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[Ddraig talking]

"Monsters/Dragons/Grimm Reapers talking"

Text directly from light novel


Prologue: A Hero's Choice

After school, after the meeting ended.

Azazel and Rossweisse left because they still have things to do as teachers.

The ORC prepared for the school festival with the remaining members. Looks like me and Kiba have to do power related tasks.

I then glanced at Buchou. She's looking at the documents used at the meeting and is reading it.

.She still hasn't returned to her good mood. Hmm, what should I do? If I don't reconcile with her before the game, I'm scared that it might cause difficulties. Apologising… seems like she won't forgive me unless I acknowledge the cause and apologise to her… And I don't know the cause of it! Hmm…

It happened when I was having my head all puzzled over it.

A light runs through the top of the table. The light drew a circle, and turns into a shape of a magic-circle….

It's a familiar symbol.


Koneko-chan mutters. That's right! It's exactly like Koneko-chan said! This is the magic-circle of Phenex!

It's a small magic-circle which has the size to appear on top of the table, so is it a communication-type? But who? …Don't tell me it's Raiser? What does he want?

I was in suspicions, but from the magic-circle a holographic image was projected and the face of a young woman appears.

She has a high-class atmosphere and looks. She has her hair up and adorned with expensive looking accessories.


Ravel made a shocking voice.

Okaa-sama? Ravel's mother? So that means she is the wife of the current head of the house of

Phenex which also makes her the mother of Raiser. She's pretty. She looks like she is in her twenties. Since she is a devil, I don't know her real age…. But she certainly looks like Ravel!

[How do you do, Ravel. Sorry for the call suddenly. I couldn't get any time, so I ended up calling at this hour. In the human's world Japan, its still school time right?]

"Y-Yes, it certainly is, but why did you call all of a sudden?"

When Ravel asks, Lady Phenex says….

[….Are Rias-san and Sekiryuutei-san here?]

The one who was called by her is Buchou…..and me? Why me?

Buchou stands in front of the projection.

"How do you do, Obaa-sama. It's been awhile."

[Ara, Rias-san. How do you do. It certainly has been awhile. And…..]

The Lady looks around. Is she looking for me? I positioned myself where she can see me immediately.

"Ah, hello. I'm Hyoudou Issei."

[Hello to you too. This is our first time meeting like this, isn't it Hyoudou Issei-san of the

Sekiryuutei. I apologise for introducing myself like this.]

"N-No. S-So do you have some business with me…?"

I ask while acting politely.

[Yes, I thought I should greet you properly…. Normally, I should go and greet myself to Rias-san who is in charge of the Hyoudou residence and the academy which my daughter will be

home-staying at, but there were reasons why we couldn't visit…]

"…You know, since the demands of the Phoenix's tear are increasing, so maybe they don't have time because of it…"

Kiba whispers to my ears.

Ah, I see… House of Phenex are the main suppliers for the Phoenix's tears after all.

I heard that there are emergency demands on the Phoenix's tears, and that they can't keep up with the supplies, so the Lady must be with it as well. That must be hard. It's much appreciated, seriously!

Buchou replies while smiling.

"Not at all, Oba-sama. Your words would be enough. Please leave Ravel to us."

[….I'm truly sorry, Rias-san. For having you take care of Raiser after the game, and also having you look after Ravel….]

It seems like she isn't saying it with bad intentions. I thought they would hold a grudge against us because the engagement was cancelled, but it seems like they don't even have a bit of it. There are so many big hearted people in the house of Phenex.

But for Buchou, it must be complicated. After all, she couldn't decline the transfer of Ravel and to look after her.

Then the Lady looks at me.

[Also, Hyoudou Issei-san. Please especially look after my daughter.]

..M-Me too? And she emphasised the word 'especially'.

Of course, I would look after.

"Y-Yes, of course. But Buchou is also here, and there are people who can look after her better than me in our club…."

[Yes. Of course, by entrusting my daughter Ravel to Rias-san and everyone else, then she would have no trouble at the school in the Underworld. But, what I would like to ask of you is different from that. Will you please protect her so no weird pests would come near her? By having the Sekiryuutei who has gained many achievements next to her, then both my husband and I can feel assured.]

"Weird pests…?"

So she's telling me to look after her so no guys would come near her in the human's world? I'm also a guy you know….. W-Well, I won't do anything like laying my hands on Ravel. She's my important junior. She's cute, but I won't lay my hands on her!

