Mistaken Identity


The crew watched as Nick became animated as he spoke on the phone. Nick went outside for some privacy. Everyone was too afraid now to see how the conversation went. Nick shoved his phone in his pocket and ran his fingers through his hair.

Nick returned to the bar and was met by concerned stares.

"What'd she say?" Jack asked with a burp.

"She said she didn't know anything about it and not to bother my mom about it and hung up on me." Nick said with a rageful smile. Nick then walked past everyone and went to the bar.

"Let me get a refill..." Nick said sliding his glass forward.

"Come on, big guy, let's get you home. You've had plenty." Jack tried to reason.

"Plenty? I still feel strangely sober. You know what, Lori, just give me the bottle. No need to dirty a glass." Nick said frustrated.

"You sure you wanna angry drink?" Jack asked and Nick laughed.

Time went by slowly as the others watched Nick nurse the bottle of whiskey. Nick was lost in thought staring at the cobwebs in the corners of dive bars.

After about an hour Nick felt loosened up the whiskey had taken control of him and relaxed the walls he spent so much energy guarding.

"I say we go on a run trip and we visit my Ma and sister and we get some answers." Nick said swaying on the barstool.

"You sure that's a good idea?" Riley asked pushing him upright.

"Of course not, darling." Nick chuckled. "What's the worst that could happen?" Nick laughed loudly. "I don't know if you'd noticed or not but my life is somewhat unhinged. This isn't the worst idea I've had this week... not even top five." Nick laughed almost falling again.

"Something else in common." Riley said causing Mac to laugh.

"My sister is going to be mad as hell." Nick laughed finally falling off the barstool landing on his back.

"Let's get you home." Jack said helping Nick up. Nick continued to laugh.

"Lori, when you gonna let me take you home?" Nick flirted as he struggled to stay upright. Lori just smiled at Nick. "Come over to my place. I have an incredible view, and a California king with the softest sheets."

"Don't threaten me with a good time." Lori said as Jack and Mac helped walk Nick out.

"Did you forget that Catherine is at your house in your bed?" Jack drunkingly said as Nick wiped his mouth. Nick just waved him off.

"Lori is too good for me... same for Catherine. She'll wise up and be gone by morning." Nick smiled.

Nick began humming a song loudly as he struggled to walk. Jack was in a similar state as they stumbled and began singing together. There drunken slurs made them difficult to understand but they sang there hearts out.

Nick stumbled and fell as he walked inside and Jack immediately fell over him.

"It's like they're the same person." Mac said as Nick and Jack laughed on the floor.

"Same? I'd never comb my hair like that..." Nick said with a burp.

"What's wrong with my hair? At least I'm not fat..." Jack said hiccuping.

"Let's get you to the couch." Mac said helping Jack up.

"I have a guest room over there." Nick said pointing to a nearby room as Bozer and Riley helped to the other couch.

Mac grabbed some water bottles as the men continued to sing quietly as they both drifted off to sleep. Riley and Bozer stared at the sleeping Texans.

"It's weird." Riley blurted.

"Their mannerisms are so similar. It's like their the same but their not. They just met and you would've thought they've been friends for years." Bozer rambled.

"How long are we here?" Riley asked.

"I'm not sure." Mac said giving both of them blankets.

"Is Matty really going to have us leave here? I mean... Nick has to be a security threat to Jack and vice versa." Bozer explained.

"We can't stay here forever and we can't take Nick... right?" Riley asked.

"Let's not get ahead of ourselves. Let's get some rest and we will work tomorrow." Mac said as he made himself comfortable on a recliner. Bozer took a couch pillow and throw blanket and laid on the floor as Sam followed Riley into the guest room.

The similarities between Jack and Nick continued into the night. Both men suffered from nightmares and talked about their horrors briefly and sporadically through the night. Mac and Bozer both knew that Jack talked in his sleep but had no clue about Nick. It was harder to tune Nick out, as their imaginary took off with Nick's little glimpse.

Mac woke up hearing Catherine's voice. Mac shielded his eyes against the sun. Mac looked over and saw Catherine sitting beside a sleeping Nick.

Nick was on his stomach sound asleep. Mouth open. Drooling. Hair astray.

"Take care of yourself, Nicky." Catherine said kissing Nick's forehead. She slipped an envelope under his shoulder. Catherine went for the door quickly petting Sam.

"You're leaving?" Mac asked quietly.

"I have to go back to Vegas. I have cases waiting for me." Catherine explained frustrated.

"You're not gonna wake him up? To say goodbye?" Mac asked.

"It's complicated, kid. It's easier this way trust me. Watch him for me." She said leaving.

I apologize for it being only 900 words. I got some recent inspiration for this fanfic. Probably another chapter or two before the sequel. The end of Catnip is near. I've always imagined their relationship being rough for both of them, and that they'd be better friends than anything. But on the lighter side, the sequel will be a comedic road trip with some drama, and answers, and some slimpses into their past. Let me know what you think, and please review!