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Chapter I: Unexpected Newcomer

New York City, Eight A.M.

A woman with short red hair, wearing jeans and a yellow shirt was on top of a roof watering plants before hearing someone scream, followed by a crash.

Looking back, she gasped seeing a teen boy in tattered black pants, mesh shirt, and missing his right arm from the elbow down. He has spiky blonde hair and three whisker marks on his cheeks.

"Hank!" The woman yelled running to the teen. A man ran out from the stairway before running to the woman.

He has brown hair and is wearing a lab coat over a jacket and black pants. "What's wrong, Janet-Oh my God!" Hank yelled before running to Janet and the unconscious young man.


The teen woke up to see a white ceiling before hissing. Looking to his right, he saw his arm was bandaged up. "Watashi wa doko ni iru no? (Where the hell am I?) O Tsunade-bāchan ga watashi o mitsukete kurete, watashi o Konoha ni tsurete kimashita ka? (Did Granny Tsunade find me and bring me back to Konoha?)"

He asked in Japanese before hearing a voice.

(A/N: Using Google Translate. If that's not right, or you know a better translation, let me know. I'll will now have all Japanese spoken words underlined.)

"You're awake!" The teen looked to see Janet walk in.

"Who are you? Where are we? What Hidden Village am I in?" Janet blinked before Hank and a male doctor walked in.

"He's speaking Japanese." Hank said before looking to the teen and spoke slowly in Japanese. "You're in New York City." The teen looked at Hank in confusion.

"Nani? (What?)" Hank continued after he spoke up.

"I'm Hank Pym and this is Janet van Dyne." The teen nodded at that.

"Uzumaki Naruto."

After talking with Naruto for a while, they deduced that he was possibly from an alternate Universe, seeing how he talked about a Continent called the Element Nations, where each major city was named after an element and he just defeated someone to end a World War before waking up in the hospital.

And his wounds were healing at a rate of a certain Canadian they know. Naruto sighed as he leaned back in the bed. "You okay, Naruto?" Hank asked as Naruto looked to him.

"No, I'm not. I've been transported from my home, my friends, some possible girlfriends, and other hot ladies."

He then pointed to his stub. "And I've just became left-handed!"

Later, after checking Naruto out, the trio walked outside after giving Naruto new clothes.

He's now wearing jeans with black and orange-striped tennis shoes. A black shirt with a prosthetic arm, with the rest wrapped up up to his neck. And his headband.

"Wow, like Amegakure (Village Hidden In The Rain)." Naruto said before looking to see the various vehicles driving by and blinked. "What the hell are those?"

Janet looked to Hank who looked down at her. "He's never seen cars before." He called a cab that stopped beside them before the three got in.

A Few Months Later, Hank and Janet's Apartment.

Naruto closed a book on the English language in his new room before looking down at his new right arm. It's a black robotic arm. (1.)

He's wearing black pants and a white sleeveless shirt.

Naruto moved his fingers to test it, remembering about getting it from Stark Industries. He looked at etchings along the arm showing a slight glow as he added chakra to it. "Glad I was able to add seals to this thing so I'd be able to use chakra." He said in English before stretching.

He looked to the window and saw the sun was shining before seeing several birds fly by the window. He opened the window, remembering Janet and Hank offering a room of their appartment for him to stay in. Over the months, he learned all he could about the world he came to.

He learned of heroes with powers that protect the civilians from what they call villains who commit crimes ranging from just stealing up to taking over the world. "NARUTO! COME ON! WE'VE GOT TO VISIT S.H.I.E.L.D.!" Naruto groaned at that before walking out to the hall.

"Do I have to?! Nick is such a stick in the mud! The only reason I even agree to go to is to see Maria in that tight body suit!"

"Yes, now get your butt down here and into your new costume!" Naruto sighed before walking to his closet. Opening a fake back he picked out a costume before putting it on.

He's wearing a black unitard, black shoulder pads, boots and gloves. His abdomen area is coloured in a lighter gray. He's wearing a black utility belt. Suddenly, a black half face mask came over the lower part of his face before walking down. (2.)

