~The Fate Of Dark Light~

Well I said that I'd be looking to you guys to decide whether or not I should bother with this story again and after getting dozens of e-mails and a few PMs saying I should do it I went and did it. I reread the entire My Hero Academia Manga and I found some very nice stories. In the end I finally felt truly inspired to sit down and this give story another shot. Keep in mind that this was last month so I had plenty of time to sit down and reread Dark Light before deciding between a continuation or rewrite.

The answer I came up with was rewrite.

As it is right now Dark Light is serviceable as a story and I can certainly continue it no problem but I think I could do better- no I know I can do better. There are certain elements of the story that just don't work for me anymore, like Izuku being overpowered, Himiko's backstory and Silver Fang's place in the story. Then there are the missed opportunities with characters and moments but I won't get into that.

With all that said, I have good news, bad news, better news and worse news but first an announcement.


Yep, I am monetizing which isn't as bad as you think because all my stories are going to be available to the public at some point. My page just allows you to view them first as well as the bulk of my content from the start. So if you're interested in more of my content because I intent to move all my stories there (including the ones I wrote while I wasn't posting on ) or you just want to support me then check it out. Still trying to figure this thing out, your boy desperate and I ain't afraid to say it.

Here's the link, just remove the space add the slash: www. pa tre on. com -slash- streggaeworks

Now back to the rewrite

Good news: I already wrote the first chapter of the rewrite and am doing the second chapter even as I post this. I have a clear vision of what I want so I just have to

Bad news: I'm not planning on publishing the story until I built enough backlog of chapters to do weekly updates for several months after publishing. At the very best I want to be at where I left off with the original story (which is a year before U.A.) and further develop the story.

Better news: I am posting the written chapters on my Pa tre on as soon as I finish editing.

Worse news: until further notice the Dark Light Rewrite will be a Pa tre on exclusive until further notice.

That's all I have to say, if you're interested in reading it now check out my page, if not it's going to be a couple months wait but at least you know that by the time I do release this you're going to be getting consistent weekly updates barring any unforeseen circumstances.

Also don't worry, I'm backing my content on Google Drive.

Have a nice day, Streggae out.