"I understand. I don't know how much I can do, but I will protect your daughter!"

When I said that, the Lady made a bright expression.

And besides me, -Ravel has her face very red. …..Hey hey, what happened Ravel…?


For a moment, the face of Buchou who appeared within my sight…looked sad…but was that just my eyes?

[I thank you very much…Ravel.]

"Yes, Okaa-sama."

[You know what you must do? You have to support Rias-san, and you have to listen to your seniors, and on top of that you have to deepen your relation with Hyoudou Issei-san. As the daughter from the house of Phenex, work very hard so you don't tarnish the name of our house, okay?]

"Of course!"

Looks like the mother and daughter are talking about something. I don't know why, but Ravel has her face red, and it looks like she is filled with spirits…

[And lastly, Hyoudou Issei-san.]

The Lady talks to me again.


[I hear that your dream is to become a High-class devil.]

"Yes, it is….And?"

[My daughter is currently my [Bishop]. I traded with Raiser.]

"Y-Yes, I have heard."

[Please remember it very well. My daughter is free. She is my [Bishop]. She doesn't belong to Raiser. Very well?]

"Y-Yes! U-Understood!"

That's something I already know, but well, I just nod my head just in case.

Hearing that, the Lady nods her head. She looks satisfied….. Why?

[My business here is done. Rias-san, Hyoudou Issei-san, and everyone, please forgive my sudden introduction. And it's time now. Ravel, behave in a manner where you won't make a shame as a lady.]

"Yes, Okaa-sama."

[Now then, everyone. Good bye.]


The light brightens, -it then turns into a shallow light and disappears

.The greetings of Lady Phenex which came here like a storm. It must be due to worrying about her daughter and the greetings to us. Though there were things I'm not sure of….

I was in doubts and made a sigh, and Buchou who was about to leave the room unsteadily on her foot appears within my sight.

"….Bu….Buchou, where are you going?"

When I asked, Buchou stops, and she mutters without turning around.

"….Ise, will you protect me?"

..Why do you ask such a thing suddenly…..? I don't know, but my answer is obvious!

"Of course, I will protect Buchou!"

"…And Asia?"

"Eh? Yes, I will also protect Asia!"

"And Akeno?"

"Akeno-san? That is obvious. But….. What happened, suddenly asking me such a thing?"

I don't get it. I don't get what Buchou's intention are at all.

But, Buchou asks with a lower tone.

"…Hey, Ise."


"…To you, 'what' am I? 'Who' am I?"


I don't get the meaning of this question….. But, to me…..

"….Ummm, to me Buchou is Buchou and-"

The moment I said that.

"-! Baka!"

She scolds me mixed with a sound of her crying. Buchou rushes away from the spot, and she left

the clubroom.


Asia goes after Buchou.

Asia turns to me after she reaches the door. Her eyes…are soaked with tears. Why is Asia crying…?

"Ise-san! You are horrible! It's too much! Why can't you…..! Why can't you understand Oneesama's feelings!?"

Saying that, Asia goes after Buchou.


Having Asia also say that to me, I just stood there dumbfounded.

.Wa, wait a sec! What's the meaning of this!? Why is Asia also mad at me!?

"That wasn't right, Ise-kun."

Kiba makes a sigh.

"….N-not right as in what?"

"That, precisely. Geez, you are so….. I can understand very well what the girls are going through."

"Exactly. It's natural for Rias and Asia-chan to get mad."

Akeno-san also sounded mad. Even Akeno-san….?

"Even I, who is dense at these sorts of things thought you were a bit off, Ise."

Even Xenovia looks at me with her eyes half-closed!

"Mou! Ise-kun, sure is a no-no! Poor Rias-san!"

Even Irina was mad.

"….You are the worst."

Ooooooo! I just received the coldest "You are the worst" quote from Koneko-chan!

I don't know what I did wrong! I just don't know! To begin with, maybe I should go after her?

I tried to leave, but I was stopped by Akeno-san.

"The current Ise-kun will just hurt her more even if you go after her, so don't."


Is it that serious? B-But….. It's my fault right? My fault…

I really don't know.

No, I actually have a 'maybe' kind of guess, but inside me that possibility is very unlikely…..

It's basically impossible, that's why I don't understand….. Shit! I started to get confused even more thinking about it!

"…Hey, Gasper. Am I really bad here?"

I asked my junior. Gya-suke says it in apologetic manner while twitching his body.

"…Umm…. Yes, I think you are very bad….."

