Daddy's Baby Boy

By Lady Galadris

(This story can also be titled His Baby Boy or Baby Boy)

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Summary: *WARNING!! This story contains incest, rape & child abuse* what if Harry's parents were still alive but weren't so "lovingly" to him? What if Harry's father wasn't "fatherly" as he should be? Sometimes, fathers can be quite "obsessive" with their son.And their secrets are deadlier than anything else.

Warning: This story contains child abuse, incest, rape and other horrific scenes as well. If this story disturbs you, please go back and please don't flame me. Thank you.

A/N: This story is dedicated to one of my best friends who had a similar experience like this. He was the one who came up with the idea since he had this kind of similar experience as well. He looves it and wants everyone to get an idea that a secrets between a father and son can be darker than anyone could imagine....

Harry Potter was the most dejected child in the entire world. His life was controlled by agony and horror. His face had not shown the slightest hint of the happiness of a beautiful boy. His features were sad even in those beautiful features he attained.

His face was white and pure like the incorruptibility of a child. His hair was dark as midnight was the stars would lie at night. His emerald eyes were beautifully figured. Harry Potter was the epitome of a beautiful boy. But Harry was just another ordinary wizard boy like any other.

However his life was odd and horrible from others. And that reason was his parent's. Nobody in the whole wide world knew about how inappropriate his parents could be...

Harry's mother, Lily Potter, had spent most of her time drinking, shopping, and partying with her girlfriends. She didn't care what her child was doing or whatever the fuck happened to him. Harry was just an object to her. She would light off her cigars in her stomach and she would slap him if he moved.

"Hold still, you brat!!!" her mother shrieked.

"Yes. Mummy" the infant child murmured as her mother had finally lit off the cigar in his soft, small belly.

His father in the other hand was a man of power for he was extremely rich and was one of the powerful & intellectual wizards in the century. James Potter was the future image of Harry. His eyes were light chocolate like the ones you would melt at the sight of it. He was extremely tall and handsome as well but he wasn't fatherly, as you should know. James Potter was pretty much gentle to his son but in a very different way.

He wouldn't hurt him but instead he would use Harry for what he always wanted...and needed so badly.

James Potter was cruel with his wife. He would slap her and beat her if she was too stupid to even react normally. Harry's father wasn't too "Fatherly" as he was supposed to be. He was different from those fathers who beat their sons up...

It began when Harry was five years old. He was about taking a shower that time on his own. His mother was such a bitch partying outside with her girlfriends. He was playing with the water, splashing happily and so innocently. That poor, innocent, and sweet little boy.

His father was walking by around the house when he spotted his infant child taking a bath. A cruel smile crept across his face making him more handsomely than ever.

He made his way to his son and looked at him quietly. His son was perfect...beautiful...pure...innocent...defenseless. That's what he had always desired and wanted from a child of his own.

The infant child kept playing and splashing with the water, having the greatest of his times. The poor child didn't know that soon that happy experience would soon be shattered by the tall, handsome, and dark figure that was watching him lustfully.

"What are you doing, precious?" his father's voice was sweet. Harry whirled around surprised. He had not noticed his father's presence.

Harry gulped. "I'm taking a shower, Daddy" his voice is shivering. Oh dear, what will happen.
"It's all right, baby boy...I won't harm you" he reaches a hand and strokes his son's hair carefully and softly.

Harry continues shivering without delay. His father leans forward and places kisses in his son's forehead and then his whole whitish face.

"My beautiful baby boy...Daddy is so proud of you..."

Harry smiles so sweetly.

"Let Daddy help you take a bath, baby boy..." That yearn that held his father's eyes had never left his gaze.

Harry was now quite vulnerable. He would never say 'no' to his father.

Harry nodded and looked down at the water. He heard his father's sweet snicker getting closer to his ears.

James leans down and grabs the sponge and the soap. He rubs it gently once the sponge is quiet filled with soap. He runs it delicately through his baby boy's body. 'Your so perfect, Harry' James thought subtly. 'So perfect...and just for ME'

"My baby boy..." James murmurs in a singsong voice "Daddy's baby boy"

He runs the sponge down his infant child's body and Harry is still playing in the water having the time of his life.

'Maybe Daddy won't hurt...maybe he really loves me!' The child's mind was now filled with so many happy thoughts.

Poor, poor, poor child.

James' smile broadens more across his face. As Harry keeps playing with the water he giggles more sweetly and blissfully.

Poor child. He doesn't see what horror will come upon him.

The little boy would giggle happily as his father-splashed water on him. Then, his father would take his hand, run it down the boy's back, lower, lower, lower...

The boy stopped giggling. The boy stopped splashing. The father put his finger into him... "Oh, yes, you're so tight for Daddy...Daddy loves you...Harry"




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