-Well….I was just caressing your leg and then you went crazy because I wasn't caressing the right leg where your...whatever. You grabbed my hair and pushed me right into your damned monster erection and here we are. You can se your pants if you don't believe me...

Surge smiles when he notices his friend referring to his erection as a "monster" and turns his head down to his camo pants, only to see two big red blood stains where his left thigh is…

-Oh...um yeah...about that…-Surge starts with an apologetic smile…-I'm sorry man...I mean I really didn't want to break your nose I just….-Surge starts to explain himself.

-I know very well what you just wanted Surge. But you gotta control your violence-Koga says dead seriously to his partner.

-Woa I thought you liked my violence-Surge classic cocky grin appears again in his face.

Koga doesn't bother saying anything and just walks away to his room. Once in his door, he turns to Surge.

-You coming or…?-Koga says smiling to his mate.