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Chapter LII: Epilogue.

Last Time.

Captain America looked over at Iron Man who landed by them. "I take it, this is your doing?"

"Oh yeah. We were able to map a wormhole into the Negative Zone and key it to the cosmic power that Galactus is putting off. It's pulling him in. We're not just kicking him off the planet, we're kicking him out of the universe." He replied as the wormhole closed.

"Don't be so sure."

Galactus opens a rift and tries getting out before Iron Man and Thor fly towards Galactus. "Thor?"

"I am with you, Iron Man."


Iron Man and Thor blast Galactus back into the Negative Zone. The clouds and rocks above Earth go away as the other Avengers arrive on the streets.

"We won! Wait, what did we do?" Wasp asked as Iron Man turned to her.

"We gave Galactus what he wanted. In the Negative Zone, Galactus won't need to feed on planets. The entire universe is filled with residual antimatter energy. He'll be feeding on the infinite universe itself."

Captain America looked at Iron Man and smiled. "You wanted to know how history will remember the Avengers, Iron Man? Well, here's your answer."

They all turn to the crowd that gathers around the Avengers to cheer.


New York City; Eight Years Later, Naruto's Penthouse.


Naruto, with very short hair, grabbed a 5-year-old girl and picked her up. She has blonde hair, fair skin, and green eyes with two whisker marks wearing a green shirt and black pants.

Naruto also has a newer arm that has more tech in it with blue glowing lines around it.

She giggled as Naruto put her on his shoulders. "Let's get breakfast, Frida."

A 6-year-old Caucasian boy ran by him with short blonde hair and blue eyes with two whisker marks wearing a white shirt and black shorts. "Easy Walt."

He was followed by a 4-year-old girl with dirty blonde hair and green eyes wearing a pink dress. "Morning Erika." Naruto greeted his youngest daughter and held her hand when she reached up.

Going into the kitchen, she saw Shuri holding a baby boy with brown eyes and two whisker marks on his cheeks.

Putting Frida down he walked to Shuri and kissed her. "Morning Shuri, T'Swalke." Felecia, Amora, and Rachel walked into the kitchen in their pajamas before Naruto's phone rang. "Oh, gotta go to the mansion." Kissing each of his wives, he ran out, rubbing Colt's head.

Evening Docks.

Shinobi dropped down at a warehouse before walking in and heard a female's voice speaking out. "Area's secure!"

Naruto walked in to see a young Caucasian woman of average height and a muscular build with thick long blonde hair wearing a Captain America outfit with red knee-high boots and shield disks launcher on her gloves.

'Sharon Carter AKA American Dream, newest Avenger and part of the Americorps Tony's doing of having a Captain America in every state when Steve decided to slow down.' Naruto thought before walking over as the Police inspected a silver bomb. "Hey, Dream, everything OK?"

"Yes, Shinobi!" She replied, salivating, having him roll his eyes.

"None of that, Dream. We're friends, not colleagues."

"R-Right! I'll leave this to you then." She said before walking out and went to a purple sports motorcycle and left with a helmet that was painted as her cowl.

She sped off before Naruto heard another female voice yell in Spanish "La Americana! La Americana! (The American! The American!)"

"What's the problem?" Naruto asked the woman as he approached the growing crowd after police started to leave.

"I wanted to talk to America… My fiancée's missing."

Morning, Avengers Mansion.

Naruto in jeans and a black shirt stood in the entrance before seeing Dream walk in. "I've been trying to reach you, Shannon."

"What for?"

"Got a mission for you."

Later, after getting the story from the woman whose husband went missing after he went to take his citizenship test, Dream was running to meet up with a lieutenant of the police before going into the SWAT building. And saw a tall crystal man breaking out.

He lifted a boulder before Dream's shield hit and broke it before she jumped and kicked him. She jumped back as he stumbled, kicked up her shield, and brought her other arm up. Dream then shot the two disks at the man. Only for him to toss a police car at her forcing Dream to backflip away. American Dream then put her shield on her right arm and ran at the creature before uppercutting him.

Only to be hit into the chain-linked fence. She jumped at the creature again, only to be hit into an armored truck and passed out.

Avengers Mansion Med Bay.

Dream was standing from a bed before hearing a voice.

"Dream… You OK?"

She looked to see Shinobi walk in. "I just got done training White Tiger when I heard what happened? This has to do with helping out Sophina?"

"I don't think so, I went to talk to Lieutenant Grafton when that thing attacked."


Naruto turned to see a young Caucasian woman with long blonde hair in a pink shirt and blue jeans.

"Yeah, Kathrine?"

"Someone's waiting for you at the door.

Naruto walked out to see Maria Hill in a trench coat in the hall. "Yeah?"

"I'm here to inform you that one of your members may have compromised an ongoing investigation of the National Security Council. You all are hereby ordered to cease all inquiries into the crystalline creature you saw yesterday."

"The N.S.C…"

Naruto turned to see a short man who looked like he was half-werewolf with metal on his forearms and claws on each finger. He's wearing a red and yellow bodysuit.

"The men in black who scare the other men in black."

"Why can't we work together?" American Dream asked as she walked in.

