Chapter 6

"Lights out"

'That damn dream again'

"Lights out"

Of all the things Katsuki Bakugou remembered from that day.

It wasn't the hits or the cuts.

"Lights out"

It wasn't the pain or even the humiliation.

"Lights out"

It was those words.

"Lights out"

Two simple words that wouldn't have meant much, especially from Deku of all people, but it did. It was the very last words that were said by his former friend to him before he went away but not before throwing Katsuki's entire life into disarray and dealing a major blow (and several) to both his body and mind.

Katsuki literally had the scars to prove it but what really cut deep and continued to cause him anguish was the blow to his ego. Deku, no Izuku Midoriya unknown to anyone (and at a time even himself) had in fact beaten him. That day, he tried not to remember but he could never forget the greatest (and only relevant) fight in his young life, against a former friend he thought was useless.

A fight that, in the end, he had lost.

At first he was in denial, his brain purposefully protecting his pride by conveniently forgetting the last few moments before he passed out. He didn't remember it until a year later when he and his two minions were talking about an interview with All Might and how hard it was when he fought his first villain, way back when he was just a fresh graduate from Yuuei Academy.

That made Katsuki think how his first fight with a villain would go, then it veered into his first real fight and eventually he got to thinking of his fight with Deku and at that point the memory, the pain, the humiliation wasn't so fresh. It was buried under more praises from his peers, ridicule of the useless Deku who ran away after getting beaten up and disappointment from his parents and teachers on how he picked on the poor boy.

It made him annoyed remembering the lecture and a very idle thought pass him by 'wonder what those idiots would think if Deku was the one who beat me up'

It was a stray thought meant as a joke of a joke but that was the catalyst for a suppressed memory to be dredged up and then he remembered. Annoyance turned to disbelief then denial and so much cursing but the memory took root and it haunted him for the better part of the same week. That's when the nightmares started, all of them involving those two accursed words that if used in conjunction would set him off faster than a bomb triggered by a dead man switch.

The worst part of it was that the object of his ire wasn't there so he couldn't very well do anything about it. So he was left to stew in his own defeat at the hands of 'useless Deku' which he didn't handle well. That week saw him more agitated, angry as hell and easily provoked than he'd ever been.

It was as if he was subconsciously gearing to prove his superiority at every turn. Talk to him a certain way, give him a certain look, make certain movements, anything that could be perceived as challenging his might was met with a swift, brutal and (for the most part) very physical response. And you better believe no one was safe, not his 'friends,' not his followers, not even his teachers and especially his parents whom have put up with his attitude, whether through his father's passive behaviour or his mother's biting tongue and lack of fear for reprisals.

Then he challenged the latter's authority by hitting back. That was, in hindsight, the worst mistake of his life as Katsuki was reminded why he let his mom get away with hitting him, the same reason why she lets him 'get away' with cursing like a drunken sailor and calling her names. She doesn't step out of line but he did and after she was done with him, Katsuki thought less of his loss against Deku which was close as he now compared it to his loss against his mother (which went about as well as you think it did).

The months following (after his wounds healed) were the moments where Katsuki turned inward, he was still the mean, cocky bastard with an attitude on the outside but he responded less with others now, especially when they praised him. The words of encouragement, the compliments, all of it was hollow and meaningless to him. Well he'd received them so much that they did lose meaning a long time ago but in the face of his loss against Deku they were more akin to pity.

Then he did something he'd never done before and started to think, like really think about his goal and about his fight. It didn't take him long to figure that if he wanted to be the best then he would have to beat Deku. Should those ever be uttered then he would either be a laughing stock or be congratulated for the funniest joke of the year. So for a while he remained quiet and through his introspection he started thinking more about the boy known as Midoriya Izuku.

He's under no illusion that Deku didn't actually want to or rather he did not plan to fight him that day, really it was Katsuki's fault for pushing him but can you blame him? Deku never fought back and once upon a time when he did, he was too pathetic to do much. So how did he manage to win? Simple, Deku was, as much as it pained him to admit, smarter than him. It reflected in his grades and though no one gave him any credit for it Katsuki actually respected him a little because of it.

He could (secretly) acknowledge that much.

He knew what Deku wrote in his little black notebook too, or at least from the few times he got a glimpse at it (and others). They were ideas, musings, plans or what have you, of different Quirks, their strengths, weaknesses, possible counters and so on. Katsuki has no doubt that somewhere Deku kept a profile of him, after all the times he's used his Quirk against him, who wouldn't in his situation. Also Deku is the only one who knew him as a person, as a friend.