He saw Janet was in a costume as well.

Her costume is a black and yellow dress with a yellow antenna-like head-piece and black and yellow gloves and black leggings with yellow boots.

"Ready?" She asked fixing her head-piece.

No... do I really have to go?" She sighed as she stared at him.

"Yes, you're a part of the team now."

Hank walked in with his lab coat over a red body suit with black circle on the stomach and black gloves.


S.H.I.E.L.D. Heli-Carrier.

The trio walked out of a helicopter to see S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents walking around the jets. "Shinobi! Wasp! Ant-Man!" The trio turned to see a woman walk up to them.

She's a tall, tan-skinned woman who's wearing red lipstick and has short brown hair, brown colored eyes, ripped broad shoulders, and a voluptuous yet well-toned muscular build. She's wearing a very form-fitting blue uniform through the uniform with a red circle with a black Eagle inside on her left breast, black colored boots, and white colored gloves and belt.

"Hello, Maria." Wasp greeted as Naruto stared before being elbowed by Wasp. "Watch it, Shinobi." He raised his hands in mock surrender before speaking.

"Just enjoying the view." Maria rolled her eyes at that before turning around.

"Follow me." They walked inside and past several agents before coming to the main room.

There they saw a dark-skinned bald man with an eyepatch on his left eye and a goatee. He's wearing a custom S.H.I.E.L.D. uniform under a long grey coat.

"How can we help you Fury?" Hank asked as Fury turned to them.

"I need your help, Hank."

Wakanda. Shores Of Africa. (3.)

In a small dome lab, Hank was looking at a piece of metal before picking up a small recorder and hit record. "Field Journal 01192-7. Dr. Henry Pym recording. S.H.I.E.L.D. found a sample of the rare metal alloy known as 'Vibranium' outside the African nation of Wakanda. Which is exciting for me as I'm the first scientist to study it."

Hank stopped hearing someone snore loudly before looking to see Shinobi sleeping on a chair, feet propped up on a table. He sighed before continuing. "S.H.I.E.L.D. Director Nick Fury asked me to evaluate it, and make sure it's safe for humans to handle it." He said before dropping the recorder down and brought a microscope over the Vibranium.

Missing Naruto opening his eyes and quietly disappear.


The doors exploded as Hank was looking at the metal before several men walked in as one with a beard walked in front.

The one in back was suddenly grabbed by a shadow who ran into him and into the shadows on the other side of the room. "Greetings, Dr. Pym. My name is Ulysses Klaw, I'd like to talk with you about the Vibranium." Hank just started noticing Naruto was gone.

"Then you should make an appointment with Janet Van Dyne and we'll all have lunch."

Klaw walked up to Hank and smiled. "You misunderstand, doctor. I want all your research, and the Vibranium." He said while picking the metal up. Up above, Naruto stuck to the ceiling waiting for a signal before seeing the other man take aim with tranquilizer guns.

"No one wants to talk things out anymore. Such a shame."

Hank hit a button on his belt having the black on his suit glow yellow as the men shot at him. Hank disappeared before Naruto saw him the size of an ant with a silver ant like helmet punch one man. Naruto dropped down on one man before disappearing and reappear in front of the next two.

Naruto pulled his hands forward having several wires shine as they wrap around the men and Naruto knocked them out. "There, and you didn't need to shrink them down." Naruto said as Hank grew back to normal. They looked to see Klaw had escaped and dropped a ray gun.

Later, Wasp who was the size of a wasp flew in with insect wings and grew to normal size. "I see you two are alright." She said looking at the knocked out men as Hank was looking at the metal and Naruto was tossing and catching a kunai in his right hand.

"We're fine, Jan." Hank said as Wasp walked up and wrapped her arms around his neck from behind.

A Few Days Later. Brooklyn, New York.

Shinobi looked at the group of people in front of him, most resembling different snakes.

The first one is a overweight man with brownish-red scales and a rattler tail protruding from his tailbone.

The next person resembles a King Cobra with his lower body being a tail, instead of legs.

The next person is a man with similar characteristics but is a regular snake with armour over his chest and mechanical arms with blade protruding out of the gauntlets.