Even Gasper says that to me!

I felt down. –Then Ravel asks while panicking.

"U-Umm…..this is my mother and my fault, right…? I'm sorry…."

Is it…Ravel's fault? It seemed like Buchou tried to leave after the communication between the Phenex mother and child…

Akeno-san places her hand on Ravel's shoulders.

"Ravel-chan doesn't have to worry about it. Ise-kun's the most at fault here because he never tried to think about the crucial thing between Rias and himself until now."

Akeno-san cheers her up like that, and she started to prepare for tea after urging Ravel to sit on the sofa.

It looks like I'm the biggest villain here.

..Uuu, what am I supposed to do?

(Scene Change)

After the berating he received from his club mates about his behaviour, we find our protagonist aimlessly walking through the streets of Kuoh. He couldn't stand the stifling atmosphere in the clubroom any longer along with the disapproving looks from his friends. He needed some fresh air. He needed to be alone. No matter how hard he tried though, he couldn't get the words his friend said to him out of his mind.

He felt hurt, he felt betrayed and most importantly he felt alone.

Why couldn't they understand?

He had his own demons to deal with….as he thought of this a flash of black passed through his mind…black wings…cruel sneer on her face…mocking tone of voice..

"Will you die for me?"

Issei stumbles as he walks.

"I don't want a filthy low class devil like you talking to me".

He grabs onto his face.

"Ahahaha! Yeah, you are right! It was a very royal date! Thanks to it, I was very bored!"

Issei suddenly started to hyperventilate.

"I don't want a rotten brat like you calling my name!"

He grabbed his chest in a vain attempt to alleviate his mental anguish.

"Ise-kun! Please save me! This Devil is trying to kill me! I love you! I love you so much!

That's why, let's defeat this Devil together!"

Issei felt all the negative emotions he's repressed over the last few months boil to the surface. He can feel the façade he puts on to hide his deeply scarred heart slowly cracking. He didn't realize it, but there were tears flowing from his eyes.



Why couldn't they understand!

He's helped them all fight their own inner demons! He was there for them when they needed him! So why?

Why did he feel so alone right now?

What did he do to deserve such treatment? Is this karma for constantly peeping on girls? For being pervert? Is he destined to be alone? To be misunderstood? Didn't he deserve some help? Did they ever stop to think that maybe he is still haunted by the ghosts of his past just as they were? Is he supposed to be the guy who has to be strong for everybody while they ignore his pain?

Issei was tired. Tired of being the doormat for everyone to walk over. Even before he became a devil, people constantly looked down on him. Whether it was because he was a pervert or some other reason, he was never taken seriously. People never cared much for his feelings or thoughts. He thought he found a home with the ORC. Finally people who cared. People who treated him with respect.

But it seems, like always, he's been deluding himself. Like how he put the circumstances of his resurrection at the back of his mind, or how Rias and Sona ignored Fallen Angels killing in their territory. The same way he ignored the hints dropped by Venelana Gremory about his future position. It seemed like at the end, he was a glorified trophy to be worn on the arm of the Gremory princess to be paraded to other High-Class devils, the same devils who sneer at his existence.

He wanted to hurt them! He wanted to don his [Balance Breaker] and show them who's inferior! He's the Sekiryuutei damn it! He's not some prized stallion to be paraded!

Issei felt his anger skyrocket. Once again those repressed negative emotions came bubbling to the surface and a snarl formed on his face. His body was slowly being coated in a red aura as he started losing control. He felt his consciousness slipping….slow fading into the abyss….it would be so easy to give up….

[PARTNER!]. A voice roared in his mind snapping him out of his funk.

Issei's head snapped up…his eyes looking focused once more. The voice of his partner seemingly dispelling the darkness. As he re-gained his bearings, he took a look around and couldn't stop the bitter smile that surfaced on his face at the location his body unconsciously took him to.

The fountain at Kuoh Park. The place where it all began…or where it all ended depending on how you look at it.

[You ok there partner?]. The deep and ancient voice of his partner Ddraig, The Red Dragon Emperor and one of the Two Heavenly Dragons, resounded throughout his mind.

Issei let out a genuine smile at the concerned voice of his partner.

"Yeah Ddraig I'm ok. Sorry about worrying you, it's just some unwanted memories surfacing." Said Issei with a defeated expression on his face. He hated feeling weak and helpless.

[I know, from what I could gleam from your memories it's the crow that's bothering you again]. Stated Ddraig.