It took longer to admit but Katsuki realized that of all the persons he knew Deku was the one he most perceived as a threat and it showed in his fight. He won't even go into his Quirk or whatever the hell that was inside the storage shed. Izuku had him dead to rights and he suspected that the only reason why the guy passed out too was due to lack of stamina.

Deku was just weak like that.

So what did he learn from his introspection of the whole ordeal? Deku is a crafty son of a bitch, who used his perceived weakness to lure him into a false sense of security, lead him into an obvious trap and proceeded to concoct a plan which he crudely executed. The worse part of it was that it was on the fly, completely unexpected and Katsuki fell for it beautifully.

Now Deku was gone, having stripped him of his belief as being the best and the chance to rectify it by challenging him again. Of course he could seek him out but his parents aren't in as much contact with Inko anymore and even if they were they wouldn't tell him their address which leaves Katsuki by himself.

Now what was he supposed to do?

Katsuki thought of it for a while, now that Deku, the only person who he had (subconsciously) perceived as a threat was no longer there, he had nothing to challenge him anymore. The indignity of his loss aside Katsuki felt as sense of emptiness, what should he do now other than sit back and wait?

The answer was so simple and yet it came to him during a conversation with his mother at a time where he was simply lost on what to do with himself. Predictably his mother was all over his lazy ass, complaining about his lack of productivity.

And through her tirade the only thing that registered was his name.


"What did you just say?"

Mitsuki cut her tirade short when she got a reaction that was not him yelling as loud as she did.

She didn't let it get to her too much though "I said why can't you be more like Izuku?"

He shot to his feet "what about Deku!?"

Mitsuki's eyes widened at the fire in his eyes and she smirked "I've been talking to his mother lately. While you're here sitting on your lazy ass he's out exercising very day, even practicing with his Quirk"

The anger melted into open mouth shock as his mind raced 'he's been...this entire...'


The scream caught Mitsuki off guard as did when he bolted through the door "Katsuki!"

Her yell fell on deaf ears as the only thing he could hear was the sound of his mind and thumping heart as he continued running, he knew not the destination but he just kept running.

He's been training! This entire time Deku has been training!

"That fucker!"

...of course he has. When he acknowledged Izuku was the only one to know him as a friend the same went in reverse. Katsuki had Deku pegged as well and when he thought about things, it only made sense.

That guy, most of his life had been spent adoring Heroes. Hell they both wanted to be like heroes and when he finally caught a glimpse of his Quirk he worked damn hard to make it happen. So why in the hell would he think Izuku motherfucking Midoriya would sit on his ass and do nothing until it was time to enroll in Yuuei.

"Shit!" He slammed an explosive fist into a wall causing it to explode outwards but he didn't care.

"What the hell have I been doing?"

He could care less that his mother favored Izuku over him but to say that the scrawny bastard had been training all this time...

"He's getting stronger and I'm still..." he trailed as his anger was expressed in another explosion.


After venting his anger and stress he resolved to do something about it. He was going to be number one but before that could happen he needed to beat Deku and as he is, right now, Katsuki had his doubt that if he were to fight the scrawny puke now then it wouldn't be an easy win (if at all) and with each day the gap gets wider.

In Katsuki's mind it was inconceivable for him to lose as he is but he's thinking of Izuku as he was and as of now he could only imagine how strong he is now. Exercising every day? He'll do one better than that bastard! Everything that Izuku does he'll do twice as much, he'll surpass him and be the best!

But to do that, as much as he hated it, he would need to at least have a grasp of what Izuku was doing. As appealing as it sounds to just work till he dropped in hopes that he was doing more than Izuku thus become stronger than him, Katsuki wasn't stupid. Brash, arrogant, foul-mouthed but not stupid and overworking himself till he collapsed was just insane.

This wasn't an anime, basic yet extreme strength training won't guarantee god-like strength and invincibility. If it's one thing his loss against Deku did it was teaching him that going into a fight without a plan beyond 'blow shit up and hope for the best' doesn't cut it, not with a guy like Deku and he knew Deku. No he'll have to be crafty about it and what better way to be crafty than to counter everything Deku has.

And the first step is to know how the bastard was going about training himself and his Quirk and work to create contingencies. The problem was that he'll have to bargain with the devil.



