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Summary: Klaus is slightly jealous that the girls always look forward to seeing Alaric.

"I hope you made some of that for me." Klaus smirked as he walked into the kitchen of he and Caroline's New Orleans home.

The bubbly blonde vampire smirked as well, her back towards him as she continued making sandwiches for their three daughters.

"I didn't take you for the peanut butter and jelly type of guy." Caroline joked, cutting one of the sandwiches diagonally.

Klaus shrugged. "Not particularly..."

Caroline gasped when Klaus vamp sped behind her.

She dropped the knife on the counter when he wrapped his arms around her waist from behind and pulling her back to his chest.

"But I'd eat anything you make." He whispered in her ear.

"Klaus!" Caroline shrieked, pulling away and turning to face him with a concerned expression on her face. "I had a knife in my hand! What if I cut myself or you?!" She shrieked which made Klaus chuckle.

"Love, do you forget we're immortals? A cut from a knife won't kill us." He explained.

Caroline tensed.

Sometimes she would forget she's not limited to human convictions anymore. That she can literally do whatever she wants without having to think twice.

But she does have to think twice, especially now that she has Josie and Lizzie and even Hope. She doesn't have the luxury to be a reckless immortal like Klaus wants her to be, how she wants to be. They're parents now and can't be selfish with their actions which did make Caroline feel limited sometimes.

Though the way she had the twins was unconventional, she doesn't regret that they are her's and that she's raising them with Klaus and his family now.

Caroline sighed. "I know. Sorry, some of us haven't been a vampire as long as others and forget their human habits."

Klaus smirked, tugging a loose curl behind her ear and leaning down for a sweet kiss that instantly brought a smile to her face.

Her arms, naturally, wrapped around his neck as his hands held her hips.

Klaus separated her pink lips with his tongue as their sweet exchange turned more eager.

The baby vampire moaned into his mouth as he walked her backwards until her body was sandwiched between him and the sink.

One last kiss was planted on her lips before Klaus ventured his mouth down her neck. The ministrations making Caroline gasp in pleasure and bite her bottom lip in anticipation as one of his hands snuck underneath her purple dress.

"Mmm..." Caroline moaned at the feel of Klaus's rough calloused palms caressing her bare thighs.

She loved that he knew her body so well, knew just where to touch her and make her feel wanted.

Their one year together so far was the best year Caroline's had in awhile, and to think there was a time she didn't think she wanted this. A future with Klaus, a life with him.

To think she didn't want him loving her.

His love was so rare but deep and intense. The most intense love Caroline has ever experienced.

It was challenging but also consuming and passionate.

And when Caroline moved to New Orleans and they began raising their two families as one, she knew what they had would be forever.

Caroline moaned in his mouth again with one more drugging kiss before finding the strength to pull away.

"I...umm...I really need to finish making these."

She claimed, eyeing the unfinished PB&J sandwich on the cutting board.

"Do you, now?" Klaus whispered against her lips before kissing them again.

Caroline nodded as she accepted his kiss with much eagerness, never tiring of the feel of his lips exploring her's.

He was the best but worse distraction.

"Klaus..." She groaned his name when his hips slowly ground into her's and his lips continued their torture down to her neck again.

Her eyes fluttering shut at the pleasure.

The hybrid simply hummed against her olive flesh, sucking and licking over her most sensitive areas.

The sweet sounds of pleasure escaping Caroline's lips just made Klaus more desperate for her.

His hands fell from underneath her dress and ventured up her abdomen until he reached her chest area.

Short, panting breaths began to stagger from Caroline when Klaus began kneading her full breasts over the fabric.

Caroline arched her back to grant him more access as their hips continued rocking into each other's.

Their desperation for each other was intense and having three gifted, yet needy, children in the house was not exactly helping their sex life. They rarely had time for intimacy and had to take advantage of every free time they could possibly get.

"I want you..." Klaus groaned, still nipping her her collarbone and neck while his hands stayed occupied. Dragging his fangs over her skin which made Caroline shiver.

This felt good, too good.

Caroline wanted him too, so much, but this rendezvous needed to delayed.

