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The Biker was leaning against the jamb in the kitchen doorway, a cigarette hanging from his lips and a bottle of beer in his hand. Watching her. He didn't typically stand around staring at chicks but this one caught his eye the minute she came in the door. He'd had his eye on her ever since.


"I can't believe it Amy, how could he do that and especially right out in the open?!"

"Beth you've known forever that Jimmy's a jerk, you just kept giving him one more chance. How many one more chances are you willing to give him now? I think you've just been lazy. It was easier to stay with him than kick him to the curb and find someone new."

"I know you're right Amy but it still hurts, and of all people I can't believe he was cheating with Rosita. For gawd sake I thought she was my friend. I swear I'm giving up on people. Not just guys either, I'm giving up on all people except you. You're my only friend from now on."

"I don't blame you for wanting to give up Beth, but before you completely give up come to the party with me tonight, please. I promise you'll have a good time. Everyone there will be older and more mature. None of these high school babies. Pretty please."

"First of all Amy we're high school babies too. Besides, I thought you already had a plan to meet your new boyfriend Caesar there."

"We're not babies, we're seniors. And Beth, Beth, Beth let's not talk boyfriend quite yet. I just met him last weekend and he didn't even really ask me out, he just told me I should drop by the party and see him. I do kind of like him though and I really want to go, but I can't go alone that would be so uncool. Please Beth I promise I'll never ask you for another favor again EVER. Please."

"Alright but I'm not staying. We'll go and I'll hang around until you find Caesar and everything is okay. Then I'm calling Maggie to come get me."

Her friend hugged her hard, "I love you Miss Greene you're the best friend EVER."

"So what time is this very mature party?" Beth asked it sarcastically, but she also added a little wink.

"Very funny. I'll pick you up at seven so I have time to get you back to my house first. You can put on something sexy before we go."

"That's me for sure Amy, sexy. And you better start planning for it now because you owe me the kind of party I like. Pajamas, popcorn and watching Disney movies.

"You know it's not always easy being your friend Beth, you can be such a nerd."

That evening may have been the only time in her life Amy was ever prompt; in fact she was ten minutes early. She was relieved to see that at least her friend was wearing tight jeans. "Okay Beth let's get you to my house and get some makeup and a little tighter t-shirt on you."

"Alright but don't expect me to wear one of those plunging neckline things that's so tight I can't breathe, that's not exactly my style."

"I'm sorry but I don't think I can let you wear your jammies and fuzzy slippers little lady." They both laughed but then Amy got serious as she told her friend, "I'm so sorry about what happened Beth. I know it has to hurt. It's like he was just asking to get caught. I mean really, right behind the auditorium? He had to know someone was going to see them."

Beth got a little emotional then, she'd been putting up a brave front but what Jimmy and Rosita did hurt her. It may not have been mad love between her and him, or any kind of love at all really. Still Beth thought it was something a little more special than what he obviously thought it was.

Amy just held her tight for a minute, and when Beth regained her composure she again tried to make it sound like no big deal, "Who knows maybe you're right, getting caught was what he wanted. I just know I'll never look at him or Rosita again that I don't picture him with his hand up her shirt. Really? I'm more surprised she'd act like that than him. Whatever, they deserve each other."

Amy pulled up to the house and for a moment the girls just stared nervously at each other. The party house was definitely not in the best of neighborhoods; in fact it looked a little creepy to both of them. Adding to their uneasiness were the motorcycles parked at the curb and all over the lawn. "You know Amy we could forget about this party and go to my house right now. Popcorn, my VCR and Walt Disney are all there just waiting for us."

"Who the heck still has a VCR? And no Beth, we're here now and we're going in. Even if we turn around and leave right away. We've come this close we have to at least check it out." Beth sighed and agreed, already hoping for a quick escape.

Amy was trying hard to act confident and like it was all no big deal as they walked toward the house. Beth was having a little more trouble hiding her nerves and apprehension.

There was no need to knock, the front door was wide open and the place was already packed with young men dressed in lots of leather, most of them heavily tattooed. There were plenty of young women too, and most of them seemed barely dressed. The hard rock was ear splittingly loud and Beth half-expected to see a mosh pit. The air was thick with cigarette smoke and probably other types of smoke as well, and everyone seemed to have either a bottle of beer or a Solo cup in their hand.

Beth felt her stomach tighten and she grabbed onto Amy's arm. Her friend whispered in her ear, "It'll all be fine Bethie. Besides, if anyone ever needed a drink I swear it's you, it'll help relax you and you'll forget all about that stupid jerk Jimmy. C'mon let's have some fun."

That's when some big guy approached them and said, "You girls look thirsty, the punch is right over there and it's killer. Help yourselves, ladies always drink for free."