From her lounging position on the couch and magazine on her chest Mitsuki gave her son a surprised look.

Katsuki was rather annoyed by that "what you going senile you old ha-GAAH!" he rubbed his face with a wince but glared at her.

Familiar red eyes glared back "I heard what you said, idiot!" she then continued calmer "I just wanna know why you want to know what Izuku is up to."

"None of your business!"

"Well tough shit, I ain't telling you nothing until I get an answer and don't even bother asking your father either, he doesn't care to know what me and my friends are up to."


She had him and he knew it but he wasn't about to cave "forget it"

Mitsuki simply shrugged "suite yourself"

Katsuki decided to wing it in the end lots of running, pushups, situps and drinking plenty of juice. Days turned into weeks turned into months and the entire time he'd hear himself asking the same question.

"What would Deku do?"

"How would he go about getting this done?"

If the name of the game is beat Deku then it only makes sense that he'd want to know how the guy thought. Admittedly it was the most Katsuki had ever had to think about something and it pissed him off that he had to stoop so low as to think like someone else. But you know what pissed him off even more? Losing! So in the end he sucked it up and thought long about it.

Well he knew that Izuku knew that he wouldn't let his loss 'stand'

He shook his head 'no if I know him he wouldn't even think he won that fight' he thought remembering how his former friend looked that day.

That wasn't the eyes of someone who got into an unplanned fight with Katsuki Bakugou and won by the skin of his teeth. With that thought he figured Izuku wasn't training to beat him specifically, probably. It was a small comfort at least, still didn't mean shit since Deku probably had enough notes on him and his Quirk.

With that thought he needed to go beyond Deku's expectations and develop counter measures against his counter measures which would mean Quirk training ie Special Moves. He grinned at the thought of blasting the nerd with an awesome move but before he could develop the special move, he'd need to study what he was up against.

Which brought up the second hardest part of his Deku investigation.

'What the hell is his Quirk?'

The first time he saw Deku's Quirk, it was a literal flash of light, then he heard it was that he could absorb sunlight like some kind of solar battery and release it (he figured that was what the explosion was back then). A few years later he could allegedly make his palms glow (of course Katsuki had never actually seen him use his light based Quirk no matter how much he tried to force it out of him).

Then fast forward to D-Day and…that happened. Seriously what the fuck?

What the actual fuck?

That, what happened in the storage room was not a light based Quirk. The shit that he'd seen when he actually lit the place up with explosions.


"Fuck" he grabbed his head in frustration.

Bad enough that he lost his first real fight, to make it worse it was against Deku of all people and to add insult to injury he was fucking traumatized by it.

'No' he shook his head.

It wasn't just pride on the line anymore, he needed to mop the floor with Deku, for his pride and his damn health.

'Stupid brain'


So it was with that Katsuki found himself around a computer searching for Quirks revolving around manipulating darkness or as the technical term goes 'Umbrakinesis.' The search brought up some data although there wasn't much on the account that that specific type of Quirk was rare.

Plus people with that type of Quirk more than not end up as villains because dark Quirks make people dark. Shit that wasn't even a stereotype but an actual scientifically proven fact. The type of energy that is generated by darkness affects the brain chemistry in such a way that it brings to surface certain negative emotions, change in demeanor and in some cases just pure insanity.

That made Katsuki pause "well shit, no wonder Deku sucker punched me."

It also explained why most of the Quirk users were villains. Now that opened a can of worms to another impossible yet plausible question that popped up in his head.

Is Deku's Quirk going to turn him into a villain? If it was enough to make him do all that then could it, somewhere down the line, transform that useless bastard into a seriously dangerous villain?

"...pfft yeah right."

He had to scoff at he thought, not even going into how ludicrous it sounded for Deku to be a villain of all things, Katsuki himself couldn't imagine Deku would ever think to be a villain. Just look at Katsuki, with his Quirk and attitude he's as close to being a villain to anyone who would skim his profile. For fucks sake he already has minions though he didn't hang around them for long.

Back to the point, Deku wouldn't be a villain, at least if he were left to his own devices, dark powers or not. If Katsuki could be a hero then you better believe Deku can as well and without Katsuki to keep him in check then there is literally nothing holding the guy back from pursuing that dream, dark Quirk be damned.

Speaking of Quirk, while on the topic of Quirks Katsuki felt that he still hadn't grasped Deku's Quirk, not fully at least. Oh he had enough memories and evidence for his dark powers but still, if that was all then 'what's with that light shit then?'