She needed to stop before she begged him to take her over the sink.

With that thought, Caroline reluctantly detached her body from his.

Her amusement caused by Klaus's obvious flustered state and confusion.

"Look, you're too good at that and I can't be distracted right now." She shamelessly admitted.

Klaus smirked. "I haven't even done anything yet..." He kissed her lips. "But I think you were quite enjoying what I started." He teased with another kiss.

Caroline blushed. "I was, but later." She concluded with a peck and her arms still around his neck.

Klaus arched a brow.

She giggled, wiping her lip gloss off his lips with her thumb. "The girls are almost done packing and I need to finish making their lunches before Alaric gets here."

Klaus's jaw tensed. "Right...Alaric..." He sighed.

Seeing Klaus interact with Josie and Lizzie and the way he interacted with Hope made Caroline a smiling fool.

He instantly became protective of Hope and the twins, never wanting them too far away if they weren't with him or Caroline.

He didn't even trust his best hybrid lackeys to watch over them.

So it was no surprise that he was a tad nerved when Caroline informed him that the twins' dad Alaric Saltzman would be taking them, and Hope, back to Mystic Falls with him for their weekly weekend visits.

Since deciding to leave Mystic Falls, it was difficult for Caroline to compromise with Alaric on how they would continue raising Josie and Lizzie.

Mainly because Alaric wasn't too fond of his daughters being so far away from him, in New Orleans of all places.

Not to mention he wasn't the biggest Klaus fan, even after all of Caroline's reassurance.

But Klaus wasn't too delighted of the human's presence either.

Considering the circumstances of how and why Caroline had his children and the bizarre but brief romantic feelings Alaric felt towards her, Klaus practically hated him.

Just as Caroline's friends, Alaric was no different on his negative views towards Klaus and the Mikaelsons.

But what he did know, was that Caroline loved Klaus and trusted him enough to know their daughters would be safe.

He knew Caroline wasn't staying in Mystic Falls and he quickly declined her offer for him to move to New Orleans with them.

But with one of their schools now being relocated to New Orleans, the decision became heartbreakingly simple.

They finally agreed on the twins staying with Caroline and Klaus but with terms: Alaric would take the twins back to Mystic Falls every weekend and there would absolutely no killing or bloodshed present while in New Orleans.

It wasn't until two months after the move that Alaric decided to stay in New Orleans for one of his weekends with the girls.

That's when he met Hope.

He instantly recognized her strong presence and abilities and how the school couldn't have been more perfect for her.

He also noticed how close the young Mikaelson was with Josie and Lizzie.

They bonded over their schoolwork, powers and having Klaus wrapped around their little fingers.

It was quite a sight.

Noting their despair whenever they had to leave Hope behind, Alaric suggested Hope join them in Mystic Falls.

Hayley was hesitant at first but eventually came around to the idea.

After much persuasion, solely from Caroline, Klaus too decided to give it a try but pledged to detach Alaric's brain from his head if anything were to happen to his daughter.

Nothing bad had happened and Hope was ecstatic every Friday knowing she would be with her sisters.

Her excitement nerved Klaus more than he would like to admit.

Klaus loved that Hope now had friends her age to interact with, he loved seeing her happy.

But Alaric?

No, no he was not jealous of Alaric Saltzman.

Klaus sighed, resting his hands on her hips. "I'm starting to dread weekends." He said jokingly but Caroline knew he was serious.

Caroline's eyes softened. "Hey..." She said, her fingers playing with the curls on the back of his neck.

Their eyes met intensely but Klaus looked away quickly.

Caroline could always tell something was on his mind just by looking into his eyes.

He hated that fact.

"I'm fine, Caroline." Klaus claimed.

"Obviously not."

He shook his head and stepped away, turning his back towards her.

Caroline pressed her lips together, wanting to talk to Klaus about what was on his mind but didn't want him to take it in the wrong way.

He tend to do that often.

Shutting her out of his head, keeping all his emotions bottled in until Caroline was out of sight.

Instead of talking out his problems he usually just fed on anything he could quickly get his hands on.

