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Chapter LI: Avengers Assemble!

Last Time.

Captain America took a step forward at that. "There's another choice, Mar-Vell. You could be an example to the Kree. You can show the Kree that there's another way, a better way. You can lead them."

"Maybe. Maybe my people can learn from humanity. Maybe there is a future for us, a future without the Supreme Intelligence." Mar-Vell said looking out the hole and out to the city.

Later, Earth.

The Avengers in a Kree Ship appeared in Earth's Atmosphere. "That's a sight for sore eyes," Naruto said standing up.

"Verily. For as much as I enjoy your company, friends, 5 weeks journey through this Subspace is a very long time, especially when forced to endure Hawkeye's complaints."


"It's amazing. Think about it, Cap. The 9 of us, we changed an alien empire. Mar-Vell looked to the Avengers as an example. We can be that for Earth." Iron Man said to Cap who was standing up behind Ms. Marvel.

"Well, whatever the future brings, I'm just glad to be home."


New York; Naruto's Penthouse, Morning.

Naruto held Shuri who was wearing nothing but green panties. She giggled as Naruto kissed above her breasts before leaning down to her right nipple. Amora, Rachael, and Felicia walked out of the bedroom wearing nothing but sweatpants and saw the back of Shuri who had her head back moaning with Naruto's head chest level. They smiled and walked over before pulling them into the bedroom.

An hour later stood up from his bed and stepped into his pants. "Avengers assemble." Captain America's voice came from Naruto's card on the nightstand.

Naruto stood from his bed and put on his pants before leaving his four girlfriends on the bed nude on top of the sheets and knocked out. He saw Col sleeping on the floor of the hall before reaching down and rubbed his head.

Stark Tower.

The Avengers landed in front of the building to see rocks and other debris floating around it. "Okay, why is it always my building?" Iron Man asked looking up as a boulder floated down with a humanoid alien on it.

He's muscular, has grey skin, and is wearing a red and blue shirt and a loincloth-like garment. He also has red gloves and boots holding a very large ax.

"I am Terrax, herald to the Devourer. Prepare for the end of your world, for Galactus hungers."

Iron Man then hovered before flying at Terrax. "I've got this."

"Iron Man, wait!"

"I don't know what your deal is, mister, but you picked the wrong day to-!" Iron Man stopped as Terrax hits him through a building and into the sea

"Avengers, take him down!"

Naruto created several clones before running at the alien with a Rasengan (Spiraling Sphere.) One clone went through hand signs before shooting wind bullets out as another shot a fireball. Captain America threw his shield only for it to do nothing as Terrax brushed off the attacks before shooting a wave out of his ax hitting everyone back. "Watch out!"

Terrax turned and had the debris forming around the building creating a machine at the top. "Wait, is he... Is he ignoring us?" Hawkeye asked as Thor walked up.

"A mistake he will regret."

Naruto slowly got up before looking at the Asgardian. "Hold up, Thor. Whoever this joker is, he took all of us down without breaking a sweat." He said before Cap nodded.

"We need a battle plan."

Iron Man suddenly flies down at that. "Cap's right. And yeah, I know, 'I've got this' wasn't my best idea ever. This guy's putting out power like I've never seen before, some kind of cosmic energy. And that's not the worst of it. I'm getting an emergency call from S.H.I.E.L.D. Whoever this is, he didn't come alone. Three more of these 'heralds' arrived at the same time as Terrax."

"Each of them is building some kind of machine. And that's not all. Whatever these things are doing, they want us here for it, and they've completely sealed us in."

Later, Avengers Meeting room.

Naruto, Yellowjacket, Hawkeye, Cap, Iron Man, and Panther watched a feed of Earth before hearing Vision on their comms. "Vision to Iron Man. Your attention is required. Something is happening."

The feed turned to show a large ship above New York with Vision, Wasp, Thor, and Ms. Marvel. "Odin's beard. 'Tis a vessel."

"Okay, that's big."

"Terrax said that Galactus is coming. Anyone ever heard of a Galactus?"

