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Same Fancasts as always.

Rabastan Lestrange - Tom Hiddleston

Daphne Greengrass - Georgie Henley

Riddlemort - Aiden Turner

Young Severus - Alan Rickman (seen pictures recently, no one else can be Snape ...)

There will be non-con in this story. Warnings will come before each chapter that holds the triggers.

Pairings: Young!Severus/Hermione, Professor Snape/Hermione, Rabastan Lestrange/Hermione, one sided on his part Cormac/Hermione. Ginny/Harry, Ginny/Dean. One sided on her part Cho/Harry. Ron/Lavender. Daphne/Neville.

The Second Chance Enchantment


HOGWARTS: 15th May 1977

Hiding, he hated his life. Especially now he had lost the only friend he ever had due to one moment of weakness. Although, on reflection, she did say there were other things she was starting to not like about his taste for darkness. But he loved her. Always would. Will forever! Now he was huddled against the rocky walls of the castle he loved too. The storge kind of love. Keeping quiet and huddled in on himself he heard a set of steps running past his concealment.

"Not here!" the voice of Black. Despicable Black who claimed to hate violence yet did not seem to have any qualms on using it against him. "Seen him, Jimmy?"

"I told you, Sirius I am getting fed up with this."

Yeah right! The boy thought through his silent sobbing, when was this torture going to stop? "Remus?" Black persisted.

"I am with James," the Werewolf sighed. "This is just wrong and childish now." If the tormented had any level of respect for these people it was Remus. When they had moments alone in the Library at least the shy, reserved Gryffindor took time out to try and make up any kind of bullying that may come next. "We're nearly adults, Sirius, we should behave like it."


"Sorry guys," the smallest one said. "Not here. Shame."

"What are you doing?" the beautiful torturous tones of the only Witch he could ever love. "James, I swear if you are out looking for Severus to hurt him you're dumped!"

"I'm not, Lily, I was telling Sirius we should stop it. Maybe," Potter's tone became harsh, "we should never have begun it."

"I've been saying that the moment you did."

"Look, Lil," the boy hiding himself shuddered. Lily, he ground his teeth. Her name is Lily. "This is the last time before the N.E.W.T.S."

"Oh yeah and you're going to pass them by hunting Severus down and hurting him!"

"I thought you hated him too now," whinged Black.

"No, Sirius, I don't." Lily said calmly. "I have more history with him than with you. I grew up with him, remember. We went to a Muggle school together, he slept in my house when his father was extra violent and he defended me – you can't switch off that easily!"

"But you're going out with me," James said.

"Does that mean, to be your girlfriend, I have to hate Severus?" The boy wiped the tears away. It was a relief to find out that Lily did not truly despise him but it still stung that she would never love him. "Well?"

"Everyone knows he's going to be a Dark Lord cronie," moaned Black.

"If you lot were nicer to him maybe he would not have been so dark!" Lily growled. "You, of all people Black, should know what it was like being in an abusive home! You should have befriended him rather than alienated him!"

Daring somewhat to peek through the door he saw Lily standing there – so beautiful. Dazzling emerald green eyes. Long flowing red hair. Facing the four boys who had taken it upon their shoulders to make his life a living hell.

"He called you that word!"

"Yes, he did, but that was only because you were provoking him."


"It's Lily," she snapped and effortlessly spun on her heel. "I hate Lil – it makes me sound old!"

"You act old," Black grumbled. That was it, Severus knew this was childish but he charmed Black's shoelaces to tie together in knots and he watched with immense satisfaction that Black tripped and landed flat on his face causing him to bleed. "Who did that?" he groaned. "Potter, did you?"

"Yeah because he's jealous of your good looks," said Pettigrew.

He watched as the three of them picked Black up and took him to the Hospital Wing to patch his face up. Only when they were out of sight he stepped out. As he crept out he did not see that someone had returned: "Severus," it was Lily. He spun around. A lump caught in his throat. She always managed to say his name softly making him feel ten feet tall. "I knew you were there," she sighed. "Did you do that to Black?"

"I could hardly stay there the whole night," he snapped. "Sorry, Lily," he murmured. "I wish we could go back in time."

"There are time turners but I doubt one could take us two years to that day."

"I don't know what else I can do to make amends," he hung his head and he felt Lily's fingers brush aside his hair. "I really am so sorry – I miss you, sweet heart."

Her fingers froze as he called her what he did in their fourth year. The year they realised their friendship may have a chance to develop. "I miss you too, Severus, but we cannot. The divide is strongly marked now."

"Does it have to be?" he looked up hopeful. "My heart – my feelings – they are still the same, I still love you."

"Our friends..."

