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Doom-master stood far away from the smoldering wreckage that had once been his masters' Sky-base. He couldn't believe that while he had been gone that annoying V. R. Trooper Ryan Steel had destroyed the base as well as Grimlord. Oh, he was sure Grimlord had been destroyed, there had been no transmissions from him since that day about a week ago and none of the others had seen him transport out. There had been no survivors. Oriclone had probably been destroyed as well but he didn't care about him. He had been a nuisance, an unreliable ally, and it was good to see him gone.

He knelt down to one knee in grieving for his lost master when suddenly a purple light surrounded him and he was taken from the ground to be released in a throne room that was much like the one in Grimlords'' Sky-base. The chair on the platform in front of him was turned so he could not see its occupant. He decided the direct approach was best.

"Who are you? How dare you bring me here!" He bellowed at the top of his lungs. But the answer he received wasn't what he had expected. A jolt of purple lightening from the mysterious occupant in the chair sent him to his knees.

"I brought you here because you seemed genuinely sincere about my fathers' death." As he spoke his chair had turned around and its occupant was revealed.

Doom-master was speechless.

"Surely you know who I am, but I'll introduce myself to your fellow warriors." He motioned around the room and Doom-master saw the others. Despaira was standing to his left and the vixens were right behind him and a few skugs were also present.

"To those who have never had the privilege of knowing me, I am Prince Xarian. My fathers only son and his successor. With your help I will rebuild his empire and destroy the V. R. Troopers, a feat that my father could never do."

"You can never be his successor Xarian. You were banished years ago therefore leaving you out of line for ruling Virtual Reality. The throne belongs to your sister, not you!"

"My sister is a traitor! For years she has kept me from destroying the Steel family. If I had destroyed the boy when he was younger my father would have no opposition in concurring reality." As he spoke lightening danced off his hands and swarmed around the throne. "Anyway," he began again regaining his composure, "If my sister wishes to take over Virtual Reality, which I assure you she won't. . ."

"We'll make her; it's her birthright!" Despaira objected.

"Birthright? BIRTHRIGHT! I'll prove to you whose birthright it is!" Xarian evilly eyed each one of his fathers' loyal warriors before he sat down on his throne. He pressed his fingertips together and, after a moment, Suddenly broke out in a wide, evil grin.

Doom-master considered not saying anything and just waiting for the banished princes answer, but the look on his face said that Xarian was lost in his own world. "How exactly do you intend to prove you're worthy enough," traitor he added silently.

Xarian remained silent.

"Well!" He growled.

"Quiet!" He yelled. "I'm thinking," he added softly.

"You had better think fast."

Suddenly Xarian chuckled.

"What is so funny?" Despaira asked annoyed.

"I intend to make the prophecy my father foretold long ago, come true."

"What prophesy?" Despaira said more to Doom-master than to Xarian.

Doom-master shrugged and they both turned expectantly toward the prince.

"Oh, come now. Surely you remember the prophecy of the Steele sons. It was the main reason my father refused to let me destroy them. . ." The reason I was banished! He thought, the anger swelling within him.

He turned to the confused warriors and sighed. "Oh, all right," he growled. "My father predicted that his own death would bring a son of Tyler Steele to the throne and that they would destroy the earth they fought so hard to protect."

"That's absurd. They are both to honor bound and good. Neither of those boys would ever. . ."

Xarian turned to Despaira, the anger on his face making her shrink back. "You dare doubt my fathers prophesy. When something is good and pure of heart that only means that they have an equal amount of evil in their hearts as well. All of you should know that well enough."

"And which of the infamous Steele boys will take over your fathers' throne?" Doom-master mocked. He knew as well as the rest of them that none of the Steeles' would ever turn to evil willingly. They would have to be forced.

"The one that has been consumed by his hunt to destroy evil."

"They all have fought hard to destroy evil." Despaira announced.

"But one has been more desperate than the rest. The most dangerous one in fact, which is why Chameleon is going to have to provoke the chosen-one into taking his place, after I free her of that lizard shape in reality that my father imprisoned her in, of course. Don't be so shocked that I will use Chameleon instead of you bumbling fools."

"How could we not know of this 'prophesy'?"

"I assumed my father would have told you if he had trusted you. But Colonel Iceborg knows of it. Ask him if you doubt me." Xarian Replied offhandedly to Doom-master.

"We would rather hear it from you."

"Well aren't you persistent. Fine then, I'll indulge you with a story. You see my father first told this prophecy to Tyler Steele as a torture. Everyday he would tell Professor Steele that one of his sons would take his place, and he would have to see them fall toward the darkness and that they would never return." Xarian stopped his speech and turned back to the warriors below him. They were all stunned. He sighed annoyed. "You are all morons! Is any of this sinking in yet?"

One of his sons? As Doom-master stared at Xarian the realization struck. Those two boys had been monitored for some time now. Especially the older one. Both of them had joined the fight against evil and would not be likely to turn. But if it was a prophecy of Grimlord it had to be true. It was just hard to believe that one of Tyler Steele's sons would soon be there new ruler.

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