The next is a female with long blonde hair and is muscular. She's wearing gold/green armour and a cloth over her waist leading down to her knees and thigh high boots.

The next female has short pink hair and is wearing a pink skin-tight bodysuit, and domino mask. With a black diamond pattern on the shoulders/chest, stomach, and black gloves and boots. She has what looks like diamonds around her waist acting like a belt and one each over her gloves.

The last one is a man with green scales, a tail from his tailbone and what looks like a fin on his back. He's wearing a purple bodysuit with silver plate under his arms and over his legs.

(A/N: Look at Serpent's Society Wiki/Ultron-5 Ep.)

"Robbing a bank in broad daylight? That's just plain stupid!" Naruto said as Cobra's tail beame legs.

"You can't stop us!" Cobra yelled before Rattler shot a bolt of electricity at Naruto. Naruto disappeared from the spot before creating several clones who added chakra to their limbs.

Small prongs came out of his right hand's knuckles before shocking the members. Diamondback fell down as the other members turned and hit the Naruto that was behind them. Death Adder was suddenly caught by Ninja Wire before being tied up with them.

Anaconda was hit in the face with sleeping pellets and fell down as well. Cobra turned and was hit with a blue ball of energy from Naruto. "Rasengan! (Spiraling Sphere!)" Naruto jumped from Bushmaster before taking two kunai and cut his arms off. Bushmaster turned and swallowed Naruto to his waist.

"OH, COME ON! NOT AGAIN!" Naruto yelled before quickly going through hand signs.

"Denpō Sekka. (Telegram Flash.)" Lightning shocked Bushmaster before Naruto turned and threw him to a building. Rattler ran to Naruto who looked over his shoulder before going through handsigns and slammed them down on the ground. "Doton: Dōmu. (Earth Release: Dome.)"

A dome came up trapping Rattler before Naruto saw the S.H.I.E.L.D. Heli-Carrier above them. "You're late, Fury." Naruto said as he walked over to the unconscious Diamondback. He picked her up bridal style as a helicopter dropped down.

A Week Later, New York City, University.

"Bored!" Naruto groaned as he sat on a chair. He's wearing camouflage pants and a black shirt with burnt orange lines on the sleeves that go up to the shoulders.

He looked around the room Hank was studying insects in his laboratory. Janet was looking at a butterfly cage and sighed herself. She's wearing a yellow shirt with the straps hanging off her shoulders over another black shirt and jeans.

"I'm with Naruto on this, Hank. I manage your entire life so you can do this! And it's sooo boooring!" She yelled looking at dead butterflies in a frame on the wall by the windows.

"Jan, I'm mapping insect genomes! What could be better than this?!" Naruto tipped his chair back.

"Literally anything else!"

Suddenly, an explosion went off outside having Naruto and Janet look out the window.

They saw a man in a green colored, metal-plated armor come out of a building. He has a cone-shaped helmet covering most of his face except for his blue eyes with two small wings at the side of the helmet. He has broad green shoulder pads, a green belt around his waist. He has metal bracelets with saw blades on them.

"Finally!" He quickly ran out of the room and went out the window in his costume before dropping down as Wasp flew by him. The man created a green tornado and flew away as the duo gave chase. Naruto ran along the building before jumping ahead ad threw a kunai with a piece of paper tied on the handle.

It flew just in front of the man and exploded forcing him to stop in his tracks having the wind die down. "Whirlwind." Naruto said as Wasp caught up and flew beside his head.

"Did you just shoot at me?" Whirlwind asked as Naruto clapped his hands.

"Oh, we got a smart one!"

Whirlwind's lower body became a tornado and he hovered around as Wasps shot yellow bolts out of her hands at him. Naruto jumped behind a car before flipping over it and went through several hand signs and a small opening over his mouth opened and he shot bullets of air out hitting Whirlwind in his helmet.

"Fūton: Renkūdan. (Wind Style: Air Bullet.)" Whirlwind shook his head before a swarm of ants attacked having him let out a scream.

"What are you doing?!"

