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Chapter 1: Truth or Dare


Main Characters: some reformed villains of these seasons

Pairings: a lot

Summary: Former villains having fun is a great change

Bold: emphaize


Michiru Kiryuu: So, what are we…

Kaoru Kiryuu: …doing here today?

The former enemies of the Pretty Cures had gathered in a conference room, well, sort of conference room, in Labyrinth. Since the fall of Moebius, Westar and Soular had become the highest administrators of the People Republic of Labyrinth.

And because they are in charge, they welcomed all the villains that were not bad anymore to stay in Labyrinth, since they had no other place to call a home.

Kiriya: That's right, why are we gathered here today? Soular-san?

Everyone looked at Soular since he's always the one in charge.

Soular: Don't look at me, this is Westar's idea, I know nothing.

Westar: I was just thinking, the Cures always 'hang out', so I thought we should do it sometimes too. (Grin)

Ira: Tch! That's all? Boring!

Westar: (ignored Ira) There is a fun game in the world where the Pretty Cures live in, Eas, I mean, Setsuna taught me. It'a called Truth or Dare. First, you find a thing that can randomly pick one of us, I'll use this pen here.

Ira: Ooh, I'm curious, then what?

Westar: Then I'll spin it and see who it stops on… there! Olivier! So you should choose 'truth' or 'dare'. If you choose 'truth', we get ask you a question and you must answer it honestly. If you choose 'dare', you must do as we command.

Olivier: Jeez! Why me?! Well, whatever, I'll go with 'truth'

Westar: (smirk) Then, one of us get to ask a question, I'll demonstrate: What is your relationship with Tsubomi-chan?

Baron Salamander: Hahaha! Loup-Garou, you're beet red; that was a good one, Westar-kun.

Olivier: I ABSOLUTELY AM NOT BLUSHING! Well… Tsubomi is a good friend, she always listens when I have things to say. She is a bit pesky and annoying sometimes but she always cares for me. She's like an older sister to me.

Baron: Are you being honest?

Olivier: Father, would you please SHUT UP! (Blush)

He subconsciously pulled up the new scarf that apparently the Baron bought him. It seemed that Baron was being a good father.

Westar: Okay, take it easy, we got it. Now for the next round… oh! Ira!

Ira: (blush) No, I ain't gonna answer any question like that.

Michiru: Ira-kun, that's unfair, you said you were curious, you cannot back out now…

Kaoru: … or are you afraid that you cannot follow the rules absolutely?

Ira: UGH! Fine! Fire away!

Westar: Alright, how's you and Rikka-chan going?

Ira: E…eh? What do you mean?

Kiriya: Good grief, we all know you and Rikka-san(make an "obviously!" gesture)... (sigh) be honest for once.

Ira: WHAT'S THAT SIGH FOR?! Don't speak like you are superior to me, we are of the same age you know!

Soular: Kiriya-kun is a little more mature though…

Ira: SHUT UP! Well, for the sake of the game… I sometimes go over to her house for dinner, don't even think about it! Just for dinner! And sometimes I hang out with her in libraries or bookshops or watch her karuta contests. That's all.

Baron: (smirk) Do you mean you date her in libraries or bookstops?

Ira: Yeah right! Whatever!

Kiriya: (smirk) Ira-kun, you're blushing.

Westar: Okay now, next, we have… Kiriya!

Kiriya: Eh…

Ira: Who's blushing now?

Kiriya: Ahem! Please go on ahead with the question.

Westar: Ok then, have…

Michiru: How many times have you dated Honoka-san?

Kaoru: How do you feel about her?

Olivier: Why do you love Honoka-san?

Westar: I was going to ask if you had kissed her and how many times.

Kiriya: Why do I get so many questions?

Ira: (smirking really hard)Heh! You don't have the guts to answer them all?

Kiriya: I did not say that. Well firstly, Michiru-san, would you count the number of your dates? Secondly, obviously I love Honoka, you all know that. Thirdly, then can you explain why you blush every time you hear the word 'Tsubomi'? Lastly, for your information, yes, I had kissed her but again, why would I count?

Once again, Olivier buried his face into his scarf.

Baron: Wow! That a clever way to answer paparazzi.

Ira: I'm at a loss of word here…

Kiriya: Thank you.

Westar: Alright, next one, it's pointing to… eh! Me?! Let's do a re-spin.

Kiriya+Ira+Olivier: THAT'S NOT FAIR!

Westar: But I'm the host!

Olivier: It has nothing to do with this!

Michiru+Kaoru: he-heh, you guys are of the same age, mentally.

Westar: Ugh! Whatever, fire away!

Olivier: How often do you and Setsuna-san date?

Kiriya: Do you kiss her often? (Softer voice) This is you retribution.

Ira: When's the wedding going to be?

Soular: Haha! They've got you in a fix.

Baron: (sigh) Adolescence…

Michiru and Kaoru was giggling uncontrollably.

Westar: Argh! Why does it turn out like this?!

End of chapter 1