Playing Ninja

Alright, so yeah, rewrote this one. However, I have a legitimate reason. The reason I stopped on the previous one was because I was still trying to figure out the systems I wanted for the game, and then I started getting some help from both Alvor the Warhawk and Crimson-Wyvern, and it was a vast improvement, but also meant the system was so completely different from before that I had to make major alterations. With that in mind, I decided to start again with this story and got two moderately long chapters and am working on the next chapter already, so I hope that makes up for it to some extent.

I'll allow you to read now though!

Chapter I: Character Generation

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The only thing that he could see was darkness. No matter where he turned his head, it was pitch black. He knew he was sitting down, but he didn't dare get up. He couldn't feel anything solid beneath his feet and that was what stopped him. If he tried… there was no telling how far away the floor was. He had no idea how long he had been there. He didn't even know where he was for that matter. Still, at least he wasn't restrained to his bed any longer with those incessant beeping noises and doctors always injecting him with weird sounding medications.

"Ah, sorry about being so late, you would not believe how busy I am these days. Hm, that's strange, the lights should have been on as soon as you arrived." After the sound of someone clapping twice, the room was filled with light and he had to let his eyes adjust. When the lights came on, the boy was revealed to have messy spikes of blonde hair, two cerulean eyes and three whisker-like birthmarks under each eye. The boy himself was likely only seven years old and sat on a wooden stool, his feet hanging off with a gap of well over a foot between the soles and the floor. His skin seemed to be unnaturally pale with an almost sickly tinge. "You're Naruto, right?" The voice asked.

Naruto – as he was named – nodded as he looked at the speaker. It was a man with shoulder-length, jet black hair and a pair of obsidian-colored eyes that contrasted against his pale skin. He wore a black robe with a black bladed broadsword of all things on his waist. The man took a seat on a bone-white chair that looked more like a throne than anything and snapped, a manila folder appearing in his hands out of a cloud of smoke that smelled like sulfur. "Where am I?" Naruto asked curiously. "And why am I not at the manor anymore?"

The man smiled a bit sadly to the boy. "Well, introduction first. I am Hades. Normally Izanami would cover those who pass from your region, but she's gone and taken her maternity leave. You think she would've stopped after Kagutsuchi, but apparently not. I am a god of death. In your culture, I believe it is referred to as a Shinigami." He opened the folder. "According to this… you are Uzumaki Naruto. Time of death was October 9 at 11:12 AM, you would've been ten years old tomorrow. It says your cause of death was a mild case of Influenza that you could not fight off due to your Immunodeficiency of Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia. Such misfortune for someone so young…"

Naruto widened his eyes at what Hades was telling him. "Wh-what do you mean? Are you saying that I'm dead?" The man nodded his head once, causing Naruto to widen his eyes ever so slightly before nodding. He had always known it would happen but this was… still surprising.

"Unfortunately, there is no reversing this but I shall give you a bit of news right now." Naruto looked back up at Hades. "Due to an agreement between the gods of this world and another one, when someone dies before their time we offer them a choice. As is tradition, you can have your memories wiped and be reborn on Earth again and hope that the luck of the dice helps you out with something better this time. Your other option is to be reborn into a new world. In reality, this world was actually created by humans and is what is called an MMO, I believe. It's something of an alternate history sort of game, with magic and technology set in the feudal era. It was developed by your family's company actually. Quite a bit of people have chosen to be reborn into this world, so what do you say?"

Naruto looked at the god of death upon hearing the choice. "Will I still have my memories?" He asked the man, who nodded. "I think I want to go into the game… it could be fun." He grinned. "Yeah, no more doctors for me… being an adventurer sounds fun. And if mom's company made it, I know it'll be really fun!"

"Ah, one last thing I should explain to you is that the way the world is set up, you will have to live it out in real time. I'll send you there in a body the same as what you have now, so you'll have to attend the Academy there for several years as a student before actually becoming a ninja. I suggest finding the other Players in the village you'll be sent to so they can teach you how to do things. Technically you'll be on a… what is it called… a private server, as it were. Only people that are reborn will be Players there and no one from Earth can access it. I'm sure you'll be able to figure everything out though."