A habit that didn't hold well with Caroline and was a complication in their relationship.

Both Caroline and Klaus had to make some lifestyle sacrifices. So, instead of feeding his frustrations away, Klaus would lock himself in his art studio and paint all day.

The fearful and dangerous hybrid was much more sensitive than he liked to admit.

Caroline loved Klaus.

She did and he loved her too but sometimes she felt he still didn't trust her.

Not when it mattered most.

Cautiously, she approached him.

Klaus let out a deep breath at the feel of Caroline's soft hands soothingly rubbing his back.

His body relaxed just from her gentle touch alone.

She had a way of calming him without doing much at all.

Her arms around his waist and deeply sighing as she hugged him from behind, her head resting on his spine and inhaling his scent.

It was the comfort she knew he needed.

"Something is wrong, you're really bad at lying to me." Caroline said.

He knew he should just talk to her, he also knew that's all she's been wanting from him.

But this...this was embarrassing.

Admitting he's jealous of such an inferior man like Alaric Saltzman?

It was humiliating.

Caroline's grip gently tightened. "Talk to me." She softly said, leaving a kiss on the back of his neck.

Klaus deeply sighed, unwrapping her arms from around him so they were face to face again.

Caroline rewarded him with a small grin as her hands now were placed on his chest.

He pulled her hair out of her face. "You're quite persistent."

She shrugged. "I learned from the best." She giggled.

Klaus playfully rolled his eyes, holding her by the hips.

He sighed. "Caroline...You always say how surreal it is that you're here and I don't doubt that but, it's quite surreal for me too."

The blonde vampire pressed her lips together.

"To be honest, love I wasn't expecting you on my doorsteps for at least another decade. My surprise when you showed up in nearly half of that."

She smiled.

"And then you became a mother as I became a father, two factors I was not expecting when I declared my eternal love to you." He continued.

He pulled her closer into him. "But I do...love you."

A chill snuck up Caroline's spine at those three words.

Three words that he's said to her before but each time always felt like the first, especially since Klaus wasn't use to saying it.

"I love you, Caroline Forbes and I love your daughters as I love my own. You four are everything and more to me and I'm grateful to have you here." He declared.

A smile was tugging hard on the corners of Caroline's lips.

"But with all that said, I umm..." He nervously licked his lips. "I also understand that Josie and Lizzie are not my daughters..."

Her eyes shot up.

"I know they're not mine, I'm not their father and Alaric is but...I did raise them, I am raising them with you. This is their home. I-"

Klaus sighed.

Caroline caught off guard by his sudden rant. "Klaus-

"I know they love me too, alright? I know but it pains me no less every weekend when I send them off."

Caroline could feel the pressure forming in his chest.

"When they leave with Alaric, it's like all that goes away. And then starts over again when they return." He claimed, trying to keep his emotions at bay.

- Has he always felt like this? Has he been felling like this all this time?

Caroline thought as Klaus dropped his hands from her body.

"I consider them my family, you are my family Caroline." Klaus claimed, cupping her face in his hands.

Klaus caught the small tear that was just shy from falling down Caroline's rosy cheek. "New Orleans is their home but I want it to be the only place they call home. And for me to be the person they feel safe with, the person they run to and call for when need of help, who will scare the nightmares away. Their protector."

He shook his head.

"But then I'm reminded that I'm not. I'm not enough for them." He gulped. "Even Hope is thrilled to spend the weekend with father of the year Alaric." He sarcastically stated.

Caroline gave him a sympathetic grin.

She liked that Klaus was finally opening up to her, letting her in even if not fully.

Klaus was trying to play this off as cool as possible but the hurt was evident in his tone and his soft eyes.

How could she have been completely oblivious to how Klaus felt about Alaric?

How could he ever think he wasn't enough for them?

Klaus shook his head again. "I sound childish..." He attempted to walk away.

"No." Caroline grabbed his forearm and turned him back to face her. "Look at me."

It was now her hands cradling his face, their eye contact never dropping from each other's.

They exchanged small smiles and Caroline brought her hands down until clasped in his.

