Daddy's Baby Boy

By Lady Galadris

(This story can also be titled His Baby Boy or Baby Boy)

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Summary: *WARNING!! This story contains incest, rape & child abuse* what if Harry's parents were still alive but weren't so "lovingly" to him? What if Harry's father wasn't "fatherly" as he should be? Sometimes, fathers can be quite "obsessive" with their son…and their secrets are deadlier than anything else…

Warning: This story contains violence, incest, rape and other horrific scenes as well. If this story disturbs you, please go back and please don't flame me. Thank you.


"Get up, you bitch!!" James Potter admonished angrily.

He had slapped his wife so hard across her face; she recently was slammed against the wall. She had tears pouring down her face.

"I said get up!!" James was now tired of it.

Lily had been warned not to go outside and party…but Lily was too bored and stupid she did it anyways.

Their son, Harry Potter, had been watching all of this across the dinner table. His eyes full of so much terror and grief as he watched his mother being hurt by his father.

He covered his ears with his small pale hands. Shaking his head and trying to think of a safer and more cheerful place to be.

But not in this hell his mother and father had placed him through.

Oh no. Hell no.

Not that he was scared of his father. It was the fact that he was scared that his mother would probably die by her husband's hard blows. Even though Harry's mother mistreated him, he loved his mother despite everything bad she did to him.

Harry trembled and shook terribly. Not wanting to see this anymore. He wished his family were very different…

"You bitch!! I'm sick and tired of you Lily!! Always doing something fuckin' stupid your whole time!!" he grabbed his wife by her hair and threw her across the room, slamming against the wall again.

Lily mumbled something. But James could sense it and replied rather angrily.

"What did you say?"

Again Lily mumbled, her eyes blotchy with tears.

"What did you say, bitch!!??" James admonished quietly.

"I…I…I…I said…fuck you!!" This was Lily's biggest mistake. James grabbed her neck and began chocking her without remorse. With his other hand, he began tearing her hair apart, blood coming out nonstop.

Lily screamed and cried until Harry couldn't stand it anymore.

"No! Daddy don't!" he ran towards his mother and father. He grabbed his father's beautiful green robes and began tugging it as hard as he could. He clung into them.

James turned his eyes from his wife's horror face, to his son's beautiful terrified face.

With one last look at his wife, he flung her towards the table where it crashed and broke down to the floor. His wife stood there breathing hard, and blood trickling down the floor. She was unconscious.

Harry stood horror struck as he saw the lust and desire in his sire's eyes.

Harry didn't understand this but he was just five years old, and the look on his father told him he was probably angry with him.

"My baby boy…come over here…come to Daddy" James soothed softly. Harry backed himself against the wall, until he didn't have escape. He shook terribly and sat down on the door.

There was no escape from his sire. He always tried but could never succeed.

James leaned down and caressed his son's blushing cheek with the back of his hand.

"My precious baby…you should know I would never hurt you…I love you Harry…I love you more than your mother…" He paused and tilted his head forward and he kissed his son's blushing cheek.

"You are everything to me…"

For a moment James could feel Harry relax. And he did. Completely.

James scooped Harry on his arms and kissed his small scarlet lips. Harry giggled.

His father was tickling him and it felt good to be with him.

Not until he saw his mother gaining conscious, Harry began to tremble again.

James looked down at his wife in disgust.

"What took you so long to wake up?" he replied hatefully.

Lily looked up and flinched. "I'm sorry…I won't do it again…" she replied miserably.

James nodded. "I hope you understand that when I say "no" it means "no", Lily…You definitely don't' want me to punish you once again…do you?"

Lily shook her head. But somehow James knew she would do it again and again. She had done that occasionally when she was drunk or got really bored being inside her house.

"Good…clean up this mess…I'll have the House-Elves help you out…" James replied and then chuckled. Harry looked down from his mother to his father who was still hugging him in his arms.

James looked down at Harry and pressed his lips against his forehead, until Harry heard his father walk away from the dinning room.

James was now heading to the living room, a smile still kept in place. He paused and sat down on one of the biggest and softest couches in the room.

He looked down at Harry, and placed his hand on his raven hair. He caressed it lightly, Harry face still looking down the floor.

Now that Harry was in his daddy's lap, his father was bouncing him.




Harry giggled happily until James stopped and looked into his baby boy's eyes.

"Harry…you do know I love you don't you…" James murmured softly.

"Yes, Daddy…"

"Good…let's go up to my room and we'll play a game…just you and I…okay?"

"Ok, Daddy." Harry clapped his hands together, in ecstasy. James chuckled delicately.

"You seem excited baby boy…" He murmured against his baby's ear.

Harry nodded. He felt himself being lifted up by his father, and walked through doors.

James paused and placed his hand on the doorknob. He opened the door and went inside silently.

He walked to his bed, where he placed his infant baby boy in the bed. Harry lay there unaware of what his father had for his baby.

James walked back towards the door and closed it silently before he walked towards his infant child.

"What are we going to play Daddy?" Harry asked innocently.

"You'll see baby boy…you'll see…but for today just relax…"

James placed his hand on his small chest and Harry was lying on his back, gently. Harry breathed softly…

His father chuckled softly and he ran his hands on Harry's small form.

He fondled his chest slowly.

He tickled him and caressed his sweet white skin.

Then he was fondling him...down there...between his legs.

Harry sniggered and began breathing somewhat hard now.

The exhilaration was too much and James was now sticking out his tongue and running it down Harry's face.

Licking him.

Licking him.

Licking him.

James was now pulling his clothes down, unzipping his pants, unbuttoning his shirt, taking them off slowly.





Harry stopped giggling and began breathing rather hard when his father's tongue was reaching down…down…down his body.




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