Hades looked as if he was contemplating something before sitting up straighter. "Ah, I nearly forgot. As you are a player, you need something unique to separate you from both the NPCs and other Players. Each Player receives a special Ability before they are sent there by whoever the Shinigami that sends them is. Usually, it's something related to the Player, either their life or their death. Let's see…" He hummed to himself before smiling. "Since you had no time to do anything last life, this life I want you to be able to do everything. Yes, that will be your Ability. Now, have fun playing ninja in War of the Elements!" Hades announced as he snapped his fingers, bringing darkness to Naruto once more.

[World in Between]

Naruto found himself in a new place once more, though at least there was light this time. "Greetings, new Player." A calm voice resounded. Looking around, he was met with the strange sight of a yellow-eyed green toad with a white beard, thick, white eyebrows and a tuft of white hair in the center of the rear of his head that stood upright and held a staff in one hand, a brown cloak wrapping up his whole body except the head. "I am Fukusaku, Sage Toad of Mt. Myoboku. I shall guide you through your character generation."

Naruto looked down at the creature for a few moments before nodding. It was a game after all, so of course there would be strange things. Especially since his mother was on the development team for this particular game. Uzumaki Kushina was certainly a woman with strange tastes and an even stranger imagination. "I'm Uzumaki Naruto." Naruto introduced himself.

"Yes, Hades-sama sent me a detailed report of your first life leading up to your death. Taking into account things from your former life usually allows for character generation to be nearly automatic, however whenever a child as young as you is sent here, it becomes more difficult. Still, there is a process for something such as this. Before we continue, I will need to show you a few things. As a Player Character, you have access to a few perks the NPCs do not. The most important of these are your menus. They are summoned by a vocal command and can only be seen by you or others you grant permission. Please say 'Character Generation' if you would."

"Character generation!" Naruto announced, watching as a holographic screen appeared in front of him. There were many different information slots, some filled and some blank. The information already there showed that his name was Uzumaki Naruto, his age of 7, his birthday on October 10, labeled his occupation as student. It was odd that his level was zero and his class said N/A though. "Fukusaku, what's up with my level and class?" The toad nodded and began to explain.

"Ah yes. There is a very particular leveling system that is directly related to your class. There are eight basic class archetypes: Fighter, Mystic, Rogue, Ranger, Cleric, Performer, Scholar and Artisan. All classes fit into at least one of these larger archetypes somehow. When you gain experience, you can spend it in the class of your choice until you've leveled up in said class. You are currently level 0 because you haven't taken a level in any class. When you do start classing, or multi-classing, your level will be equivalent to the amount of levels you've taken across every class. If you take three into Ranger, two into Mystic, and four into Cleric, your level would read as nine, for instance." Naruto nodded to show his understanding. "During character generation you have enough experience to take one level in one of the eight basic classes, assuming you meet the stat requirements."

Naruto contemplated that before nodding again. "What is the character generation process, anyways?" He wondered curiously.

"Ah, that is simple. Based off of older RPGs, we use a roll system. The system will make dice rolls off of different categories and grant you options to choose from. We won't simply leave you to the mercy of RNG, that is to say Random Number Generation, after over each of the slots and give the system the command of 'roll' after stating the category."

Naruto looked over the empty slots and found they were birth village, family, origin, inherent ability, clan status, bloodline, perks and flaws. May as well go in order, right? He thought to himself. "Birth Village Roll!" Naruto announced before a second holographic image appeared. It looked like a three-dimensional roulette wheel with several names on slots that were different sizes. Below the wheel, the system asked Would you like to perform the roll? Yes(Y) No(N). Naruto hit the affirmative and watched as two balls dropped into it before it began to spin.

When the wheel finally stopped, they landed on Konoha and Kusa. "I think this is a good time to teach you about one of the the most basic abilities that Players possess." Fukusaku stated, gaining the blonde's attention. "All Players start with an ability called Observe. It allows you to see information relating to the item, location or character you are looking at with more information becoming available as you level it up or the higher your Perception stat is. With active skills such as Observe, simply state the name of the skill and it will activate."

