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*~*~*~*~* Holly: Frond knows when *~*~*~*~*

"Holly!" Primrose Short, my mother, yelled happily and hugged me tightly.

"Trouble! Grub!" Mamma Kelp yelled happily and hugged Trouble and Grub.

"Foaly!" Foaly's mother yelled and hugged Foaly as well as she could.

"Run!" Trouble, Foaly and I yelled in unison. We ripped ourselves out of our mother's arms and ran like mad to Root's office. Root's mother is dead, so, on Mother's Day, he's in luck.

"Root! Root! Help!" We called

"How much will ya give me?" Root's voice said from inside his office.

"Fifty packs of Fungus Cigars!" I yelled, knowing his weakness. The door opened and we ran in, nearly running into Root. Foaly closed and locked the door. He started to upgrade the security.

"Where are my Cigars?" Root demanded.

"We'll buy them later," I sighed.

"Holly, you do realize you just promised Root a fortunes worth of Cigars?" Trouble asked.

"Yes," I replied.

"Holly, you realize that's at least a week's worth of pay?" Trouble gasped.

"Okay. We all give a third of a week's worth of gold to me and I'll buy the Cigars," I said, grinning wickedly. Foaly gets paid sooo much more than Trouble and I. Tee hee! Cheating co-workers out of their gold is fun!

"Fine. But that's ridiculous!" Trouble said.

"Whatever," I said. Foaly dragged me into a corner.

"I get half of the profit," he said.

"Why?" I whined.

"Because I'll tell Trouble, then we'd have to split it three ways. And it wouldn't a profit," he hissed.

"Fine," I grumbled.

"So... What are we going to do in here, now till sun-up?" Foaly asked all of us.

"Er..." I began.

"Commander! Commander! Help!" The voice of the hottest male under the world yelled from outside of the office. I quickly jumped forward and opened the door. I grabbed him by the collar (I touched him! SQUUEEE!) and dragged him into the office. I kick the door closed.

"Holly! Don't you think you've done enough damage?" Trouble asked.

"Hey! I don't get any gold from him!" Root exclaimed.

"He falls under the 50 packs of Fungus Cigars," I chirped. More gold for me. Including gold touched by Ash Vein.

*~*~*~*~* Foaly *~*~*~*~*

"Stupid, love-sick elves," I muttered to Julius.

"How very true. Now all we need is Lili Frond and Chix Verbil and we'd be complete," Julius rolled his eyes.

"Can't forget Vinyáya, now can we, Commander," I nudged him.

"Er, I have no idea about what you are talking about, Foaly," Julius stuttered and blushed. I am one of the few people who can tell if Julius is embarrassed or angry.

"Riiiight," I said. I turned and watched Holly flirt with Ash Vein, Trouble flirt with Holly and Ahs look bored. It was rather comical.

"Commander! Root! Root!" Two voices called out. One was female and the other was male.

"Hey Julius, let us in!" A third voice, belonging to Wing Commander Vinyáya said calmly.

"Of course!" Julius leaped up and opened the door, ushering in Chix Verbil, Lili Frond and Vinyáya. I rolled my eyes. Now there will be madness. Nearly all of the people in the room fancied another. My mind immediately organized it into a neat list.

S/He fancies Him/Her

Holly - Ash
Ash - Lili
Lili - Trouble
Trouble - Holly
Julius - Vinyáya
Vinyáya - No-one
No-one - Chix
Chix - Every female
Me - No-one

And all of those people were in Julius' office. I felt sorry for Vinyáya. I wonder how she got dragged into this. Her mother is banned from Police Plaza.

Eight people were stuck together in an office that barely fits eight. And I'm the size of two Fairies. Something is going to happen.

*~*~*~*~* Trouble *~*~*~*~*

"Holly? Holly, are you listening to me?" I asked.

"Hmm... What? Did you say something, Trouble?" Holly murmured, never taking her eyes off of Ash. Damn that elf

"Trouble, darling, how are you doing?" Lili asked.

"Waddya want, Lili?" I barked.

"Oh, ignore him, Lili. He's just a stupid jerk," Ash tried to put his arms around Lili. Holly glared at Lili. Lili moved closer to me. I moved closer to Holly. Lili glared and Holly. Holly moved closer to Ash. Ash moved closer to Lili, Lili moved closer to me...

A foot or so over, Root was trying to impress Vinyáya, Vinyáya was looking quite scared and edging over. She bumps into Chix, who immediately turns all of his 'charm' onto her. Vinyáya then edges away from Chix and Root, knocking herself into Foaly. Foaly rescued her from Root and Chix by getting her into a conversation about technical crap about ships that only they understand. Root and Chix back away with glares on their faces.


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