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Run no More

Chap 29- No Need to Run

"Seto this is so boring!" Jou whined as he dramatically fell on the table in the dining room. Seto seriously thought then to try and convince Jou to going into theater with the acting skills he was showing at this moment.

"But it needs to be done. I've already gotten accepted and the deadlines are coming up shortly Jou. Now do you want to stay in Japan or go out of the country?" Seto asked holding up two different college pamphlets.

"Where else would I go? Unless you secretly put the French language in my head I am doomed." Jou gave him a look that said he was staying in Japan.

"The French language is a very nice language. I should teach it to you sometime. But you speak perfect English and you know it. So why not go to the United States? New York has some of the best Art colleges in the world." Seto held up a brochure of a very nice looking college located in New York.

"I really don't want to go back to New York if I don't have to. I have such a nice rep with the cops there already." Jou gave a very obvious look of no.

"Ok that rules out about half of the colleges that you can go to." Seto pushes about three fourths of the pile to the floor leaving about 10 colleges left. Not a very nice variety to pick from in his opinion.

"Who knew photography would be so hard find in a college!" Jou then dramatically fell out of his chair.

"Sure you don't want to go into acting there Katsuya?" Seto snickered looking at his fiancé sprawled out on the ground.

"That would be even harder to find." Jou glared up at him.

"Well this is being difficult because you are making it difficult Katsuya. If you would just tell me the name of a college that you want to go to I can tell you all about it, courses to campus." Seto groaned at the frustration of this project.

"One that has photography as a major." Jou stated confidently. That statement got him smacked upside the head.

"All of them have a major in photography." Seto growled.

"Which has the most open photography course like an Independent study, or something around there? I want to build my portfolio up on my terms not the teachers." Jou asked picking up a random pamphlet. Seto sang silent praise as they where finally getting somewhere in this.

"None of them have that exact course, but these three seems to put an emphasis on letting their students have a free roam on projects and study themes." Seto handed Jou the information.

"Seto they are all in New York." Jou sighed turning them over.

"That's because New York's pride is in their Arts."

"Why do you want me to go to a New York school so badly?" Seto reached over and pulled Jou into his lap hugging him tightly.

"Because I want you to have the chance for the best educations in your field." He whispered into Jou's hair.

"And you going to New York has nothing to do with it."

"A little, I would prefer to not be on the other side of the world from you." Seto finally reviled his more true intention. Jou had a serious look on his face as he seriously thought about going back to New York. Sure hew would be close to Seto, since the college he as accepted into was about a block away in the business section. But that meant that he was going to have to go back to some areas that were just meant to be left alone. Yet Seto was going to be there to protect him and that was something he didn't have the last time he was there.

"Fine Seto I'll look into the colleges in America. But I am only going to the ones close to you." Jou placed his hands over Seto's giving them a gentle squeeze.

"That's good to hear." Seto whispered grabbing the broachers that he pushed onto the floor. The morning of the leave was a sad yet joyous one. Jou was thrilled that he was actually accepted, even though he went along with Seto's plan thinking he wasn't going to get into one, and it was one with an awesome photography program. But that meant he was going to have to leave home and start out a new life in a whole new country that was about as far away as you could get. Also he was going to be there for 6 years of his life, so there was no going home for a weekend to see anyone.

"We don't want you to go!" Yugi and Honda cried both latching onto Jou.

"Hey I am going to be coming home on Christmas break and stuff. Not to mention the summers there are longer. So I am coming fully home in May and leaving in August. Besides you guys are going to be in school to, so worry more about that then me ok?" Jou tried to reason knowing they may plan for him to miss the flight.

"He's not staying there alone either. My school is only a few city blocks away." Seto said coming up from the information desk.

"But he won't be here." Yugi sniffed.

"I'm sure Yami can keep you busy while I'm gone." Jou gave Yugi a wink and the small duelist went scarlet.

"Flight 237 to New York from Tokyo will be boarding at Gate 12. Passengers please go to the gate." The intercom announced.

"Well that's us, bye guys!" Jou gave each person a hug, where as Seto just nodded.

"Good Luck!" Everyone shouted as they went into the plane.



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