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Bear in mind that Luffy WILL have a different fruit and I have no idea how to classify it. The thing I could best describe it, as a Paramecia Fruit.

The power I am planning to give Luffy is… The Undertale Sans power and abilities. The only difference, he does not get tired easily, and the color of the eye is dark red with purple circles in it, with a glowing white pupil. Full power his right eye also 'opens' but it drains his stamina quickly but he won't use it any time soon. Only when he is SUPREMELY Pissed the FUCK off he will use it. He can still attack the Soul, and the color it changes is now dark purple with a red glow and a black circle in the middle of the Soul. The color of his blaster beams are black with dark red glow, and dark purple lightning.

Now we all know Sans is lazy as hell, but he is also easy going and pretty much goes with the flow. Apart from the lazyness, his other attributes are perfect for Luffy without straying too far from his original attitude.

Anyway the power of Sans is the ONLY thing that will be brought to this world, NOTHING else. I am quite amused to what kind of mayhem can Luffy create with these abilities. Also! Another thing, I may give Luffy's fruit pretty much a lot of things that may make him be OP as hell. Though I haven't thought far to the Grandline, but he SURE as hell will be able to STEAMROLL every enemy in East Blue.

Also Luffy will be smarter than in canon and when he leaves Fusha Island he will look completely different, he still has his signature strawhat though, and he will have more crew members. No OCs though.

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Chapter 1 The Devil Fruit

A 6 year old Luffy is walking alongside the beach, looking for things that could catch his eye. Ask and you shall receive the old saying said. A certainly strange looking object caught Luffy's eye, and he bounded over to it looking curious.

It was a strange looking dark purple fruit that was in the shape of a… Skull? It has a lot of black swirls and the dark red stem is poking out the left 'eye' of the 'skull'.

"This is strange. It looks weird, but it might be delicious!" Luffy mumbled to himself as he unhinged his jaw (How does anyone in this world do that anyway.) and ate the whole thing! Luffy started rolling on the floor trying to get rid of its taste. "OH MY GAAAAWD THAT TASTED HORRIBLE!" He yelled out rolling on the sand and feeling a little pain in his eyes.

Finally after a long roll of disgust. Luffy stood up and saw something glowing. He looked to his left and looked at the sea, he saw himself however he looked different. For one thing his hair did not have the color purple in it. He saw now his black hair got longer a bit, and his hair gained purple highlights in it. However the most prominent change he found was his eyes, the white background was replaced with an endless black. And the eyes- (Look up at my little rant.) are really weird looking.

Then Luffy reacted like any other person would. "AH! What the hell is this?! Why are my eyes like this?! Change it back, change it back!" As Luffy finished yelling that, he felt the eyes 'turn off', looking back at the sea he saw that his eyes are back to normal, but they now have this strange dark red glow.

"Huh. This kind of looks cool. I wonder what that fruit did?" Just as he said that he got images of him doing various things. He was standing in a cool stance, and suddenly threw out his arm, bones of pure white with a black glow came out of nowhere and pierced the enemy like a sword would. He then thrusted his other hand and clenched it, and a heart appeared in front of the enemy making him and Luffy confused. Until he saw the other Luffy throw his hand to the side, making the guy fly to where Luffy made him to. Finally, Luffy held a hand up high and a skull of a dragon with glowing red eyes also came out of nowhere and charged a really bright orb. It fired a huge blast at the enemy turning them into dust. There was still one more enemy when Luffy saw the other Luffy's eye spark a bit then, bones sprouted out from underneath the guy, stabbing him and killing him.

Luffy shook himself off from what he's 'seen'. "Whoa… That. Was. AWESOME! I am gonna try and do that!" Luffy held out his hand and from then on Luffy tried to master and unlock more abilities.

- 2 years later -

We see Luffy sitting in a bar eating some meat while listening to Shanks' tales of the Grand Line. Ever since Shanks and his crew dropped off and made Fusha Island their temporary base of operations for a few visits, days have been much more fun than before.

Luffy was just about to ask Makino if she had some juice left when the doors of the bar burst open. Luffy lazily looked at the entrance.

"Make way for the scourge of the mountain!" Higuma the Bear, bandit leader, bursted in and started walking to the counter. "Oi wench! Give me and my boys some sake!" Higuma all but yelled out, while eyeing Makino a bit.

Luffy saw Makino's smile become a little forced now. "I'm sorry, but we are all out." Makino stated.

Higuma tsked and looked around. "Then what the hell are they drinking huh?!" Higuma yelled.