"How do I level up skills?" Naruto wondered curiously.

"There are two ways. The first is to use the skills often. Every time you use a skill, it gains an amount of Experience Points. The second is to use Skill Points. You gain Skill Points every level, a total of one for every five levels of Wisdom you have that can be spent to give your skills experience without training them. You can also gain skill points by paying tutors or by reading the proper books and scrolls, though those are points that can only be used for a specific skill tree or even a very specific set of skills. Most players use all of these methods to get certain skills up quickly."

Naruto nodded and spoke the command. "Observe!" A screen popped up to both the left and right of the roulette wheel with a bit of text on each.

[Kusagakure no Sato – Location (Ninja Village)]

The hidden ninja village in the Land of Grass. It is hidden by a field of large grass with many ninja specializing in Earth and Water elemental ninjutsu. It is allied to the Konoha, Suna and Taki.

[Konohagakure no Sato – Location (Great Ninja Village)]

The hidden ninja village in the Land of Fire. It is hidden by a large forest created by its first leader. The ninja specialize in many different areas and as one of the Five Great Ninja Villages it is much stronger than minor villages. It is allied to Suna, Kusa and Taki.

"When you've made your decision use the command 'Generate: Konoha' or 'Generate: Kusa'." Fukusaku explained. "You can make your decisions about the other rolls similarly." Naruto nodded to the Toad and looked between the two windows.

"Well, if Konoha is a larger village it probably has more quests and more characters to learn from. That means it'll be easier to get some cool skills!" He grinned at the thought. "Generate: Konoha!" The roulette and two information windows disappeared as the Character Generation menu filled in the Birth Village slot with Konoha. "Family Roll!" Similar to last time, a roulette and the option appeared, so he picked yes. Unlike last time, only one ball dropped to the roulette. "Why is there only one this time?"

"Hm… I must have forgot to mention that the rolls themselves have a roll to determine the number of options. Each roll has the chance to have one, two or three balls. Usually no one gets one ball, but that means it's very unlikely you'll get any other one-ball rolls." Naruto looked at the wheel and tilted his head. "What is it?"

"It says my family is orphan. So, I'll end up living in the orphanage and my parents are dead..." Naruto hummed in thought as he turned to the Toad. "How do families for kids like me work anyways? Are we assigned to other Player Characters or what?"

"As for that, it is possible. A Player Character couple can submit an application through the system to receive a child but that is uncommon. What happens more often is that the NPCs have their own child and you simply take their place, the memories of any other NPCs that knew the character you replaced being altered for a smooth transition. It is a very simple system and allows for Player Characters to be generated into any role or age group. As an orphan, you will be generated to take the place of someone there depending on what your origin and clan status end up being. I suggest you do those two next and then bloodline after clan status, as that is a pre-requisite. Once all of those are done, the system will assign perks, flaws and a title to you."

"Alright then. Origin Roll!" Naruto announced again to activate the roulette. This time only one ball dropped again, much to the surprise of Fukusaku. The ball rolled around and landed on possibly the most slim of the sections, one that was a very different color than all the others. "Observe!"

[Pariah/Hidden Noble - Origin]

The great always fall the furthest. Even though your family was nobility, through circumstances you are an outcast from birth, no one even aware of your status. Might be best to play the part and keep your blue blood secret though, there's no telling how many enemies they made!

"Hm… that's an interesting origin story to work with." Naruto commented, not noticing Fukusaku's apt attention on Naruto's roulette now, whereas he had only a passing interest in it. "Generate Pariah Hidden Noble! Clan Status Roll! Observe!" This time, he actually had two options again.

[Hyuuga Clan Outcast - Clan Status]

One of your parents bore the Caged Bird Seal after being ousted from the all-seeing Hyuuga Clan. Now you have to wear contacts to hide your heritage and if anyone finds out about your eyes, you'll surely be punished severely.

[Uzumaki Clan Survivor - Clan Status]

The Uzumaki Clan were natives to the Land of Whirlpools and ruling family of the now destroyed Uzushiogakure. Masters of sealing and with a healing factor that is second to none, they were feared by all! Scattered as the survivors of their massacre may be, they are still strong and a large threat to anyone unlucky enough to face them!