"I'm not here to answer questions or justify myself. This is a matter of national security." Maria explained. "Leave the investigation to the professionals. We'll call if we need muscle. Besides, some of your current members are still considered criminals by most law enforcement agencies." Maria finished looking at the previous man as another in a black full bodysuit and mask walked in with a white target on his chest.

"My team now, Maria," Naruto said, gaining her attention. "Saberclaw and Warp earned my trust. Besides, you're one to talk with Weadon on your team." Naruto said remembering Saberclaw who was the son of Wolverine and Warp were originally criminals before one job had them helping the Avengers when the world was at risk.

"Unless we come across the creature, we'll stay away," Naruto said, crossing his arms before looking as more men and women walked out. "As I said, don't look for him but if you see him, attack."

Later, Naruto stood at the kitchen door seeing another short Caucasian woman with blue hair, blue glasses in a white and blue leotard, white gloves, and blue boots standing beside a tall very muscular man with a silver dome helmet, and silver armband on each bicep wearing shorts and a flannel shirt around his waist.

'Bluestreak and J2, son of Marko Flint who gained his powers from the same crystal that gave his dad powers.' Naruto thought listening to the group talking about the crystal man before American Dream gave an order to follow Maria's before leaving. Naruto followed after her before remembering Sharon bringing her teenage niece to him right after the Galactus incident for training.

And soon had several teens to train. "Be careful."

"Why? I'm not going anywhere."

"You're a terrible liar Sharron. You're more like your aunts Sharon and Peggy. You're going looking for Sophina's fiance. That might lead you to this crystal guy. Be careful and call for backup if or when you need it." Naruto said as Dream stopped before looking back.

"I will, Naruto."


Naruto sighed as he stared at Maria sans coat with a group of agents. He remembered American Dream making her way to a dock where she encountered a group of men that attacked her with 2 creatures this time before she was able to knock one out and brought it back to the mansion. And now he was listening to Maria yelling to give her said creature.

"Easy, it's right in the back! What did you want to do in case he woke up? Better it be here where I can contain him."

She ordered her group to get the man while she went to talk to Sharron who was training in an obstacle course. Naruto smiled as he remembered giving his small class that now included Bluestreak their costumes and names. Only for Sharron, who had Nomad as a name and a black costume with her boots and gloves wanting Captain America's uniform colors even knowing the target that puts on her chest.

'Even got Steve's and T'Challa's blessing for a shield of her own.' He thought before Maria left in a huff.

He then looked up to see Dream hand him a piece of paper. He sighed knowing her plan as he read her resignation to the Avengers who weren't happy. "This is just to keep the N.S.C. off our asses. I'm ordering you all to go on patrol. Where you go and who to look for is up to you."

Sewers, American Dream.

The American themed heroine groaned as she woke up after being attacked by a group of crystal men and saw she was on her knees, hands tied behind her back before looking forward to seeing a man who was average height and also made of crystal and was only wearing black pants and boots sitting in front of her.

Dream glanced to see the man she fought earlier standing around, one bald man had her launchers on his arms and another had her shield.

"My real name doesn't matter to you." The man said, bringing her attention to him. "But you may call me… Silikong... Or address me as sir."

"Go to hell."

"Ha! I was warned you'd be a spitfire! Take her with the others."

Two large crystal men grabbed American Dream and took her to a cell where she saw other Mexican men across from her. She then broke out and picked the lock to the other cell and finding Sophina's fiance in there as well before they ran down the hall knocking out guards before she separated from them to go get her gear.

She found the men who threw her shield only for her to catch it before knocking them out. Remembering Naruto's training, she ran towards where Silikong was and cornered him before he grew very large. "Shall we dance?"

She jumped around dodging his strikes as men ran in to shoot her. Dream shot her disks around and used her shield to block any blasts. "You know, I didn't join the Avengers because I like to fight, I'm here because someone needs to protect the innocent from mad lunatics like you!" She yelled, jumping over a punch from Silikong. "If my job requires a few lumps… So be it!"

"You are not alone!"

American Dream turned to see Sophina's fiance at the door. "Marco?! I told you to get to safety!"

"How could I desert you and still face my beloved Sophina?" Marco asked running in as Dream brought her shield up in front of her and used both hands to block a laser.

"B-But you don't have the training or experience for a battle like this!" Dream yelled as Marco tackled the man who shot her.

"I am still a man, am I not?" He asked before she ran over and punched two more men.

She then dodged another strike from Silikong and brought Marco with her before a hole formed by the wall as Spider-Man, Warp, Saberclaw, J2, Bluestreak and Shinobi ran out. They easily took out the men as the crystals froze before Naruto looked to see American Dream slam her shield onto Silikong's head before she shot disks at it and punched it.

He gave up thinking she would kill him before she walked away.

Avengers Mansion.

Later, Naruto talked to Sharron out of costume about her being invited to Sophina and Marco's wedding. "Looks like you can bluff," Naruto said, gaining her attention. "Come on, you might have been trained by me, but you wouldn't have killed him."

"You're right, I wouldn't have." She replied walking down the hall.

Naruto then turned to look out the window, knowing that the safety of the city is in good hands.

The End.

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