I'm late once again. What else is new, huh? This chapter has violence, a bit of gore and a major character death. These kinds of chapters are fun every now and then, right? Enjoy!

Rating: M

Yang's lungs burn as if she's been running for miles. The heavy smoke from the surrounding fires that engulf parts of the school make getting oxygen very difficult and quite painful. Still, she continues to run, scanning her surroundings as she passes. Her goal is simple: find Blake. Weiss had pointed Yang in her partners general direction but the rest has been up to the blonde. After ten minutes of fruitless searching, she stops outside the cafeteria calling for Blake while also struggling to catch her breath. A pained yelp draws her attention. She spins, her gaze falling on the scene playing out before her through one of the many shattered cafeteria windows.

Flames lick at the interior walls, reaching higher and higher with every moment that passes. Among the wreckage of what had once been hundreds of lunch tables are two figures. A man standing over a woman with the tip of his blood red blade lodged in her gut, an evil smirk on his lips. The instant Yang realizes whom is on the ground with a sword being torn from her flesh, the brawlers eyes flare red.

"Get away from her!" Yang screams, completely enraged.

The blondes blood begins to boil as the assailant turns to face her with his grin never faltering. She glances to her teammate and sees the faunus's lips moving but Yang's heart is pounding in her ears so loudly she can't hear anything else. The overwhelming urge to protect Blake spurs her into action without a second thought. With a blast from Ember Celica, Yang is thrust towards the man who attacked her partner.

In an instant, the man dressed in black spins, his blade slicing through the air so quickly that Yang barely has time to blink before it's over. She lands, her knees faltering and no longer able to support her weight she falls, sliding the rest of the way to Blake's side.

Yang chokes on a sob while pressing her gloved hands to the new wound the man in black had made in her partners chest.

"No, no, no, no." She cries.

The voice of the assailant chills her to the bone as he says, "If she won't be mine, I won't let anyone have her." before walking out of the burning room casually.

Yang concentrates, trying to force her aura to help fuel the dwindling aura of the woman before her. It doesn't work and blood continues to seep from the wound, slipping between her shaking fingers. Blake is holding Yang's gaze with her own even as she struggles to breath, swallow, anything. With a cough blood spurts from the faunus's mouth and a few drops land among Yang's tears on the blondes cheek. Slowly and with all her remaining strength, Blake reaches up with a quivering hand and brushes a thumb across her teammates face which only serves to smear the blood.

The blonde nudges her cheek further into Blake's hand, "Please, don't leave me." She whimpers.

Yang chokes on another sob when she sees through blurry eyes that the faunus is smiling. Her lips and chin are completely covered in blood and her hand slips from where it had been resting on the blondes face. Blake's arm hits the floor, making a loud splattering sound in the pool of her own blood. Her eyes that had been trying so hard to stay focused on Yang shift to look up at the ceiling before the life in them vanishes for good.

"Blake?" Yang removes a hand from the gaping hole in the faunus's chest to search for a pulse in the girls neck. Not finding one, she bursts into the sobs that had been trying to escape since the man plunged his blade into her partner for the second time, "No. Don't. Please." She collapses on top of her lifeless friend, the cooling blood seeping into her own clothes, "Come back. No. No."

"Yang." The voice is distant.

"Please, don't go." Yang mumbles.


Pulled from her nightmare, Yang opens her eyes and is met with a very concerned looking faunus lying next to her in bed. The early morning sunlight streaming in through the window lights up Blake's amber eyes so beautifully that for a second the blonde forgets the horrors she'd just witnessed in her own mind.

"Are you okay?" Blake asks quietly.

Yang lifts her head and glances around the room. She can see that the closet she shares with her girlfriend is so full that clothes are practically overflowing through the doors. Her nightstand has an electronic alarm clock and glass of water, same as always. Through the partially opened blinds is the same view of the city she'd come to love over the years of living here. She returns her gaze to that of the woman lying next to her and sighs heavily, glad that everything is normal. There is no fire, no never ending pool of blood and Blake's eyes sparkle the same as always.

"Just a nightmare." Yang grumbles.

She shifts closer to the faunus, burying her nose in dark locks and breathing in the familiar scent of jasmine. The blonde slips an arm across her girlfriends waist and pulls her just a little closer. A few seconds pass before a soothing hand caresses Yang's head which causes her to moan happily and snuggle into Blake further.

"Do you want to talk about it?" The dark haired woman asks after a few more moments of quiet.

"Nope." Yang says, sleepiness returning to her voice, "You're here and that's all that matters."

Confused, Blake waits until her girlfriends breathing even out before pressing a soft kiss to the blondes brow, "I'm not going anywhere."

Okay, so I couldn't actually bring myself to actually kill Blake but that's probably for the best. Let me know what you thought of the chapter. Was it at least a little heart wrenching?