The groups that had left in the morning returned just as the sun was going down.

Tyreese and Barb had been busy moving building materials to a stockpile they were going to use to add more enclosures and fortify weak areas.

"Hey,Tyreese,Barb, thanks for the help."Jess said.

"No problem,Thanks for teaching me this trade."Tyreese replied.

"You were a damn good, football player before it all turned to shit I think that training can help whip these folks into fighting shape."Jess said.

"I'm gonna do, what needs to be done to keep this place going."Tyreese replied.

"We all are babe."Barb said.

"I know."Tyreese replied.

"Come on."Barb said.

"Where are we going?"Tyreese asked.

We're gonna make dinner."Barb replied.

Barb and Tyreese quietly made dinner not saying a word until Tyreese spoke again.

"Before all this happened I was a typical guy who dreamed big about all the things Football would get me.

"I was gonna buy a house in a nice neighborhood with rooms for my parents and Sasha.

"But like most promising careers in Football mine too ended in me being injured."Tyreese said.

"There isn't a survivor, or walker, around who might not have considered their life might turn to this."Barb replied.

"Oh I know that, I'll clean this up."Tyreese said.

"No, we'll clean this up."Barb replied.

"Yeah, we'll clean this up."Tyreese said with a smile.