Naruto looked at the second one and couldn't help but chuckle. "Oh, mom, of course you'd name a powerful clan after us. Even if it wasn't objectively the better decision, I think I'd still choose to keep my mother's name." Naruto noted before generating it to his character sheet. "Hm? What's this?" He wondered as a new pop-up window appeared. "Bloodline acquired: Thanks to your Uzumaki Clan Heritage, you have gained the Uzuchi bloodline and opened the Uzumaki Clan Skill Tree. Observe!"

[Uzuchi - Bloodline Limit (Corporeal)]

A passive bloodline belonging to the Uzumaki Clan. It opens up the Uzuchi skill tree and grants the skills Regenerative Healing, Sealing Proficiency and Dense Chakra.

Naruto hummed in thought before a smile broke out. "Bloodlines, eh? Sounds like the equivalent to a racial tree. This could be interesting, especially if mine grants passive boosts." Glancing back at his Character Generation menu, Naruto noted a new pop-up. Character Generation is complete. Would you like to continue to Perks and Flaws? Hitting the Yes option, Naruto noticed that the toad looked as if he wanted the boy's attention, so he gave it.

"Now that you've finished that, allow me to explain Perks and Flaws." Naruto nodded, though he had a rough idea of what they could be. It was likely a spin on a Feat system. "Perks and Flaws are attributes that each character gains either at birth or through actions that can grant stat boosts, act as requirements for certain skills and classes and affect what characters are and are not allowed to do." Naruto nodded his understanding.

"So, yeah, they're like a Feat system, just without a level-up requirement, right?" Fukusaku nodded, showing the boy was right. Naruto grinned, glad to find some familiar ground. He looked at the pop-ups that had sprang into existence when he wasn't paying attention and looked over them.


Ancient Ninja Clan Heritage: Being a member of one of the oldest ninja clans of the Elemental Nations make you naturally agile, granting a +25 bonus to Dexterity.

Forest Dweller: Growing up in the forest has its benefits! While in Forest terrain, you gain +25% Movement Speed and Stealth.

Pariah: You may have been outcast, but it certainly puts things into perspective, like survival! You gain 25 points in Wisdom, 15 points in Perception and 10 points in Dexterity. You also seem to be 50% better at gambling than other people.

Senju Clan Heritage: The Senju are said to have inherited the Body of the Sage of Six Paths! Temporary active buffs are twice as effective while debuffs are half as effective against you. Anything with a Vitality requirement has its requirement cut in half. Vitality and Dexterity are increased by 50 points as well.

Thousand Hands: The Senju Blood is versatile and can do many things! All permanent bonuses are twice as effective.

Uzumaki Clan Healing: The Uzumaki Blood runs through your veins! Thanks to this, you get a 50% boost to HP Regeneration, a 50% resistance to poison and disease and a 50 point bonus to Vitality.

Uzumaki Clan Heritage: The Uzumaki have always been masters of sealing and you are no different! All Fuinjutsu skills gain double XP and have double effectiveness.

Vessel of the Nine-Tails: Locked within you is a literal demon! With the Nine-Tailed Fox sealed within you, you gain double CP, get a bonus of 50 points to Vitality, a 50% bonus to HP and CP Regeneration and access to the Nine-Tails skill tree.


Orphan: Tough luck kid, but maybe your family will turn out a little better? Being an orphan inhibits all social skills by 15%.

Pariah: Through either your parents or your deeds, you've gained the dislike if not outright hatred of an entire faction! Being brought up as a pariah, you lose 25 points to Charisma, 15 points to Luck and 10 points to Vitality. You also have a 50% harder time in social interactions.

Thousand Hands: Specialization is the enemy of versatility! All permanent detriments are twice as effective.

Vessel of the Nine Tails: Locked within you is a literal inner demon! You lose 100% more reputation with anyone who knows of your jinchuuriki status and are 25% more intimidating.

"Hey, Fukusaku, what's a jinchuuriki?" Naruto asked curiously. "I got a Perk and Flaw called 'Vessel of the Nine-Tails' and it mentions my jinchuuriki status."

