"Stupid Jedi." Maul snarled under his breath as he walked away from the Jedi that he once had caught the attention of. Obi-wan had used a mind trick to get the dude to leave Maul alone, yet now the Jedi was trying to talk to Maul. Maul at the moment just wanted to do his job. He was pleased that he had ensnared the Jedi's attention, but now he wanted out of this large crowd.

As Maul set the last drink he had to deliver down on the table, Maul stood there next to the man now drinking the alcoholic drink. Maul placed a hand on his hip and looked around as Talon and other ladies pole danced to a song called 'Dark Horse.' Just as he expected, the Jedi was not only watching him but following him as well. Maul turned his gaze to an empty chair at an empty table that sat in front of the stage. An idea clicked in Maul's mind. If this Jedi was so intrigued by Maul, Maul should at least give in a closer look.

Maul approached the young Jedi slowly through the crowd making sure never to break his eye contact with him. Once Maul was up to the Jedi, Maul placed a hand on the Jedi's chest and pushed him slowly forcing Obi-wan to walk backward and put his trust in Maul in where they were going.

"Uhhhh," Was all that Obi-wan could say before clearing his throat. "W-what, uh, what are you doing?" Obi-wan didn't think his face could get any redder than it was at that moment. Until Maul leaned in as they walked.

"I thought that I should thank you for what you did earlier," Maul's voice was quiet and deep. He looked over Obi-wan's shoulder and saw the chair then stopped the Jedi from backing up any further.

"And, uh, how are you going to do that?" Obi-wan mindlessly said as the Zabrak hand walked around him, sliding his hand across Obi-wan's chest, luring the Jedi to turn around and face where Maul was going.

Cade turned, from watching Talon dance, trying to from his friend and what he saw surprised him. Cade watched as Maul's hand left Obi-wan's body and the Zabrak walk over to the chair. Once Maul was next to the chair, he bent down and reached out to his one leg that was propped out further than the other, then slowly roll his way back up into a standing position. Maul placed a hand on the back of the chair then one leg after the other, Maul was sitting on the back of the chair. As Maul slid down the back of the chair to the main sitting part, he let his legs bend and spread open. Leaning down, Maul then started to crawl off of the chair and toward Obi-wan and never breaking eye contact. Once he got up to Obi-wan, he crawled up the Jedi's body and he let his lips drag their way up Obi-wan's neck. The feeling alone sent shivers throughout Obi-wan's body. Maul then grabbed the collar of Obi-wan's shirt and walked back to the chair. Once Maul could feel the chair touch the back of his legs, he slowly walked around Obi-wan keeping his grip on the shirt until Obi-wan stood where Maul stood.

Maul pushed Obi-wan back into the chair and Cade couldn't help but notice that song's vocal change from female to male and Maul removed his apron leaving himself in only his golden spandex. Maul bent down running his hands from Obi-wan's shoulders down to his legs. Kneeling in front of Obi-wan, Maul rubbed his body against Obi-wan's legs as he came back up. Obi-wan couldn't help but reach his hands out and touch Maul's chest. Maul snarled at the Jedi grabbing at the hands and pulling them away from his body. Maul set the hand down on the arms of the chair.

"No touching unless I permit it." Maul hissed into Obi-wan's ear and the Jedi gulped as Maul sat on Obi-wan's lap and started to grind on his legs. Maul ran his hands up and down Obi-wan's body and then up Obi-wan's neck and into the long hair the Jedi had.

"So, what's your name?" Maul quietly asked as he pushed his hands underneath Obi-wan's shirt and felt the Jedi's toned muscles under his skin.

"Kenobi." The Jedi spoke surprise he could will himself to speak as his eyes were entranced and following the intricate black tattoos on Maul's body. "And yours?"

"Maul." The Zabrak quietly breathed into Obi-wan's ear before gently biting the Jedi's ear lobe.

"So that's not just a stage name?" Obi-wan asked trying not to make any sounds as Maul ground on him and bit his ear.

"It's my real name." Maul purred until he heard a voice behind him calling his name and he didn't stop what he was doing until he was yanked off of the Jedi by his 'boss.' Maul snarled at the older human.

"What the hell are you doing?!" His boss yelled at him. "That man that you were with was important for us to please. I told you before they came in, you were the one they wanted to entertain them!"

"I was on waiter duty, and I do not need to entertain anyone I don't want to entertain. That was our deal." Maul hissed wishing that he could use his mind tricks on the man, but that would ruin his entire mission. "I certainly do not entertain anyone who thinks they are free to touch and grope me."

"Then you decided to give him a lap dance?!" Maul's boss points his finger at Obi-wan. Maul could tell that they were in a bad situation, everyone in the club was now paying attention to Maul and his 'boss.'

"He helped get that freeloader off of me, so I decided to thank him." Maul kept his voice calm and at its normal level. He didn't know when the yelling would stop until Talon walked up behind their'boss' and threw her arm around him.

"Come on now sir, it was his first time off of the stage. You're expecting too much of him on his first time and I'm sure that man will be back. And when he is I'm sure Maul will be ready." Talon whispered into his ear and their boss let out a huff.

"He better be ready or else both of you will be punished." Their boss hissed glaring at Maul. "And no more free lap dances!" Maul kept his anger down as Talon then leads their boss into the back. Once his boss and Talon are out of sight, Maul snarls looking around at the few people who still were watching and they jumped and turned to watch the dancers that were still dancing on the stage. Maul kept calm as he walked over to his apron and picked it up, putting it back on.

"Hey," Obi-wan began to approach the fuming Zabrak until his friend placed a hand on his shoulder.

"Hey, dude, are you alright? I didn't expect that dude to go off like that." Cade commented

"Yes, Cade, I'm alright." Obi-wan turned to his friend.

"Dude, I just can't believe that he gave you a lap dance." Cade's mood quickly lightened as he laughed.

"Even I didn't believe it when it was happening," Obi-wan's face began to turn red once more. "I should go and see if he's alright." Obi-wan left his friend before Cade could make up any argument. Obi-wan walked up to the bar as Maul was cleaning out glasses.

"Hey, are you alright?" Obi-wan asked a bit worrisome.

"Yes. I am fine. Being yelled at here isn't the worst thing that can happen." Maul answered not taking his eyes off of the glass that he was cleaning.

"That's what worries me," Obi-wan muttered and Maul sighed, quickly thinking to himself. He reached down under the counter and pulled out a napkin and a pen and started to write on it.

"What's that?" Obi-wan couldn't help but ask as Maul pushed the napkin to Obi-wan.

"Listen. I would really like to thank you more properly than what happened here tonight. This is the address where that batha shit of a boss gave me to live. Meet me there on Sunday night at 11." Maul spoke softly to him.

"Uhhh, I'm not entirely sure that I should," Obi-wan began to speak.

"If you're uncomfortable with just being us, I could invite Talon and you could bring that blonde friend of yours." Maul suggested and Obi-wan took the napkin with a shaky hand.

"A-Alright." Obi-wan's face was red once again thinking of what possibly could happen.

"You should get going now Kenobi. If my boss comes back and still sees you here he might kick you out." Maul warned and Obi-wan nodded leaving the bar and getting Cade. After explaining what happened to his friend, they both left the club.