"You don't sound childish, you sound hurt." She said which automatically put Klaus on the defense as she felt his body tense.

"It's okay to admit you're hurt, Klaus." Caroline began. "I don't think any less of you, if anything it makes me know you're normal. Well, as normal as a vampire-werewolf hybrid can be."

That drew out a genuine smile from him which pleased Caroline.

"You know, we never really did talk about how you felt about this whole Alaric situation..." She said.

"I only agreed to this arrangement for you." Klaus clarified.

Caroline nodded. "I know, and I appreciate that." She smiled. "Also because you agreed that the twins should still be close to with their dad and Hope needed a change of scenery-"

"And I'm regretting all of it now."

She smiled, caressing his stubbed cheek with her soft fingertips. "I'm sorry you've been feeling like this, I wish you told me sooner."

Klaus scoffed. "Admitting that I feel threatened by a pathetic human is humiliating enough to admit to myself, let alone you."

Caroline rolled her eyes. "But if you told me then I would have told you, that you have no reason to feel that way."

He scrunched his eyebrows.

She leaned on her tippy toes to deeply kiss his rosy lips.

Klaus graciously reciprocated as he began moving his mouth with her's.

Caroline leaned away before the kiss grew more intense than intended.

"For starters, I don't want you to ever feel like you're not enough. With anything, but especially when it comes to being a father to our daughters."

"Ours?" Klaus's breath hitched.

She happily nodded. "Yes, ours."

Her arms were around his neck again.

"You're right, Alaric is their birth father and he loves them and would do anything for them and is a great guy. But that doesn't take away the fact that you do all those things too and more, and you're an amazing dad." Caroline began.

"The girls practically worship you."

Klaus was still unconvinced.

"Guess who they ask for when I'm taking them to school every morning or who they wish was picking them up after."

He sighed.

"Or who they wish was tucking them in at night before bed. Not me, not Alaric. They want you, Klaus."

"I got it, love." Klaus tried to dismiss.

Caroline lowered her eyes. "Don't do that. Don't downplay what I'm saying."

Klaus gulped, not wanting her to dig deeper but her hand on his cheek prevented him from looking away.

Her hand still on his cheek. "They look up to you because they know you will always be there for them."

He nervously licked his lips.

"They always heard stories about 'mommy's powerful friend from New Orleans'. Who saved me on more than one occasion and helped keep us safe and other not too gruesome stories about."

They both giggled.

Klaus was even flattered at Caroline telling the girls about him prior to them being romantically involved.

"You were their fairytale prince and now you're real, and exceeding all their expectations and they love you so much."

"Do you?" Klaus shakily asked even though he felt he already knew her answer.

Caroline met his lips for a brief but consuming kiss that earned him a few extra pecks. "I love you." She whispered against his lips before kissing them again.

"And I have no regrets with the decisions I've made regarding you, including being here."

Klaus smiled into another kiss.

She smiled wide.

He could never tire hearing her say those three heavy words to him. "How do I know you're not just saying this to make me feel better?"

Caroline rolled her eyes. "As if your ego needs anymore stroking."

Klaus smirked.

She sunk her teeth into her bottom lip. "And because I wouldn't lie to you, especially about this." Caroline answered.

"It's me, you and our girls together, living as a family because that's what we are to each other. No amount of weekend trips away from home is going to change what we have."

He felt some of the pressure lift off his chest.

"You of all people know that blood doesn't make someone family. Hope doesn't share my blood but I consider her one of my own."

Klaus beamed at her confession.

Caroline sighed into a grin. "I understand what you're going through, at first I had to try my best not to overstep boundaries. Hayley is Hope's mom and I respect that and she's a good mom. And after getting past our past and other issues, we developed a slow but decent friendship with each other..."

He squinted. "Caroline..."

The blonde shyly grinned, pressing her lips together in innocence and batting her eyelashes. "What?"

Klaus sighed, already knowing what she was thinking. "The answer is no."

She scoffed. "You don't even know what i was going to say."

"I know you well enough for you not to have to say anything."

Caroline smiled at his comment.