Naturally Google was his only friend and when he typed in light explosion and dark control, his views on Quirk expanded as the search engine showed something peculiar that surprised him.

"Dual Quirks"

In all honesty Katsuki didn't even think that was a thing, oh he knew it existed, having more than one ability in a single Quirk, it is usually found in Mutant type Quirks. Or it could be a side effect of a Quirk, like in his case, because his explosion Quirk is just as lethal to him as it can be for others his body compensates by developing thicker skin. Katsuki will in theory have very durable skin especially around his palms.

But the actual definition of dual Quirks what Katsuki found told a different story from what Katsuki was aware of. Having two Quirks manifest that aren't inherently similar to each other. These were the rarest of the rare type of things, so rare that the number of documented cases could be counted on one hand.

There was the fairly known ability to turn invisible and generate forcefield, he remembered that heroine very well from the so-called Silver Age of Quirked Heroes. Then there was that one villain who had super speed and could generate fire, that guy is incarcerated at the moment. Finally there was a recent guy who could do zero point manipulation (which is the ability to render all things motionless by trapping them in a field which he could move around at will) and aggressive regeneration.

Katsuki wouldn't lie, having one of those powers could make someone dangerous but having two of them and they are almost unstoppable. That aside it still frustrated him because there was so little examples of them that it wasn't likely he would find what he was looking for and he wasn't about to go read up on the many theories so-called experts have come up with.

Then he thought 'fuck it, might as well try' and looked up 'dark and light Quirks'

What came up aside from some sites was the caption Did you mean light vs dark?

More than a little intrigued he clicked on it and the first thing that generated of all things was an article based on a book.

Light vs Dark: The Tragedy of The Reynolds Family

This got an eyebrow raised at the familiarity of it, the name Reynolds sounded familiar. Out of curiosity he clicked on the article. By the time he finished reading it he leaned back in his chair and muttered "holy shit"

The article was an overview of the book was based on true events, mostly journal notes, eye witness accounts, public records everything in the book was authenticated and extensively researched, documented and proven.

The book is a biography of one Robert and Ryan Reynolds aka the Reynolds brothers or their more famous aliases, The Sentry and The Void. Now those names Katsuki recognized, oh there is not an aspiring hero or villain who wouldn't recognize those names.

Arguably the first humans in recorded history to have developed Quirks and the very first hero and villain respectively. Everything that is now started with those two, their actions shaped the foundations for other Quirk users and for better or worse their ideals still held firm. Or at least that's what one analyst said, Katsuki was less interested in the history and more in their Quirks.

When Robert Reynolds was born his body shined in a golden light so bright that the hospital lights wouldn't compare. Of course this made the papers as a sign from the heavens, on the contrary his brother was born soon after completely normal. Later on in their life Robert's Quirk would evolve from glowing brightly to manipulating and generating light while Ryan would be able to do the opposite and control and generate darkness in all its forms.

By themselves those Quirks were some of the rarest and the two brothers cemented themselves as the most powerful hero and villain in history with the feats they pulled off during their respective careers thanks mostly to those Quirks.

And now there's a very good chance that Deku has both of those Quirks under his control.


What the actual fuck.

Katsuki was in a state of disbelief, that the most useless and weak guy he knew ended up like that. At the same time he felt reinvigorated. Oh sure he acknowledged that the Reynolds twins were insanely powerful with their Quirks but strip away all that and what's left is Deku and while the guy is crafty he makes for a far less imposing face than those two legends.

He gulped "I'm going to surpass All Might and that means I'll surpass you too" he pointed at the picture of The Sentry.

A lofty goal with almost no chance of being accomplished but as the saying goes "dream big or don't dream at all"


For the rest of the year Katsuki worked on Quirk development, researching extensively on his fitness and Quirk techniques, even going so far as to draw inspiration from Heroes (never villains) with similar Quirks. And through blood, sweat and sheer fucking will he developed several new techniques that would definitely blow Deku's expectations (along with his body) out of the water.

Because that's what it's all about, Deku would be expecting the Katsuki he left behind but unlike him Katsuki was expecting the unexpected. Deku would never catch him flat-footed again and he worked twice as hard as he had any business to. His parents approved of his new ethic and he would be lying if he said he didn't value their praises above others.

