As quickly as the smile came on my face, it dropped. I wasn't sure I'd heard him properly so I asked again.

"I said I want a divorce Bella. We can't keep doing this. You can't possibly be happy in this relationship."

He was wrong. I was really content. I'll admit that we had our problems, but all couples do.

"Edward, you're being ridiculous. I'm not agreeing to this."

Edward threw up his hands in exasperation. "Why do you keep denying me? We make each other miserable!"

"You're actually serious this time aren't you?"

"We're always fighting Bella. Every day it's always with you."

"On the contrary Edward, you're always fighting with me. And I always acquiesce. I always give you whatever you want."

Edward turned away from me. He always did that when he couldn't look me in the eye, ever since we were kids.

"There's nothing I want you to do Bella, except let me leave you. I'm not happy in this relationship. We got married young and now we're both too different."

Just like that, Edward decided we changed too much? After years of friendship, I deserved a better answer than that.

"Edward Cullen, we've been friends for as long as I can remember. If you can't give me proper answers as your wife then at least give me the respect of our friendship, if it even means anything to you anymore."

He didn't say anything, still looking away while I silently pleaded with him for an answer, for anything that would help this make sense to me.

"We'll go to counselling." I suggested, getting desperate. I needed Edward to change his mind. I couldn't in good conscience let him leave after what I had just found out.

I was pregnant.

I didn't want to tell Edward in that moment, because then he'd despise me for forcing him to stay. I wanted him to stay because he loved me and wanted to make us work.

"I don't love you Bella. Please, please I'm begging you."

I felt like my heart had fallen out of my chest. The love of my life, the person who promised to always love me, who said an eternity isn't enough time to spend together, was now taking back everything he ever said.

"What did you just say? And before you do that Edward, I suggest you choose your words wisely. Your next words will make or break our relationship forever."

"Bella, come on. We're twenty five years old. I just think we both need to move on from each other and live our lives, separately."

Before, I was trying to salvage our relationship. Now I just wanted him out of my face.

"Let me get this right, Edward. You're willing to throw away our three years of marriage, because 'you don't love me' and we should 'move on from each other'? You're saying this so casually like you've been practicing it for weeks! Do you even care you're literally breaking my heart?"

"Don't make me out to be the villian Bella." He said softly.

"What about this situation gives you the impression you're a hero? Let me warn you Edward, I'll give you your damn divorce, but it won't be pretty. This is going to be a nasty divorce, and I'm not going to be nice or civil with you. As of three minutes ago, you've burned that bridge."


"I don't want you, or your family to be a part of my life from this point onward."

"Now you're just being irrational, Esme will be heartbroken if you tell her that."

"Are you kidding me right now Edward?"

"Thank you Bella, for giving me this."

"Go to hell Edward, and get out of my house."

Edward pulled a yellow envelope out of a drawer in our kitchen, and placed it on the table next to me. Divorce papers were right there under my nose all this time and I had no idea.

"I already signed it." He said. "You just need to fill in the rest."


Edward walked out the door, without looking back, while I slid down the wall in tears.

Three things I knew for certain.

Edward didn't love me

My marriage was a sham

Edward would never know his child.

Two hours later, my phone wouldn't stop going off. I made the mistake of checking my Facebook, only to be greeted with "Edward Cullen is now single"

Mike Newton: Very funny Edward haha

Jessica Stanle : Bella Swan comments please!

Tyler Crowley: Welcome to the single life man, high five!

Alice Cullen: Something tells me Bella Swan won't appreciate this joke.

Edward Cullen: It's official everyone, we're getting a divorce.

Alice Cullen: WTF…..

He published our break-up on FACEBOOK! I hadn't even read through the papers yet, much less signed it! I ripped open the envelope that he left, fully intending to sign it and send it back to him. But I didn't want to deal with Edward anymore, I didn't even want to see him. I was going to get a lawyer and have these papers redrafted. If Edward wanted a divorce, it would have to be on my terms.

I began making a list.

Edward Cullen is never to contact me once the divorce is finalized.

Edward Cullen's family is never to contact me once the divorce is finalized.

Edward Cullen agrees to give up the rights to Ms. Isabella Swan-Cullen, including her body and all things that are part of her body.

I'll admit that the last one was shady and probably impossible. I was tricking Edward into giving up this baby, and if it came down to it, it may not hold up in court. But, I warned him that the divorce would be messy. If he could one day decide that he didn't love me anymore, he could do the same to my baby. I wasn't going to allow him or her to suffer that heartbreak. My mother would know the best lawyer for me, since she divorced twice already.

All I was interested in was selling this house and moving far away.