Makino's smile become even more forced. Making Luffy frown a bit. "Sake, sir. We are fresh out of stock." Makino tried hard not to make herself sound repulsed.

Shanks held out a bottle to Higuma, making the bandit leader look at him. "Sorry about that. Here have a bottle."

Higuma slowly grabbed the bottle before swinging to smash the bottle on Shanks head, he would've had Luffy decided not to intervene. Mid-swing a 'heart' appeared in front of Higuma's chest, making everyone except Luffy look at it confused. Everyone heard a tsk and looked at the origin of the sound.

"You guys are interrupting a nice time. I suggest you all..." Luffy said slowly, as the other bandits started having their own 'hearts' appearing in front of them. Luffy slowly turned around, his eyes closed. He slowly opened his left eye a little. Letting everyone see a rather 'evil' glow in his eye. He suddenly smirked, making everyone sweat a little.

"Should leave!" Luffy finished before raising a hand, making all the 'hearts' turn dark purple, with a red glow and a black circle in the heart. Luffy then thrust his hand forward quickly, making Higuma and every other bandit fly away, and out the bar.

Luffy stood up and picked up the bottle using a similar method before floating it to Shanks, all the while slowly walking to the exit. "Enjoy your time here guys. I'll take care of these clowns." Luffy lazily said. Everyone looked at Luffy with wide eyes, they have never seen the little boy do this kind of thing before, he was usually just happy go lucky, easygoing and a relaxed person.

Higuma and the bandits started getting up slowly, a little disoriented from the forced flight. They all heard small footsteps, they looked at the entrance and saw Luffy walking out slowly with his hands in his pockets. Stopping just a few feet away from the group of bandits, Luffy looked at them with normal eyes. "You should leave and never come back if you know what's good for you." Luffy threatened.

Higuma stood up erratically. "Who do you think you are brat?! Don't you know who I am?! I am Higuma the Mountain Bear! Me and my boys can come and go as we please! And there's no way that a snot nosed brat like you can do a thing about it!" The 'mountain bear' spat out.

Silence reigned a bit. Everyone in the village, and also including Shanks and his pirates looked out at the confrontation. The silence reigned long and combined with Luffy's dead stare, unnerved everyone including the so called 'fearless' bandits.

Luffy sighed, and moved so that his hands were now crossed on his chest. "Well this so called snot-nosed brat just threw you guys out a building without even touching you, what do you say about that huh? Teddy bear?" Luffy commented.

Higuma felt his eye twitch. "Goddamit! Kill this kid!" The bandits charged at Luffy. Making him sigh again. Luffy closed his eyes and just as quickly opened his left eye, showing everyone fully what was there. The 'evil' glow of Luffy's left eye sent shivers down everyone's spine. All the bandits that tried to charge Luffy suddenly stopped in mid air. The 'hearts' were back.

"I guess diplomacy is over. Welp. Can't say I tried." Luffy then placed his hands in his pockets. Before suddenly the entire sky turned black, and the area around Luffy and the bandits turned into a blackish fog, that can still be perfectly seen through?

"It's a beautiful day outside, birds are singing, flowers are blooming. On days like these, guys like you..." Luffy started before he suddenly disappeared before reappearing in the 'Sky'. "Should be Burning in HELL" Luffy finished as he quickly held out a hand and slammed it downwards.

Higuma and the bandits got slammed into the ground hard, everyone heard bones breaking. Luffy then raised his hands up quickly as his eye sparked. The ground below the bandits cracked before bones shot out, stabbing Higuma and every single bandit that was there. Before they got the chance to rest, Luffy then floated them up and held out both his hands before clapping once.

Higuma and the bandits floating in the air heard something flying fast in the wind. Some turned left, and some turned right. Everyone's eyes widened as they saw a huge amount of bones heading towards the bandits. The bones passed through, cutting, stabbing, and slicing through the group of bandits, making them cry out in pain.

They all fell to the ground, before begging for mercy. "Sorry guys. You made your choice long ago." Luffy stated solemnly. Everyone saw his eye spark before two dragon skulls materialized on his sides. Luffy held out a single hand making the skulls move around so that the beams would meet in the middle, with Higuma and the bandits, panicking while looking around.

Luffy said one last thing. "Sorry guys no hard feelings." He finished as he clenched his hands into a fist. Making the skulls fire a blast. Higuma and the bandits screamed in terror, before being disintegrated.