"Yeah, no matter how hard I try I just can't get her or her words out of my mind. Was she right about me all along? Am I really such a hopeless loser that even after defeating a God I still feel insecure about myself over the words of a weak fallen angel?" Questioned Issei. It wasn't often that he shared his thoughts and feelings in such a manner, but Ddraig was his partner, he knew everything there is to know about Issei…even the things he didn't even know about himself. He knew he could trust his friend to help him. That thought made him smile forlornly, relying on friends to help him out. He didn't know if he could go back to the way they were.

[Don't beat yourself about it partner. I mean, in the beginning you were pretty pathetic].

"OI!" Protested Issei with an indignant look on his face.

[Let me finish you moron!]. Exclaimed an annoyed Ddraig.

"Ok ok sheesh….don't get your panties in a twist." Said Issei. He could almost feel Ddraig's eyebrow (do dragons have eyebrows?) twitching and tick marks appearing on his face.

[As I was saying, you were pretty pathetic in the beginning. You were weak and clueless to the true scope of what you were getting into. You just charged in recklessly, which isn't necessarily a bad thing as dragons are very straight forward creatures. But even though you were weak, I watched you defeat a fallen angel after only a few days of being a devil. I watched you masterfully outwit and defeat Riser Phoenix, a high-class devil who was far stronger than your [King]. Then I started to really pay attention, I watched you fearlessly take on Kokabiel, a powerful foe who survived the Great War, I watched you battle the Hakuryuukou, who is said to be the strongest to ever exist, to a standstill, a month later you achieved [Balance Breaker] in almost record time and defeated a God, You also sent the wielder of the [True Longinus] scurrying with his eye missing and his tail between his legs. What I'm trying to say partner is that no matter what people have told you in the past or what they will say in the future….hold your head up high and be proud of who you are and take pride in your achievements. Stop caring about what other people think and be who you are and were meant to be. You are the Sekiryuutei! Some might call you the weakest but I've had enough hosts to say with the utmost confidence that you are by far the best! You may not have natural talent like most but you have something that others will never have. An indomitable will…to live and to win! So wipe that frown off your face and do what my partner does best and go leer at some poor woman's tits]. Said Ddraig. What started off as inspirational and moving finished off with a deadpan tone.

Issei wasn't sure whether to laugh or cry. So he settled for a mixture of both. But truly, the words of his partner really touched him deeply. To hear such high praise from one of the most powerful beings to ever exist is a real boost to one's confidence, especially one as fragile as Issei. But as he thought over Ddraig's words he came to realize something, he was right. For so long he so desperately sought the approval of those around him, constantly trying his hardest to please everyone…sometimes at a cost to himself. All that it has ever brought him was pain. Even now…it seemed others expected him to go out of his way and prove something that was already plainly obvious (If giving up your organs and almost dying on several occasions isn't good enough to prove you care deeply for someone than I don't know what is). He was always expected to do these things, jumping through hoops like some circus monkey. But he was tired, tired of trying to live up to everyone's expectations, trying to be a hero, trying to be the nice guy….for the first time in his life…he wanted to be selfish. He wanted to do things for himself.

He worked so hard at constantly trying to fix the problems of others that he ignored his own issues. Well that won't be the case any longer.

"Thank you Ddraig….you're right. I'm always concerned with what others think that I forget to just be myself and live my life to my own principles. I'm done with always going out of my way to make others happy. I'm Hyoudou Issei, The Sekiryuutei and I'll do whatever the fuck I want!" Exclaimed Issei as he stood up on the bench and punched his fist to the sky as he declared his intent, ignoring the incredulous stares the people around him were giving him.

[Hahaha now that sounds more like my partner. So what are you going to do now?]. Questioned Ddraig.

Issei was brought back to Earth at the voice of his partner. He sat back on the bench and scratched his head.

"To be honest with you Ddraig, I'm not really sure. I don't want to be around the ORC for a while. Don't get me wrong, it's not like I hate them or anything, I'm more disappointed if anything….I still consider them friends but I doubt it will be the same as before. The bond we shared kind of fractured in that room. I won't go out of my way to make them happy anymore. I'll try to be a good friend and comrade, but it ends there. For now though I need to train. We have two months till the rating game against Sairaorg and I need to up my game if I stand any chance against him." Issei expressed thoughtfully. It was a real conundrum to him. Sairaorg seemed like an unmovable obstacle in his path and his regular training just wasn't going to cut it. He could feel that he was on the brink of something but there's a brick wall stopping him from getting to the finish line.