"Sweetheart, it's great that you and Hayley have found common ground but I have no interest in developing any type of friendship with Alaric Saltzman."

She sighed. "Babe, I'm not asking you to be best friends and Alaric isn't necessarily eager to be your friend either. But I think being in semi good graces with the twins' dad will be much more beneficial than you may think."


His words paused by her finger now against his lips.

She grinned. "It would mean a lot to me and the girls if you both just put your differences aside and talk."

"That's a low blow love, even for you." He shyly smirked, lightly pecking her fingertip.

Caroline wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him briefly before Klaus pulled her into for another kiss.

His hands wandered down her back lovingly as they sighed against each other's mouth.

Their intimate moment was interrupted by the sound of the front doorbell ringing.

Klaus pulled away, a low growl roaring in his chest knowing who was at the door.

"Hey." Caroline softly spoke, getting his attention with her hand resting on his cheek.

He turned to face her, his grin matching her's when she rested her forehead against his.

"I meant what I said. You're a great dad and their dad and I love you." Caroline happily stated.

The warmth rushing to Klaus's heart at Caroline's words was odd but soothing.

She leaned up to kiss him one last time before detangling her body from his to answer the door.

Klaus knew Caroline had a good point and she was right.

He would do anything for the twins, even if that meant having to suck it up and be decent towards Alaric.

Besides, it's not like he would have to see him often and the twins and Hope live here in New Orleans, with him and Caroline.

There was no denying his love for his girls nor the love they have for him. Being the reject in his family and never being enough for his own father, surely put a damper on Klaus's future relationships.

Sometimes he still has those insecure thoughts in regards to his relationship with Caroline. As much as he wished he could stop, he couldn't.

- You're not going to lose them.

Klaus repeated to himself.

He knew he couldn't pretend like Alaric wasn't a part of their lives, but it didn't hurt to try.

Klaus heavily sighed leaning against the kitchen counter. He could hear the smile on Caroline's face as she welcomed Alaric into their home, dreading the human's appearance.

"Dad!" Hope screeched, happily running downstairs with Josie and Lizzie not too far behind.

The hybrid cleared his throat, blinking away his distress as his daughter smiled wide jumping in his arms.

The overwhelming pressure in his chest was gone as he picked his daughter up, hugging her tightly.

The anxiety, the sadness and anger flew away with just the presence of his three little girls.

"Hello, sweetheart." He exhaled, his breath heavy against her hair. "Did you girls finish packing?"

Josie and Lizzie nodded.

Hope pulled away, her small arms around his neck. "We thought we heard Alaric in the driveway."

"Well you were right. He should just be in here shortly." Attempting to force a grin.

"Klaus?" Josie spoke.

He gazed down at the short brunette girl.

She shook her head and looked down at her hands.

Klaus gently placed Hope back on her feet and bent down to Josie's level.

"Come here, sweetheart." Klaus gestured for the Josie to walk towards him which she obeyed.

She stared up at him slowly.

"Is something wrong?" Klaus asked.

Josie shrugged.

Klaus squinted.

Moving so he was knelt directly in front of her and lifting her onto his lap, Klaus smiled which made her smile.

"Josie, you can tell me anything. Anything at all." Klaus reassured her.

She pressed her lips together. "I know...is it bad if I miss you while I'm with my dad?"

He deeply exhaled.

"I like going to see my dad but I also miss you and mommy too." She continued. "But shouldn't I only miss him while I'm with him since I don't see him as much?"

Klaus licked his lips and looked up at Lizzie and Hope before looking back at Josie.

He smiled. "There is absolutely nothing wrong with that."

The little girl played with her fingers.

"This is your home so it's perfectly understandable why you would miss it. And missing me while you're away does not make you a bad person and your father understands that."

She still seemed unconvinced.

He lightly squeezed her arm. "Listen to me, your father loves you, very much and he knows how much you also love him." He sighed. "You are allowed to love many people throughout your life and with that comes the burden of missing many people as well..."

"Do you miss me when I'm away?" Josie asked.

