Maul and Talon hated this mission. They didn't want to be here. They didn't want to complete this mission. They wanted to leave, yet they wanted to show their master that they could handle any mission their masters threw at them. Maul felt uncomfortable, he never had been forced by his master to do a mission like this. He hated crowds. He hated people. He hated everyone, even himself at times. His master could of at least of sent him to do this mission alone and not send some Twi'lek with him, who favored just being in her undergarments. Maul understood those reason though, it was a way to catch her male opponents off guard. But now it would be their undoing. Her being a Twi'lek with little clothes would surly draw different and more attention they were suppose to. He hated himself at the moment as much as he hated her. Him just being a Dathomirian Zabrak would also draw more attention to them. He hated how their tattoos made their red skin pop out more. He hated that the only thing he was allowed to wear were golden spandex shorts. He hated how Talon was able to easily adapt to this situation because of being a Twi'lek and always getting the same look from men. He hated how they have been at this bantha shit bar and not even one Jedi strolled into or even by the bar.

Maul silently maneuvered his way on the pole that was attached to the stage. On the pole next to him was Talon. They both had the same flexibility and flamboyance so they were placed in the middle of the stage. Maul swore to himself, if the pole wasn't bolted to the stage everyone in the bar would be dead. That would attract those Jedi, Maul smirked as he thought. Pole dancing was simple for him. Too simple. They only wanted him and Talon on the pole and doing aerial dancing. The owner want more of them. To give some guests "private shows." Maul knew and didn't care that Talon quickly jumped at the offer. He simply told the owner that he would do what ever he wanted when ever he liked. The owner didn't like to decline his costumers from such rare merchandise he had, yet he didn't want to lose Maul so quickly. So he was forced to let Maul do whatever he wanted.

Talon watched as Maul half hearted moved on the pole. She rolled her eyes annoyed at him. Why did she have to be partner with him? Why couldn't Nihl be as flexible as she was? Why couldn't she work with him instead of this Zabrak. He moved like a damned droid. He annoyed her so much. Talon has quickly drawn from her thoughts as she heard the crowd of men that had gathered whistle at her. She smirked at the men as she twisted her way around the pole. The men groaned once an announcement came on that it was time to give Maul and Talon a break. Talon groaned when she looked at the clock. It was no where near the time of their break. Once back stage she glared at him yet not daring to vocalize her frustrations to him. She knew that he was technically considered to be him a higher rank than she was, but that wasn't what was stopping her. It was the fact that he had the only communication link to the other apprentices and she only got it when ever she acted according to his plans. As soon as he sat down on a chair however she couldn't help, but ask.

"Alright, why the hell did cut our act short?" Talon snapped at him and watched as he took a drink of water.

"You would know why if you didn't get caught up with those men. Feel the Force, or is that still too hard for you don't tell me, you Twi'leks are only good for dancing? There is quite the large group of Jedi heading this way. Count yourself lucky, I was close to just walking off the stage." Maul said and used the force to summon another bottle of water to them. He tossed it at Talon, who stood in wonder of how she didn't sense the group of Jedi.

"Get ready. Drawing the attention maybe difficult, we don't know which Jedi we may finally be entertaining. If we're lucky it'll be some weak-minded padawans. Than again judging on what we can sense from here, there will be some Jedi Masters. Remember Talon. Do whatever is necessary to distract these Jedi. Take them into the back. Do whatever, but we need them to keep returning. A padawan has little influence over-"

"Over their masters. It is in our best interest to distract the masters and knights. I know Maul. You don't have to go over the entire brief our masters gave us. For all I know that was all you have been thinking about for the past 6 rotations on this planet. Don't get your horns twisted because of those lazy Jedi already Maul. They're here so lets show them what we're made of." Talon said drinking her water. Maul snarled at her. She was lucky the Jedi had arrived when she said they did or else he would have done more to her than just snarled. The mission was more important to him anyways. He just wanted to get it down and over with. He gulped down more water before following her. Now came the tricky part of the mission: to entice the Jedi and to keep them wanting for more.

