I'm Raluca

You are someone

Hi someone

I love talking to you

So now that we are friends I have a question for you:

When love is gone, where does it go? Do you think it transfers to another person or do you think it just vanishes? (Lmao don't worry I'm not in love and will never be. Or at least for the next 10 years)

Sorry, did I say question? I meant to say questions.

*ahem* next question please:

DO YOU LIKE HARRY POTTER? BECAUSE I DO AS YOU CAN SEE! Sorry again! Did I say like? I meant to say love.

Now I think it's time for some jokes. Don't worry I'm not funny at all.

Here's the joke:

A: Do you love me or what?

B: What.

Hahaha funny, right?

Okay, thank you and goodbye!