Return of the Raiders.


Justin Little with Matthew Barron

The mad doctor shielded his eyes from the sight of his horrible creation… Jack couldn't wait to turn the page, but the creaking of the rusty town gate pulled him from his book. He had never seen so many people coming into town at once. Few men, mostly women and children, their clothes stained with soot hobbled onto the streets of Demotown.

Jack recognized Jon, a trader who visited town frequently, but Jack had never seen him so disheveled. Littleburgh had been raided, the town burned to the ground. It instantly brought horrific images of the night four years ago when bandits had killed Jack's parents. Jon said the raider's next stop was here.

Men and women mounted the walls and armed themselves at the gates. Jack grabbed a gun and waited. He was too young last time, but this time, he would fight!

The waiting was painful, but the thundering hooves got louder and louder and Jack could feel the pounding in his jaw.

The people on the wall released flaming arrows. Jack wished he could see if they were hitting their mark . Men on the wall shouted and the gate creaked open. The bandits weren't equipped to deal with a town that was prepared. Their horses were already down when Jack and Jon rushed out of the gates with rifles blazing. It was almost comical to see the bandits darting away on foot. The refugees from Littleburgh let out a cheer and chased them down, but the villains escaped into the woods.

The raiders would be back, but Jack and the town would be ready.