The Missing Member


Spencer's POV

To say, Carly, Sam, and Freddie haven't said anything about how school went today, I was actually used to their constant arguing between Sam and Freddie, or Carl's having to sort it our, it was like they both were an old married couple.

Carly said, "You don't think that he would have anything to do with..."

Sam said, sitting down next to Carly on the couch, "Do you think that Spencer might help out?"

Freddie said sarcastically, "Like Spencer's going to know what we're talking about."

I had gone to get the mail earlier today, however, as I turned around to check the mail that was in a small pile, I heard Carly say, "Do you think that you could help us, Spencer?"

However, a letter soon caught my eye, I slowly got the letter out, my eyes soon widened in realization, quickly checking to see if the others were occupied, saw that they all were looking at me, I quickly slipped the letter aside, thinking that I would deal with that later, I quickly said, hiding the letter behind me, "What's that?"

Sam asked, "Spencer, do you know someone by the name-"

Carly said as she made her way up to her older brother, "Someone's asking about you."

Freddie said, "Like he might know a stranger, Carly."

I asked, "Know a stranger? What are you three on about?"

Carly sighed, and said, looking at the letter that was unopposed, "Granddad, again?"

I said, grabbing the letter and tucking it away in the crook of my arm, "What are you talking about?"

She said with a small hint of curiously in her tone, "The letter, what dose it say?"

Sam said, "Come on, Spencer, read us the letter."

However, as I opened the letter, my hands started to sweat, something tugged at my insides, like there was a dark cloud looming over head, but nothing could have prepared me for what I had found inside.

Inside, we had found a single sheet of paper, as I pulled it out, my eyes widened ever more as I realized just who it really was from, I could feel myself ready to shed tears, trying to not break down into tears in front of everyone, I looked down at the letter, and quietly read silently to myself, not trusting the three teens to know what really was going on;

Dear Spencer,

Please, you can't do this to me, to us. I didn't mean any of it, you should know that. Just please, Spencer, please, I'm begging you to come back home, please, come back to me...

I can't do this without you.

Dr. Carlisle Cullen

P. S; I still live in Forks.

I knelt my eyes together, making sure that the paper was in front of me, I forced my hand to stay still, as it started to clench and unclench at my side, behind the letter, my face twisted into anger, rage, and furry.

I glared at the letter, the hand that was holding onto the letter started to shake, after all these years, he has decided to talk, but talk about what!?

I took a deep breath, letting it out slowly, and said as I headed to my room, "I'll be right back, you three, stay here."

Once alone in my room, after shutting the door behind me, I crumpled up the letter angrily, threw it across the room, and growled low, eyes narrowed, knowing that I wouldn't get a response, "Oh; now you want to talk! After all these years!"

I paced my room, deep in thought, it wasn't like me to keep things from any one, they knew about my time in Forks, or so, that's what I had told them.

But they never knew the number one thing that I had deliberately hid from them, I couldn't tell them, it would surely end badly.

Especially when I was threatened by them.