Klaus smiled, choking back tears he didn't even realize were forming. "I do, more than I can say. I miss you all." He looked at the two other little girls.

"But I also know how important and necessary it is for you to see your father and for Hope to stay connected with you. But you know what keeps me from dwelling over it?"

All three girls shook their heads causing a small chuckle to escape Klaus's lips.

"Knowing that you girls would always come back home." He answered.

Josie smiled at his comment, as did Lizzie and Hope.

Klaus was impressed with himself that he was able to say all those things.

His eyes widened at the unexpected hug from the young girl.

After the shock vanished, he then wrapped his arms around her small body and held her safely.

Klaus deeply exhaled, closing his eyes and being in this moment.

Josie's confession made him almost feel silly for everything he said to Caroline earlier.

"Are we interrupting?" A manly voice asked from behind.

Josie detached from Klaus with a big smile. "Daddy!" She yelled as she ran over to a smiley Alaric waiting for her with open arms.

Klaus pressed his lips together as he let Josie go, standing back up and observed Lizzie running over as well.

Alaric hugged both his daughters tightly and kissing them both on the head repeatedly.

"Hope, come on!" Lizzie waved over so the youngest Mikaelson kid could join in on the group hug.

"Plenty of room for one more." Alaric claimed, opening his arms wider.

The ginger haired little girl shyly smiled, glancing up at Klaus as if she was asking for permission.

"It's okay, sweetheart." He softly said, placing his hand on her head.

She smiled and didn't waste any time walking towards the exchange.

The room was filled with smiles and laughter.

Caroline stood by Alaric with crossed arms, grinning widely at the reunion then giving Klaus a sympathetic grin.

Just from his facial expression, adding to what he told her, she knew this was hard for him.

She tucked a curl behind her ear. "Hey girls, why don't we go upstairs and grab your bags. I'm sure your Alaric wants to get on the road soon."

"Okay!" The three girls said in unison, hugging Alaric once more before running past everyone and heading up to their rooms.

"Can I trust you two to behave while we're gone?" She joked.

"No promises." Alaric responded.

Klaus simply chucked. "For once, I agree."

Caroline rolled her eyes with a giggle, squeezing Klaus's arm for comfort as she walked pass him towards the stairs.

Klaus placed his hand over hers, rewarding her with a small smile before she made her way up to the girls' room.

The only two left in the downstairs now was Klaus and Alaric, both awkwardly gazing around the room trying to avoid eye contact.

Since being with Caroline, this was actually Klaus's first time being alone with Alaric.

The temptation to rip his skeleton out through his mouth was a more than tempting thought in Klaus's mind.

Klaus clapped his hands together. "Well, Alaric, can I get you anything to drink while you wait?"

"You realize I'm driving, right?" Alaric responded.

Klaus laughed. "I live in a house with three little girls now so I have a bit more of a variety then the good stuff." He walked over towards the refrigerator. "We are stocked with milk, three different type of apple juices, orange juice, grape juice, other fruits...Whatever suits your fancy."

Alaric smirked. "I'm fine, Klaus."

The hybrid nodded, closing the fridge door.

"We don't have to do this, you know..." Alaric stated.


He gestured between them. "This awkward trying to be nice to each other thing."

Klaus shrugged. "I assure you, any express of sentiment towards you is for Caroline and our daugh-"

Alaric scrunched his eyebrows at Klaus's pause.

He cleared his throat. "Caroline and your daughters' sake of course." Klaus quickly corrected.

The brunette man crossed his arms, slowly pacing around the kitchen.

He observed the kitchen, noticing the animal crackers and chocolate chip cookies in the top cabinet. The PB&J sandwiches wrapped in their ziploc bags, a bag of chips and banana on the side.

"This isn't the type of kitchen someone would think belonged to Klaus Mikaelson." Alaric laughed.

Klaus joined in on the humor. "Can't exactly blame them."

Alaric softly grinned. "I certainly had my doubts and concerns, when Caroline first approached me about moving to New Orleans with the girls."

He leaned against the wall.

"You're rather notorious in Mystic Falls, well everywhere actually..."

