It was a hot rainy day in Fuchsia city and Koga could already feel deep in his heart that the monzon season this year was going to be a long one.

Having Janine sparring in the dojo her new transportation technique, which she didn't quite get, Koga could tell, since she keep appearing in the kitchen making some noise and breaking some dishes in the midtime…, Koga frowned, he couldn't find inner peace anywhere.

He has meditated for over forty years and this evening was just like it was his first time trying to concentrate in his own breathing...

But his mind wasn't one to fool.

This images keep appearing and his smell remained in the house too still. Or it was just in his own mind? He couldn't tell, but about one thing he was certain: This American was never to come back to his honorable house to cause more trouble and to break more things- He thought angrily, his mind desperate to find any excuse to refuse to answer the calls and closing the gym gates to due to "technical difficulties"- he grinned at this.