"Wait for me, I'll have the announcer call us up. It should at least catch their attention. You go ahead as get everything ready for some aerial dancing. Oh and make sure you get the silk ready for me. The men seem to like that." Talon said and ran off. Maul rolled his eyes and walked toward the stage. He would have to somehow get to the top of the stage to clip the silk and the pole to the top of the stage without being seen by their audience. Maul looked at the top of the stage for a moment at where the silk and the pole had to be connected. He never had to deal with this before since everything was planned out the day before what they were going to be doing so the staff could do this and not the dancers. For a moment he wondered about how the staff even got to the top to hook this kind of stuff up.

He pushed the thought aside to be solved later as he went to retrieve the silk and pole. He knew Talon would do anything that the audience liked, but Maul would rather much stick to the aerial pole. He went into the closet and tied the aerial silks up in a loose knot and he grabbed the aerial pole. As he made his way to the stage, he noticed the solid back drop of the stage had poles sticking out of it that had things on the front of the back drop. Maul doubted anyone ever used them for climbing, but it seemed like the only way to get all the way up without being seen. Maul jumped grabbing onto a pole and seamlessly swung his way to the top.

Next problem, hooking the silk and pole to their correct places. One could not just place them where ever and hope for the best. One had to make sure that the two dancers had enough space apart from each other so they don't collide with the other and that they are not too far to the edge that they are taken off of the stage. Doing the calculations in his head he found the right spots to hang the pole and the silk. After he hung the silk up he tugged at the knot causing the two strands of silk to gracefully fall to the floor. Than he quickly got down off of the back drop before he caused too much stress with his unaccounted for weight on it.

After he was down he walked to a mirror and he wondered if his usual outfit would suit for today's performance than he brushed it aside.

"It's best to give this Jedi a tease of what we look like with barely any clothes on Maul." Talon approached him and traced his black tattoos with a finger.

"You may have interests in getting one if not as many Jedi as you can into bed, but that is not my plan." Maul huffed at Talon and turned away from her. "So what song shall we be dancing to to impress our Jedi guests?"

"It's called 'Feeling Good.' I've seen the other girls dance to it and thought that it would be a good choice for today's performance. We want our guests feeling good don't we, Maul?" Talon smirked at him as they peaked out to see the audience.

Maul ignored her comment and pointed out where the Jedi were. "They're in the back near the bar."

"Hopefully the announcement will draw them to the stage." Talon sighed as she looked at the group of Jedi. "Ugh, one of them's an old man." Talon pointed out the adult Jedi that sported long brown hair, a beard and a mustache. He must have been anywhere in his 50's or 60's, Maul could basically tell that Talon was thinking that there was no way of him becoming distracted by them and their bodies. Maul was think the same until he saw a younger man at least half of the older man's age. Anywhere between 28 and 38 if Maul had to guess.

"Yes, well look who's basically attached to his hip." Maul pointed him out to Talon.

"Yeah so?" Talon looked at him questioningly.

"I bet that he was the padawan to the other Jedi or at least a very close friend of his. Just look at how they're so close to each other." Maul explained

"So we distract the younger one and we distract the older one, I see what you have planned." Talon complimented him

"Yes, but there are still other's than those two." Maul reminded the younger Sith apprentice.

"I call dibs on the blonde Jedi, you can get the distract the two men and that Togruta female." Talon said as the fog was activated.

"LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! YOU ARE IN FOR A SPECIAL TREAT TONIGHT! OUR TWO FAVORITES HAVE SET UP A SPECIAL DANCE JUST FOR TONIGHT. YOUR FAVORITE LETHAN TWI'LEK AND DATHOMIRIAN ZABRAK, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, TALON AND MAUL." The announcer gave Talon a second to run through the fog to her spot between the two long strands of silk before letting the fog die down. Than he started the music.

Talon had one hand each on the two strands of silk as she knelt on the ground. As the music started the song she stood up and her hands reached up further. Once her arms were fulling extended she gripped onto the silk stands and lifts her body off of the ground. She slowly flips her body back to where her legs were over her head and she wraps her legs around a strand of silk. She than pulls her body up and does the same thing until she gets to the height she needed. Than she flips her body upside down again and goes into a split. Her movements slow as if teasing the audience. She looked out into the audience to see the group of four Jedi watching her. The older Jedi and the Togrutaweren't paying much attention as the two younger men were, however they didn't seem very entranced at the moment. Just watching as they sipped on their drinks.

