A/N: This chapter is based on the oral exam I had today. And also, I changed my writing format 'cause I think it fits better this way.

Chapter 16: An Emotional Oral Exam

Season: Heartcatch

Character: Yuri T. Ibara T.

Summary: She still couldn't quite let go, however, now it is different...

Bold: emphasize

Italics: thoughts


"Students numbered 26-30 please come up to the front now," the teacher called.

Today was the mid-term English oral exam for the high school third-years and Yuri was just called upon.

She walked to the front and slipped into the third seat while Ibara slipped into the second. (Cuz, you know, they have the same last name and that's how student numbers are organised in my school)

"Alright, 5 minutes of preparation time, you may start now," the teacher announced as he pressed the timer.

Yuri scanned the question in her mind, If you could travel back in space and time and return to the past, where and when would you go to? Why?

A million words passed through her head. What would she give to travel back to that day? What would she give to just turn back time and warn herself that...

Ok, Yuri, focus, this is still an exam and you cannot let that stuff two years ago bother you anymore.

She started on the note sheet provided, "I would want to go back to..."

No other words came to her brain after that.

Great! Now that this exam invoked my regret again, I'll never get that outta my head! Gotta deal with that later!

Her quick thinking immediately made up a fake story for her in the remaining 4 minutes, after all, she can't say the one she had in mind now, can she?

"Time's up, pens down," the teacher said, "Please quickly go to the room as the paper on your desk has instructed."

She stood up, exited the preparation room alongside the four other girls, walked down the corridor and entered the third room, greeted the teacher there and stood ready.

"Two minutes of presentation, you may start now," the teacher pressed the timer.

"If I could travel back in space and time, I want to return to..." Before she noticed it, a sob escaped her lips and a tear rolled down her right cheek.

"Tsukikage?" the teacher stopped the timer upon noticing something wrong with the student.

"I'm so sorry, something got into my eye," Yuri apologised as she blinked her right eye, making her lie more realistic.

"Alright," the teacher sighed, "I'll let you start again. But there are no third chances!" The teacher reset and restarted the timer.

Yuri started speaking again, "If could travel back in space and time, I would want to return to when I was..."

"Hey." Ibara was waiting for her outside the rooms.

"What?" She mentally scolded herself when she realised how hostile that sounded, "Sorry. So, how did you do?"

"Better than usual," Ibara didn't seemed to notice her sister's coldness, "Apparently I can speak English just fine when I'm not speaking in front of you." She didn't forget to add a laugh after that.

"So it's my fault now?" Yuri retorted mischievously.

"Oh and I also happened to get an easy question. By the way, what's your question?"

"Where and when would I go if I could travel back in time and space."

"Oh." Ibara paused in her steps, then continued after a moment to catch up, "Well, what did you talk about?"

"It's not like I can tell them about Cologne."

"Right, of course. I'm sorry for that time."

Yuri looked at her in complete astonishment.

"I mean... not the feeling sorry sorry... I was trying to say the apology sorry, because... UGH! You get the idea."

"It's alright, there's nothing you need to apologise about."

Silence fell between the sisters, neither of them want to tell each other what they are thinking.

"We can head home now, right?" Ibara asked after a while, "The exam has ended already, so can we go home?"

"Sure but before that, wait for me for a while, I need the washroom."

"Ok..." Ibara replied as Yuri gave her her bag and walked to the toilet.

Ibara stood there for a while, the gears in her head turning. Then she deduced that she need to follow her sis.

She walked into the toilet and found one of the cubicles locked, very quiet muffled cries sounding inside of it.

"You know, covering your mouth doesn't mean no one can hear you cry."

"You just love invading my privacy, don't you?"

"What are sisters for?" Ibara shrugged, then immediately cut to the chase, "The exam reminded you of what you want to let go, didn't it?"

"So what if it did?!" Yuri cried.

"Quit putting up a front!" Ibara yelled, "You think it's ok but it really isn't. If it is, you won't be crying here right now!"

"As you can see... hear, I'm letting it out right now!"

Ibara took a deep breath, I'm not going to put up with this!

"I'm right here, you know? I'm right here for you."

Yuri quieted down, then after a few minutes she slowly unlocked the door and head out. She washed her hands and dried her tears in front of the mirror and said, "Don't worry, I'm fine now, don't worry, I just need to let some of the emotions out."

"..." Ibara didn't know how to reply.

"But thanks for worrying," Yuri smiled.

"I'm here for you in father's place! I'm here to do what sisters really do! I'm right here! You can tell me, okay?!"

"Next time, when I got triggered, I will," she replied without looking at her little sister.

"Better than nothing," Ibara shrugged back.

Yuri smiled to herself when they walked out of the bathroom. Maybe the heavens had a reason when they reincarnated you...

End of Chapter 16