Not to say that even if the incident didn't happen he would've just lazed around doing nothing for three years, fuck no! Katsuki actually had it all planned out, exercising, Quirk and combat training then some studying to top it all off. Katsuki is deathly serious about being the best and will quite literally destroy anyone who stands in the way of that.

Really the only thing that's change in that regard is the amount of load he placed on himself and of course his new immediate focus 'defeating Deku.' Add all of that together and Katsuki was actually ahead of schedule, making progress he thought he'd only see himself making in Yuuei right now.

He wouldn't be surprised if he could fight against some villains and come out on top, he wouldn't though, contrary to popular belief Katsuki is very much a realist but with possibly the best damn poker face in the world. After all who's going to take the loud mouth, short-tempered brat serious when he's always talking big?

Aside from that Katsuki doesn't have any formal combat training let alone combat experience and by 'combat' he's talking about the kind that wasn't ended by spamming his Quirk like a broken special move in a video game. Now that he thought about it he hasn't gotten into a fight that didn't end with him simply blowing his opponent up since Deku. He didn't know whether that said something about Deku or how far he's come or the peasants who even bother try but it's very sad indeed when someone says that Deku put up more of a fight than anyone before or since.

Anyway his lack of combat training was going to be taken care of by someone of a specialist before. Katsuki would've learned the basic self-defense course for aspiring adolescents wanting to become heroes. They actually have that and though his parents weren't wealthy they did have a savings put away for all of Katsuki's future hero needs so paying for the class wasn't a problem.

At least it wasn't before but after taking and subsequently acing that class Katsuki was still left unsatisfied. Sure he learned a lot of basic combat moves but they were just that, basic and he would more than likely have to rely on his Quirk plus additional training at Yuuei. It seemed that the class itself was more for getting used to actually being in combat situations and not lock up than for practicality.

It pissed him off and he complained very loudly and incessantly about it which did let him blow off some steam but still left him with a problem. He needed training, combat training…martial arts training? That last one came up from the back of his mind when he was going through his father's DVD collection on one of the more boring days.

For a pussy his father liked his action movies.

But it didn't really stuck until he got wind from his mother that Deku was on the hunt for dojos. The look on his mother's face when she let that one 'slip' wanted him to do unspeakable things but he let it go in favor of mulling over the new information. Katsuki knew for a fact that Deku wouldn't be finding any 'dojos' and he knew that Inko wouldn't be able to afford a private instructor.

What really had him was that the guy would even think of that, then there's the other information of a friend helping him practice.

Deku got himself a training partner 'shit'

As much as Katsuki was content training by himself he could recognize the benefits of having a sparring partner as opposed to being alone. Deku is humble and open enough to have included a like minded person in his training but not Katsuki.

First of all he didn't acknowledge anyone in his class in the school to be near enough to his level to allow such a thing. Even if he did then they would have to be able to keep up with his kind of training, bare with his attitude and be tough enough to withstand him.

That lowers Katsuki prospects to a partner to be a strong and stubbornly persistent person who is invulnerable to explosions and insults. So in short, a crazy motherfucker and Katsuki don't deal with crazies.

As for the dojo bit Katsuki knew that after Quirks became widespread, such things like martial arts and self defense became outdated in the face of having super powers. Only the wealthier ones managed to maintain their standing but only in the form of 'private tutoring' where they teach their styles in coalition with someone's Quirk.

In most cases a reputable dojo would contract with an organization to teach its members their art. Katsuki knows for a fact that China's hero school did this, not just as a lucrative business but it's also encouraged by the government in order to preserve a piece of their culture. It's a wonder why China has one of the lowest villain sightings in the world, to the point where their heroes actually migrate.

Japan's government tried to do something similar but by the time it was implemented most of the dojos had already shut down. That and the people just weren't interested in the martial arts anymore despite the boon it would give to its heroes. It shouldn't have been that much of a problem but the downside is that it's more expensive especially if it's to be done by a private citizen as opposed to sponsored ones.

That's what he managed to find out after some research just to get a better understanding of Deku's prospects. With that said Katsuki wasn't interested in martial arts per se and by that he meant like the ones in movies, you know, flips, kicks, throws, chops and all that. As tempting an aesthetic as being like Jackie Chan would be he's smart enough to know his Quirk and fighting style wouldn't mesh with that type of fancy fighting.

Oh no he knew which martial art he should use to best maximize his particular set of skills and lucky for him this one isn't extinct or specialized.