"Friends," he sneered. "Those people you claim are my friends are not. They speak down to me as much as those thugs do. You were the only true friend I ever had, Lily. I want to marry you, not your friends."

Lily cried. Tears fell down her cheeks as she pulled Severus by the front of his robes and hugged him. Fiercely clutched onto him. "I wish I could, Severus, but do you really think your friends would feel comfortable with me around?"

"I told..."

"It does not matter – the fact remains you still hang around with them."

"I-I-I've invented the counter-curse to Sectumsempra," Severus said hoping this would sway her, "It is a horrid spell I know now it is."

Lily glanced in his eyes and nodded: "I believe you," she sighed cupping his cheek. "But you've got to understand," she tilted his chin up. "When we were kids, you said there was nothing wrong with being a Muggleborn and then you get sorted into Slytherin," he was about to speak. "That was fine but then you get drawn further and further into the likes of Avery, Lestrange, Malfoy, the other side of the Black family – you eagerly read the legal dark texts in the library devouring them with your keen eyes," sighing deeply, Lily wanted to kiss him – wished that was all it took but she knew better. Both were too stubborn to back down. "Then I defend you and..." she circled her wrist, "that hurt me, Severus. It was like you used that curse on my heart not because of the word," her tears fell freely, "but because it was you that said it."

"I did not mean it."

"I know but it was said," Lily said sadly. "I wanted to be yours – I was going to try and take our relationship to the next level when we returned home but you broke my heart."

"So, that's it," he sniffed. "When we leave school you'll become Mrs Potter and I will be alone."

"I heard Narcissa B..."

"Lucius Malfoy."

"Okay, Bella..."

"Don't insult me, Lily. The only girl I want is you," he shook his head sadly. "I doubt there will ever be another you."

"I will make love with you," she offered, "one night when school's finished."

"That is like dangling the carrot in front of the horse that bolted," Severus sighed. Lily nodded in agreement. "Just promise me one thing," he said.

"What is that?"

"Call at least one of your children, Severus?" his smile twisted and there was the spark that once was. "If I ever become a teacher it will fill me with great satisfaction."

Chuckling Lily hugged him into her: "I doubt James would like that but I kind of love the idea," she sniffed him in, "there is someone out there for you, Severus, when you find her don't push her away. Allow her in, take her and respect her. And call your daughter Lily?"

The two old friends/almost lovers parted and shook hands at arms length smiling: "It's a deal," Severus said. "Though I doubt I will get anyone to fulfil my side of the bargain."

"You will," Lily said, "deep down inside you are a good person, Severus, but I just cannot be with you after..."

"I promise to never use the term again," Severus said, "I suppose that is the least I can do."

"It's enough."

Slowly and reluctantly they withdrew from each other. Once Lily walked off. Hiding how heartbroken she genuinely was, Lily ran up the stairs to Gryffindor tower, whilst Severus walked around the shadows of the castle. His friend was the darkness. Dank must was his constant companion. As he made it further into the labyrinthine corridors of Hogwarts he reflected on what she said. If he had known he would have kept his temper. Surely there was some way to look into peoples minds. Occlumency clouded thoughts but there had to be a way to gaze into peoples eyes to see their true intentions. Eventually, he got so lost that he wondered if he would make it back to the Slytherin common room where yet more teasing was awaiting him. Oh rapturous joy, he sneered. If I become a teacher the pupils won't know what hit them. He grinned at the prospect of torturing Potter's boys though he may go easy on the girls. He hated when grown men made little girls cry.

Eventually he got to such a decrepit part of the building that even magic could not keep it up and there, he saw something. A mark on the stone wall. Stroking around the outline Severus brought out his notebook and copied it with an enchanted quill to fill with ink. Yet another of his ideas that Lily helped with. With a Lumos on his wand he sat there examining the strange rune and he translated it. An old spell. His magic core shivered with excited anticipation. If only Lily could see this. Ancient Runes was something she adored and this would be an ultimate gift to her when he got it right.

Though, he frowned, nothing was given away about what the spell the runic marks did. Hmm, oh well, he shrugged. Since when was he terrified of trying a new or undiscovered enchantment? Steeling himself, sucking his breath over his teeth he closed his eyes. Then he weaved the shape of the runes with his wand speaking the incantation in as close to a translation as he possibly could. If nothing happened then he would know why it was buried this deep within. Though he was not sure. Nothing happened.

Try again, Severus. Intricate weaving of the runes as well as a more self-assured cantrip he watched silver weave their way through golden canvas. Lighting up the entire area of the old section. As the runes stood clear and bright. Wow, he breathed, this was beautiful. Almost as wonderful as a perfect potion. The young man stood up and stepped under the hovering runes. Then he felt his stomach twist inside...

AN: Hermione's love life in this story will be like a roller coaster, so buckle up!