"I see…" The toad muttered. "It would seem your orphan, pariah and Uzumaki statuses have combined with your home village to grant you jinchuuriki status. I should have guessed as much would occur. There are nine bijuu in the Elemental Nations, you might think of them as Demon Lords of sorts, only they are comprised entirely out of chakra, the main source of energy for the Nations. To prevent them from wreaking havoc and destruction as they pleased, as they once did, the Players and NPCs of this world have developed a technique to seal them inside of nine humans. These humans are known as jinchuuriki and have the ability to access their demonic powers as well as gain large boosts from each one. The nine bijuu also have a set of very specific and unique abilities that they grant their jinchuuriki. Due to their nature as avatars of destruction, the jinchuuriki are ostracized among the denizens. The NPCs fear them for their history, the Players fear them for the power they can bring to bear against them and nearly everyone either wants to use them as weapons or want them dead." Naruto nodded, taking in the lore as if it was air he was breathing.

"Well, good thing I've never been one to roleplay." Naruto noted with a grin. "This sort of thing seems like more of a blessing than a curse." Fukusaku shook his head at the boy. He was one of those types, the power gamers. "Is there anything left for me to do, Fukusaku?" The toad nodded and tapped his staff against the ground twice. As he did, eight pedestals rose up around the blonde.

"These eight objects embody the eight archetypical classes of the world. The Fighter's blade, the Ranger's bow, the Rogue's dagger, the Cleric's Staff, the Mystic's Wand, the Scholar's Tome, the Performer's Lyre and the Artisan's Hammer." Tapping the staff once more, Fukusaku waited. Naruto watched as the Tome and the Lyre began to dissipate, as well as the dais they were situated upon. "According to your stats, these are the classes you may choose from." Naruto looked at the six remaining and then back at the Toad. "Do you have a question?"

"A few, actually." He responded. "My first question is regarding the class system. You've kept saying archetypical classes, so I'm assuming that means there are classes other than these?"

Fukusaku nodded. "There are several thousand possible classes, but all originate from these eight. Through a combination of class prestige and class fusion, the others can be formed, though the process for each is very particular. Class prestige requires all skills in the class tree to be learned, either through skill points or through skill activation, and then to level-up in that class. Leveling up in a class you've already leveled in will grant you various bonuses that add onto the class's intended playstyle. Each class has a total of ten possible levels you may take into it, as well. Class Fusion is a similar process where you must gain specific skills of specific classes in order to create a new class that uses abilities of two or more individual ones. Anything else?"

"Yeah, how can I look at my current stats?" Fukusaku tapped his staff and showed Naruto a screen with text on it. "Hm… Vitality, Dexterity, Wisdom, Intelligence, Perception, Charisma and Luck, huh? Alright, it looks like my Vitality is way higher than my other stats, so it's pretty easy to choose my class." Walking over to the pedestal with the sword, Naruto picked it up and watched as all five of the other's disappeared.

"There's one last thing before you go." Fukusaku explained. "As a Player Character, the Shinigami who placed you here would have given you a Unique Ability that only you can use. Hades-sama has already picked it out." Tapping the staff once more, Fukusaku forced another window to pop-up.

"Scan?" Naruto read the name of the ability and began to go through the description. "As someone who couldn't do anything all your life, I'll give you the chance to do whatever you want. Using this ability on characters, objects and locations will give you an incredibly in-depth look into it that will far outclass Observe at higher levels. On locations, it will grant you the ability to see the locations of all mobs, NPCs, Players and even the Boss. On objects, you can see all stat changes it would grant you as well as where those stat changes came from, along with a line of the owners of an object. On characters (NPCs, Players, mobs and bosses), you will be able to see their skill trees, stats and classes. Your menus will automatically memorize this information as well. Good luck! -Hades." Fukusaku smiled at the Death God's decision before looking back at the blonde.

"Welcome, Fighter, to the War of Elements. May your adventures be many and your life long." Fukusaku toasted with a bow. "Farewell and godspeed." Naruto grinned as everything began fading again. This should be fun. Thanks, mom.