"Guilty." Klaus commented with a smirk.

"So then you understand why I was heavily against this whole idea or even you being with Caroline in the first place..."

Klaus vamp sped across the room till he was directly in front of Alaric.

Their faces inches from each other, Alaric roughly swallowed but didn't flinch at the close proximity.

Klaus clenched his jaw. "Me and Caroline are none of your concern."

"It became my concern the moment my children became apart of the equation." Alaric defensively pointed out.

Klaus took a step back.

Alaric sighed again. "Even though nothing romantic happened between me and Caroline, I still care about her. She's the mother of my children and her well being is important to me. So when she tells me she's in love with not only the oldest but most ruthless creature to exist and wants to live with him and my kids, I start questioning a few things." He explained.

"You're doing a great job with my ego, please go on mate." Klaus teased.

"Are you always this much of a pain in the ass?"

"Pretty much a pro." He shrugged.

Alaric shook his head chuckling.

At least they both had the same humor.

"You know the kind of person you are, Klaus. The type of life you live. You're a father now too, you get it."

Klaus gulped.

"I didn't want Josie and Lizzie being exposed to your world of blood shed and random scattered bodies. Or your countless amount of enemies possibly coming after them..."

"Clearly you thought all this out so why not just get to your point, hmm?" Klaus spat, not particularly in the mood to hear Alaric Saltzman of all people judging him.

"My point is that...I was wrong."

Klaus furrowed his eyebrows.

That's not what he was expecting to hear.

Alaric rubbed the back of his neck. "I wasn't wrong for being concerned but...I was wrong in thinking you couldn't be a good person for them."

This wasn't the conversation he was expecting to have.

"That one weekend when I visited, seeing you with Hope and how fatherly you were was...different. Or hearing she and twins talk my ear off about you the whole way to Mystic Falls and back. Telling me about the gifts you bought them, the places you promised to take them. I'll admit, made me a little...jealous." Alaric grinned.

Klaus slightly grinned at the new information."Is that so?"

"Trust me, I'm not trying to hype you up anymore than I probably already have."

The hybrid smirked.

"No one wants to think that someone else can be a better parent tot heir children than they can and I miss my girls, every day."

Klaus wanted to speak but wasn't sure what to say.

He was rather relieved to know he wasn't the only person who's felt like this.

"But I can rest easy every night knowing they are in good hands." Alaric admitted.

"My daughters do adore you, Klaus and they love living here and being around other witches and going to school with Hope. They call her their sister." He said proudly.

Klaus's lip twitched.

"They surely are family to Hope as well."

"And you." Alaric added.

He tensed.

"I hate admitting that but they consider you family, Klaus and you and Caroline are doing a great job with raising them. Keeping them happy and safe, that's all I've wanted for them but isn't that what every father wants for their children?"

Klaus nodded. "Of course."

Alaric pulled his lips into a tight line. "So, I guess I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for being a good guardian to my daughters and being a good man to Caroline." He reached his hand out.

Klaus looked down at Alaric's hand, debating whether to accept the handshake or not.

Eventually, he securely grasped the other man's hand in his for a firm grip.

Alaric slightly pulled Klaus forward. "Don't make me regret saying that. I don't care who you are because if you break any of their hearts I will kill you, that's a promise." He threatened.

Klaus took a small, non threatening, step towards him. "If there's one thing I can promise you, is that I will always do right by them. They will, as they've been, be my priority and they will always come first. But if I do hurt them in any way, I will provide you with every mean possible for you to follow through on your promise."

Alaric nodded, swiftly letting of his hand. "Did we just have a civil conversation? One where you're not threatening to kill me?"

Klaus laughed. "Don't get use to it."

They exchanged respectable smiles just as Caroline and the girls started walking die the stairs.

"Sorry it took so long, Lizzie wanted to bring their tutus and I had to track them down." Caroline laughed as the girls ran past her down the stairs.

She noticed the shift of behavior in the room since she left.

"Is everything okay?" The blonde asked.

Alaric nodded. "Everything's great, right Klaus?"

Klaus nodded back. "I think I'm going to have to agree with the human again on this."