[The Bael devil is indeed a worthy opponent. He is like you in many regards. No natural talent but he has honed his body into a dangerous weapon. However, he has the advantage in that his body is naturally superior to yours as he was born a Pureblood devil while you are a reincarnated human. He has greater natural strength and stamina than you do]. Pointed out Ddraig. As blunt as it sounded, Issei knew that Ddraig spoke nothing but the truth.

"I know Ddraig, and that's the problem at the moment. Although I've gotten really good at using the [Boosted Gear] my base level is still not good enough to keep up with someone like him. I need to find a way to somehow find a way to increase my natural strength and abilities to the point where my body can rival that of a Pureblood devil or in my case a dragon's body…dragon's…body…! THAT'S IT!" Exclaimed Issei as he jumped from the bench in excitement.

[Firstly, Ouch…Dragon here…sensitive hearing an all. Secondly, what are you on about?]. Enquired Ddraig. Issei had a giddy smile on his face and seemed to be bursting at the seams.

"That's it Ddraig, I figured out how we can boost my base level. In biology class we've been learning about the heart and how it pumps blood throughout the entire body. So with that in mind…if we applied it to me and our situation…." Stated Issei as he mentally explained his plan to his partner. To say that Ddraig was surprised was an understatement, the plan Issei outlined was crazy bordering on suicidal.

[You do realize that the chances of you dying is almost guaranteed right?]. Ddraig pointed out shrewdly. He wasn't about to let his partner do something rash and get himself killed. But to his amazement…Issei just smiled serenely at his words.

"I know Ddraig. I know better than most what you mean. However, I've put my life and my body on the line more times than I can count for the sake of others, sometimes even strangers. It's time I did the same for myself. This isn't about proving myself to Rias and the others or impressing the devils. This is about me. Breaking out of the cocoon that's been crafted around me. This is about me getting rid of the metaphorical leash tied around my neck and break free and take to the skies to soar like the dragon I was meant to be. I have an opponent in front of me. He is powerful. He is worthy. I think we should let him be the first in a long line of people to experience the full might of not Hyoudou Issei the Pawn of Rias Gremory but Hyoudou Issei, The Unstoppable Sekiryuutei. Besides if you think I'm going to die a virgin…you must be out of your fucking mind!" Exclaimed Issei. While he started his monologue with a cool expression on his face he ended it with a perverted leer. Ddraig couldn't help the momentary deadpan expression on his face before he broke out into chuckles.

[There truly isn't a boring moment with you around partner. Very well, I, Ddraig the Red Dragon Emperor will aid you on this quest till the end, if it comes to that]. Stated Ddraig proudly as he understood his partners resolve. Issei smiled happily at those words.

"Thanks Ddraig, for having my back. And don't worry, as long as the chances are not zero, I will survive. I have far too much left to do to die anyway. You said before…one of my best qualities is my indomitable will. Well let me demonstrate to you once more partner. Let me show you that I won't lose, that I will overcome it just like I have every other obstacle that's been set in my path and come out stronger than before!" Stated Issei as he clenched his fist with a challenging smile on his face. Ddraig just chuckled in his mind, his host truly was the most stubborn person he's come across, including himself, which says a lot. They descended into a comfortable silence after that and enjoyed the peace and quiet of the park.

Issei though had a lot on his mind, his fractured relationship with his friends aren't a priority at this point, his focus is on getting stronger. He already knew what he needed to do but he needed a secluded place to do it. He needed to see a certain fallen angel about organizing it. He also needed Ravel's help as she had access to a certain item that he could use to strengthen himself further.

(Scene Change)

It's been a few hours since the episode with Issei has passed. The atmosphere was a somber one at the ORC clubroom. Everyone was going along their normal business but there seemed to be a distinct lack of energy. The entire ORC was gathered with the exception of Azazel, Rossweisse and Ravel.

"I haven't seen Ise in a while. Where is he?" Xenovia thought out loud.

"He's probably peeping on the kendo club or something. Ah what a tragedy, the childhood friend of an angel has fallen to such depravity. But don't worry Ise-kun…I will save you!" Exclaimed Irina as she put her hands together and prayed to the Heavens as her friend just looked at her with a deadpan look.

The rest of the ORC just smiled at the by-play between the two friends. Their thoughts then turned to their favourite [Pawn]. Everyone had their own thoughts on the matter but Rias just sat at her desk looking desolate. Akeno hated seeing her Master and best friend looking so depressed.