Amy poured them each a big cupful while Beth looked around nervously and wished she was just about anywhere else. At least the drink looked and tasted good, it was pink and so sweet that if there was alcohol in it you couldn't taste it.

The Biker was leaning against the jamb in the kitchen doorway, a cigarette hanging from his lips and a bottle of beer in his hand. Watching her. He didn't typically stand around staring at chicks but this one caught his eye the minute she came in the door. He'd had his eye on her ever since. She couldn't have looked more out of place, and she also looked about as sketched as a person can look.

It took a minute and then he recalled where he'd seen her. He didn't know her, not her name or anything else about her really, but he remembered her from high school. But high school was a while back for him, he'd been out for three years now and they'd never had any classes together or anything.

He remembered she'd been a skinny little thing back then, cute and all but like little kids are cute, not like hot chicks are cute. She was definitely a whole lot more grown up now. She wasn't all over-done either. Not like most of the women here, the ones who tried to look like biker chicks even if they'd never been on the back of a bike in their life.

The blond chick though, she had that All-American Girl look and it was easy to see, she was way out of her element. She looked like she had no idea what the hell to do with herself in this crowd. She really was pretty though, there was no argument about that. It was just that her pretty came in such a sweet and wholesome looking package.

Yeah her kind of pretty was out of place in this rough and rowdy crowd. His crowd.

The Biker was wary; he knew most of these guys and most of them were okay, but he also knew a couple of them were capable of being real assholes. They'd give a woman all the booze she could drink all night long, they'd say whatever they thought they needed to say, and promise whatever needed to be promised, all to get what they wanted. What they wanted was a fast hook-up with a happy ending. He was sure the pretty blond chick would soon be some asshole's target.

The Biker didn't miss much. He'd noticed her friend latched onto Martinez and they acted like they already knew each other. He also saw they'd left and left the blond there alone. For some reason that pissed him off.

He watched as she sat down in a big empty chair and he noticed her looking for something in her small purse. And he watched as she slowly and nervously sipped at her drink. Then he saw that lowlife piece of shit Len bring her a fresh one. Instantly he felt his body tense up and his hands seemed to know on their own to clench into fists. He'd seen that scumbag in action enough times to know what he had in mind.

The Biker had only stopped by the place for a couple of quick beers and to bullshit a little with some of the guys, then split. He didn't know why he suddenly felt it was his job to keep an eye out for her. But when the blond chick smiled and nodded her head to thank Len, she didn't really look happy or at ease. The Biker decided he'd better hang around a while.

She'd seen The Biker out of the corner of her eye and she knew he was watching her. At first it scared her half to death. He looked just as rough as everyone else at this so-called mature party. His hair was too long and too messy, he was dressed in jeans and leather, and she was guessing one of those motorcycles out front was his. He was probably in a biker gang or something.

He was smoking cigarettes and drinking beers, just like every other guy there seemed to be doing. But for some reason he was the only one that looked good doing it. He was handsome, very handsome really, and she could see how some girls might find a rough looking bad boy type like him attractive, but he definitely wasn't her kind of guy. She liked clean cut and clean shaven guys, and not dressed in leather and motorcycle boots. She had no interest at all in bad boys.

Still, with the creepy dark-haired guy constantly coming around bothering her, she'd begun to feel relieved the Biker was watching. She wasn't sure why but she had a feeling he'd keep her safe. She also started to change her opinion of him just a little. He was kind of attractive and he sure did have pretty eyes.

She just wished she hadn't told Amy to go ahead and leave with Caesar, but at the time she didn't see any reason not to. She encouraged Amy to go and have fun that she'd be fine. All she had to do was call Maggie and ask her to come get her. She and Glenn were always home on Saturdays, it was movie night at their house. It wasn't until after Amy was long gone and she check her purse, she realized she didn't have her phone. Then she remembered, she'd set it down on Amy's makeup table while they were getting ready.

She wasn't sure what to do next, she didn't know a single person at the party and she didn't know if she wanted to. She just needed a phone. Of course nobody just had phones sitting on the table or hanging from the wall anymore, the whole world had gone mobile. Except at the farm. There was a wall phone hanging in the kitchen, and that VCR Amy couldn't believe they still used. She wished she was there now. She felt so out of place and nervous in this crowd. She couldn't manage to work up enough courage to ask to use someone's phone. Maybe the drink would help.

She thought about leaving, maybe she could just walk over to Maggie's. But when she thought about going out alone in this neighborhood it scared her even more than the idea of staying in. While she was trying to figure it out she just kept sipping at drinks, and that scuzzy looking guy just kept bringing them to her.

She was definitely beginning to feel the effects of the alcohol so she tried slowing down a little bit, at least she thought she did. Every once in a while she'd glance up to make sure 'her' biker was still there, and she felt oddly comforted when she saw that he was.