Alaric playfully rolled his eyes. "Alright girls, you ready to get on road?"

"Yay!" They cheered heading for the front door.

"Wait, wait!" Caroline called out, vamp speeding to pick up their lunch bags off the counter and placing them in their over night bags. "You can't forget your lunches."

"Thank you mommy." The twins thanked her in unison.

"And make sure daddy calls me at each stop."

"Okay mommy, we promise!" Lizzie pleaded.

Caroline smiled, bringing the twins and Hope in for a tight hug. "I'm never ready to send you off, even if it's for a weekend."

"Love, you're smothering." Klaus said, making Alaric laugh.

Caroline raised a brow, detangling from the hug. "What are you two, besties now?" She scoffed.

Alaric shrugged. "Let's just say, we've come to an understanding of each other."

Klaus nodded in agreement before walking up to his daughter.

"Have a good time, sweetheart and listen to Alaric."

"I know dad, I know." Hope said hugging him tightly.

Klaus grinned, leaving a kiss on her head.

Alaric exhaled. "The Mystic Falls Express is departing now!"

Hope let go of Klaus, just enough for the twins to squeeze in and sneak a hug from the hybrid as well.

"We'll miss you." They said.

He swallowed. "I will miss you both too. See you when you get back."

Caroline heart clenched as she grinned at the sight.

The three girls ran out the door together to the car.

Klaus watched as they jumped and waited impatiently for Alaric to unlock the mini van.

"Call at every stop." Caroline repeated with a hand on her hip.

"Yes, Caroline I know." Alaric annoyingly confirmed. "This isn't our first trip."

"I know but I'm a worrier, always have been." She said, walking him out the door.

Alaric chucked. "Yes, I know you are. I'll see you on Monday." He said giving her quick hug. "And Klaus..."

The other man turned to face him.

"How about we catch a non fruit drink the next time I'm out here for a casual visit?" Alaric surprisingly offered.

Caroline did a double take at the friendly invitation.

Klaus smirked. "Looking forward to it."

Alaric grinned and nodded at both of them before finally making his way to the vehicle.

Caroline quietly stepped up next to Klaus.

"We weren't gone that long. You two became friends that fast?" She asked.

He shrugged. "I suppose he's not the worse company I've encountered in my a thousand years."

The baby vampire smirked as Alaric and the girls drove off the driveway and onto the street.

Caroline sighed, wrapping her arms around his waist as he did the same to her.

"So are you okay now? With everything..."

"More than okay."

Klaus abruptly kissed her soft lips, stunning Caroline at first but she quickly melted into it.

His tongue caressed hers deliciously, eliciting a moan from the vampire.

She detached. "Not that I'm complaining but what was that for?"

"Because I love you." He answered.

Caroline smiled.

"Because I love our family and I wouldn't change the life I have with you for anything." He added.

She kissed him again, reaching her hand up to the side of his face.

Caroline could never tire of hearing Klaus say those things to her.

If only he knew how happy he made her too.

The pad of her thumb brushed his stubble.

"You know," Caroline whispered in between a kiss. "Now that the girls are gone..."

"Mhm?" Klaus egged her on.

"We have the whole house..." Another kiss. To ourselves..." Running her hands and fingers down his chest.

He smirked against her pink lips. "Hmm, are you trying to seduce me Miss Forbes?"

Caroline devilishly smirked, nibbling on his bottom lip. "Is it working?"

Klaus left a kiss behind her ear. "Not sure. I might need more convincing." He whispered, tugging on her earlobe lightly with his human teeth.

She purred. "Then I think you should take me back inside and let me persuade you more."

He grinned kissing her lips again, rougher and more passionately, before quickly lifting her up till her arms were secure around him and legs around his waist.

Caroline loudly giggled. "Such a cave man."

"But isn't that why you love me?" Klaus teased with a peck

"Just one of the reasons." She clarified, smiling into another heavy kiss.

Her fingers tangled in his curls while the other wrapped around his neck.

They moaned appreciatively into each other's mouths as Klaus sped them back inside their home.

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