy topic for conversation, which was of course Ranma. But Kasumi said that she shouldn't tell them about his life until he shows up. They fell into lighter conversations after that until Ranma crashed the party, literally.

"Ite...." Ranma stood up and looked around. "Wow, I can't believe Akane managed to get me to the right spot."

"Ranma! What happened?!" Several voice cried out.

Ranma took a brief glance at everyone before settling on Rei for a brief moment. "Heh, sorry about the roof. I'll fix it as soon as I can, alright?" Everyone blinked a bit before noticing the 'Ranma' shaped hole up there.

"Oh my. What happened this time, Ranma? I thought I told her not to hit my fiancé anymore."

"FIANCE?!" Needless to say, Grandpa Hino won't be hearing much anytime soon.

"Well, I wanted to get here as fast as I can, and I didn't want to risk a teleportation spell." Looking at all of the younger girl's faces, he said, "From the beginning and the whole thing?"

"Yes, Ranma-kun. That would be appropriate. And everyone, especially you oneechan, please don't rush off to kill anyone just yet." Everyone was surprised by the last comment, but after a little over an hour later, however....

"I'll kill him!" Of course, there were modified versions of this battle cry, but this was the basic meaning. Even Usagi and Ami joined in the 'Genma must die' club.

"Saotome? Are you alright? You have been sneezing an awful lot. Your nose is even turning red." Soun took this time to rearrange some of his pieces, honorably, of course, while Genma has a sneeze attack, all the while, his danger senses blaring at full power and getting even higher.

After almost another ten minutes of coaxing from Ranma and Kasumi, they managed to get the entire team of senshi under control.

"You do realize that once we're out of here, we're after that bastard's hide?" Haruka said plainly. After hearing his story, she completely changed her earlier opinions of Ranma. Now, Genma was another story.

"Oniisan, how could you have survived all of that?!" Hotaru cried out.

"I must agree with Hotaru." Setsuna tried to calm herself enough so that she could think properly. How dare this, this, thing do even half of what he calls 'training' to her reincarnated love. If her 'sister' and beloved didn't specifically tell her to not go out and do some minor, in her opinion anyway, damage, Genma wouldn't live to see the light of day ever again. This thought rang through the others in the room, and at least a couple hundred other people in the world.


Ami quickly flipped open the Mercury computer...and found this waiting on the screen:


Ranma walked over to see what was it about. Then he sighed. "Ami, didn't you activate Mihoshi yet?" There was much confusion around, though Setsuna, Kasumi, and Hotaru knew full well of what he was talking about. "Here, let me show you." Ami reluctantly handed over the mini computer to him as he quickly typed in his code. A few moments later, he closed the computer and places it on the table. Before anyone could do anything, a small hole opened in the center of the high tech piece of technology. A moment later, they were treated to the sight of a miniature woman.

One who was dressed in a skimpy green long-sleeved shirt and shorts, has a tan of a magnificent shade of bronze, has blond hair and bright blue eyes. She was looking around expectantly until she saw Ranma.

"Raishin-kun! How nice to see you around here. Where's Jusenkan-kun?" She chirped cheerfully.

Usagi looked between the hologram and a manga she picked up several times before she pointed it out. For some reason, Ami, Kasumi, and Setsuna looked sheepish.

"Well, I guess it's because while my mother was working on developing Mihoshi, Setsuna came by and brought a gift from one of her visits to the future. It was the Tenchi Muyo manga...."

"Yep! And she modeled me after her favorite character! It's nice to see you all again, but where's Jusenkan-kun, Raishin-kun? I wanna see him already. It's been so long...." The sentient being whined.

Ranma cringed. "Fine, fine. You two can use that sub dimension I made for you guys." He brought out his Rune Weapon and laid it next to the computer. Soon, a second projection joined the first.

"Jusenkan-kun!" Mihoshi squealed as she ran over to the silver haired man. Ranma watched in sympathy as the blonde squeezed the 'life' out of Jusenkan. "I've missed you so much!"

"Ack, me...too. Miho...shi...chan!" Apparently, he had also acquired some of the shyness that Ranma possessed.

Ranma smirked. "Well, it's touching to see your reunion and all, but I don't think that the girls would appreciate seeing your real reunions, so please go off into that sub dimension and do whatever you guys are going to do." The two gave him a 'thank you' glance before vanishing in a sparkle of light. Then he looked up. "What? Those two deserve some time _alone_."

"What were they going to do anyway?" Hotaru asked to no one in particular. Naivety is showing all around her.

"Nothing, Hotaru-chan." Kasumi said quickly, all the while blushing herself. She just remembered how...enthusiastic those two were, especially Mihoshi.

"Did you plan to reawaken her just now, dear?" Setsuna voiced with just a touch of annoyance.

"Wait, could anyone tell us what was going on?" Minako asked them. Damn, that woman had such a figure! Wait, she was supposed to be concentrating on being confused.

After a short explanation about how the Queen of Mercury developed the A.I. for the Mercury Computer, and even more brief explanation about Jusenkan's involvement with her. Apparently, they met by accident during one of the times that Raishin was testing out his newly created sword while Mihoshi was being tested also. Mihoshi had sensed another A.I. and she came over to investigate. One thing led to another, and nature took its course...after several accidents, all ending up with Jusenkan getting hurt in one way or another and the culprit was just too innocent to blame.

"Oh, that's so sweet!" Minako and Makoto gushed. Everyone else just sweatdropped. Abruptly, Mihoshi reappeared.

"Guys!" She yelled. Everyone's attention came to her at once. "I just got something. Look outside now!" They rushed to the door and opened it. They immediately noticed at once that the sky looked different. There was a large apparition of Riishtan's upper body up there, and it seems like he was about to say something. It was just like that time with Jadeite long ago.

"Silence Guardian!" He bellowed. "I challenge you to a fight to the death! You will meet your end at sunset. Prepare to die!" Then the image faded without telling where and the sky returned back to normal.

After a while of silence, Ranma commented, "Well, that's a new one."

"Oh my!" Both Setsuna and Kasumi exclaimed.

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