The skulls disappeared and everything turned to normal, Luffy sighed before walking back into the bar. Noticing everyone gawking at him, but Luffy ignored them and sat on the stool. Luffy then looked back up smiling like an idiot. "Ne! Makino-chan! Do you have any juice?" The casual answer made everyone face fault. Luffy couldn't help but start laughing. "Eheheheh. (Think Sans laugh only a little lighter). You guys make me laugh! Eheheheheheh."

- Few minutes later -

We see Luffy drinking a glass of orange juice. Ignoring the fact Shanks and his crew were staring at Luffy like he was strange. Finally Luffy had enough and whined out. "Oy! Come on guys! Why are you looking at me funny?"

Shanks finally spoke. "Luffy, did you eat any strange looking fruit?" Surprised by the question, Luffy nodded. "Yep I ate one 2 years ago on a beach." Shanks nodded and asked. "What, did it look like?"

Luffy just shrugged. "Shaped like a human skull, with swirly markings, and the stem was in the left eye. Just like when my eye activated. Though it isn't my weakspot, but yeah." Luffy finished and did not notice that Lucky Roo was flipping through a book madly.

Lucky Roo finally stopped at a page and yelled out. "AHA! Found it!" Everyone crowded around the big man.

"The Sans Sans no Mi, a fruit whose power is unknown due to no one ever eating it before, because of no one has ever heard of what a 'Sans' is, and probably will not risk getting possibly a 'useless power' even if you got to eat a devil fruit… Wow, if people knew what kind of power that fruit gave them..." Lucky Roo stated in awe.

Shanks stared at Luffy with stars in his eyes. "How coooool is thaaaaat~! So Luffy, what else can you do besides the bones and the coooool~ Skull Blasters?!" Luffy laughed at the fact Shanks was acting like a kid, when it should be the other way around. Looking at Shanks with a small smile. "I can do a lot of things, but I don't want to rely on my fruit much, I only use the basic bones and blasters, anything else is for harder enemies… and they are called Gaster Blasters. Before you ask, I don't know what a Gaster is, but it fit right. To me at least."

Shanks smiled. "Good thinking, it is true that you shouldn't rely on your fruit powers so much anchor, and those Gaster Blasters are soo coooool!" Luffy gained a tick mark on his head and a twitchy eye. "If I am an anchor then you are tomato hair!" Luffy barked back.

Silence reigned before everyone started laughing except Shanks whose face was one they would forever remember. "Tomato hair… Hahahahha! Oh my gawd! Shanks you just got burned!" Ben stated.

Shanks looked at Ben with playful betrayed eyes. "Ben why~? Also I am not a tomato hair you anchor!" Shanks yelled at Luffy with shark teeth. Luffy then gained a deadpanned face before holding out a tomato, making everyone confused until Luffy put it beside Shanks hair. "It is the same color therefore I dub thee, Tomato Hair!" Making everyone burst into another round of laughs again.

The bar was then filled with the sounds of a man and a kid arguing, and laughter.

- Few days later -

We now see Luffy, Shanks, and his crew on the harbor, getting ready to go. "You sure you don't want to come with us Luffy? We could use someone with those coooool~ Blasters." Shanks asked once more.

Luffy just shook his head, and gave Shanks a cheeky grin. "Nope! A Pirate King can't have a captain! That would just be stupid." Luffy finished with a bigger grin.

Shanks smiled at that. "Pirate King huh?" Luffy nodded. "Yeah! I am gonna get a crew far better than yours, and I will become the Pirate King!" Shanks smiled wider. "Then..." Luffy felt something on his head, and saw that it was Shanks' strawhat.

"You can return that to me when you become Pirate King then, until that. Wear it with pride for me ok?" Shanks finished with a big grin.

Luffy started tearing up. "Thanks Shanks… I promise! We will meet in the Grandline, and my crew will beat yours! So don't go being beat by anyone ok Tomato hair?!" Luffy finished with a cheeky grin. Making Shanks gain a tick mark, and the others laugh. "Of course I won't, who do you think I am cheeky Anchor?!" Shanks yelled with shark teeth.

Luffy then surprised everyone by suddenly hugging Shanks. "Take care out there. I mean it, dad." Making everyone tear up, and Shanks cry a bit. "Don't worry kid, I ain't gonna lose just yet."

Shanks and his crew then boarded the ship and set sail, waving at everyone goodbye.

Makino looked at Luffy. "Your going to miss them won't you?" Luffy nodded, wiping his eyes. "Of course, but we will meet each other again. I'm sure of it."

(Major Timeskip cause I am too lazy and want to go faaast)

- 9 years later -

The pier was crowded with people from the village and they were there to see two people off.

