"My brother's coming to live with us."

Wybie looked over at Coraline, confused "I thought you were an only child?" Coraline sighed, wiping the dirt off of her hands, "Yeah well, so did I." She stood up from her seat on a mossy log, kicking some dirt with her boots, "Apparently we were born around the same time, but mom and dad could only afford one child.. Now that they're financially stable, he's coming to live with us. Out of nowhere!"

Wybie sighed, letting Coraline having her meltdown, as usual. He looked down at the sleeping black cat that sat on his lap, scratching him behind the ears while Coraline was still spouting off, "Are you even listening to me!?" Wybie jerked his head back up, looking at Coraline, "Uh.. yes?" Coraline face palmed, "You're unbelievable.."

Wybie started putting on his jacket when a knock came from the front door, "I got it!" He called out to his grandma while running towards the door, revealing Coraline. She looked miserable, "Uh, you okay, Cora?" "No, I am not okay! Did you already forget?" Wybie's head tilted more than usual, making a confused grunt. Coraline sighed, still panting, "My brother arrived today. And I do not want to be there to greet him, or walk to school with him."

Wybie sighed, shaking his head. At least Coraline was walking to school with him, but at what cost? Who ignores their brother? Sure, she may not have known he even existed, but still. He looked down at the ground, noticing Coraline was stomping her feet, "You keep stomping your feet like that and you're gonna fall into an alternate dimension." Of course, she ignored him.

By the time they got to school, Coraline was still stomping. Wybie rolled his eyes, "Ok, seriously, stop. You're going to break your ankles-" something came into contact with him, making him fall backwards onto the floor. He shook his head, trying to regain his composure. He looked up to see what ran into him when he paused, Coraline was glaring at something, or rather, someone. Wybie looked up a bit more, seeing a boy with pale skin, who looked very similar to Coraline.

He couldn't take his eyes off of the boy, "Kyden.." Coraline muttered, an angry tone in her voice. The boy, who Wybie assumed now was Kyden, looked over to Coraline, "Hi sis!" Wybie felt a shock run down his spine as Kyden spoke, he couldn't even get the strength to stand back up, he was completely breath taken, to say the least.