"Cheer up Rias, I'm sure Ise-kun will come around soon enough. Just give it time." Spoke Akeno with a smile on her face.

"Akeno-san is right Rias-oneesama, Ise-san will definitely come around!" Exclaimed Asia exuberantly. Rias smiled softly at her.

"Asia is right Rias-san, Ise-kun can be dense as a brick, even more so than Xenovia" Stated Irina while Xenovia wore a sour expression on her face.

"See you have a lot of support here Rias. You just need to be a little more straight forward with him. That's how Raynare got him to go on a date with her." Chuckled Akeno before the smile was wiped off her face as well as the faces of most of the club members and a growing sense of dread began to pool in their stomachs.

"Raynare!" Shouted Rias, Akeno, Asia and Kiba with Koneko looking on with a growing sense of realization.

"Hiiiiiiii…what's going on?" Whimpered Gasper as he crawled back into his box.

"That why he was the way he was….he always seemed to look at us in fear at times, I understand now" Said Akeno with a miserable expression on her face. How could she not have realized it sooner? The man she loves more than anything was going through so much and she just ignored it. It's because of him that she finally accepted herself and made peace with her father after years of resentment and self-hate. She should of understood his feelings better than anyone. She never hated herself more than in that moment.

"Ise-san…after all this time…Raynare-sama was still…" Mumbled Asia as she covered her mouth and let her tears fall down her face. She couldn't believe she let her Ise-san suffer through that and never even think to ask him about his feelings. She just selfishly wanted him to confess to Rias-oneesama so she could be next. She felt like praying to god but at this moment she didn't believe she deserved salvation especially considering that it was Ise-san who asked for her to be able to pray again.

Koneko was silent but in her mind she was berating herself for being so inconsiderate to someone she loves. She was supposed to be his Hell-cat that stood by him through everything. All the claims of having his babies and being closer to him but she missed the emotional pain that must of being plaguing him all this time with made her feel worse considering she was a nekoshou who knew senjutsu so feeling emotions should be second nature to her, but she failed.

Kiba just clenched his fist and directed his anger at himself for being such a bad friend, when Ise-kun was suffering in silence he just overlooked it even though Ise-kun did his best, even taking multiple punishments in order to help him overcome his own demons. 'Some best friend I am.' He thought to himself.

"Ano…can someone please explain what's going on?" Enquired Irina with Xenovia, Gasper and looking on curiously.

Akeno took the time to explain the circumstances behind Issei's and Raynare's relationship to the point where she brutally murdered him. To say the others were horrified was an understatement. To think that the perverted pawn who always smiled for everyone had such a traumatic incident happen to him, and only a few months ago at that.

Xenovia and Irina suddenly felt horrible about their behaviour towards their friend/love interest. They needed to apologise as quickly as possible.

"Poor Ise-senpai….and we ganged up on him before." Whimpered Gasper sadly with tears in his eyes. That snapped everyone including Rias to attention. They suddenly felt disgusted at their earlier behaviour but also extreme worry for their lovable pawn who has been missing since. They started to have a very bad premonition occur to them concerning their behaviour towards their friend/love interest. Rias was the first to snap into action.

"Ise!" She exclaimed with worry. What had she done? How could she be so selfish and uncaring towards the man she loves! The man who gave everything for her and her peerage's happiness. She started to feel like scum for doubting him and acting like some spoiled brat. She needed to find Ise. She needed to apologise and beg for his forgiveness. These were the thoughts running through her mind, similar thoughts ran through the minds of everyone else, as she prepared the transport magic circle with tears running down her face.


After a red flash the ORC found themselves in the basement of the Hyoudou residence. They immediately ran to the living room as fast as they could.

"Ise" Cried Rias as she ran only to come to a screeching halt as spotted a nonchalant Azazel sipping on some tea and a nervous looking Ravel sitting next to him. She immediately questioned him.

"Azazel what are you doing here? Never mind that have you seen Ise?!" Cried Rias hysterically. The members of the ORC behind her nodding in agreement with grim faces. Azazel put down his tea and looked at them with a blank look on his face that unnerved them and spoke the words that shattered them.

"Ise is gone." He said with a monotone voice.

"WHAT!" Exclaimed the ORC with Rias and Akeno looking stricken as the news while Asia just cried to herself. It felt as if the whole world was crumbling around them. The only thought on their minds was to find Ise as soon as possible.


Author Note

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