Captain America nodded at that. "I have. Galactus is some kind of space god. One of the Skrulls told me it destroyed their Homeworld. It said Galactus eats planets."

"Wh-Wait, hang on. Are you kidding me? Are you saying that something is going to come out of that ship and actually eat the planet?" Wasp asked as Iron Man turned to the War hero.

"Cap, this is it. Everything we've been talking about. The future of the Avengers, what we mean to this world. This is it."

"You're the leader of this team, Tony."

"And I'm smart enough to know that the stakes are too high this time. We're gonna need everyone on this. And as good as I am, you're the right man for the job, Steve."

Captain America then turned to the computer. "J.A.R.V.I.S. put out the call. Code White."

A few minutes later, Hulk and every hero and person who helped the Avengers stood on the lawn of the mansion. Cap then looked towards them before speaking. "You are Earth's mightiest heroes, and I've called you together for one reason. The end of the world is here, and it's our job to stop it. You have your assignments."

"Galactus' heralds must be stopped, no matter what. Do whatever it takes to destroy the machines they're creating, and then we take the fight to Galactus himself. This isn't a battle of good versus evil, it's a battle of survival. We fight to save humanity itself. The world is counting on us, and we will not fail. Each of you are heroes, but today, we are all Avengers."

The Avengers split into teams to face the heralds and Galactus.

Naruto, Diamondback, Black Cat, Pantheress, Enchantress, Iron Man, Ms. Marvel, Yellowjacket, Mister Fantastic, and Doc Samson approach Galactus' ship.

"Getting analysis from S.W.O.R.D. Energy readings inside the sphere are off the charts, and there's no door." Ms. Marvel said as Mister Fantastic looked up.

"We need to proceed with caution."

Yellowjacket flew up and shrunk down part of the wall away. "What's Galactus gonna do? Eat us more?"

Captain America, Spider-Man, Iron Fist, War Machine, And Quake.

Down with Captain America, Spider-Man, Iron Fist, War Machine, and Quake approach Terrax before Quake shoots him down. Spider-Man then jumps on top of Terrax. "Hey, there. Got a little something on your face." He said shooting webs on Terrax's face. "Although, frankly, it's an improvement. He's all yours, Cap!"

Captain America throws his shield at Terrax as Spider-Man swung out of the way. "Your master's not welcome here, Terrax, and neither are you. War Machine!"

War Machine fires attacks on Terrax's building before Terrax summons rocks to block the attacks and knocks down War Machine.

Black Panther, Hulk, Invisible Woman, Ant-Man, and Winter Soldier.

On a volcano, Black Panther, Hulk, Invisible Woman, Ant-Man, and Winter Soldier who stayed on top approach a man who's made out of fire.

This is Firelord.

Winter Soldier picks up a sniper and fires at the alien, with no effect. Hulk, Black Panther, and Invisible Woman drop down to attack before Firelord unleashes lava to attack Hulk.

Wasp, Hawkeye, Human Torch, Thing, And Wolverine.

Wasp, Hawkeye, Human Torch, Thing, and Wolverine dropped down above the ocean to see a woman made out of water with a whirlpool around her machine.

This is Stardust.

Stardust easily fights off the new Avengers with a trident as the Human Torch flies around her. "Why'd I have to be on the water team? I hate water."

Thor, Vision, Luke Cage, Black Widow, And Falcon.

Thor, Vision, Luke Cage, Black Widow, and Falcon approach an alien man who looked like mist inside a clear armor with silver and black around him holding a scythe with wings coming out of his back.

This is Air-Walker.

Falcon and Black Widow snuck around planting bombs on the building.

Vision flew behind the alien to scan him. "Analysis of herald, designation: Air-Walker, matches that of Terrax. These beings are energy constructs, presumably created by Galactus. They are not alive."

Air-Walker shoots tornadoes at the others having Falcon catch Black Widow and Luke Cage as they escape from Air-Walker's attacks.