They looked to see a small Ant-Man riding a flying ant. "We should leave this to the authorities." Naruto snorted at that.

"He went through several Police cars while we were chasing him, Hank. They are not prepared to face people with powers, that's why we are here." Ant-Man looked at Wasp before speaking up.

"You're not trained for this! I don't want you to get hurt!" Suddenly, Whirlwind blasts the ants from him and looks at the trio.

"Playtime's over!" He threw the blades at them having the trio dodge. One hit Wasp who flew to a cab and grew to normal size unscathed. Whirlwind dashed to her. Her hand glowed yellow before bringing it up to Whirlwind's helmet. A yellow blast hits him, forcing him on his back.

Naruto and Ant-Man walked to him and looked down. "I know it's not a game, Hank, but I can do more than make money and take meetings. Together, we can do more. And we can have fun doing it." Wasp said as her wings came up and she hovered as she shrank.

The Big House, S.H.I.E.L.D. Heli-Carrier.

Shinobi, Wasp, Ant Man, and Fury watched as Whirlwind walked in a miniaturized prison in a room of the Heli-Carrier. Flanking him, are two robots with ant-shaped heads.

Suddenly, Whirlwind used his powers, shorting out a chip on his suit before Ant-Man poked him. Whirlwind looked up in shock. "You shouldn't insult the synthezoid, Mr. Cannon. They're just doing their jobs" Naruto and Wasp waved down at them.

"Hi, Spin-Cycle. Miss me?"

Wasp asked as two more robots walked towards Whirlwind. "Dr. Pym, S.H.I.E.L.D. thanks you for your hand in taking Whirlwind down." Hank looked to Fury who walked inside.

"Well... I..."

"Ahem." Wasp cleared her throat bumping her hip into Hank's.

"Well, it was actually Jan and Naruto who took him down." Fury smirked as he turned around.

"Maybe you two should come work for me, Ms. Van Dyne. Mr. Uzumaki. Wasp and Shinobi, agents of S.H.I.E.L.D."

Naruto just stared as Wasp smiled. "I like it." Hank sighed at that as they made their way to the front of the Heli-Carrier. "Hey! I think I can see my penthouse from here!" Wasp said looking out the glass front.

"We appreciate your help, Director. But I like to get a status report on the Big House facility."

Hank said as he turned to face Fury. "I'm a little concerned, frankly."

Naruto sighed at that. "Some people don't want to be rehabilitated, Hank. Some just want to watch the World burn." Wasp elbowed Naruto at that. "

You saw that in a movie. "

Naruto shrugged at that. "Still applies."

"S.H.I.E.L.D. could use a team like you three." Wasp eyes widen at that.

"You want to recruit us? For real?" Fury nodded at that.

"What you've done, Dr. Pym, given yours and Jan's powers. And Naruto-!" He was interrupted by Hank.

"Stop. If you're just interested in having your own Superhuman soldiers, then the answer's no."

"Look, Ant Man." Hank shook his head at that.

"I agreed to work with S.H.I.E.L.D. to help people like Whirlwind, not to do more fighting. I'm not going to make weapons for you. You've already got Tony Stark for that." Fury stared at Hank for a moment before speaking.

"What's it like? Living in your science world, Pym? You guys played hero, took down Whirlwind. Did you even bother to ask what he stole?" Fury walked to a computer and brought up a small device with a round end. "A sonic disruptor." He then brought up a picture of Klaw.

"Whirlwind was working for Klaw. You saw what he did with the small amount of Vibranium he got his hands on. He's still out there. So you three go home and think about how you want supervillians to have comfier jail cells. Because we'll still be here, making the World safer."

They walked away as an agent informed Fury that Whirlwind is a Mutant.

To Be Continued.

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2 It's Nightwings costume from the Young Justice TV series but with Bucky's mask from the MCU. I really only thought of the mask as I think it closes up by itself. Course it's been awhile since I've seen Winter Soldier so correct me if I'm wrong.

3. Don't know the location but I always thought he was in Africa.



1. Black Cat.

2. Shuri. T'Challa's sister who takes the Black Panther mantle at a time.

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