The moment he entered through the door Katsuki could tell he walked into the right place. Exercising equipment of all types were in a designated area, mats and lots of punching bags of different types were also present but at the center of the area was a boxing ring. Katsuki couldn't help it, he grinned at seeing two men duke it out in a no Quirks brawl.

'Now this is what I'm talking about!'

With the rise of Quirks certain sports began to lose their appeal to the general public, it's the reason why the Olympics eventually became defunct and replaced with Quirk-centered events hosted by major Hero schools or organizations around the world which include Yuuei of course.

The only sports to survive this were mostly contact sports that could be adapted with Quirks and of course have an audience that watch for more than just entertainment (ie gambling) Boxing is all of that and while it isn't as popular as it once was it has adapted into this modern day society. Out of everything Katsuki couldn't see Deku doing boxing, it's one of those few things that doesn't take Quirks into consideration at first glance, especially projection-type Quirks.

That would mean Katsuki's Quirk wouldn't matter here, no one would sing him meaningless praises at this place. That was all right though, he was big enough to do boxing probably even go pro if he wanted but he'll go as far as he can until Yuuei or graduation.

For now though he will focus on the task at hand "hey old man, you looking for a new member?"


A semester and two months into his second year past since he joined the local gym, turns out Katsuki was a prodigy at the sport, hell he's even fought in some matches, three in fact, against older more experienced boxers and won all of them with a knockout.

Aside from his accomplishments in the ring he managed to implement the sport into his combatstyle which was still in the experimenting stage but looking very good nonetheless. He even managed to get the hang of a few special moves and it would only get better from here on out.

With true accomplishments and growing progress Katsuki's future was looking brighter as did the prospect of his goal, nothing could bring him down now.


Apparently he has spoken too soon.

"Whadya want yah old granny!?" He yelled back.

"Shut up!"

That was expected but her bypassing him wasn't. It said something about his relationship with their relationship that he knew something was wrong when she didn't hit him after he insulted her age. With the way how his mother looked he was the last thing on her mind.

"What the hell is going on?" his voice was naturally harsh but lost most of its bite, he was curious.

Her mother threw on a coat and grabbed her car keys "There was a villain attack, Inko and Izuku are in the hospital!"

Katsuki's normally hot blood froze at the news and he raced out the door behind his mother all the while his mind tried to wrap itself around the situation then swearing bloody murder against the shit stain villain who'd attack Inko.

And Deku if he failed to protect her.

To Be Continued

Author's Notes: I feel like I hadn't accomplished what I set out for in writing this chapter. Why? In writing this chapter I went back and read almost every scene Katsuki was in and found out a few things. First of all because of his attitude I've seen authors portray him as two dimensional which is kind of fine because a guy like that didn't really get any proper depth until recently. At the same time his actions in earlier chapters spoke for itself. I mean the guy is pretty badass when you look past his treatment of Izuku and attitude.

When the villains first attacked he was one of the few who didn't panic and calmly surveyed the situation and acted accordingly (to his whims). He's also got some combat training before Yuuei (he has heightened reflexes and managed to incapacitate a villain on instinct, not to mention performing a corsckrew flip and throw Todoroki in their fight) the guy is also a pretty decent strategist if not quick to jump the gun.

Honestly I feel I didn't really do much to change his character from canon on the outside because he actually learns from his mistakes but just doesn't show it in an obvious sense. I pretty much did with Katsuki what I did with Izuku and made him mature earlier and I gave the reason, he has an immediate goal in mind that pushes him further than his canon counterpart. The bit about specialized training I added to give some focus on where he learned his bit of self defense (that is not explained) but the boxing bit is something I added as a way for him to combat Izuku's martial arts.

And Yes I got that one from 'Pride of a Loser' I'm not ashamed to admit that.

I find it interesting that there is no longer an Olympics but instead the Yuuei festival thing, I doubt Yuuei is the only school doing that or that there aren't any other Quirk events broadcasting, if I get the chance I might add onto that prospect.

Since some people have wondered I am going to confirm. Izuku will not, I repeat, will not be receiving One For All. Take note that I am basing this story off the fact that the world doesn't revolve around the main character. Get used to the fact that some things in canon aren't likely to happen, for example Ochako, don't assume that their relationship will be the same as canon and while the thought of an harem (for those wondering) have crossed my mind realistically I know it's not going to be smooth sailing.

Keep an open mind is all I'm saying.