Naruto, Diamondback, Black Cat, Pantheress, Enchantress, Iron Man, Ms. Marvel, Yellowjacket, Mister Fantastic, And Doc Samson.

The team walked down the halls with Naruto and his girls making up the back. "Is it me, or is this corridor going on forever?" Ms. Marvel asked as Naruto looked around.

Mister Fantastic then looked up at the heroine. "This isn't a corridor. We're inside an energy conduit."

"Wait, what?"

"A wire." Yellowjacket plainly said from his spot. "He's saying that Galactus is so big we fit inside one of his wires."

"Shit." Naruto cursed before they entered a control room, with a large man standing inside with his hands on a control panel.

Naruto immediately recognized from his time travel with the frog statues. "Galactus." Iron Man said looking at the large man.

Mister Fantastic then scans Galactus with a small device he had on him. "Amazing. It's a being of pure energy, contained by the armor."

Iron Man also scanned him and had info come up on his HUD. "Look at the energy levels, though. They're dropping. He must need to replenish his energy to survive."

Yellowjacket aimed his shrink gun at Galactus. "Enough talk."

The others turned to him at that. "No, wait!"

Yellowjacket ignores them and shrinks Galactus with the gun. "Yellowjacket: Mission accomplished.

Galactus suddenly grows back to normal and looks at the Avengers. "For a scientist, that was a dumb move." Enchantress said to him as Galactus fires a beam from his eyes at Avengers, knocking away Yellowjacket and Doc Samson."

Captain America, Spider-Man, Iron Fist, War Machine, And Quake.

Terrax throws rocks at the Avengers before Cap looks at Quake. "Quake, go!"

Quake runs over and shatters the rocks before knocking back Terrax. Terrax then prepares to strike his ax on the ground but is stopped by Spider-Man. "Uh, no you don't." He then yanks Terrax's ax via a web.

"Iron Fist charges at Terrax and knocks him back with his glowing fist. "You believe you can defeat a herald of Galactus?" Terrax asks before Cap runs over to him.

"We don't just believe, monster. We're doing it." He attacks Terrax, who just disappears. "Take that machine down."

War Machine and Quake then proceeded to destroy the building with missiles and her powers.

Black Panther, Hulk, Invisible Woman, Ant-Man, and Winter Soldier.

Invisible Woman creates a force field to protect herself and Black Panther from Firelord's fire attack but is knocked down. Ant-Man then grows to attack Firelord by grabbing him, but his hand is burned before the Invisible Woman creates a force field around Firelord. "You must hold. He will burn himself out."

Firelord starts to burn out before he breaks free from Invisible Woman's force field. "Hulk, now, while he is weakened."

Hulk lands by Firelord and claps and disintegrates Firelord.


Winter Soldier picks up a rocket launcher and fires at the machine.

Wasp, Hawkeye, Human Torch, Thing, And Wolverine.

The Human Torch uses his fire to push back against Stardust's water. Wasp flies inside Stardust and blasts her away. "Yeah! Hawkeye, go!"

Hawkeye then destroys the building with his exploding arrows.

Thor, Vision, Luke Cage, Black Widow, And Falcon.

"You think to use the elements against me, creature? I will show you thunder." Thor said spinning Mjölnir and called lightning to attack Air-Walker.


Vision blasts Air-Walker down as the bombs on the building explode, destroying it.

Naruto, Diamondback, Black Cat, Pantheress, Enchantress, Iron Man, Ms. Marvel, Yellowjacket, Mister Fantastic, And Doc Samson.

Naruto was slammed into the ground as Galactus hit him when trying to attack. Galactus sees his buildings get destroyed around the world on a screen and teleports away.

Down below, the area glowed brightly around the heroes. "Cap? Why is everything glowing?" Spider-Man asked Cap just before Galactus appeared on the streets. "Oh boy. I think we just ticked him off."

Galactus ignores them and starts rebuilding the buildings around the world. The buildings feed energy into Galactus via red beams of energy.

Mister Fantastic and the others looked at the screen. "He reformed the machines," Naruto said, fixing his right arm after it got knocked off.

