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Run No More

Chap 1- Escape for the last time.

"Ahhhhh!" Jou gave a small gasp/scream as his father hit him in the back of the head with his beer bottle. Sending him to the ground.

"That's going to be the last time you try to escape." His father bellowed stumbling towards the shaking boy. Jou curled up in a ball trying to protect him head. His father grunted kicking him in the back. Jou made no sound as his back started to go numb.

"Why!!!" He cried in his mind as his father left to go get another beer bottle. Jou quickly got up and made a run for his room. Some how his father heard him get up or run and violently grabbed his wrist and hurled him to the wall.

"Stop!" Jou cried trying to stop the blood from flowing in the back of his head.

"Why? You are the reason she left me." His father spat shoving Jou to the floor. His son slid across the room at a high speed crashing head first into the corner of a chair. He gave a small cry as his world started to go black. His father got an evil grin on his face and stepped on the boy's ankle causing it to go sideways. Jou gave a small whimper remembering what was yet to come. His father bent down and grabbed his arm. Jou did his best to get out of the grasp, but his father's hold was to tight. Violently he pulled Jou upwards still on his ankle. He gave an ear-piercing scream and the bones in his ankle snapped into fragments.

"Great. Now I have to bring you to the hospital." His father groaned and went to start up the car leaving Jou to get up and walk for himself. Jou gave a small cry as he put pressure on his shattered ankle. Some how he was able to manage getting up and waking to the car. Little to their knowledge Yugi was watching with a look of pure horror written on his face. Jou was rushed to the emergency room so the doctors could work on his ankle. His father used the excuse that he fell down the basement steps and a heavy box fell on his ankle when he was getting up, snapping it in two. All the nurses and doctors bought it without one question of if he was drunk or not. Jou was knocked out as the nurses and doctors worked on his cuts and his ankle. 2 hours later Jou was resting in the recovery room. Yugi however was going ballistic.

"I can't believe it!" Yugi shouted walking around his room.

"What?!"Yami shouted back grabbing the younger one by the shoulders.

"Jou is being abused!" Yugi cried collapsing into his loves arms.

"How do you know?" Yami asked rocking Yugi gently.

"I went to drop off some books that he forgot at my house. I heard some screaming from inside so I propped myself up to a window to see what was going on. When I looked inside, Jou was getting the living daylights beat out of him," Yugi went into another crying fit. He cared about his friends a lot, and to know that something was happening to them and he couldn't help them was tearing at his every emotion. Yugi started to tremble and clung to Yami's shirt.

"It's going to be fine." Yami said thinking of a plan.

"No it won't! Who knows what else has happened." Yugi started to cry even harder.

"Yes it will. I think I know something that just might work." Yami planted a gently kiss on Yugi's

lips, hoping it would calm his hikari down faster.

" It brings back so many memories." Yugi cried again. Yami remembered being told by Yugi's grandfather that Yugi was abused as a child many years ago and that that is the reason that Yugi lives with him. Some how he still remembers every moment of it. You can point to a scar and he could tell you who, and how it was made. That is also why he is so short. His father did something to his preventing his bones to grow correctly. That's why he clings on to anyone that is his friend. He grew up without anyone being there for him or loving him. Yami placed his love on the bed and moved towards the door.

"Where are you going?" Yugi asked with tear filled eyes.

"To make a phone call. I will be right back." Yami reassured him with a light kiss before he left.

" I hope it works." Yugi whispered pulling his knees close to his chest.


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