She stayed in her split until the music kicked up. Right as it did, Maul, on beat with the music ran out and jumped onto the aerial pole catching it in his thighs and letting his body leaning forward on one side of the pole as it swung forward toward the audience. Talon at the same moment flipped herself right up and quickly wrapped her legs around the separate strands of the silk and lifted herself up higher. Every time there was a beat louder than the others she fell quickly into a split than back up. Than with the silk wrapped around her feet, she turned to have one of the strands against her back and she crossed one of her legs over the other. Twisting herself into the strands of silk, she stood up with the silk around her legs, she flipped upside down again with her legs out in a split. She let go of the silk with her hands and swayed back and forth for a moment.

As Maul was swinging back he let his body curl and twist around the pole and just holding on with his hands, he held his body parallel to the pole as he let his body lean into the swing back forward. Than on his way back he stopped the swinging pole by landing on the ground. He only ran around the pole, while holding it, twice to get it going in a circular motion and for the chains holding the pole to the top of the stage to twist on itself causing the pole to rise. He held his body out in a flag position and let go of the pole with his lower hand to extend it out to the audience. From the quick glimpse he got of the audience he hand the young male Jedi he had pointed out to Talon staring right at him and the blonde Jedi male was paying all of his attention to Talon. The older male and the Togruta seemed annoyed by the to younger male Jedi. Maul didn't care about the two, he knew as long as he had the one Jedi distracted that the older Jedi and possibly the Togruta distracted as well. Once the pole was high enough he grabbed onto it with his other hand and started to make it spin again, yet much faster than before. Bending one of his legs, he outstretched the other than he let his head hang back along with his legs.

Talon as she was upside down, grabbed onto the silk with one hand as she used her other to unravel one leg sending her into a side ways split. She than wrapped the silk around her arms and unravel from one of her legs sending her tumbling down a bit. In an upside down state she twisted the pieces of silk around her body than pulled herself up. As Maul curled his body around the pole and let go of the pole with hand and pushed his upper body back. To lean back and grab the bottom of the pole. Talon let her body fall and the silk unravel from her body, until she pulled the silk causing it to stop unraveling. Than she leaned against the silk letting it unravel from around her legs, but stay raveled around her feet. She rolled her way back up the silk to let the silk unravel once more as she tumbled down than grabbing onto the silk to stop herself. She took the silk she had and threw it around her body than waved the silk she held in a circular motion causing her to spin and slowly move down the silk.

Maul held on as the pole spun than let go to bring his upper body back up and he leaned back and grabbed one of his legs pulling it touch the back of his head. Talon stopped her slow down fall and slowed the spinning to also grab on of hr legs and pull it to the side of her head causing them both to be in a split for 5 seconds before either of them moved. Talon climbed back up the silk as Maul held onto the pole with his hands spread apart from each other and he held his body out in a flag position for a second before moving his legs up and down together causing the pole to spin a bit more. Into the spin Maul separated his legs than brought them underneath of him in momentum in kicking his legs above him having him upside down as the pole spun he moved his legs together than apart. One moment as he was upside down he stopped keeping his legs spread for a moment and the pole slowly spun. He let his legs and body slowly drop putting him in a right side up position. Than he moved his legs as if he was walking on the air as the pole spun. Coiling around the pole once, Maul brought his body down to the bottom of the pole to where he could only hold onto the pole with his hand and he jerked his body causing it and the pole to spin rapidly. As the pole spun, Maul let his head hang back for a moment before bring it back in and letting it hang back again. The pole than made it's descend to the ground, Maul pulled his knees up to his chest .

Talon had wrapped herself in the silk and let herself slowly tumble, once she was near the ground she only held onto the silk with her hands and she let her feet touch the ground once Maul's did as the song faded out. Applause and whistles filled the building, but none of that matter to Maul. His eye scoured through the audience looking for the Jedi. He found the old Jedi still at the bar not paying any attention with the Togruta applauding his and Talon's performance. He did not find the Jedi's eyes that he pointed out earlier to Talon until he looked down at the front row. He saw the Jedi's that both him and Talon set out to attract to be in the front row clapping and whistling at them. Maul smirked deviously as his and the Jedi he pointed out earlier eyes met. Yellow and red to grey-blue. Maul held eye contact with him until Talon ran her hand across Maul's back as she walked back stage and he followed right after her knowing that stage 1 of their mission was a complete success.

Yet Maul and Talon couldn't help but wonder now, just what were the names of the Jedi they've entranced.