She should have known she'd had too much to drink when she looked over at him for a minute and it seemed he had a twin brother. When she closed one eye it was back to being just him. She was too drunk to even know how drunk she was.

The Biker just kept watching the scene, especially Len. He saw the asshole touch her shoulder a couple of times, and the more lit she got the more touchy-feely he got. He was putting his mouth down close to her ear and smiling that gnarly smile, probably telling her whatever it was dickwads like him told girls they were trying to get lucky with.

The Biker had no idea why it was he kept standing there watching this train wreck. Except she was real pretty and she didn't belong here and she was drunk. Mostly he couldn't stomach the thought of that creep touching her.

He went to the can and on his way back he grabbed another beer before taking up his post again. The situation had escalated and now he was watching even more closely. He could swear he felt every muscle in his body go from simply being tense to suddenly twitching in anticipation of something. Len had sat himself down on the arm of her chair, just as close to the blond chick as he could possibly be. One of his arms was around her shoulders and his other hand was rubbing up and down on her arm.

The Biker knew she wasn't aware of what was going on. A person just had to look at her to see she was completely in the bag. Her eyes were barely open, her head was hanging a little limp and she looked dazed.

Then exactly what the Biker didn't want to see happen, happened. Len slid his hand up between her legs. The Biker dropped the beer where he stood and two seconds later he was yanking Len off of her and spinning him around, clocking him hard in the jaw. Len fell to the floor and the Biker went down too, throwing blows as he growled at the bastard. Spit and blood were flying and it's possible every cuss word the Biker knew spewed out as he continued swinging.

Len definitely had the height and weight advantage, but built like he was the Biker packed more power in his punches. He also had three important things on his side. He'd gotten in the first punch and stunned the bigger man, he was also loaded with that special kind of adrenaline that only anger produces, and maybe most important of all he had a strong desire to protect the pretty blond chick.

The rest of the party goers didn't join in the fracas, it wasn't their fight so they just enjoyed the action while they egged it on from the sidelines.

Finally someone yelled, "Alright you two assholes let's break it up now before you hurt each other." That brought laughter from the onlookers.

The Biker wasn't quite done yet and when Len tried to stand the Biker grabbed his shoulders, pulled him down and forced him flat onto his back, straddling him and pummeling his face. That's when a big red head named Abraham said, "Alright boys I think that's about enough, let's break it up now and get back to some serious drinking."

The Biker complied only because it was Abraham's house. He got up off the shithead but not without warning him, "Keep your fuckin' hands offa her or next time I won't go so easy on ya."

Len nearly got himself killed when he snickered, "This little bitch got you all messed up, hmm? Am I right? Must be a good 'un."

With that the Biker had to take one more hard swing, knocking his opponent out. No one faulted him because by now they'd all assumed the blond chick must be his chick. What other reason could he have for reacting like he did?

What he knew was he needed to get the hell out of there and so did she. He handed Abe a fifty and apologized for anything he might have broken or any damage he might have done. Abe just smiled that smart ass looking grin of his and said, "Hell that's how we know it's a good party, right?"

The Biker planned to give her a ride home and be done with it. The problem was she was out for the count. All eyes were on him when the Biker, in a real caveman move, hoisted her up out of that chair and threw her over his shoulder. The other bikers laughed and whistled and whooped along as he packed her out the door.

He couldn't take a chance of putting her on the bike, as drunk as she was she'd fall off and be killed for sure. He had no idea where she lived and she wasn't in any condition to tell him. So he just kept her on his shoulder and packed her the six blocks to his house. He set her down on the stoop while he unlocked the door. Then he held her up under the arms, thinking he'd just kind of walk her in the bedroom and lay her down.

That's when she came-to enough to say, "I'm going to be sick."

He hurried in the bathroom with her and propped her in front of the toilet just in time. He was holding her hair while she puked and he shook his head from side to side and mumbled, "Shit girl I don't think you're cut out ta be drinker. A chick like you should stick ta Kool-Aid."

When it seemed she was done getting sick he stood her up in front of the sink. She was so unsteady on her feet he kept an arm tightly around her waist. He ran a damp washcloth over her face and the back of her neck, and then handed her his toothbrush. She barely got the words out, "You expect me to use your toothbrush? Gross."

He snickered and asked, "Who do ya think it's gross for, you or me? An before ya answer that remember, I ain't the one pukin'." She brushed while he continued holding her steady.

As soon as she was done brushing she passed right back out. He picked her up again but this time he carried her in his arms. He took her in his room, laid her on the bed and pulled the spread over to cover her.

Looking down at her, he couldn't help grinning as he muttered, "Sleep tight ya pretty little drunk."

He took the other pillow from the bed and headed for the couch.


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