"It cost him precious energy. That's why he needed the heralds. That doesn't matter now."

Pantheress looked over at the armored hero. "Why? What's happening?"

"It's beginning," Enchantress replied, crossing her arms over her bust. "Galactus is devouring the planet."

Ms. Marvel flew down at that. "I can't just stand around watching. If I'm going out, I'm going out fighting." She then flies out of Galactus' ship and into Galactus, knocking him back.

Suddenly, a gold light shown before Naruto covered in gold chakra fell before a large gold Kurama formed and punched Galactus before holding him down.

Up in the ship, Mister Fantastic turned to Iron Man. "Tony, this isn't some supervillain or would-be conqueror. This is different. This is a force of nature."

"Give me something, Reed. Anything." Iron Man said as Naruto blocked a punch by Galactus

"The heralds' machines. They're pulling energy from the Earth and converting it to antimatter particles. Galactus is literally consuming the planet. We've only got-!"

"Stop. Back up. Did you say antimatter?" Iron Man asked before he hovered up. "J.A.R.V.I.S., find the ship's controls. It came here through a wormhole, there must be some way to reactivate it."

Mister Fantastic shook his head at that. "That's a temporary measure at best. Even if you were to pull Galactus into the wormhole, he could be back in seconds from wherever in the universe you send him."

"I don't intend to send him somewhere in this universe. We're sending him to the Negative Zone."

"Of course," Pantheress said, seeing where Iron Man was going. "That place is nothing but antimatter, he can just eat that!"

Iron Man then turned to Mister Fantastic to speak. "You, me, and Hank once created a portal to the Negative Zone. We've got 3 minutes to do it again."

Down below, Galactus blasts Ms. Marvel back before Naruto catches her. Ms. Marvel absorbs energy and fires it back at Galactus only for him to shoot at Ms. Marvel and War Machine. Naruto blocked the attack before Ms. Marvel flew up. "It's the end of the world! I'm freaking out! Why aren't you freaking out!?" Spider-Man asked Captain America who saw storm clouds.

"Because I can hear it."

"Hear what?"

"Thunder," Cap replied as Thor fires lightning at Galactus, knocking him back.

Thor then throws Mjölnir at Galactus, bringing him to his knees before Naruto hits Galactus with an ax handle. "Hear me, Galactus! I am Thor the Thunderer, son of Odin, prince of Asgard. But today, above all things, I am an Avenger, and this world is under my protection!"

Galactus just gets back up as Captain America spoke up. "Iron Man, if you're going to do something, now's the time."

"We're on it, Cap. Get everyone out from under the ship. Things are about to get messy. Go go go!"

The Avengers suddenly flew out of Galactus' ship on the Fantasticar. A wormhole opens above Galactus and sucks him in, along with pieces of his building.

"Before you ask, it wasn't me," Spider-Man said as Naruto dissipated his cloak and landed by the others.

Captain America looked over at Iron Man who landed by them. "I take it, this is your doing?"

"Oh yeah. We were able to map a wormhole into the Negative Zone and key it to the cosmic power that Galactus is putting off. It's pulling him in. We're not just kicking him off the planet, we're kicking him out of the universe." He replied as the wormhole closed.

"Don't be so sure."

Galactus opens a rift and tries getting out before Iron Man and Thor fly towards Galactus. "Thor?"

"I am with you, Iron Man."


Iron Man and Thor blast Galactus back into the Negative Zone. The clouds and rocks above Earth go away as the other Avengers arrive on the streets.

"We won! Wait, what did we do?" Wasp asked as Iron Man turned to her.

"We gave Galactus what he wanted. In the Negative Zone, Galactus won't need to feed on planets. The entire universe is filled with residual antimatter energy. He'll be feeding on the infinite universe itself."

Captain America looked at Iron Man and smiled. "You wanted to know how history will remember the Avengers, Iron Man? Well, here's your answer."

They all turn to the crowd that gathers around the Avengers to cheer.

To Be Concluded.

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