"I guess the town wanted to see us off huh Luffy-kun?" A green haired woman giggled. It was Makino! She is now at the height of 5'9 with smooth green hair that reaches her butt, she has an hourglass figure, similar to a certain black haired archeologist. (Robin sneezes cutely. "What was that?") She also has silky smooth skin, and has shiny black eyes. She is currently wearing a green warrior type dress with white stripes and an orange sash holding up a black cloth armor she made for herself. (Think Sengoku Basara Matsu clothes not including the bandanna) She has a naginata as tall as she is, and a gaster pistol on her hip.

"I guess so Makino-chan." A black haired teenager laughed quietly. It is Luffy! He is big for a 17 yr old for one thing. He is 6'2 and has messy black hair that reaches just below his shoulders, he has a well muscled figure, not overly muscled, but not too lean. He has sunkissed skin, and glowing black eyes. He is wearing a closed dark red cardigan, and black pants tucked underneath his boots, he is wearing black steel toed boots that has purple rims. He has a captain's coat hanging off his shoulders like a cape, it is colored black with red trimmings on the edges, and dark purple buttons, there is a white symbol on its back. A Gaster Blaster skull is placed on the back with a strawhat drawn behind it, and six bones held out in a hexagon. He has his strawhat on his head, and a rather strange looking spear held upright by his hand as tall as he is. (Samurai Warriors 4 Tadakatsu Tiger Pike)

Luffy nodded and looked at everyone. "Welp! We are gonna go now! Wish us luck guys!" Luffy yelled out as Makino waved at everyone as the two boarded, what appears to be a black ship with silver stripes, with dark purple railing, and dark red windows. It has three stories of strange looking cannons, and the fourth level is the deck with large purple sails. (Think the Pirates of the Caribbean Dauntless/Endeavour with those colors) The name; Sea Dragon's Blade is plated on the back of the ship.

Dadan and her bandits were crying along with the other people of the village. "The kid will go far… Won't he mayor?"

The mayor just shook his head, trying hard not to cry. "He will bring shame to this village, and he had to bring Makino with him!" The mayor was crying a bit. Then he started crying a river. "Waaaahh! I'm gonna miss that brat!"

Dadan cried even more as well. "I know right?! Waaaaahh!"

Everyone said one last thing to the disappearing ship. "WE'LL MISS YOU!"

- On the ship – (Play One Piece Luffy's Fierce Attack)

Luffy just finished making the ship move with his abilities. He walked to Makino who was currently leaning on a table looking at a map. Makino looked at Luffy with a grin. "Well Captain? What's our course?"

Luffy looked at Makino with a huge and cheeky grin, he slammed the butt of his spear on the deck creating a small shockwave of wind and turned around pointing his Tombo Giri towards the horizon.

"TO ADVENTURE!" Luffy just shouted out with a big stupid grin on his face. Makino just shook her head and giggled. "Aye captain!"

Luffy walked to the bow of the ship, his hair flowing in the wind. "Shanks, Ace, Sabo… Wait for me guys, cause I am on my way."

Chapter 1 The Devil Fruit end

That is done! Anyway, you can see that Luffy will steamroll through most enemies here in the East Blue, but don't worry, I will make him 'work' in the Grandline. Also sorry about not updating my other stories before writing this, but I am trying hard to write the chapters for the other stories, so I implore you all to calm the hell down and just wait.

Anyway, you may have noticed that Luffy is not affected by the deaths of the bandits, allow me to explain, for the past 2 years since Luffy obtained his devil fruit, he has been training nearly endlessly, he of course hid it from Garp, but eventually found out when he brought Luffy to Ace, I will make flashbacks for that in the later chapters. Anyway, whenever Luffy sufficiently learned a technique or ability from his power enough, he gains another 'vision' and each 'vision' he keeps seeing him kill his enemies, making him scared that he will turn into a killing machine, that is how Garp found out about his abilities.

Garp decided to go the soft route for once and comforted Luffy, saying that killing although maybe unnecessary, it is to protect your loved ones. Killing for pleasure is bad, but killing to protect, is not as bad. Luffy then asked Garp to make him stronger, so that he could one day protect his precious people including Garp. Garp did not think that Luffy would also mean him and started crying. Garp then wiped his tears and for the times he was there, trained Luffy into the ground.

I messed up my explanation. Let me say this Garp started training Luffy before meeting Ace, and had to leave for a month or two before Shanks came to the island. After Shanks left is when Garp came back and continued training Luffy.

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