Mistaken Identity

What happens when Jack's past meets Nick's bad luck? Neither man knew about the other. What happens when the men meet?

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Death By Papercut

Nick stared out the window. The view was breathtaking. He wondered how anyone got any work done. It made Nick reminisce about his days in high school when all he did was stare at the windows. It was a miracle he graduated, but now look at him. Lab Director in San Diego.

It did not help that what Nick was suppose to be doing was beyond boring. Purchase forms, upcoming trainings, and more and more paperwork. Nick would occasion tease about how he'd die in his office. That the mountain of paper would enact its revenge.

Nick then turned his attention to his phone begging for a distraction. Nick was very much a hands on guy but thought as he'd age he'd find comfort in the office setting. Nick wanted nothing more than to play outside however the mere thought made his body ache.

His bums knees from crouching and standing all day made stairs a triumph. His shoulder made sleeping tricky but a gunshot and working grave for the better part of twenty years would do that. Nick just got a new lower back so at least the backaches were just about gone. However even with all that he missed the field.

"Excuse me," a small voice from his doorway said. It brought Nick back from his thoughts.

"What can I do for you Tammy?" Nick said standing. The poor fingerprint analyst looked reluctant to speak. "Is it that damn computer again?" Nick asked unimpressed.

"It just shut itself down while it was printing my results. I contacted and left voicemails for both my supervisor and shift commander. I did not know..." she rambled.

"No, you're fine. Let's go check it out." Nick said as he pulled out his cell phone. This damn computer has been fixed by IT several times just for it to fail the second they got it back.

"Hello Director," the IT specialist answered recognizing Nick's number.

"Y'all better have someone come up and fix this damn computer or give them a new one. If someone is not up here in the next five minutes with a new computer heads will roll." Nick said giving the nervous lab tech a thumbs up.

"We will have someone up right away." The now frantic IT guy replied. Nick hung up the phone.

"Call me if someone is not up here in the next five minutes. Do you need anything else?" Nick said with a smile.

"No... no. Thank you."

"No worries." Nick said leaving the lab. Nick checked his watch as he left. Nick thought if he finished reading over his forms he could have a nice lunch.

"Nicky!" He heard someone yell behind him. There were only a handful people who would call him that. Most of which were in Vegas. He felt goosebumps come across his body. Nick turned towards the voice as an involuntary smile came across his lips.

"Catherine!" Nick called back. Nick hugged the small blonde tightly. As if it was too good to be true.

Catherine always argued that Nick gave the best hugs. She could feel his energy in a hug. His strength protected them. His aroma from his cologne was borderline erotic. The way his voice made his chest vibrate reminded her that he was a real person.

"What are you doing here?" Nick asked still smiling.

"I'm here on a case. Had to interview a witness. Can I steal you away for lunch?" Catherine asked as Nick smiled.

"Absolutely. There's a new sushi joint around the corner."

Nick and Catherine always remained in contact. They were so alike. From the moment they met they just clicked. Circumstances often plagued them but they always found there way back to each other.

"How is everyone? I haven't seen or heard much since the funeral." Nick as he pulled out her chair.

"They're good. Sara and Grissom are fighting to save wildlife and the ocean." Catherine and Nick both laughed. "Greg is running grave. Lindsay is doing well."

"That's good to hear. What about you?" Nick asked with a smile as he wiped his mouth.

"Being lab director is interesting. The pay is good." Catherine said shrugging her shoulders.

"Cath, you're talking to a fellow field mouse. Lab director is boring as all hell." Nick said with another smile.

"What about you, Nicky?"

"It's fine. The group out here is great. I'm having trouble getting my sleep schedule back on track."

"Working grave will do that to you. Don't worry. It'll come back don't worry too much about it." Catherine said and Nick nodded.

Nick settled the bill as the pair began walking back to the lab. The pair walked arm and arm reminiscing together. Nick held Catherine's leftovers for her.

"When do you have to go back?" Nick asked smiling.

"The lawyer I had to talk to was busy today I was going to drive out tomorrow." She said.

"You are more than welcome to stay with me tonight. Save on your commute." Nick offered with another smile.

"Well, the girls are at a slumber party. Lindsay is working tonight. I have to admit I am not looking forward to rushing home to an empty house." Catherine said. "Thanks Nicky."

"Jack?!" They heard a drunk yell from behind them. "Jack Dalton! You son of a..." the drunk yelled stumbling towards them.

"You got the wrong person buddy." Nick said but the drunk reached out to grab him Nick easily swatted the man's hands away.

"How's Diane?! Huh... you play daddy to my little girl!" The drunk continued to yell.

"Listen, guy, I don't know who you are or what you're talking about..." Nick said. "You want me to call you a cab?"

"Nick, you want me to call some unis?" Catherine asked concerned.

"No, I don't want tie up a unit." Nick said keeping his eyes on the rambling stumbling drunk in front of him. Catherine ignored him and called anyway.

"Does Diane know you are stepping out?" The drunk rambled. Nick thought hard but could not recall knowing a Diane or Riley. The man began to fall and nick tried to catch him and the man pushed him away. "Get your hands off me, Jack."

"My name is not Jack."

"You aren't fooling anybody. You ruined my life!" The drunk charged Nick. Nick stumbled backwards hitting his back against a nearby bus stop cover. Nick tried to keep the man at bay as Catherine began searching for a makeshift weapon.

Nick felt a piercing white hot pain in his abdomen. Nick soon felt dizzy but was unsure what exactly happened. Nick used his reserve strength to punch the drunk across the face. The drunk kept his grasp on Nick's shirt. The drunk held a white knuckle grip on a bloody knife. Nick was shocked. Before Nick could react he felt the piercing pain again. Catherine grabbed a nearby old metal pipe and took a major league swing at the drunk's head. Once she connected both men fell.

"Catherine, he stuck me!" Nick said holding his abdomen. Catherine looked at him with wide eyes seeing the hilt of the knife sticking out of Nick's abdomen.

"No, don't pull it out." She said taking off her jacket trying to hold pressure. "Help is coming!"

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